Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Prevent Gum Desease

Happy Monday ladies. We spent the entire weekend with our grandson which is always a delight. He’s turning into quite the little card shark and pummeled me at Uno multiple times. I mean he really got me bad! I need to study the rules a bit more.

Here’s what’s on my radar this week.

I’ve had a few health things brewing that we hope to get some answers for this week. Waiting for results and additional tests really takes a toll on my nerves. I’ve been meditating every morning, thinking positively and rewatching this movie. Have you seen it? It makes a credible argument for the mind-body connection which I’m a firm believer in.

Body Oil Moisturizer

I’m obsessed with this coconut oil body moisturizer. Annmarie makes a whole line of skincare products which I plan to systematically go through and find more treasures. They’re handmade in Berkeley from organic and wildcrafted ingredients with no nasty chemicals. I was sent a small sample to try and loved it so much I instantly ordered the large size and joined their program. It’s well known that what we put on our skin soaks into our system and affects our health so I’m careful with everything I use. This moisturizer smells heavenly and has a ton of healthy ingredients.


I take meticulous care of my teeth and gums. I brush and floss every morning and night plus carry floss in my purse for emergencies. My hygenist calls me a hygienists dream. Ha, I’m not sure about that but I want to keep as many of my teeth and expensive crowns as possible so I’m willing to put the time into my dental care. Sometimes even that is not enough.

waterpik ultra flosser
Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

The older we get the more likely it is we’ll develop pockets in our gums and I’m no different. I did some reading, asked questions and in the end, took the advice of a friend who works in the dental industry. After I brush and floss at night, I use this Waterpik and put a tablespoon of good old fashioned hydrogen peroxide in the water. I checked with my oral surgeon and he admits he does the same thing! My pockets have shrunk back down which thrills me. My husband is now a believer too because his gums have done a major turn around.


The few extra pounds I’m carrying is taking a toll on my feet. My shoes that used to be comfortable are leaving my feet fatigued the following morning. Luckily, stylish sneakers are all over the place and being worn with everything from crop pants to skirts so I’ve bought a few pairs to try.

eileen fisher bronze platform sneakers
Prop Platform Sneaker

I was hoping for a pair with espadrille soles but there was nothing in store so my hunt will continue online. These Eileen Fisher platforms have tons of cushioning. They come in several colors but I opted for silver because it will be the most versatile. They’ll be great with jeans and casual pants in all colors…we’ll see about skirts. I went up 1/2 size so I could add these Cushionology Gel Insoles.

foot petals cushioned insole and arch supports
Foot Petals Orthotic / Foot Petals Full Gel Insoles

The salesperson brought me these orthotics to try with the shoes which lifted my arch and felt great. I also grabbed these gel insoles because I can never have too many of them.

Platform Sneaker

Platform sneakers are everywhere this spring, as are snakeskin sneakers. This pair caught my eye because it combined both and also has a slightly square toe which is on-trend this spring. They come in multiple colors, but the snake is in-store only. Of course, I found tons more snakeskin sneakers online so I’m ordering a few to see which is the comfiest before I wear this outside. I really like these which combine the metallic and the snakeskin.

The most popular item on AWSL last week was these hand sanitizer wipes. No surprise there because some people are getting pretty nutty. I was shocked to find my Costo-co shelves stripped of many essentials and non-essentials. People were loading down their carts, stocking up as though we were due for a hurricane or major storm.

How are you dealing with this Coronavirus situation?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.








  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love your “real” posts about real life! I have a waterpick , but don’t use it, I may have to get it out and try out the Hydrogen Peroxide..I do feel like I am getting more spaces between my teeth. I floss 3 or 4 times a day…this may be the trick.

    Also, thank you for showing comfortable shoes that are fashionable. I follow several mature women for fashion, and they show shoes that I can’t believe their 50 or 60 year old feet can wear, especially walking around NYC or for travel..I always wonder if they wear comfy shoes to get to the photo shot and then put on the fancy shoes ,and then take them off .

    1. I’m always amazed at the shoes I see women my age wear. There feet must be a lot stronger thank mine!!

  2. Best of luck with your test results Jennifer.

  3. Sending positive thoughts about your tests. Waiting is so hard! Thanks for the hydrogen peroxide tip, as I use my Water Pic faithfully but hadn’t heard about using the peroxide.

  4. Hi there

    I’m a firm believer in taking care of one’s feet after having plantar fasciitis in 2010 – had to limit walking/standing for 2 weeks = ouch.

    I like to soak my feet in warm water/Epsom salts (they do have lavender now) then massage them with a nice body butter or other cream. I do this a couple of times a week.

    I treat myself on occasion to a “foot lounge”they massage your feet for 1 hr – the chiropractor recommended this.

    There are various foot exercises one can do – available online. If your sore feet persist do get them checked out.

    Thanks for the tip re gums.

  5. Lois Williams says:

    I’m so excited one of the pairs of sneakers in your slide show comes in my size, Jennifer, thanks so much. I really run out of patience trying to find a size 12 🙂
    I’ve been going through tests for two months now so understand your angst – good luck.

  6. I hope your test results are positive. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way. I love that film. I need to rewatch it. Those are some cute shoe options! I’m in the middle of postponing a European vacation with my kids due to Coronavirus. I’ve been on the phone all day with the airlines and hotels. Give me strength! Xx

  7. Nothing is more disconcerting than waiting for medical test results. My thoughts are with you.

    I live in the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the Seattle suburbs. We’ve been dealing with this since the first US case emerged back in January. It’s very real and very scary. In my opinion, the media has not overstated the situation. We have been “social distancing” and only leaving the house to get groceries. The bad news it strikes down the elderly, the sick, the homeless, and the less fortunate. The good news is the mortality rate will drop once widespread testing commences. Please don’t underestimate the potential destructive power of this virus….better to err on the side of caution.

  8. Waiting on test results can be very stressful; wishing you the best. I will have to try the Ann Marie Coconut Oil lotion. I have been using her products for 9 months and love them! We are not panicking about the C virus, but certainly taking precautions. I use essential oils and have learned how to make a good sanitizer. Take care xo

  9. I’ve been considering a WaterPic for awhile. You have convinced me to buy one. Thsnk you for the review.
    I love the snakeskin runners but having narrow feet would need to try them on first. It makes ordering online difficult.
    As far as the Coronavirus, I’m not panicking. I, too, was surprised to see bare shelves at Walmart last week. Apparently, hand sanitizer is sold out everywhere. Personally, I’m not stocking up, staying home or in a panic. I wash my hands often with lots of soap or use hand sanitizer while out. I think if we don’t touch our face (nose, mouth, eyes), we are unlikely to catch the virus. I spoke with my pharmacist on this subject and am taking his knowledgeable advice. If you have lung problems or have a compromised immune system, then sure, stay home!

  10. I have a new perspective since my house burned down. My health is good, and I have stopped whining about every little twinge. How I must have bored people with “oh this hurts” and “oh that aches.” My current problem is shoes. I lost all the pairs I had searched for and broken in. Of course, they don’t make them anymore, so I’m back on the hunt for shoes that fit and I can walk in. As problems go, it’s not the worst.

    1. Oh Kay, that’s just horrible! I’m so sorry that happened to your home. What size shoe do you wear? I have tons of size 6 and 6.5 that I no longer wear (I’m now retired). If by some chance that’s your size, I’d be happy to give you as many pairs as you need. [I also had a life altering event many years ago which certainly put other issues in perspective!]
      Jennifer – I hope your tests come back quickly and that all is well. Love your blog! I feel like we’re all friends here!

    2. I’m so sorry to hear about your fire! It certainly does put things into perspective.

  11. Paulette Levy says:

    Hi Going to try again to join in. Yes the coronavurus is serious and unlike the seasonal flu, we have no vaccine nir do doctors know much a output it yet. I feel the media (not politicians) presenting doctors and researchers on air has been very helpful. I’m not the type to bury my head in the sand and I have prepared for a minimum 14 day quarantine. I’m set.
    For myself, yes I’ve already had major health issues so must be careful. I’m my own best advocate I think. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy Spring!

  12. The older we get, the more health issues seem to become more common in our household. I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis which I was very unhappy to hear. I hope your health concerns aren’t serious and am sending positive thoughts your way for a good outcome regarding your test results. As far as the Coronavirus….we’re washing our hands even more than usual and taking a couple extra supplements. I don’t understand the hoarding of toilet paper, hand wipes and water. It’s just crazy how people are reacting to this. I saw a video on the news this morning of three women having a knock down brawl in a store that had just one package of toilet paper left. As I said, it’s crazy. Good health to you, and thank you for always providing us with a wealth of information.

    1. Fighting over toilet paper is just insanity. The crazy things people do.

  13. Best wishes for your test results. As others have said, waiting for results can cause such anxiety. Hope all turns out well for you. Please keep us posted.

    I’m so glad that comfy shoes are stylish and fine to wear with pants, crops, etc. The ones you posted look wonderful. Unfortunately, my feet are narrow, my arches are narrow, and my right foot has a bunion. Oh the challenges! LOL. Seriously though, for exercising I usually buy New Balance in size 10 AA. As you may imagine, AA width is not easy to find. I have the same issue with those beautiful shoes you posted. They look great but are not available for those of us who need a narrow width.

    Yes, I am concerned about coronavirus but not in panic mode. I have many of the suggested supplies on hand. Living in Florida, many of the recommended supplies are the same ones we need for our hurricane supply kit. As for traveling, we’re not doing anything soon. We are currently scheduled to fly to San Francisco and take cruise from there to Alaska in June. Will wait for another month or so to decide whether it’s safe to go or not.

    1. Thanks Joan. I hope it’s calmed down by then. Lots of people are canceling trips.

  14. Jacqueline Bucco says:

    First and foremost, wishing you well, with resolve to your health issues…….and your testing will give you nothing but great results:):) love all you hints and tips once again!! sneakers are adorable, and love the recommendation of the insole/inserts!!……..ohhh being such a “shoe” person, my feet are telling me otherwise, sooo always looking for comfort, support, but also a nice style in a sneaker!! Omg soo agree with the teeth and flossing thing….ughh, might have to look into that WaterPic with adding the peroxide…….haha I too carry dental floss in my pocketbook:):) Thanks for all the info, once again❤️???

  15. Connie Haines says:

    First of all, hoping your medical concerns are quickly resolved.
    As to the coronavirus, our county announced its first confirmed case this weekend. My folks live in a “cottage” within an assisted living complex in town, their most independent housing, but take meals in the central dining room. Mom and I discussed it last night, and they will self-confine now. I’ll be asking that their meals be delivered to their doorstep for awhile just to be cautious. They are in their early 80’s, and Dad has lung issues, so I feel they are vulnerable. I will also be running their errands and grocery shopping for them (they have a small but complete kitchen, luckily) for as long as needed. We did have to cancel a trip we were very much looking forward to up in Seattle at the end of March, a night of dinner and music at a jazz club and a couple nights at a gorgeous downtown hotel. My 71 year old husband has lung issues, and the club venue would mean tight, cozy quarters. Sad to miss our trip, but there will be others.

    1. Thank you. That sounds very wise for your folks. It seems it’s the people with lung issues who are having the hardest time. We have to protect ourselves best we can. As you say, there will be other trips.

  16. Praying for good health results for you. I live in Washington state, so we are proceeding with caution regarding the virus. It hasn’t come to Spokane yet. Our friends have cancelled their cruise. They just decided why take the chance. I’ve been having Arthritis pain in my feet lately so I am all about the shoes in your post. All look so stylish! Thanks for you great tips.

    1. Thanks so much. Cruises seem to be having a tough time these days so I might avoid one now too.

    2. Kelley Kramer says:

      Hope everything turns out very well for you Jennifer!! I love your blog – you inspire me but more than that, you pass in great finds!!

      And Rose, I have arthritis in my feet as well. Can you offer any advice? I’ve had injections and they work for about a month. I also have numerous creams and insoles. Spokane holds a special place on my heart. My Father was from Spokane-I miss visiting. Thank you!

  17. Jennifer, wishing you all the best in the outcome of your test results. You have one if the most positive attitudes of anyone I know! I’ve been resisting the idea of a Waterpic, but will reconsider after reading about your success with it. Meaning no disrespect toward those who have fallen victims to Coronavirus, but I am angry that the media has blown everything so out of proportion that it’s sending folks into panic mode. I think common sense should prevail here.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I agree..the media is totally out of control and has caused panic where level-headedness needs to prevail.

  18. The coronavirus is hitting home. Someone in my spouse’s workplace contracted it on that cruise ship and went to work for a week. Now the people who worked with that person have been sent home for self-quarantine for two weeks, and the workplace shut down for cleaning. It has become very real. We are prepared for two weeks of self-isolation for all of us, including the dog. Meanwhile, everyone at the company who can work from home is doing so.

  19. So agree, there is definitely a connection between attitude of the mind and wellness of the body. As to the Coronvirus; have noticed in my area it is definitely having a societal impact regardless there has been no cases in the city where I live. (Touch wood!) On the same subject though, recently read that the best defense is to ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap ‘n tepid water during which time you will sing ‘ the lyrics to Happy Birthday’ twice and if sneezing or coughing do it into your sleeve/arm. Oh, also shall mention excessive use of hand-sanitizer can do damage to the finish of even the most expensive rings, so ladies you might want to monitor such closely.

    On the subject of sneakers, do love the silver ones you’ve shown but in all honesty at the price of $228.00 Cdn. funds, do find them a tad pricey.

    Last but not least; do hope your tests are all good news.

  20. Donna Nance says:

    Jennifer, I hope you get good test results. Waiting around is stressful in itself. I have heard the term “it all starts in the gut”. This is most likely very true as I find if my digestive system is out of whack, so is the rest of me. Stress can cause all sorts of problems, which I’m sure you are aware of all those. You are a smart cookie and keep up on health and well-being as well as being well-styled! We are exercising caution regarding the virus. I would rather be smart than sick.

    1. I would too. I’m taking gut health very seriously these days. It’s just plain smart.

  21. I pray your test results will be good ones!

    I went to a box store and found all the essentials I could want so the rush here to stock up for two weeks maybe over. I found paper towels and sterilizers, canned goods and Kleenex. I feel safe with a two week supply and not inclined to stock for more.

    Summer will soon be here, I will finally be officially retired and the Coronavirus should be in our rear view mirror as I forge a new life for my ailing husband and I.

    Prayers for all our safety!

  22. I am not worried about Coronavirus. We have had multiple viruses hit over the last 20 years and panic ensued due to the media. The yearly flu epidemic is much more critical and people don’t seem to panic and buy out all the disinfectant supplies or even get vaccinated for. Get your flu shot and wash your hands. On the fashion front, I live in sneakers and have a shelf full of colors in my closet. Snakeskin is the next pattern on my list.

  23. If the mist of the hand sanitizer outage I make my own ! Actually stronger than Purell. Use 2/3 cups Isopropyl
    Alcohol and 1/3 aloe Vera. I use70% strength alcohol and Pura d’oR Healing Organic Aloe. Vera Gel in Lavender scent. I live lavender as it is so calming.
    Hope this is helpful! I got aloe Vera on Amazon.

    1. That’s a great recipe! Our stores are selling out of aloe Vera too. We’re lucky to have Amazon. I’m obsessed with lavender:)

  24. I just wanted to make a comment about you trying Ann Marie oils. I also want organic and natural because everything soaks into our skin and sooooo much of what we buy has ‘bad’ ingredients. I have been using her oils, serum, face wash, etc and LOVE all of their products. Have used them for several years. At my age (78) I’m very careful what I put IN my body and ON my body. I am very healthy for my age and only take daily food supplements and am on NO prescription pills. ( I do exercise 3-4x/week also which I think is very important! )

    1. Thank you for sharing Rose. I’m so delighted with what I’ve found so far.

  25. Ruby Ann Icfird says:

    Hoping you received my message concerning a movie to watch on Netflix. The title is The Secret . It is very well done concerning the topic of visualization. Thinking about you and praying you receive good news. The method of visualization can help in all aspects of our lives. We feel it saved my husbands life over 30 years ago when he was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma.

    1. I’ve seen that movie several times and totally agree! The placebo effect of medications proves the power of our thoughts on our health. So glad to hear about your husband!!

  26. I too believe that having a positive attitude is critical when our health is off balance. Stopping to be grateful for all the positives in our lives, being thankful for good medical attention, the right meds and the love and support of family and friends. Just as important in getting back to feeling well. Sending you positive energy Jennifer!

  27. I hope all is well with your test results – Good luck and fingers crossed.
    On a more self absorbed note, I am depressed about the coronavirus situation. It is a terrible crisis, especially for those who have died. We had planned on a family holiday (sister who lives in the USA), my brother, niece and myself (from Aust) meeting up in Israel for 2 weeks then another 2 in Italy in May. We have now decided to cancel the trip due to the virus, cancelled flights, borders locked down, a lack of travel insurance which specifically covers COVID19 and my brother’s recent bout of Dengue type fever (from a trip to Cairns). Meanwhile I have stocked up on food etc, will limit my trips to the supermarket and hope this pandemic blows over soon (which I doubt)

    1. I’m sorry Susan, that is depressing. I’m planning to cancel an upcoming business trip (not as fun as yours) because there’s just no point in risking things.

  28. So much good information in this post!

    First, I hope all your tests turn out well. The waiting is often the worst part. I haven’t seen the movie but I know the mind/body connection is so important.
    Your shoe posts are so helpful. I’m obsessed about footwear due to some painful foot issues that are really impacting day to day walking so many thanks for the ideas!
    I wasn’t aware of hydrogen peroxide for gum health! Will check that out too!


    1. The hydrogen peroxide is a miracle for our gums. I’ll keep you updated on shoes as I go because sore feet are no fun.

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