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Weekend Escape to the Ocean

We escaped to Pacific Grove this weekend.

This is written with my Iphone. We’ll see…

The weather is gloriously cool here. I say that, because compared to the 95 degrees we’ve been sweltering through this week, it actually feels like fall here. And I love it!

When the B&B called early Saturday, to offer us a cancellation, we tossed a few things in the car and drove down.

The town of Pacific Grove is adorable. It’s filled with Victorian buildings and charming restaurants. Side streets wind up and down steep inclines, giving many of the cottages, either a peek or a view of the ocean.


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By the time we got to the bed and breakfast, the sun was just beginning its decline into the Pacific. We wandered and explored until we finally caught a glimpse of the Ocean. We could smell the salt water and hear the roar of the waves, but seeing it was stunning.

Weekend Escape to the Ocean

The next morning Lucy lead us to the beach.

Weekend Escape to the Ocean
heading to Asilomar Beach

While Mr walked the shore, Lucy and I sat near the crashing waves and just breathed it all in.


A few minutes later, tears began running down my cheeks. The bliss I felt in my heart just needed to overflow, and it leaked from my eyes. The majesty of it was overwhelming.


I looked over and spotted this lady, wearing a wet suit, sitting in lotus position, meditating. Pure bliss!

Weekend Escape to the Ocean
meditating in the surf


My wardrobe for this trip was very simple. I packed:

2 pair of Eileen Fisher, slim ankle pants. These are my go-to pants that I wear several times a week.

Two white T-shirts from Target.

My denim jacket.

My ZnO Sun wrap by Coolibar.

My Eric Javits hat with 50+ sun protection. I’ve had this hat forever. It’s been crammed into suitcases and handbags for many years and is a favorite.

Weekend Escapoe to the Ocean
I just hate to keep bashing Mr’s photographic prowess, but honestly, I looked way better than this! He even caught Lucy’s bad side and she is adorable!


I wore my super comfy Bernie Mev shoes. I bought these after seeing tons of women wearing them last summer, on my cruise. They may not appear super chic, but they’re really comfy! And that’s what this weekend was all about!

Weekend Escape to the Ocean

We are heading home in an hour and I’m sorry to leave the ocean behind.

Does majestic beauty have that sort of effect on you?


Have you entered to win those gorgeous Tahitian South Sea Pearls yet??


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    1. I’d love to come for dinner. I didn’t know you were down that way! The shoes are terrific!!So comfortable!

  1. I’m just impressed you typed the whole post on your phone!!! Wow! Also like the ocean (for us in Michigan, it’s the LAKE) – the pants, and the shoes! Might have to get me some of those!

  2. First of all! You look amazing! RELAXED, REAL and BEAUTIFUL!
    I have not been able to comment much within the course of the past few months, but I have been here to tap the motivation that I needed to stay the course. If only I could return to you what you have given me.
    We are so blessed to have you our blog community.
    Now headed over to Eileen to check out those pants. Her clothes are so comfortable and forgiving!

  3. Love PC, Monterey and Carmel also,hoping to make a trip down there also. Didn’t know you are I. The Bay Area also. Love you blog

  4. Ah Pacific Grove is a magical place. All kinds of harmonic convergence going on, all kinds of revelation in the light. Love the woman yogic in the surf.

  5. Yes it does have that effect on me. Like last night sitting in the garden watching the glorious moon and realizing I’m a part of such a miraculous universe. Love the woman sitting in the surf. One can only imagine the effect that would have on one’s meditation. Consciousness amplified.

    1. That’s what I was thinking too. I watched a wave knock her over, then she just sat back up and kept meditating.

  6. Jennifer oh yes, being at the ocean or even the lake is so majestic to me and makes me in absolute awe of the earths glory! You look great and so glad that you had fun!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. Jennifer, So Happy you got away. Sounds wonderful. Pacific Grive and Asilonar Beach are two of my favorite spots! You look chic as always.. Hope you have a good week. xo Kim

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