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In The Dressing Room with Eileen Fisher

Happy Tuesday, ladies. My mannequin on Saturday gave away that I have been doing some shopping for my own wardrobe this week. I was on the hunt for some new investment pieces and started at the Nsale in Vancouver for a try-on session with Eileen Fisher.

woman taking selfie wearing eileen fisher tauper sweater

If you’re new here, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a local store for a try-on session so you can see what’s new and how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 134 lbs. I have broad shoulders with straight hips, a long torso, and long arms. I often buy one size larger on top. You’ll see me try on clothes in colors and shapes that may or may not flatter me because I want you to see what’s in the stores and get some styling ideas. I tell you what sizes I am wearing to help you understand how things run.

woman wearing eileen fisher sweater and black pants

I was drawn to this sweater because of the color. It has a high/low hemline that’s shorter in the front. This has a boat neckline that widens the look of your shoulders, so it’s great for women with wider hips. It comes in 4 colors, sizes XXS-16W. I am wearing an XS, so it runs true for Eileen Fisher sizing because her garments all run large.

Slit hems continue to be on trend for jeans and pants this fall. This soft jersey pair is 92% Tencel and 8% elastane, so they’ll retain their shape very well. It’s a pull-on style with a comfy elastic waist that is smooth. They’re almost sold out at Nordstrom, so I headed over to the Eileen Fisher store and found tons of great things there. I’m wearing an XS.

woman trying on taupe sweater and black pants at eileen fisher store

Here’s the same slit hem ankle pant at Eileen Fisher, who carries them in petite and regular sizes PP-3X. Shopping at a retailer’s main site often gives you more sizing options. I bought the XS in regular to have them as long as possible. They have back darts that slim the shape through the seat and hips.

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This organic cotton pullover is soft and comfy. It comes in 4 great colors; I’m wearing Rye which is a cool-toned taupe. The sizes are XXS-3X. I’m wearing a small. I’m not a fan of dropped shoulders on me, but wow, I love this color and the knit.

The two new colors at EF are Cinnabar and Rye. The cinnabar looks warm based on certain fabrics and cooler in others…which would be frustrating if you’re sensitive to color temperature. The Rye is a cool-toned taupe that I am in love with.


These high-waisted jeans fit very nicely. They come in sizes 2P- 24 in this Rye color and undyed natural white here. I’m wearing an 8 regular, which has a 31″ inseam and is miles too long, so I have the bottoms folded under about 2″. The petite has a 29″ inseam.

I’m wearing them with this relaxed Terry Blazer that’s slouchy and perfect for a casual lifestyle. It comes in three colors, sizes XXS-3X; I’m wearing a small. It has raw edges that roll and is super comfy. The tank has an a-line shape that flows over your midsection but is fitted at the shoulders. It’s a perfect shape to go with so many things because it’s not too long. It comes in this warm-toned soft white and three other colors.


Here are the same split hem pants, this time with her wonderful gauze shirt that I tied at the waist. Both fabrics are so soft and comfy, this outfit feels as comfy as a pair of sweats.  I was very happy to discover that EF carries lots of petites and plus sizes. I’m becoming more focused on supporting brands that offer a broad range of sizes to dress all women.


This jersey tank and pants are both in the color Rye, but the lighting makes the pants look darker. I’m showing the tank tucked and untucked. I wouldn’t feel confident tucking the tank into these slim pants without the long cardigan covering my backside. I have this style of washable crepe pants in 4 colors and never travel without them. I think of them as leggings, so prefer to wear a top that covers my crotch and backside.

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This cardigan and pants are also in the rye color and are on the top of my wish list. The cotton and silk thread cardi has a beautiful drape with set-in sleeves and a slight a-line shape. So many EF clothes have dropped shoulders, but I prefer the structure of a set-in sleeve. It comes in this rye or black in sizes PP-3X. I’m wearing an XS regular.

These Tencel jersey knit pants are a pull-on style with pockets. The waistband is smooth across the front, which I appreciate whether it’s going to be covered or not. They come in sizes PP-3X; I’m wearing a small petite.


The dark area and speckles you see in the left photo are in the mirror, not the dress. I love this soft jersey dress. It’s a Tencel/spandex blend that drapes beautifully. This is the sort of dress that makes a great base for so many looks, either belted or not. It only comes in full length, not petite, in sizes XXS-3X. I’m wearing an XS. which is 49″ long. This dress has a similar fabric content, is in the rye color, and does come in petite, which is 46″ long.

The sweater has a satiny texture in a  cotton and silk thread blend that feels amazing against the skin. It has a very slight boat neckline and raglan sleeve which is fitted through the shoulders. It feels amazing with a luxe texture that has a slight sheen. This sweater comes in sizes XXS-3X; I’m wearing an XS. The loafers are a great classic that comes in Cinnabar or Rye-colored suede here.


Here are the same jersey slit pants as above, this time in charcoal, which had to come home with me 🙂 On top, I’m wearing a washable, stretch silk jersey tank, which is amazing. I used to own several of her tops in this fabric and am thrilled to find them again. This comes in sizes XXS-3X; I’m wearing a medium that is too large. On top of that, I’m wearing the silk georgette blouse in Cinnabar. It’s an easy-fitting thigh-length top with mandating collar that comes in petite and sizes PP-3X. In this fabric, the cinnabar looks warmer than in others.


This long linen shirt is truly beautiful and almost half price. It comes in sizes PP-XL. I’m wearing a petite small which is too narrow across the shoulders, or I would have bought it. The wide-leg linen pants come in 3 colors, sizes PP-3X,  and are meant to be cropped.  I’m wearing a regular length small. They have an elastic waist and side pockets. The stretch jersey tank comes in three colors, including the most flattering color called powder, in sizes XXS-3X. I’m wearing an XXS which is too tight for me, so it runs true to size.

I love the simple shapes and clean lines of Eileen Fisher. Many of her pieces are quite oversized for shorter women, but the petite options scale them to work well. I have EF linen that’s at least 18 years old and gets brought out every year, which I consider investment dressing at its best.

I bought more at this DRD than I have in a long time because the shapes, colors, and fabrics just rang my bell. I’m wanting to buy fewer items of better quality in timeless styles these days, and so happy I gave EF another look.

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.





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  1. Tanya Roub says:

    Love the split bottom pants and white outfit on you. Loving the sweaters too!

    1. I bought 2 pairs of those pants. I love them too!

  2. I love the white outfit. It looks so comfortable. And it looks lovely on you. Thank you for sharing.

  3. That Rye color is beautiful on you! That raglan sleeve boat neck sweater actually narrows your shoulders. Look at that picture in comparison with the v neck–that raglan sleeve really makes a difference! I love Eileen Fisher, but oh boy, it IS an investment!

  4. Do you wear petite sizes in Eileen Fisher?

    1. I do in some depending how long the garments are.

  5. I love the cotton gauze blouse. Very classic. I buy EF on Poshmark and in consignment stores. I do think the prices especially here in Canada are just too high for what you get. I recently bought a top at the GAP for 30.00 and if you didn’t know you would think it was EF.
    I know the Vancouver store and sadly have found the customer service to be terrible. The reviews online bear me out.
    Glad you found pieces you love.

    1. I was lucky to get good service. I’m sorry that you didn’t. Stores need to pay attention to that sort of thing or their reputation gets ruined.

  6. Thanks Jennifer for this EF try on. Very helpful. The rye is a beautiful colour. I am headed to the Calgary, AB store this week to pick up some pieces that they have in my size and order the V neck cotton online.

  7. Thank you for featuring these beautiful Eileen Fisher items, and for visiting and writing about Vancouver. I began slowly collecting Eileen Fisher items a few years ago, and hope to continue. The quality of the fabrics and workmanship shines through, and guarantees a cost per wearing less than cheaper brands. At 5’ 1”, I find fussy clothes overpowering, but Eileen Fisher’s simple lines are perfect, with just a touch of jewelry. I do wait for the End of Season sales, and add just one or two items a year. Yes, investment pieces, but worth it even at 74 – I plan to live to 95, so I’ve got lots of years left to enjoy them.

    1. Bravo, Ruth! I hope to as well!

  8. Love all these outfits. Especially that new rye color.
    All of those outfits are me.
    Thanks for the great fashion show. 😉

  9. I have to try the split leg pants. I have many pieces of her clothing from my work and travel days — mostly pants that will outlast me. And one knit jacket that is my travel go to forever. If these pants fit me and are as comfortable as they look, I will love them. Ordered and fingers crossed.

    1. I have a skirt of hers that serves the same purpose for me 🙂

  10. Like several others, I’m not a fan. I’ve never really seen the EF value and prefer more interesting and fitted styles. Also – sorry! — but the truth is that “investment pieces” lose their meaning when you are purchasing in your 60’s or 70’s compared to 20 years ago. My mom loved fashion until the end, but she shrunk 4 inches in her 80’s.

    1. I refuse to buy fast fashion so I think investment dressing is always a good idea. It needn’t be expensive, it just needs to be something you love and wear for years.

  11. Jennifer, I hope you decide to buy that sea green boat neck sweater. Even though you don’t like boat necks, I think this one works for you because of the raglan sleeves. And, of course, that color is gorgeous on you! With a long pendant necklace or a scarf tied low, you could create your own V-neck. In my opinion, this sweater/pants outfit is a winner.

    1. Raglan sleeves save many a top for me 🙂 I do love that color!

  12. Margaretanne Clinton says:

    You look great in the top post suit and the white outfit at the end. Get those for sure.
    Your hair looks absolutely wonderful. Not just great but you look more vibrant and younger !!
    Thanks for this post. I’ll comply those two looks.

  13. I’m afraid that I am in the same camp as Penelope, Laura and Nancy (below) and shall also add; regardless the EF garments are boasted to be of quality, I feel there are other labels that are compatible which have a far more creative edge to them. That being said do agree with Jennifer; ‘wear what you love’. -Brenda-

  14. I love basic, classic pieces and I like the colors in these. But I’ve always found Fisher combinations to be kind of boring as there are usually no star pieces… just a few useful but rather unimpressive basics. They always make me think of loungewear.
    Maybe too much of a good thing!

    1. She does not seem to make star pieces. Interesting observation. Many women prefer to use their accessories as punctuation on their outfits.

  15. Thank you! I loved seeing this try-on session. And … I love Eileen Fisher clothes!

  16. I’m also not a fan of the boxy styles and mostly drab colors of Eileen Fisher, though the clothing quality is excellent. Nice to see these for comparison with other lines.

    1. I hear you. She isn’t for everyone, but then that’s true for all brands 🙂 We need to wear what we love, and luckily there are lots of options.

  17. I’m an outlier here. For me, her style is too boxy, I find the “cut” of her clothing unflattering and therefore aging. Just me…..
    That being said, the rye/ taupe color looks great on you and I would think the gauze shirt in the dusk color would suit you to a tee. Have a good day and be comfortable. Thanks for posting.

    1. Many of them are way too boxy for me too. I have to be careful with the shapes I choose and how I style them.

  18. Love Eileen Fisher clothing. So simple but elegant. I simply can not afford to buy her clothes. Maybe when I win the lottery.

    1. I know they are pricey. They can be often found on Ebay for great prices, some new with tags still on, and of course, season-end sales are a good place to look. I will keep an eye out for them and share them here.

  19. Love the looks. Now we just need her to design and outfit talls. They are illusive and few designers consider us leggy gals. Really liking the new rye color as well now that I see it.

    1. I did notice she has left talls out of her sizing. Hopefully, she will add some.

  20. Thank you so much for this! I’m a huge fan of Eileen Fisher clothing. It’s a bit pricey, but the quality is great, and as you mentioned, you can wear these styles for years. EF is also a proponent of recycling textiles, which I appreciate. I’m trying to be more mindful of where I spend my clothing budget and buy fewer, better pieces from socially responsible manufacturers.

    1. I am moving that way in my wardrobe too. I’d rather pay a bit more and have a garment for many, many years. That’s timeless fashion to me.

  21. Chris Olson says:

    I love Eileen Fisher clothes and I admire the conscientious empire she has built over the years. Because of her care for people and the planet, I’m a loyal and devoted consumer. I love all the outfits you put together. Simple pieces….well designed and thoughtfully produced.

    1. Thank you for mentioning her values and care for people and the planet. It’s so valued in this era of fast fashion.

  22. I love Eileen Fisher and am so happy to see some of here pieces on you! Love you in the all white and I LOVE that gauze shirt!

    1. I love you in all white. It’s such a fresh look. That gauze shirt is fabulous.

  23. Love all these outfits on you!! EF pieces last so long that I think they are worth the price. The cost per wear for me ends up being quite low given that I usually keep the pieces for a decade! Thanks for the post.

  24. Of all of the outfits, Jennifer, I like the cardigan and pants in Rye on you. Thanks for featuring the color Rye. It looked more brown on the EF website, so nice to know it’s a cool tone. I may “need” the Rye V neck because it’s a V neck and cotton, and it would work with my off white jeans and cords for fall.

    I happily picked up both the navy and cobalt raglan sweater at the NSale. Though I often size down in EF, not this time. I’m a little busty (D cup) and the rib fell better in medium as did the sleeves. Plus, I usually wear a layer under wool due to sensitivety. Both will go well with the slim fit pants.

    If Eileen Fisher ever stops designing, I might go naked. Even though I purchase just a few pieces each season, her brand dominates my closet because my basic navy and grey never go out of style. I throw in a few cool colors and I’m set. This fall, I’ll pull a grey overcoat out of storage and it will look great for its 10th birthday.

    1. You scored some great ones at the Nsale. I’m going to peruse the US Nsale for more. I love the ashy cool taupe of her Rye this season. I used to wear a lot more EF and am not sure when I transitioned away, but this has convinced me to pay more attention to her collections. They can be pricey, but I’m still wearing pants and shirts that are over 15+ years old from her. Truly timeless.