Weekend Reading 12.02.23


This is not my most inspiring outfit to travel home from Vancouver, but I felt ok and comfortable. My suitcase is virtually empty because we decided to leave much of what we’d brought up with us in our new Vancouver apartment so we don’t have to travel with as much in the future. I could have left {these booties}, but honestly…they get worn more than any of my other footwear during the winter, and I’d struggle without them. I’ve got an upcoming post on how to shop for the most important investment pieces for your unique wardrobe.

A quick walk around the mall yesterday had me wondering what retailers have planned for the massive stock I see on their racks. I hate to use the phrase overstocked, but the shelves looked jammed. We know there will be lots of sales, but my suspicion is that they will be more intense this year. The Black Friday sales started early enough to make people wonder what month we were in.


  • As I reflect on last year, Talbots had more sales than most brands, so if you want something, I think it’s safe to wait for a big markdown. They’re currently giving 30% off your purchase…but if they have lots of stock in the size you need, I would wait.
  • I’ve had my eye on this Vancouver bag for several years and finally ordered one. It’s not on sale, and they seldom are, but I don’t buy handbags often so I’m excited to get it.
  • I reordered this UGG robe to replace my favorite one that I left at our Vancouver apartment. I have a feeling I’ll be doing that a lot lately with my favorites.
  • My Regent blazer (on sale) arrived, and I love it! The ten petite in navy was too snug, and the black 12P was perfect so I’ll share it soon.
  • I’m a huge fan of Jenny Bird jewelry (fellow Canadian) and just picked up these earrings. They’re such a unique shape and I’m excited to wear them.


  • I’m currently re-listening to this Audible book and loving it! I heard them speak at a Deepak Chopra event many years ago, and they’re brilliant.


I’ve sent an email to the winner of this month’s Amazon gift card. Thanks to all of you for being members of our community and sharing your wisdom here.


  1. The Holiday and Love Actually are annual favorites of ours. Don’t laugh but I watch Frozen at least once as well. My blonde hair has transitioned to white with a few silver stripes at 79 in two weeks. My birthday, not my hair! I enjoyed this blog very much and read all of the articles. I ordered the velveteen pants and a matching green long sleeve top from Chicos and my husband said, happy birthday! My birthday and Christmas outfit. Have a pleasant journey back home and enjoy your grandson!

    1. I’m a big fan of watching uplifting holiday movies! Love Actually is one of my very favorites.

  2. I also was interested in your cream colored duffle suitcase. Someone wrote on a comment that they do not fit under the seat on the plane. Has that been your experience? I’ve been looking for a bag that will be an accompaniment to my carryon suitcase. Thank you for all your interesting posts. I look forward to them.

    1. Mine fits under the seat in front of me and I travel coach most of the time.

  3. Francesca B says:

    Hello Jennifer happy Saturday !
    I just treated myself to Jenny Bird earrings at Thanksgiving during a sale, and l bought the two tone Faye hoop earrings and they are really beautiful and make a statement. Love those silver ones you bought too, so pretty, l have them on my Christmas wish list. Enjoy !
    Happy weekend xo

    1. I’m such a big fan of Jenny Bird earrings! Happy Weekend Francesca

  4. Rhoda Clark says:

    When I first looked at your photograph, my first thought was: holy cow, look at all that luggage! I like your travel style, looks comfortable, yet stylish.
    I look forward every day to your posts and always feel better after seeing it.

    1. LOL, that’s a fun display at our airport.

  5. Jennifer – Have you tried Artina’s Jewellery at 1002 Government on your way up to Murchie’s in Victoria? Lovely place to shop for unique Canadian pieces. I usually pop in at least once a year when up visiting my mum.

    1. I have not but I’ll make and note and check them out next time we are in Victoria.

  6. I live part-time in Raleigh; over the years, I’ve successfully navigated a wardrobe, cosmetics, and prescriptions between both homes. It becomes so much easier to travel with fewer suitcases over time. Good luck doing the same and Happy Holidays!

    1. Thant’s what I’m hoping for so it’ll be easier and my basics will stay put. Happy Holidays!!

  7. pj hinton says:

    I ordered a pair of David Yurman earrings with a small gold cross on top of the sterling silver that are absolutely fabulous!!! Would never have known about these except I saw a pair that you had in the background of one of your posts and asked about them. You explained that they were a gift from your daughter! So glad that I asked!! Happy holidays!!

    1. I love his designs. They are a bit more expensive but such beautiful pieces!!

  8. I always enjoy your photos but this one made me laugh and gasp – all those suitcases piled up shelter skelter!! Well, now we know why we need tough luggage. And, oh yes, think twice about packing breakables.

  9. The laundering guidelines were interesting — basically common sense but worth knowing. One tip I was given years ago was that airing out wool sweaters freshens them enough so that you can cut back on dry cleaning. Good for the sweaters, good for the planet, and good for my pocketbook.

    1. I agree, I always air out my sweaters.

  10. We have a second home, and I never seem to remember what I have left there, and generally bring more stuff that mostly will be repeats. How are you organizing or remembering what you left and what comes home? I would love to hear about your, or readers organization plans.

    1. I haven’t figured that out yet, but will let you know what I come up with.

  11. I’m new here and like all the good information I’ve seen and read so far. Talbots always has such classic clothing but a bit much for me. Thanks

  12. Love your blog!💖
    Can you tell me about your cream colored duffle on your suitcase?
    Thank you!

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