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Dressing Room Diary Try On Session at Nordies

Happy Tuesday, ladies. I have a small drd for you today that’s having a few misfires because I’m shopping in Vancouver but locating my links on the US Nordstrom site, and they don’t always jibe. I know it’s much more difficult for my Canadian readers to shop through my site, and to be honest, shop online in general.  I can’t tell you how many racks of brand new summer tops I’ve spotted on shelves in the last few weeks because the supply chains are a disaster for retailers.


I’ll be starting my holiday gift lists earlier than ever this year because the stock is low, delivery will become increasingly challenging, and the early bird may get the worm more than ever this year…but I digress, let’s get to the dressing room.

If you’re new here, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a store and try on new merchandise so you can see how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I’m 5’4″ and weigh around 136 lbs. I have an inverted triangle body shape with broad shoulders and straight hips. I have a long torso, long arms, and very few curves. I often wear one size larger on top than the bottom because of my body silhouette.

As always, you can click the red text for more info and to shop the item.


These faux leather leggings are a pull-on style with an elastic waist. They come in sizes XXS-XXL and run large, so I have folded the bottom of these under about 3 inches. They’re very stretchy and forgiving, so I suggest you size down. I am wearing a medium, and they’re too baggy on me.  You could tuck these into boots, wear them with sneakers and a loose sweater, or anytime you want an updated legging to look.

The top is NYDJ’s high/low crepe blouse which comes in 17 colors and patterns in sizes 00-14W and is a very popular bestseller. I’m wearing a small in the Quincy Fresco pattern, and it does run large, so I recommend you size down.

I topped it with this open cardigan that’s available online in 4 colors, sizes 00-16W. The color I am wearing is “blue ensign” which is either not loaded on the site yet, sold out, or only available in Canada. Sorry ladies, this is a hazard of cross-border shopping.

woman wearing sweater and jeans from the nsale

I bought this same cardigan in a stunning teal last summer and will continue to add new ones to my wardrobe as they come out with new colors. The quality is lovely, and the price is fabulous. Interestingly, I have not purchased this in a neutral, and there are lovely ones… because I find the colors so yummy.


This v-neck cashmere sweater it’s just one of the shapes they make in their cashmere collection. I’ve been very impressed with the Nordstrom brand cashmere because it’s soft, not too thin, and an excellent value for my wardrobe. This v-neck comes in 8 colors and one stripe in sizes XXS-XXL. I’m wearing a small but could also have worn a medium for a slouchier fit.

These Kut From The Kloth bootcut jeans are available in regular and petite sizes 0-14W. They run large, so size down. They have a slight flare, so they will fit over many footwear options and not look too wide. I’m wearing the four regular, which are super long, so I am standing on my tippy toes:)


This cross-front blouse is not tucked in. This is meant to be worn out which covers your waistband, gives you a little bit of waist definition without tucking. The crisscross front has the snap to keep it closed so nothing gets exposed. It comes in 6 patterns, sizes 00-16W. I’m wearing the blue/black Riverbed Print in size small.

The Wit and Wisdom jeggings are a cotton, rayon, polyester, spandex blend that’s very softy and flexible. These would tuck into boots nicely because they’re thin and soft. They come in sizes 00-18. I am wearing a 4. They have a 9 3/4 “front rise which is mid, not high for my long torso.

This is another cashmere sweater by the Nordstrom house brand, this time in a turtleneck. I’ve just now ordered this sweater in three colors because you can’t beat the quality for the price point, and the colors are yummy. It comes in sizes XXS-XXL in 9 colors. I am wearing a small in the Rust Bisque. I am particularly fond of the bottom of this sweater. The loose ribbing is split at the side seams, so it flows over the hips. You can choose to tuck, half-tuck, or wear long and loose.


I paired it with these plaid pants that you all seemed to know about before I did! I shared a mannequin wearing these, and they sold like crazy, so I figured I better try them on and find out why. They’re a tonal plaid that comes in either blk/tan and blk/charcoal. They’re a pull-on style with a faux fly and hook closure, so no extra bulk upfront. They’re available in sizes 00-18 with lots of spandex for comfort. They do run true to size. They’re ankle-length, so if you’re tall or live in a cool climate, these would be adorable with a tall ankle boot like this.


This beaded cable sweater is super cozy and comfortable. Its beading is subtle so it will be fun for daily wear and perfect for the upcoming holiday season. The fabric content is 53% recycled polyester, 25% wool, 19% acrylic, 3% spandex, and is not the least bit scratchy. I love that Nordstrom is getting into the recycled fabric game because it’s so important for our planet. This is available in sizes XXS-XXL and runs large so I suggest you size down. I am wearing a small which works, but I would likely go to an XS.

I’m a huge fan of NYDJ, and an even bigger fan of their Marilyn straight style so I was delighted to find these in faux leather pants. Sadly, they’re sold out but plus is still available here.

That got me hunting for some faux leather pants that fit like a trouser and avoid that sprayed-on look. Here’s what I found-

Have any of you ladies started your holiday shopping? I feel like I am way behind and it’s only October!

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. These are great looks. I love the open blue cardigan and since I live in Victoria, I will look online on the Canadian site.
    I have started Christmas shopping. I always like to be done by December 1 (don’t always make it), but this year I’ve begun earlier than normal. Shops are not looking as full as they usually do.

  2. The cashmere sweaters look yummy, and I’ve ordered a couple. May I say, too, that you look amazing with your hair swept behind your ears!!

  3. I must tell you how delighted I am with the teal cardigan that I ordered from Nordstrom. I ordered it after I saw you wearing it in an August post. I had never shopped from Nordstrom before but I am a convert now! The sweater arrived (free shipping) packaged very nicely. I always wash my new clothing items before I wear them and this sweater washed like an absolute dream! I followed the manufacturers instructions and it dried wrinkle free. I plan to wear the cardigan with a black top and bottom column with a gorgeous necklace I found on Etsy that has teal colored stones. Thank you! I refer to you as “Jennifer, my style guru” when I explain to my husband why another item of clothing is arriving in the mail. “Jennifer, my style guru looks so nice in (name of item here)”.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that, Janet. I love the idea of it over a column of black. What a pretty combo:) Nordstrom has been my favorite department store for as long as I can remember so I’m glad you found them…although your husband may not be so thrilled:)

  4. How lovely – I have been looking for affordable cashmere because I wanted to begin to build a wardrobe that has some quality staple pieces. The v-neck sweaters are wonderful I just ordered!

    1. I am adding to my collection this year too because the moths have had a field day on mine over the past few years.

  5. I can see that shopping in Vancouver might be a problem with linking to US websites. This is great for me though living in BC.
    A friend and I are driving down to Vancouver in 2 weeks on a shopping spree!!
    We are looking forward to the restaurants, shopping at Nordstrom and Robson St and walking around the seawall.
    I will definitely be looking for the items in today’s post. Thank you.

      1. Love everything you are showing today. Especially the blue cardigan and brown turtleneck. Just ordered the faux leather pants. At this price I can afford to try them.
        At 5’ will definitely have to shorten 🤗, but most everything has to be, nothing new.
        You asked about holiday shopping, have nearly all mine done, especially for the 5 great grandkids. I know what I want so getting it here while it is available.

  6. I enjoy your posts so much especially since I’m pretty much the same size as you are (although my legs are heavier…) Any of the outfits you model here would fit right into my wardrobe without a hitch 🙂 I live in Victoria, and in these endless Covid times, never get off our island to shop, so I’m overjoyed to see the Open Front Cardigan in Blue Coronet! I have many long Vince cardis in basic shades, but this blue one is perfect for a confirmed cool summer girl like me. Thank you for doing all the heavy lifting that helps us get dressed in the morning (or whenever we have to look civilized…)

  7. The satin crossover blouse is a terrific idea. I like the shorter long cardigans that end above the knee. The longer ones (below the knee) were too long.

  8. I notice the first fabric is acrylic. How does that wear in the teal sweater? My experience is that acrylic pills. I would be interested in hearing your experience

  9. The cross over blouse would be lovely in that bittersweet color with black silk pants for Christmas. I still don’t like leather. I’m not sure if there will be a party but a family get together is excuse enough to dress up. I like the beaded sweater too.

  10. Because I saw the long cardigans with pockets awhile ago on your blog , Jennifer, I went ahead and purchased (Nordstrom.ca site) both the teal and rust and have discovered many of my tops go so well with them. I agree about the excellent quality of these sweaters. They are included as staples for the trip I am presently on in southwest England. Fold well and do not wrinkle. Adding interest with scarves and chunky necklaces.
    I may check out the cashmere sweaters you have highlighted today as well.

  11. Where is the belt from in the photo with the scarf and open cardigan? Awesome outfits – DRD – complete success!!!

  12. Oh yes, have started holiday shopping and am well through my list, shopping locally or in my studio. Knee replacement coming up in several weeks and a “crunchy” knee have/will keep me in. Love the looks, but will head to my favorite vintage store for full leg pants that won’t bind the knee. Sadly, saw winter merchandise at Nordy’s in April as well – what a mess!