Look of the Week: Soft Focus

I’ve learned to buy colors I love when they’re popular because the selection is greater. Although I love pink, I have always worn it sparingly because sweet, cute and girly has never been my thing.

I talked here about how to find your most flattering pink. One of my best shades is blush which is plentiful this year and pretty.

In The Pink: Wearing pink over 50

In The PInk: fashion for women over 50

Lipsticks, earrings, blouses, sweaters, pants, dresses, shoes, bags and lipstick…it’s everywhere I look.

It would be easy to go overboard and look saccharinely sweet so I’m wearing it carefully and going for a soft look with a modern edge.

pink and black fashion for women over 50

I lightened my lipstick to this pale blush shade, so it wouldn’t overpower the earrings.

Seriously Jennifer? Yup…they’re my new addition of whimsey and I love them.


pink fashion for women over 50

I adore this jacket from Artful Home. There’s nothing girly about it and I love how it tones down the sweetness of the blush pants. Its clean lines and minimal detail are easy to wear.


In The Pink: how to wear pink over 50

My faux snake bangles are from Target about 10 years ago. This may be is their last wearing because the seam is separating. I paid $2.99 for them so I got my money’s worth.


Women over 50 can wear pink without looking girly

These pink pants are one of my favorite styles from White House Black Market. The regular length is perfect for me so I expect most women wear them more cropped than I do.

Pink and Black classic color combo

It’s easy to overload on blush so choose your pieces strategically. Black is a perfect foil for the sweetness of pink.

Have you discovered your best pink?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



  1. I’m a big fan of this outfit on you. I don’t wear pink unless it is a deep vibrant pink but the blush looks great on you!

    1. I love how this outfit makes me feel too!

  2. That outfit really works on you–sophisticated enough but not hard edged. The blush pink softens and contrasts with the black, the shade of blush is perfect for your coloring, and your makeup is perfect. And the simple lines of the coat and pants are spot on. You look as if you took care but not as if you tried too hard.

    1. Thanks, Renee. I love this look and will wear it a lot…exactly the same way:)

  3. As we are the same height, did you buy the 27″or the 29″ inseam pants at White House, Black Market? I am pretty short waisted and 29″ (depending on cut and label) often makes a perfect length for me but definitely not ankle length.
    Loved the ideas in your email today!

    1. I bought the 29″, regular length. I am 5’4″ and have a slightly long torso. The petites, which measure 25″ would be way too short for me and I suspect the 27″ would be OK but they didn’t have them in store, only online.

  4. Alice Strom says:

    Love this look on you…awesome from head to toe…everything just right!


  5. Pink and black is awesome! I need pink pants! I love this look with the black patent bag.

  6. Because I have warm undertones my pink would be more of a salmon or even a coral rather than the lighter pinks. Pale, pastel colours make me look totally washed out. The blush that looks great on you would make me look terrible!

    1. It’s terrific you know which pink looks best on you. There is pink of every tone around this year, Lynn!

  7. I love how you have paired the very pretty pastel pink with your no-nonsense black separates and accessories. Great post!

  8. You look amazing! Very elegant !

  9. Great look on you, Jennifer! Those earrings make the outfit!

    1. I thought so too! Inexpensive and fun earrings are a nice pick me up for any outfit. I will wear these for years to come.

  10. I am loving all of your looks! This one is just fabulous on you! I too, love pink. I love the black and pink combo and the sophisticated lines. Totally you! And me too!

    1. Thanks, Arell! It’s such a classic and fun color combo.

  11. I am quite fond of the “blush” pink that you chose. I like how you have styled it with black on top and how the color plays with the subtle rose blush of your skin tone. This look makes the eye go from head to toe and back up to your face again. A great look on you!

    1. Thanks Lynne:) I’m really loving blush pink this spring.xo

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