Weekend Reading: 2.24.24

Not every dressing room try-on session makes it to the blog. I hit J. Crew Factory last week, but the pickings were so slim in my size that I didn’t have enough for a complete post. I thought I would share them here. J. Crew Factory is having a sale with up to 60% off everything.





Fashion on my radar

I am on the hunt for festive, warm-weather clothes to wear to Mexico in a few weeks. I want them to feel cheery, possibly with a touch of feminine, and be comfy. My local stores are devoid of options, so I’ve started hunting online. I adore the whole Farm Rio vibe, but it’s outside my current comfort zone…so here’s what else I’m coming up with-

This cardigan is ‘my’ shade of yellow, which I seldom find. The M was too snug in the store, so I ordered a large and I’m thinking it might be cute with this skirt.

This tiered shirt dress is anything but traditional and pretty cute. I love this blue and white dress, plus it comes in petite in a few colors. I ordered this white dress in regular to get the extra length.

I love resin jewelry for warm weather and am sort of ‘over’ my tortoise colored pieces so have been on the hunt for more color. These earings are perfect, if I wore orange, these would be mine. These hand-carved lucite earrings are stunning!

Sale Updates

Talbots spring fashion event is on with 25% off your entire purchase! Check out my latest dressing room diary here.

Bloomindales has a buy more, save more sale with savings up to 25% off.

Loft has 30% off all new arrivals and 50% off Lou & Grey.

Soma Vanishing Edge panties are on sale, 5 for $39.

Ann Taylor’s latest collection is a beauty and they’re giving 50% off full-priced jackets and 25% off full-priced tops and sweaters.


  1. I don’t buy from J. Crew factory anymore. I sent something back in November and they received it 2 weeks later. I only got a refund in February because I alerted them that I did not get my refund. Too bad, because I like their styles, especially that polo shirt/sweater you are wearing.

  2. I enjoy your posts, Jennifer, and somehow they have stopped arriving into any of my email inboxes. Any chance there’s a glitch somewhere?
    Thanks for all of the sales info today!

    1. Please check your spam. Gmail is wrecking havoc on my emails. I see that you are subscribed and being sent the emails.

  3. Thank you for your 2/21/24 blog with spring amazon selections.
    Appreciate your research because choosing between wreaths was overwhelming and never sure of quality
    I ordered the purple wreath and is lovely. Looks just like the picture.

    1. Thanks for letting us know! Enjoy.

  4. I love to watch the birds too! Last week we had 5 blue birds visit our feeder. I guess maybe Spring has sprung! I was at JCrew about 2 weeks ago and bought the exact 2 piece in your first photo, pink top and white flare pants. Same color, same sizes. I’ll take the pants along to FLA in a couple weeks. Loving all the bright colors I’ve been seeing.

  5. When I read of the hummingbirds in your yard, Jennifer, I just had to add my two cents to your story. We have a colony of approximately 40 – 55 hummingbirds (winter slightly less) that we’ve been nurturing for almost 40 years. I make “bird juice” on average of two to three times a day, four in the summer. Along with that is an incredible array of other birdlife (I’ve counted over 70 species) and wildlife in our yard which is in the Santa Monica Mountains. A sight to behold. Now we are waiting to see how many owlets will be born from our mating pair of Great Horned Owls that has been nesting in our Aleppo Pine for at least the last 8 years. Last year, the big “ah-ha” was when a Golden Eagle came to visit. Nothing beats nature for making one happy and content, especially in these crazy, contentious times.

    1. That’s amazing Nan! How I wish I could see your yard!

    2. Your yard must be wonderful! Thank you so much for doing everything you can to help the birds. They are in trouble in many parts of the world.

      1. I love all animals and wish I could do more.

  6. I generally avoid any store with the word outlet/factory in their name. It’s not the same quality as the name brand. Last weekend I went in J.Crew factory and was pleasantly surprised. The colors are gorgeous. There were a lot of 100% cotton pieces. The tee shirts are junk, cut and sewn crooked to the grain, so common these days. I bought 3 of the cotton Teddie sweaters because the colors are so pretty. They are very thin, more like thin tee shirts. I bought a cute bandana, a nice quality cable knit sweater and three sweater blazers. Just hope I’m not disappointed in how everything wears.

  7. I adore Farm Rio. I shop Anthropologie often since it caters to my boho-leaning style. I do trips to Mexico a couple of times a year, and I have a sort of “capsule” for it. Johnny Was is one of my standards. I find consignment shops and sites like Poshmark have pricey things available for much less. Often with the tags still on.

    1. I’m feeling the desire for a more creative style for Mexico so bo-ho-ish is appealing to me. Lucky you going as often as you do

  8. I bought the Sky blue earring and a 3 pair set! I have been on a mission to not buy for myself but today I bought those earrings. I enjoyed reading the article about the 17 women that decided to go makeup free. I only wear a touch of blush and tinted lip conditioner. I quite wearing makeup years ago and my skin is so much healthier now without makeup. I do wear moisturizer with sunscreen everyday but not tinted. At 79, my Swedish genes have given me nice skin, so why cover it up? Eye makeup was the last to go but I have blepharitis pretty bad and makeup just made it worse. So no eye makeup. I do use a brow brush for going out as my brows are now mostly white like my hair. My glasses are shaped like yours.

    1. Brows are mandatory for me these days too. You are lucky to have great skin, Sydney.

  9. I, too, like resin jewelry in the summer months for its whimsy, lightness and cleanability. I wear sunblock every day, but summer means frequent reapplication. Resin is usually easy to clean.

    On the same sunblock theme, I cover up. Low necklines and bare arms are not for me. I cover up. This means less skin yardage to coat. That brings us to coastal chic style in lovely linens, linen blends (this is where Old Navy does a great job), cotton and cotton gauze. There are wonderful colors and patterns in line and linen blends now — something for everyone.

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. I’m a big fan of the coastal vibe too and covering myself with linen makes it effortless

  10. Sharon K. says:

    Just read the “No Makeup” trend article. Ha! Not for me! I’m all for “makeup lite,” but really, I don’t see this trend getting very far. Thanks for the headline articles; I would never run across these topics.

  11. Good morning. I think Tuckernuck may have some items of interest. I love their new collection, tho’ so much of the resort wear dresses are really short.

    1. They do always have some fun pieces. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Tommy Bahamas has moved to the Fountains across from Black/White
    I’m having same issue finding summer clothes for a trip mid March!

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Everything is moving these days.

  13. Rhoda Clark says:

    Love your notes on the wildlife! I feel very fortunate to have a large enough yard for trees and everything that goes with it. Many birds and squirrels and the occasional opossum (who I affectionately named Opie). My pups aren’t crazy about him but he only comes around occasionally.

    I spent most of the past few months organizing and clearing out my closet. Having lost so much weight, I have finally arrived at what seems to be m “normal” weight. And have just about everything I need, with a few trips to the tailor I should be set for the summer. Aside from more paraphernalia for my Texans. 😁

    1. Congratulations on your weight loss!!

  14. Hi Jennifer, for your Mexico trip have you tried Tommy Bahama? They sent an email this week with their new Spring styles and they look very colorful and happy. Jo

    1. I have not but I’m going to. My local store moved so I’ll have to do it online. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. The little bird nests sound adorable and can understand why you want to feed them. Unfortunately, my very elderly mother started feeding the birds in her front garden. What started out as a few little starlings ended up like a scene from Hitchcock’s movie, the Birds. The food attracted large pigeons and at one stage there were nearly 50 to 100 of them perched on her roof, pooping all over the lawn, the verandah and driveway. In the end, when in hospital with a chest infection, I got the doctor to tell she had bird flu and she needed to stop feeding the birds. Luckily it worked.

    1. Wow! I never use bird seed because it brings rodents but I see what you mean about too many birds. Your solution was brilliant.

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