Would Wear You Wear It- Plaid Jacket

Would Wear You Wear It- Plaid Jacket

Welcome to would you wear it. Each Saturday my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve run across and ask our readers if they would wear what it’s wearing. We do this to foster conversation in the comment section and also to better understand what fashion works for you.

We want to hear why you would or wouldn’t wear this look. Does it fit your coloring and silhouette?

So tell me, ladies, would you wear this?

Why? Why not?

How would you style it to fit for you?

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 Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is wearing here.

Remember to dress with confidence because nothing looks better on you.

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    September 29, 2019 / 12:21 am

    Definitely not! I am petite so the look is far too overpowering. I also think that even on a taller women one sees the outfit first and the person second. Square box shape is not flattering to many women and reminds me of the jackets men wore in 1940’s movies with ‘ bags and a trilby’ Loved the trousers though – great shape, great length ?

  2. Joyce
    September 28, 2019 / 9:27 pm

    The collar is weird to me ,so no.

  3. Sherry
    September 28, 2019 / 8:33 pm

    I love blazers and jackets with almost anything. I probably would not wear this blazer. For myself, being boxy and a strong plaid, I don’t feel it would be very flattering or slimming. Plus, I dislike the pockets.

  4. Cyndi
    September 28, 2019 / 6:22 pm

    I like the plaid, the bright color of the blouse and think it’s an attractive outfit. Would I buy? That would depend on how that length blazer fell on my body and whether or not the plaid was matched at the side seam… plaids or stripes that don’t match at side seams seem like poor quality to me and I pass on that.

  5. Mary Ann
    September 28, 2019 / 4:56 pm

    No. The plaid is quite large! Too boxy. Nice blouse and pants tho. Need smaller sized plaid.

  6. Sandy K
    September 28, 2019 / 4:40 pm

    As much as I like a blazer this one is too sloppy looking. No to V neck blouse. If blazer was more fitted yes. I like the pants.

  7. Jacqueline bucco
    September 28, 2019 / 3:12 pm

    Yes I would def wear this plaid jacket…..love almost anything in plaid:) love it with the tapered leg black pants. I would probably go very tailored with the look…..cream, or black tee underneath and simple silver hoops and silver ball necklace! Prob some type of black loafer, maybe patent leather….that would be just a classic type of look for me:):)

  8. Karen Gaston
    September 28, 2019 / 1:02 pm

    Jennifer, I appreciate your sale updates, as I am looking around for fall things. Our shopping places match for the most part, and I am excited for fall! Dearie, no comment on the mannequin!

  9. Susan Gowan
    September 28, 2019 / 12:40 pm

    I like the red blouse and might wear it. The pants I feel the same way about. It is a lovely plaid but I feel its bold big style might not flatter my already ample figure. I am sure the whole thing would look great on someone else.

  10. Becky
    September 28, 2019 / 11:15 am

    I would wear the outfit if the jacket were more fitted & a bit shorter. I like the plaid, but as shown, it looks very oversized. I like the pop of color the red blouse adds. I also like the cut of the pants.

  11. beth byrd
    September 28, 2019 / 11:14 am

    I like plaid, but the jacket styled here is way too big and bulky. And, for me, the length of this jacket is too long to be paired with cropped pants. I have short legs and this would not be a good look for me.

    If the jacket were short, I’d give this outfit a big yes. The color mix is super!

    Thanks, Jennifer. Love these Saturday posts!

  12. Lois Williams
    September 28, 2019 / 11:03 am

    The longer blazer seems to be back, Talbots has a great one, and works well for me at 5’11”. I would pair this plaid jacket with a blue turtleneck or Oxford cloth shirt picking up the blue in the plaid. Straight leg jeans for casual or flowing slacks for the office with a signature scarf probably my new saddle leather tote & low heeled booties. Don’t care at all for the red blouse!

  13. Cathy
    September 28, 2019 / 9:50 am

    No the jacket is too oversized for me, I’m petite. I don’t like large plaid jackets. I find them limiting. I prefer solid jackets, I find them easier to style with items in my closet. I really don’t like the color either it too menswear.

  14. Donna Doyle
    September 28, 2019 / 9:41 am

    I’m just not a fan of the oversized plaid. It just seems overwhelming. My mom loved dressing me in plaid when I was young, maybe I just wore too much then.

  15. Shari
    September 28, 2019 / 9:39 am

    Love this so much!
    I’d wear it for sure !
    The big play is great for a tall gal!
    Very professional look, but could be used over jeans too!

  16. freda witt
    September 28, 2019 / 9:22 am

    No, I wouldn’t wear the jacket. The print is too large for my small frame. I don’t wear red, just doesn’t work with my coloring, but i like the v neck. Maybe in another color. Black pants are a staple.

    • Susan Gowan
      September 28, 2019 / 12:39 pm

      I like the red blouse and might wear it. The pants I feel the same way about. It is a lovely plaid but I feel its bold big style might not flatter my already ample figure. I am sure the whole thing would look great on someone else.

  17. Dawn
    September 28, 2019 / 9:22 am

    Love the pants, but the jacket would be a no…..too large and I prefer a glen plaid. The color is not great for my skin tone. Not a fan of the blouse. I would wear the pants with a fitted glen plaid blazer, v neck sweater or blouse and leopard shoes.

  18. Carolyn
    September 28, 2019 / 8:47 am

    I would wear this. I do not gravitate to plaids but this is subtle. I would needa scarf or jewelry. To me it is not completed until the accessories are added.

  19. Joanna
    September 28, 2019 / 8:44 am

    I like the cropped pants but the short coat is too boxy and the plaid is not matched on pockets or at seams, which makes it look cheap. The red blouse has the same feel to me – looks cheap and old fashion.

  20. Leslie
    September 28, 2019 / 8:03 am

    I like the length of the pants and would at least try on the jacket. Sometimes things look very different on a person than a mannequin. I’m not a fan of the blouse. I would probably wear a soft sweater in red or ivory instead.

  21. Laura
    September 28, 2019 / 7:37 am

    I would wear a plaid jacket but definitely not this one. The plaid is too loud and the fabric doesn’t appear to hang right. A mire fitted jacket in a subtler black/white Glen Plaid is more my style. I’m not sure what store this is, but this outfit looks just plain sloppy.

  22. Linda
    September 28, 2019 / 7:31 am

    This jacket would amplify my faults and I am not fond of the colors, so no, I would not want to wear it!

  23. lynn vaughn
    September 28, 2019 / 7:29 am

    I probably would not buy this jacket but if I owned it sure I’d wear it. I’d never consider wearing it with that shirt though. I’d try a matching jacket color in the slacks and probably a white or cream shirt. Also, the jackets a little long for my liking.

  24. Martha
    September 28, 2019 / 7:27 am

    Yes! I love the jacket. I’d probably change out the blouse for a sweater in a more neutral color.

  25. Eileen
    September 28, 2019 / 7:22 am

    The plaid is to big for me. And the pockets aren’t well executed, the pockets don’t match plaid wise.

  26. MRSBEN2
    September 28, 2019 / 7:21 am

    Yes, yes, yes to all three pieces because the outfit is ideal for the climate I live in , their colours are those that I can wear plus so are their styles. Particularly love the boyfriend blazer as very popular in Europe (right now) and appreciate its boxy cut as even can be worn with a bulky knit sweater if need be, paired with dressed trousers or casual jeans (both in numerous cuts) or leggings for that matter; not to mention the many options in accessories to dress it up or down. i.e.: For a more fitted look, cinched with a belt. For added panache, the addition of a felt wide-brimmed hat etc. etc. etc. Also love its lapels as not overly masculine, three button closure and faux pocket piping detail and larger scale plaid. On the whole in my case, it would be an essential piece for a wardrobe capsule due to its versatility. As for the top and pants: I have similar in my wardrobe already (both in style and fabrics) but do notate that the blouse does have self-covered buttons which is rarely seen these days in industrial made garments and differs from the color I have so to purchase ‘it’ would be tempting … ☺. -Brenda-

  27. Rose
    September 28, 2019 / 7:18 am

    I would wear the blouse and pants but probably not the jacket. I love plaid but not such a large print. Not sure about the colors either. Would have to see it and try on.

  28. Linda
    September 28, 2019 / 7:18 am

    I would not wear this jacket, it is to large for my frame. The blouse and pants are fine, and I probably would wear them.

  29. Linda Lennon
    September 28, 2019 / 7:11 am

    Too big and oversized for me. I get lost in oversized garments. As much as I love plaids they don’t seem to work here in the desert of California.

  30. Carol
    September 28, 2019 / 7:10 am

    An alternate look to this jacket that I would wear would be to put a white/cream shirt with ruffle front under it and belt the jacket with a wide belt. It’s a good piece and could be styled many ways, altho’ as others have pointed out the size of the plaid could be overwhelming on some frames. It would be fun to try—-it would also work well with jeans for a more casual look or keep the dark pants for this more tailored/business look…….

  31. Susan
    September 28, 2019 / 7:09 am

    No on this one for me-the pattern is too big and bold. Somehow I don’t think that color would look good on me, even though I have red hair. All that being said I did buy a fabulous longer length knit blazer in a very tiny plaid this year. Tailored pretty well, and lined too. So obviously I like the look, just not this one for me.

  32. Corrie Zacharias
    September 28, 2019 / 7:02 am

    I wouldn’t wear it. It looks to be double-breasted, which would just make me look wider than I am if buttoned. I’m a Summer, so the colors of everything are all wrong for me. And this plaid is too large overall. This one’s a no-go….

  33. Robin McCormick
    September 28, 2019 / 6:47 am

    I would not wear the jacket, I rarely like plaids because I want the patterns to match and they usually don’t. It is especially noticeable on this jacket because of the lapels. I might wear the blouse if it isn’t too shapeless. I like the pants.

  34. Roberta Mehta
    September 28, 2019 / 6:46 am

    The first thing I noticed about the jacket is the pattern on the two pocket flaps do not match so I would feel uncomfortable wearing it. I do like the longer length and the large plaid is ok. While I wear a lot of red, the color of the blouse looks off to me. I would prefer a pumpkin or gold color top with the jacket. The pants are fine and a good basic.

  35. September 28, 2019 / 6:44 am

    Probably not, though if I saw it in person I might try it on. It looks too oversized on the mannequin and I agree with others who have said that the placement of the pocket flaps seems odd.

  36. sheryl
    September 28, 2019 / 6:44 am

    nope, thats not for me, the length of the jacket wouldnt do me any favors, nor the bland colors or the size of the plaid….would have to see the blouse by itself, it could be worked.

  37. Cathy Cunningham
    September 28, 2019 / 6:26 am

    I like the plaid jacket. I would have to try it on to see how large the fit is. Kinda funky.

  38. Lori Stewart
    September 28, 2019 / 5:59 am

    Yes I would wear it. When I first saw it, it looked to me more like a coat rather than a jacket to keep on all day. I love the plaid I love the red I love the black it’s all a good thing.

  39. Janis
    September 28, 2019 / 5:57 am

    Love it

  40. Jean
    September 28, 2019 / 5:48 am

    I’m guessing the way the jacket is shown on the mannequin does not do justice to the actual shape of the jacket, which in person is probably quite shapely/flattering. It reminds me of an equestrian style. I like the subtle, larger scale plaid although I am not fond of the color since I don’t wear brown/tan. I like the more casual styling in this outfit.

  41. Kay Havelka
    September 28, 2019 / 5:42 am

    A big No to this jacket and blouse! The jacket is too long and the plaid is too large for my frame, plus the colors are hideous! The blouse is too warm (orange or orange/red) toned for my skin coloring. The black pants are fine. I do like plaid jackets/blazers in small, more colorful plaid designs!!

  42. Beth M.
    September 28, 2019 / 5:19 am

    I would not wear this jacket, because I don’t like the pocket flaps or the way the lapels look, or the appearance of the pattern, or its colors. I also don’t like the boxy, oversized vibe.

  43. Laura Jane
    September 28, 2019 / 5:14 am

    I wouldn’t wear it. The jacket is too oversized and boxy for my body type, and I don’t care for the large plaid. The blouse looks odd with it. I also never wear red because it looks terrible on me (fair-skinned, pinkish complexion).

  44. MP
    September 28, 2019 / 5:00 am

    The jacket is cute. I like tailored clothing. I would wear this jacket in a solid color not a plaid. The top does not go with the jacket — the colors clash.

  45. Yvonne
    September 28, 2019 / 4:59 am

    I love this look – it is totally my style. The only thing I would change is the red top to a V neck cashmere sweater in black or a cool red. The jacket reminds me of the over-sized blazers of the 80’s and similar to one that I owned.

  46. Linda
    September 28, 2019 / 4:37 am

    I would not wear this jacket because it looks too baggy and the beige plaid is the wrong color for me.

  47. Carol
    September 28, 2019 / 4:34 am

    The concept: black trousers, solid blouse, plaid jacket, yes. But the blouse and jacket would not work for me. I need a closer fit with more structure and a smaller print. Also, that color red would not work with my coloring. Carol in VT

  48. September 28, 2019 / 4:26 am

    No I would not wear this. For me, the jacket does not seem to have a good fit. The pocket placement is strange and I personally do not care for this blouse…looks too summery with a fall jacket.

  49. Cindy
    September 28, 2019 / 4:14 am

    No, this plaid jacket is not for me. Here’s why – it looks a bit big & boxy, the colors aren’t flattering for me & I prefer smaller patterns. I do like the red blouse underneath, though. 🙂

  50. September 28, 2019 / 4:13 am

    Good morning! My first thought when I see this is a huge NO. Actually, it’s a no to this jacket, too masculine, not attractive at all. I would try on the red v neck blouse, as V necks work for me, elongating my 5 ft 4 frame. The pants look fine, a workable length. As with most pants I Really need to try them on.

    So, if the red blouse flatters, and if the pants fit, they are a yes. I don’t care at all for that jacket, though I realize plaids etc are trending right now.

    • Eve
      September 28, 2019 / 9:28 am

      At 5’3, I feel exactly the same way. I would wear the pants and v neck blouse but no to the jacket, I don’t like the heels either, just too high for me.

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