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Dressing Room Diaries- Colors and Prints at Nordstrom

We arrived home to weather that feels like summer. I sure hope it cools off again because I bought a few spring jackets I’m still looking forward to wearing. I hit the mall looking for cotton, linen, and shorter sleeves for the hot days ahead and ended up finding colors and prints at Nordstrom.

If you’re new here, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a store and try on new merchandise so you can see how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 138 lbs with broad shoulders and straight hips. I have a long torso and arms, so I often buy one size larger on top. I try on clothes in colors and shapes that may or may not flatter me so you can see what’s in the stores and get some styling ideas. I tell you what sizes I am wearing to help you understand how things run.

As always, you can click the red text for more info and to shop the item at no additional cost to you.


I’ve never worn Lucky Brand before and was delighted to find this cute top. It comes in this stripe or a blue and is a cropped length so you don’t have to tuck it in. The cotton/linen blend is perfect for warm days. It comes in sizes XS-XXL; I am wearing a small. The slim ankle jeans have a high rise with a 27″ inseams. They come in 3 colors, sizes 00-14W. I am wearing a 6.


I love this skirt! It’s cotton and lined so is perfect for hot days. The waistband is a pull-on style and slightly smocked, so it looks better than a plain elastic waistband. It has enough tiers to twirl when you move. It comes in XXS-XXL; I am wearing a small so it runs true to size (TTS). The details are hard to see in the black cotton, but each tier also has fagoting at the seams…(an embroidery produced by pulling out horizontal threads from a fabric and tying the remaining cross threads into groups of an hourglass shape.)

The watermelon print on this linen-blend shirt just screams summer to me. It comes in sizes XXS-2X.  I am wearing a small and it’s nice and roomy.


I’m showing this high low crepe blouse tucked and untucked. It comes in sizes XXS-XXL, in multiple colors and patterns. I am wearing the Bonnieux print in size small. These skinny pants on the left come in 9 colors in petite and regular, sizes 00-14W. I am wearing the Brindle Olive in size 6 regular and could also wear the petite. The jeans on the right are also a high rise and skinny leg in size 00-14W, I am wearing an 8.


This shibori print midi dress has adjustable ties at the shoulders and midriff so you can tighten or loosen and adjust the shape. It’s an organic cotton/Tencel blend that will be airy and cool on hot days. This comes in sizes XXS-XXL, I am wearing a medium.


These jeans are intended to be cropped but the perfect ankle length on me. The denim is lightly sanded and super comfy with a high rise and 1% spandex. I sized down to a 28 so they run large. This cute little shirt is organic linen and comes in 4 colors. Its cropped length hits right at the hip. It comes in sizes XXS-14-16W. I am wearing an XS so it runs one size large.


The frayed trucker jacket has a slightly cropped length that pairs well with these cropped jeans. The jacket has a slightly frayed hem, which makes it softer than banded jean jackets. It comes in sizes XS-XL; I am wearing a large which is too big for me so it runs TTS. The crops are black denim by NYDJ and fit TTS. They’d obviously be more cropped on a taller woman but are plenty short on me. I might roll them to stop at a place where my leg narrows, which would be more flattering.

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This crisp black and white cotton shirt has great pleated cuffs, which I’m showing folded up and down. The sleeves are quite long on me so I would likely wear them up…which I do with most shirts and tops. The neckline also has a pleated frill with ties. This would look great with black pants, chinos or jeans too. It comes in sizes XS-XL. I am wearing a medium that is a bit large, so it runs TTS.

These premium white jeans have a high rise and straight legs. They have a 27″ inseam which is intended to be cropped but is high ankle length on me. They come in sizes 23-34. I a wearing a 30 and could probably wear the 29 so they run TTS.

Nordstrom is loaded with linen separates and white denim. Brands are no longer carrying as much stock as they did in years past so it’s smart to shop early for the upcoming season.

Nordstrom-made brands are currently 25% off.

The Zella brand is up to 25% off.

Nordstrom is price-matching here 25% off.


Has spring sprung where you live?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.





  1. Do like the crape blouse and linen skirt.
    Also enjoyed the crop jeans and white linen shirt. Soooo! Me!
    The crape blouse is so versatile.
    Thanks Jennifer for your DRD. A great time.

  2. Christi S. says:

    Jennifer, your hair looks fabulous! Loving the platinum color and the cut/style suit you perfectly. Loving the crepe floral blouse. Wish Nordstrom’s wasn’t a 90 minute drive from here (spoiled living 20 minutes from one in San Antonio). Thank you for sharing all these cute outfits.

    1. My best Nordstrom is a two hour drive and I’ve decided it’ll be worth a trip every month just for selection!

  3. You see, as mentioned two postings ago I said your ‘hair looks fabulous’ and there appears to be others who agree with me … 😊. On the subject of DRD; lots of summer eye-candy for sure! Wish we had a Nordstrom in Canada but do appreciate you taking the time to model garments, as gives an idea what is out there re selection. -Brenda-

    1. We do have Nordstrom and The Rack in Canada, if you live in the right place. However, the stock is not the same, so you’ll find limited options and sizes on offer. They no longer ship to Canada, either. It frustrated me to find narrow shoes online, but not be able to order them here anyways.

      1. I’m sorry about that, hopefully they will resume the shipping but paying duty is no fun either.

      2. @LJ and Jennifer: Oops my error as was thinking of Macy’s since do have both Nordstrom’s in my city BUT sadly as you stated; choice differs and stock is limited in comparison to that in the USA.

    2. There are a few Nordstrom in Canada, but much of the stock is different and you can’t order so need to live near one.

    3. Judy Maynard says:

      We do have Nordstrom in Canada .. Vancouver and Calgary I shop at and a few more stores in Ontario around Toronto.

  4. I love the shibori dress on you and your hair looks beautiful!

  5. Your hair is looking fabulous as the grey /silver is coming in. I especially love the red and white patterned blouse, the striped dress and the column of black on you today.

  6. You look gorgeous in everything! I especially like that crepe blouse with flowers.

  7. I’ve always liked the Lucky brand. Really like the cropped top. All the jeans look great on you.

  8. To start with, your hair looks great! I love your dressing room diaries as they introduce me to what’s going on in stores. I’ve bought many many items you’ve tried in but in my colors. Thank you!

  9. Esther Rabenstein says:

    Your hair style caught my attention. I really like the side sweep of the bangs. Attractive!

    1. Thank you so much Esther.

  10. I really like the midi dress and cropped tops on you Jennifer. I haven’t worn a denim jacket in over 30 years, but that white one is very interesting and just may fill a gap in my closet.
    Enjoy your summer like weather – we’re just getting teases of spring here.

    1. The cropped shirts tend to be a bit boxy but are a great alternative to the tuck, non tuck issue.

  11. Thanks for showing the different prints for shirts. I am delighted for the smaller prints. Tying the front button shirts works for me as a petite.

    1. That’s why I do it too. Otherwise I look very short and my legs are non existent.

  12. Paulette Levy says:

    Cute clothes for Spring! I especially like the tie neck striped shirt with white jeans. The denim blouse would be a keeper if I were you. It could be teamed with khaki or white or even blue patterned cropped pants or Bermuda shorts. Even a white denim skirt?
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. That’s one of the hazards of drd, I find so many pieces I want 🙂

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