What’s Your Personal Style?

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”
Oscar Wilde
Confidence…these women had and have it in spades.
For them, getting dressed is an art form and an expression of their creativity.
Hats and head gear can be a strong component of their arsenal.

Sometimes eye wear or color is their favorite element,  and of course accessories are the most common form of self expression that  most of us use.

Iris Apfel
Taking risks with our wardrobe choices and not always playing it safe is fun.
Staying true to your own taste does not need to mean boring. We are all a combination if style types and it’s how we combine them which gives us our personal style.
The number of What I Wore  and Street Style blogs is a testament to just how fascinated we are with what other woman wear and how they style themselves.

I wonder if we are watching for inspiration, entertainment or validation?

Why don’t you create a fashion statement today?


  1. I don’t know that I’m that ‘artistic’, as my style is ‘casual-elegance with a artistic/creative, sensual streak’ !! Some outfits lean more in one of those directions … sometimes I can get the ‘combo’ going 🙂 Probably the biggest risk I took was about 15 years ago, I had my hair ‘buzzed’, to about 1/4″ (sort of the Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Connor thing!! It’s a long story how it happened, but it was one of the more FREEING things I have ever done as a woman. We take a lot of pride in our hair, and to ‘do this’, I had to gather up a lot of self confidence ….. !! It also made me see how much time I spent on doing my hair, products, etc and how easy most men have it!! I’ve always had baby fine hair, used to have a lot, and now ‘not so much’ 🙂 Since that time I have kept my hair ‘fairly’ short, as it seems to suit me. It was FUN and as I mention above, very FREEING to take this RISK !! If you’re contemplating a RISK, you just have to GO FOR IT! If you think too much you won’t likely follow through 🙂 En-Joy !!

    1. I wore my hair in a very short pixie cut, many years ago. It was freeing! It took seconds to style it! It was also platinum, as I recall, and the upkeep killed me. Literally burned my scalp each time! I have very broad shoulders and know I need a bit of balance so I don’t look like a “pinhead”!

  2. So you think the fact that I’m 55 and am seriously considering some pink streaks in my hair is not too quirky? You’d say go for it? Love the fun these women are having.

  3. About Last Weekend says:

    Hi there, saw you on Tiffany Roses’s blog. I completely did the Annie Hall thing when I was a teen which suited me because I was such a spotty nerd. Then onto the retro Fifties floral dresses at Varsity. I love hat and accessories – on other people – always completely flumoxed as how to wear them – just gave away all my belts as never wear them.

  4. What a fun blog! Looking forward to future posts!

  5. I love hats and have many. I wish I could feel as comfortable wearing them as I do wearing sequins.

    1. Yes hats seem to be quite a commitment and tough for some women to wear.
      I have many because I live like a vampire from the sun.

  6. Catherine Robinson says:

    Indeed they did or do…Love the photo of Diane Keaton…adore her style!

  7. When I was young I was a very creative, some might say crazy dresser, now I head towards comfort at home and elegance when going although I’ve just seen a pair of gold lame trousers that make my heart beat faster, must not buy them, I don’t have a lifestyle for them.

  8. How fabulously fun! I just love women of every age making an effort to shine!

  9. What a wonderfully curated group of exceedingly stylish women! Your post is cheerful inspiration as I am trying on things to pack for my trip …. trying to balance creative style with functional travel…

  10. FABULOUS!Very inspirational!Hope your feeling better………..any chance you can skip over the BAY BRIDGE and pay a visit to me at the HEN HOUSE??

  11. These are GREAT editorial looks and for events that happen in New York. In Portland, Oregon they would look like one going to a costume party. I think Diane’s look is fun to emulate except when she gets too androgenous for my taste. The photos you posted do inspire to take risks and that is what I love to do each day. Mine is much more subtle though. I adore the flamboyant look and consider it a true art form.

  12. I’ve got a silk scarf on and cashmere socks…
    not a great look but warm and cozy.

    I love to see women who are in their 60’s and 70’s making style statements.

  13. vintagefrenchchic says:

    I love Diane Keaton’s style. And I enjoy some “what I wore…” blogs because they give me great ideas–help me to think out of my little box (sometimes). : )

  14. These women are incredible style icons, not to emulate but to inspire us to find our own freedom of wear ourselves on our sleeves. Beautiful!! thanks.

  15. “Annie Hall” was a massive jolt to street fashion (my favorite form of fashion) — eminently wearable, comfortable and soooo Diane Keaton. I adore her and her style. A true American original.

    Great post!

  16. I love to wear a hat. Nothing as avant-garde as Isabella used to wear,but I have a fair selection. However I notice that apart from weddings, it’s something many women don’t seem to wear that often. Maybe I just have the kind of face that benefits from some shade? Ha!

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