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Wardrobe Essentials For How I’m Living Now

Happy Friday ladies. Spring isn’t exactly right around the corner for me and I know many of you are still buried in snow. Today I’m joining one of your favorite bloggers, and my friend Susan, to chat about the clothes we’re reaching for most often this time of year. Women’s wardrobe basics will vary by climate and lifestyle so here are some wardrobe essentials for how I’m living now.

As always, you can click the red text for more info and to shop the item at no additional cost to you.

woman weariing green sweater and jeans

In a nutshell, I’m reaching for a cozy sweater (cashmere or not), jeans or slim pants, flat footwear, and a scarf. I bought this sweater at the outlet mall in Palm Springs last week (do I ever wish we’d had more than an hour there) and found it here on sale. I’m wearing a medium.

I wear scarves year-round but they get more use during the colder months. These lightweight silk and cashmere scarves are gossamer-thin yet substantial enough to wrap several times without being too hot. Mine is several years old but they’re always coming out with pretty new colors and patterns.

woman sitting on fender of green trailer

Uncomfortable footwear has zero place in my wardrobe now and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. I’m reaching for shoes with extra cushioning these days so some of my favorite ballet flats have been relegated to short outings. I have to make myself not wear these sneakers every day because they tick all the boxes for me.

woman wearing j jill puffer vest on path in marin county
WEARING –  VEST on sale  –  CASHMERE SWEATER on sale  –  SIMILAR JEANS  –  BOOTIES on sale  –  SIMILAR SCARF on sale  –  SHOULDER BAG on sale

Vests are a great option in my climate so I’ve begun to amass a small collection. They never go out of style so I always keep an eye out for unique ones.


Blazers are often all I need to stay warm and I like how they add a level of polish to my outfit.


There are those sneakers again 🙂 If you had asked me a few years ago if I would be wearing slip-on sneakers many days of the week, I would have said no. Life has changed so my wardrobe essentials have changed with it.

If your sartorial choices remain consistent year to year…as many of mine do, now’s a great time to either update or refresh parts of your winter wardrobe essentials because almost everything is marked way down.

Now let’s go see what Susan at une femme d’un certain âge is reaching for this time of year.

What are the wardrobe essentials that you reach for every winter?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.







  1. Is the link for the first Cashmere sweater working for anyone? It just won’t open for me. It looks so pretty on you Jennifer!

  2. I really like your style inspo. Unfortunately I cannot wear ANY clothes with wool content, and that includes cashmere, merino etc. Fortunately I have been able to buy clothes without wool😊 My go to jeans are generally boot cut and 2 pair of slight flare. I agree that corduroy is also a nice option. I always enjoy your posts🤗

    1. Thanks Mary. You’re not alone not being able to wear wool. I’ll keep my eye out for other options.

  3. Hi Jennifer—what color are your sneakers—stone metallic? If so, are they in the silver family or more warm tones. Hard to tell on the Nordstrom website.

    1. Mine are the stone metallic. They call the blue a metallic but they don’t look that way to me. They’re a neutral metallic to me. Not too warm and not icy cool

  4. I went to clothes shop yesterday with a close friend.I took some clothes into the changing room and put a coat on.The assistant came in and said ” you have done what 95% of women do, chosen clothes two sizes too big for you” Do you think this is true Jennifer?

    1. I have not found that to be true but it depends on the store and the fit of the jacket. Did she bring you smaller sizes to compare? Some women like body conscious clothing and many do not. It also depends on if the jacket is styled to be worn close to the body. Her statement sounds suspect to me.

  5. For those interested, Sheec socks has there own website: sheecsocks.com. I have purchased various styles of socks from them and there are pairs for heel-less shoes, ballet flats, etc., etc. It’s worth the visit to the site. I, too, stay away from cashmere as I find it itchy, especially when I get warm. I have a v-neck that was my former husband’s and I wear that with a blouse/tee or something under it and it’s fine and soft and cuddly but not sure if I could stand wearing it alone….it’s too big anyway but great on a very cold winter day.

  6. Richly colored, warm sweater, comfortable camisole, black or gray leggings, warm socks, comfortable shoes/boots. Some variation but basically this is my COVID winter wardrobe. Always earrings.

    1. A perfect winter outfit!

  7. With so many lockdowns, I am finding that I’m living mostly in sweaters and leggings these days which work well under my longer Down filled (quilted) coat plus also find that the slim bottoms allows for a style variety of cold weather footwear. As to vests; I only own one that is a hooded faux fur ‘n leather combo, which I sized up on to wear over a lightly filled quilted Down Jacket that I last wore just prior to Christmas when temperatures were more tame … ☺. All said; envying your climate Jennifer as you look amazing regardless it is winter. -Brenda-

    1. I always love to hear your style choices, Brenda. Keep them coming. Stay warm

  8. The light teal sweater and scarf look amazing on you. You’ve worn that color before and it just makes your skin and hair sing. That is your purrfect color! I finally broke down last evening and ordered your “silvery” slip-on sneakers (I have a similar Ecco pair in black and love them). Can’t wait for them to arrive. I’m thinking I need to order your Lo bag next. If I keep going back to it, it means I should buy it. Love your essentials and I think they work for so many of us. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog. You and Susan (Un Femme d’un Certain Age) are my favorites.

    1. Susan is one of my favorite bloggers too!

  9. The soft green sweater and the whole quietly composed outfit looks perfect on you. Best yet! Each piece in the soft, low-contrast emsemble, from the taupe boots to the faded blue denim to the soft blue-greens of the scarf works so well with the other pieces. The soft green puts a gentle focus on your lovely eyes, and you chose just the right glasses frames.

    1. Thank you, Nan, that’s so kind. I love the look too.

  10. Marilyn Patterson says:

    Will you be telling us more about your color analysis you went to Palm Springs for soon? I’m wintering in Palm Desert and would love to know more details as I’ve never had my colors done and would love to try it. I enjoy your posts every day…..keep it up!

    1. I’m working on a post about it now, so hopefully soon!

  11. You and Susan could pass as sisters. You have very similar taste and styles.
    Love that Palm Beach sweater you are wearing (awesome color) with the
    perfect jean color, beautiful scarf and the booties. Lovely!

    1. Thanks, Lin. I take that as a great compliment, Susan is very chic.

  12. I wear all the same things you wear except in our climate we need warmer jackets with mostly boots. I wear jeans year round and love s great sweater. Love all you outfits and Susans too.

  13. We wear basically the same things with the exception of jackets that are structured. I don’t like them. I like loose and comfortable. I’ll pull a zip front hoodie on if it’s cold before a jacket. If it’s colder , I will add a denim jacket or lightly quilted jacket. Casual, comfortable from head to foot and if it also looks chic, I’m happy. I don’t own heels and few flats. Sneakers, casual boots, loafers.

  14. Jan WHICHARD says:

    I am also dressing more casually these days. I would urge you to look at a wonderful company that is women owned and the places where the clothing is made meet ethical standards. But, as important, the clothes are yummy, the fabrics top notch and the sales are really meaningfully priced. The company is The Reset. I have zero stake in it but have been shopping there for years ever since Susan at Une Femme highlighted them. They had a storefront on Maiden Lane in San Francisco and then moved to Fillmore. They are online at this time. Their vegan leather is amazing as are their sweaters and for slimmer thighed women like you, their pants are terrific. Sale is on now.

    1. Thanks, Jan. I will have a peek. Thanks for reminding of this brand.

  15. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

    Well I had similar thoughts this morning getting ready for the day and with temps about zero. I pulled out a grey/ plaid lightweight flannel shirt, Talbot’s grey merino wool sweater, Eddie Bauer grey/red vest, old corduroy jeans to wear over tights. Also cuddle duds long sleeved shirt and Cali. Though some items change jeans weight, lined or not; dressiness of sweater; tee shirt or turtleneck; vest this what it takes for me to be warm. I haven’t included outer layer. Much clothing is set aside for late fall and then later winter and early spring-if we have one.

    1. I love the sound of your outfit with the pop of red in the vest

  16. Wow. That first outfit of blue and green is a knockout on you. When you see a look that is 100% the others just don’t stand a chance.
    I love vests too. They keep the back warm without bulk around the arms.

    1. Thank you, Leslie. I wasn’t sure about the green until I added the scarf and POP.

  17. Your slip on sneakers look so comfortable! Do you wear socks with them and if so, what kind/brand? I’ve been searching for a thin sock to wear with shoes/sneakers but haven’t found a thin enough brand.

      1. Thanks for the tip!

  18. These Ecco sneakers ARE super cute. And I love the pewter color. It’s so versatile. Unfortunately I have a bunion and the M width is too narrow for me. I can’t size up bc I’m a 12. My search for a similar shoe has begun

    1. Oh darn, my daughter wears an 11 so I understand your frustrations.

  19. Pat Cowan says:

    Could you please tell me the maker of the blazer you are wearing as I cannot access the red text. My computer says the server cannot be found. Thank you

    1. My blazer is from Talbots several winters ago, they remake it every year.

  20. Living near Chicago, my criteria for winter are comfort and warmth.

    As another member of the itchy sisters’ club, any remaining wool or cashmere sweaters must work with an underlayer. Many days, I reach for a pullover sweater with a comfortable long sleeve tee underneath. I stopped purchasing wool sweaters last year for this reason, but hung onto a few favorites. For bottoms, I live in Eileen Fisher terry slouchy pants and terry leggings. They are very casual, but oh, so warm and comfortable. They are a bit too casual to wear out, so I reluctantly swap them out for a ponte style pant. No wool near my legs, either.

    You look beautiful in the mint sweater and scarf, Jennifer.

    1. Thank you, Susan. I never used to be able to wear any wool or cashmere so I feel very lucky that has changed. I adore EF colors and quality pieces.

  21. Rhoda Clark says:

    Okay, between you and Susan, you have sold me on the Quince merino sweater. Today is my 75th birthday and I have gifted myself two. Just ordered them. Both you and Susan always look so put together without looking contrived. I love your blogs and will be following you and Susan. Have a beautiful day!

    1. I hope you love them too, Rhoda! I was so happy to discover them…now I need them to make a ton more colors:)

  22. SUSAN BLAKEY says:

    Hey Jennifer, thanks! This was fun. I really like the blue-green top/scarf and the periwinkle cardigan on you!

    1. Thanks, Susan! I love collaborating with you, my chic friend:)

  23. I’m intrigued with all the cashmere items. They are so beautiful but as someone allergic to wool garments even when it’s a small % of the fabric, I’m reluctant to invest in them. I’ve heard that less expensive cashmere items are more likely to cause itching. Maybe you or a reader can weigh in on this and offer some advice on cashmere for wool-allergic people?

    1. Judy, sadly I find cashmere feels itchy too. My body can detect even the smallest percentage of wool, mohair or cashmere! *sigh*

    2. Wool causes me to itch until I’m red. Ugh! But, cashmere, I love and wear. I guess the true test Judy is to try one on and wear it for a bit in the store.

  24. There is so much to love about all these outfits you featured today. The fabrics are cozy warm and the cut and style allow for ease of movement. We have a number of milder winter days (temps above freezing) where a vest is the perfect outerwear when paired with a warm sweater. It’s much more comfortable when shopping and as you modeled, so many versions available.
    You seem to be very selective about your accessories and it creates a more modern, youthful finished style. For me, the careful use of accessories can make or break an outfit. Less is more…..

  25. That top mint sweater and scarf combo looks fabulous on you! I’ve been looking at a lot of that minty color lately. Love it. And I’m all for cozy sweaters for sure. Thank you for continuing to send your good vibes and great advice 🙂

    1. Happy Friday, Sandy!

  26. The soft green sweater you picked up in Palm Springs is a winner. It looks gorgeous on you, and the scarf is perfect with it.

    1. I was surprised to find the scarf coordinates with it. The beauty of a print :). I need to embrace them more often.

  27. Lezlie Davis says:

    I love the way you tied the first scarf. I keep looking at it but can’t figure out how to do it. Would you share how you did it?

    1. That is one of my favorite ways to tie a scarf. Begin with the center of the scarf loosely in front of your neck, tails in the back. Cross the tails and bring to the front on each side. Take one tail and cross in front of the loop. The other tail crosses over the first one and tucks under the loop. Stays in place all day.
      All the featured outfits are lovely.

      1. That’s another way of tying it! Bravo, Karen. I know many twist the loop too. There are a lot of variations on this tie. I love it too.

    2. It’s tied a bit like a pretzel. I fold it into a long strip and wrap around my neck from front to back, then back to front so the long ends hang down the front.
      Pull the center “loop” down about 10”. Grab center of long strip up through center loop and thread other long tail through that loop and tug ends to snug up.

    3. Pinterest shows a ton of ideas for tieing scarfs.

    4. @ LD: Try searching Pinterest (as Nancy suggested) also YouTube is another source for ‘how to’ if a visual learner. -Brenda-

  28. Paulette Levy says:

    You look terrific in all if these featured outfits. Love the blue and green tones especially right now. They certainly brighten up our grey skies.
    I’m mostly in short boots currently ( our weather) unless I’m exercising. I like the look of booties with my go to “going out” outfits….lol. But I love your metallic slip on sneakers too.
    Our state is surging with Covid again so unfortunately I’m staying in way too much, and my exercise center is closed again( where I take yoga and tai chi classes). Anxious for things like this to open soon…….

    1. Stay safe Paulette. It seems to be everywhere here too so I am being very, very careful when out.

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