Dressing Room Diary Try-On Session at Banana Republic

Brands occasionally switch direction with their style which can be fun to watch or feels like being at the scene of an accident. It has felt the latter for many years with the Banana Republic but of late, they’ve gone back to their roots and I find myself loving more and more of their clothes.

If you’re new here, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a store and try on new merchandise so you can see how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference. I am 5’4″ tall and weigh around 136 lbs. I have an inverted triangle body shape with broad shoulders and straight, narrow hips. I have very few curves. I have a long torso and long arms so I often wear one size larger on top than the bottom.

As always, you can click the red text for more info and to shop the item.

woman showing two outfits with banana republic beige sweater

I’ve been very curious to try this Aire knit. The yarn is made with wool produced using global standards that protect the sheep who supply the wool for this sweater as well as the land they graze on. I love animals so this is awesome plus the yarn is very lightweight, super cozy, and not itchy. Win/win! It comes in 4 colors, regular and petite sizes XXS-XXL. I’m wearing a regular in the small.

These ultra high-rise jeans are a wonderful fit that comes in regular, tall, and petite sizes 24-25. They fit above my waist and are roomier than a skinny fit. The website says it skims the ribcage, but I have a long torso so they’re not that high.  The fabric is 78% cotton, 11% recycled cotton, 6% recycled polyester, 3% elasterrell,  and 2% lycra so they’re very stretchy and won’t bag out. I’m wearing a regular in 29, medium wash.

woman wearing blue aire wool sweater and jeans from banana republic

Here’s the blue in this turtleneck, which came home with me. The color is one of my very favorites. This jacket is faux suede and vegan sherpa meaning no animal was used in this coat. It’s all faux, very soft, stretchy, and super comfy. It comes in petite and regular XXS-XXL. I’m wearing a regular in small so it runs TTS. To wear it over this sweater IRL, I would opt for the medium jacket. I’m wearing the same ultra high-rise slim jeans as the first outfit, this time in regular 30, medium wash.


This silk charmeuse blouse is incredibly soft and beautifully tailored. It comes in four colors, regular, tall, and petite in sizes XXS- XXL. XSL I am wearing the regular in the medium. It’s machine washable which is a big plus to me because I haven’t used a dry cleaner in many years and don’t plan to start anytime soon.

The jeans are a nice high-rise in medium wash. I’m loving the BR slim-cut jeans because it’s somewhere between a skinny and a straight. The hip and thigh area is almost skinny but the leg has more room so you don’t get that strangled feeling in the calf.



Think of this sweater top as a tee-shirt alternative for cooler months. It’s very thin and perfect for layering. It comes in 9 colors, sizes XXS-XXL. They call it a raglan sleeve but it’s technically a saddle shoulder and has similar properties to a raglan. The fabric is super soft, 65% LENZING™ ECOVERO™ (viscose), 30% silk, 5% yak. What the heck is that?

ENZING™ ECOVERO™ is a breathable fiber derived from certified renewable wood sources, produced using methods that reduce water impact and emissions by up to 50% compared to traditional viscose. Banana Republic is going all-in for recycled fabrics and using renewable resources to help lower the footprint that clothing manufacturing has on our planet. I love that! I won’t wear fast fashion, but I will wear products like this from a company doing what they can to protect our environment.


womann wearing brown cords and coat in banana republic changing room

These cords seem to be flying out the door because there was not one pair in the soft ivory color even close to my size. They come in navy, this camel, and ivory in regular, short,  and tall sizes 24-35. I’m wearing a regular 30 which is a bit loose for my straight thighs so I would go down to a 29. The website says they run large, but I didn’t find that to be true for me. They’re organic cotton and spandex and feel amazing on.

The ribbed polo sweater is super soft and a fun new shape for fall. It’s available in 4 colors, XXS-XXL. This is a regular in small. It’s fiber content is 50% LENZING™ ECOVERO™ (viscose), 27% polyester, 23% nylon.


woman taking selfie wearing gray sweater and jeans

This crew neck is seamless and also made with the “responsible wool”. It comes in 7 colors sizes XXS-XXL. I am wearing a small but could easily wear a medium or large if I wanted it slouchy. The raglan sleeve is very flattering for both broad and narrow shoulders alike. I am wearing a small so it fits TTS.

woman wearing camel silk sweater with jeans and beige coat

Here’s that coat again which seems to improve every outfit I put it over. The body is unlined and made from a recycled wool/nylon blend. The sleeves are lined for easy on-off. The seaming makes it very flattering and it’s selling out fast. I am wearing a small.

These jeans have a great high-rise and a slim but not skinny leg in deep indigo. They come in regular, petite, and tall, sizes 24-35. I’m wearing a 29 in regular so they run TTS. These have a skinny fit from hip to knee, and a slim leg that’s a little wider than a skinny leg. This advanced bi-stretch denim is engineered with special, 4-way stretch for a holds-you-in feeling that’s still soft to the touch. These happily came home with me:)

woman wearing cream colored outfit and sweater

This picture illustrates why petite pants can be an issue for me in the winter:) These cargo pants would be very cute with higher ankle booties but that would also make my legs look shorter so I would opt for these pants in regular length. The closeup on the right shows one way to “deal with an extra-long self-belt, rather than just letting it dangle.

I’m wearing the seamless, responsible wool turtleneck that comes in 8 colors sizes XXS-XXL. It’s very soft and not the least bit itchy around the neck and a great layering piece.  The cashmere cardigan is dreamy soft and drapes beautifully. It comes in 3 neutrals sized XXS-XXL. I am wearing a small which fits perfectly. I love this type of cardigan as a great alternative to a jacket on milder days.

Are responsibly sourced fabrics and garments important to you?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. Elaine @ Following Augustine says:

    I’m weeks behind in reading and commenting on my favourite blogs after taking most of October off to spend with family. Finally!

    This is the best Dressing Room Diary try-on I’ve seen you do in a long time. You look great in everything and these are all looks that I could also see myself wearing. Thank you for bringing Banana Republic to my attention. I haven’t shopped there in ages, but I’ll definitely be giving them another try after seeing this post!

  2. I like the look of those jeans. But
    I wish more retailers would list the leg opening measurement. The slimmer leg pants are often around 13” leg opening or less. That doesn’t work if you have 14” more athletic calves – even on a size 10. A few retailers have caught on.

  3. Jennifer- Where can I find a pendant necklace like you are wearing? I love it layered with the pearls.

    1. My husband bought me the median on a trip to Italy many years ago and I strung it on a David Yurman chain. I have seen similar things which I will keep an eye out for you.

  4. Jennifer, what is “fast fashion”?

    1. Fast fashion is what you buy in stores like H & M that’s basically disposable clothing not meant for the long haul.

  5. Love everything you have showed us today. All beautiful on you!!! I think I would have liked the coat at at much shorter length. When I was growing up in the mid to late 60s the “car coat” came just below your hips and was a camel colored wool coat. Can remember that coat like it was yesterday, first piece of grown up fashion my mom bought for me. Have a great weekend Jennifer, and thanks for another wonderful post

  6. Maribeth Conklin says:

    I love everyone of these outfits. They all look great on you. No Banana Republic near me though.

  7. Jennifer, I really like all the looks — except the car coat. (Funny they call it that b/c car coats by definition end above the knee (usually mid thigh) so that they are easy to drive in.) Maybe it would look better with high boots?
    Really love that BR and other brands are going eco. Even some of the polyester that BR uses in recycled.
    I’m going to get the jeans you purchased, so thanks so much for showing us how they look on you!

    1. I always think of car coats as always just long enough to sit on in the car and keep your bottom warm.

  8. Judi Baker says:

    After reading this post today, I headed to the Banana Republic at my local mall. Thanks for the inspiration…the Aire sweater in greige and the medium wash high rise slim jeans ( ankle length) came home with me 😎!

    1. Yay!! I wore my blue one today and may need that greige too:)

    2. Ellen Forbus says:

      I agree with you Judi, as BR was never on my radar for clothing. But after seeing these lovely choices, I will be headed there for my own try on session. I hope they have that beautiful wool sweater in something other than a turtle neck, because I can’t wear them without getting a headache. Thanks Jennifer for bringing these lovely wardrobe choices to my attention!

      1. Have fun shopping, Ellen

  9. What a great post, Jennifer; you’ve shown us plenty of lovely things to consider! Would you share what size you are wearing in the (crewneck) sweater top with silk, please? You model it so beautifully in both the purple rose and cool beige colours, but I cannot find any indication of what size you have on. Your sizing information is very helpful in determining what size to order myself. Thanks in advance.

    1. Oh sorry, I am wearing and bought the small.

  10. Love the gray sweater, jeans and that very cool car coat. Actually, liked all the sweaters and Jeans.
    Do seem to gravitate to the gray. And that color looks fabulous on you. Think it has something to do with your hair and skin tones. Just beautiful 🤩

    1. Thanks, Lin. My har color is changing by the day:)

  11. Banana Republic did well this season! Favorites: Aire turtleneck in heather taupe and ultra high rise jeans in medium wash, and the cream white silk shirt w/ the heather taupe sweater over your shoulders. Both outfits are what I’d call relaxed elegant and the colors are so nice on you. Also like the cords and polo, but the buttons on the polo are a no-no–too big and dark. The warmer camel is, to my mind, not quite as flattering as the ivory would have been, but it still works on you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I totally agree with your comments Renee! Especially love the Aire turtleneck. I am sold on high rise, slim leg jeans too and the medium wash goes so well with the sweaters. Great post today Jennifer!

      1. I love those slim jeans too. They’re so much more flattering and comfy than skinnies to me.

  12. I love everything you showed today and you look great in all. I’ll take one of each LOL.

  13. beth byrd says:

    All of those colors and all of those outfits look great on you!! One of your very best try-on posts ever!!
    Those corduroy pants are a dream!

    1. I loved everything too:) I’m so glad you liked this

  14. Everything looked really great on you, can honestly say I liked every outfit today. Have. My eye on the blue turtleneck and also purple sweater. Please let us know when BR has a sale on them.

    1. I will absolutely keep you posted.

  15. I really appreciate you focusing attention on responsible fabrics. I am concerned about peoples’ level of comfort with “vegan leather”. Do they really believe its made of vegetables? The jacket you feature is very attractive but its made of 100% polyester.

    1. LOL, the wording is everything, isn’t it?

  16. I loved everything you wore in this post and I thought you looked great in everything…including the longer coat. Your notes are always helpful. Thank you!

    1. I could have so easily brought these all home:)

  17. Yak is cousin to gnu. Both of family bovidae. Loved today’s show and tell. Tempted to take that trek to the city.

  18. Thanks for such a great post. Everything was beautiful. I loved the blue turtle neck and moto jacket on you. Unfortunately I start to itch just thinking about wool. I have to opt for cotton sweaters even in the cold where I live, and its hard to find one that’s really soft. I don’t usually find anything at BR but maybe I’ll take a look. Loved the jeans on you too and since I have the same body type as you maybe they’d work. Thanks for all the great hints, always!!

  19. What’s not to like? It’s all beautiful. I’m having trouble justifying much new though because I just don’t go out that much. I wonder if my small town will have their usual Christmas activities this year? I was hoping for a mask free Christmas in public places this year,

  20. Love those sweaters, now I just need one of their famous sales! 🙂

    1. You know I will let you know as soon as they have one:)

      1. Thank you!

  21. Love everything you tried on and how you styled them. I used to love all the beautiful sweaters at BR but then things changed and I quit going. looks like it’s worth going back

  22. Jennifer,
    I think you need that polo sweater in the spruced up green color !

  23. Love BR. Their fabrics are wonderful. Very classy collection, love that silk blouse/ pearls/ sweater combo on you 🙂 extremely feminine and flattering ❤️😊

  24. Really liked everything you tried on for this post. Especially like the fact that BR is using responsibly sourced fabrics. Wouldn’t change a thing about how you styled these classic clothes.

  25. Mary Divine says:

    Really like this post. I Love the dressing try ons because you show things look on real person and that is important. We see the clothing on a model that is tall and very thin and then we purchase the items and get disappointed the way they look. You show us how we can look .

  26. I so wish I wasn’t allergic to animal hair/fur…including yak. I start itching the minute wool, cashmere, angora, yak, etc. touches my skin. Happy to see these classic looks from Banana Republic.

  27. Francesca B. says:

    Thank you for the post Jennifer l am going to run to Banana Republic to try on some clothes !! Love the blue turtleneck and the jeans especially. Absolutely a yes for responsibly sourced fabrics especially with natural fabrics and animal welfare. I really dislike the amount of synthetics used with wool products now and the spongy unnatural feel of many sweaters now on the market. I have turned away from buying J Crew because many of their sweaters have that feel to me. I also, being a knitter, have a real love affair with wool and supporting craft businesses that foster quality and traditional methods like Scottish fair isle. Thanks for the post:)

    1. My husband still has the fair isle pullover I knit for him almost 45 years ago:)

      1. Francesca B. says:

        Nice !!! That is love 🙂

  28. Janet Triplett says:

    I agree with Shari! You looked great in everything!
    Best looking clothes in quite a while !

    1. They’re such great quality too which really appeals to me.

  29. Susan Kelley says:

    That coat looks way too long for you. As if you are wearing the boy friend’s coat. YOu look better if the coat hem hits at about your knees. Otherwise all the outfits are fine!

    1. I liked all the outfits you showed us today but my favorite is the corduroy pants with polo sweater. I like the coat as well and don’t think it’s too long.

    2. Alterations are always an option:)

  30. These are the best looks you’ve worn in ages!
    Really look classy and hip with a timelessness.
    I love the sweaters and will look into one!
    The commitment to using environmentally friendly material is so appealing.
    Thanks for this drd!

    1. Thank you. I could have brought home 80% of the store! I love these pieces.

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