Would You Wear It- Another Shorts Set

Happy Saturday ladies. Earlier this week we chatted about a shorts set I had found at J.Jill. Today, I have another shorts set and would love to hear your thoughts. Grab a second cup of your favorite coffee or tea, and let’s have some fun with fashion.

Each week my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we have photographed and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling. I also love to have you share your styling ideas so we can inspire each other to think outside the box.

eileen fisher shorts set

So what are your thoughts about this shorts set? The top and bottom have the same pattern, just as this set did here. Would you wear this set as is, or change it to fit your shape and lifestyle?

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Back to the shorts set, what do you think?

Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is modeling at Over 50 Feeling 40

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  1. The short set is too unstructured for my body. And wow, that printed dress and the lime green color of that sweater both look amazing on you!

  2. I’m going to turn down the shorts, but I do have a blouse in that EF fabric. It’s wonderful, cool, doesn’t wrinkle.

    1. I did try on the shirt and loved the look and feel.

  3. It’s a hard No for me. They look frumpy, passé and old lady like. Having said that, it is only my opinion and if someone likes it they should wear it.

    1. I’m in Florence right now , and it’s 96 degrees. Except for bare midriffed youngsters, a version of this linen outfit with longer pants or as a loose dress version, is all I see – and all are crumpled and comfy.

  4. I would style these pieces separately. Together, I agree they look a bit like pajamas, especially on a mannequin 😉 I also agree with others who suggested that a white cami would be more flattering.

    Yes, they are overpriced, and although I usually wear more classic fitted clothes, I bought these shorts last summer in the dark color (seaweed I think?). I LOVE them. They are more flattering than you would think by looking at the mannequin, and perfect for a hot day as they keep me cool even when temperatures soar. Loose linen is the best and EF pieces last me for many, many years.

    I wear them with a black sleeveless linen tank or short sleeve tee. I did not buy the matching top as it’s not my style but I like the mix & match capabilities of sets.

    1. Oops….it’s black, not seaweed (no idea where I came up with that?!)

    2. I’m going to try them on next time I am in the store for all the reasons you mention. Thanks Jan

  5. I really like this outfit and would wear it. However, I would not wear the shirt and shorts together as that’s too matchy for me. I love loose, linen clothing in the summer and always like EF styles. However, I do think the shorts are way overpriced.

  6. As much as I want to like EF clothing, that loose, unstructured look is just so unflattering and, dare I say it, dumpy on me. Particularly for the price. I do like the fabric and the colors it comes in, especially the orange. Thank you for showing it to us.

  7. Good morning: Loved the Talbots black and white dress. You look lovely in it. Perhaps Black (or Red) Espadrilles/Wedges would complement the outfit even more so – and a solid red necklace. The camp shirt I could take or leave. It’s boxy, and what’s interesting, is how some of these shirts have been cheapened by manufacturers over the years by replacing 100% very fine linen with a heavier linen combined with low-cost viscose. I have three fine 100% Irish linen campshirts from 1992 – and they are still going strong today. As for the lavender-checked shorts set: Well, that’s a complete washout. Frumpy, wrinkly, and just not my taste in style nor color. Looks like something you put on quickly to get into bed.

  8. Nope! Pajamas only!! The fabric appears sloppy. I would combine the shirt with white structured pants or shorts, maybe. The black cami is too harsh with the soft color & texture of the pastel shirt.

  9. This two piece shorts outfit looks like it was slept in. No, too sloppy looking. I would not wear it.
    There is no need to try to make this work, as there are a lot of cute shorts and tops out there that look good on women.

  10. I do like the two-piece design trend as can extend one’s wardrobe for mixing ‘n matching, visual creation of an all one-piece plus the fact in this case its fabric is a natural fiber, do like its color and print is a gingham. However that said; ‘would I wear it?’ the answer is ‘no’ nor would I purchase any of the pieces namely because a) the style of the shorts do not appeal to me as prefer more structured b) the pricing particularly in my case would be in Cdn. dollars plus I could duplicate all three pieces far more cheaper by sewing them myself. -Brenda-

    1. They would be very easy to sew.

  11. Kim Vardas says:

    I never wear shorts. I’d wear this set as sleepwear, minus the cami, top buttoned.

  12. I’m still getting a pajama vibe due to the matching and the style, but a white or purple tank would go better than the black. Without the tank, it does look cool for one of those 100 degree days, but only at home.

    1. PJ vibe for me too. I prefer a classic neutral short in white or tan. I did buy a pair last year in coral. If super warm, I prefer a skirt or linen dress.

    2. Yes, really strong PJ vibe .. my husband has cotton PJs like this …

  13. $148 for shorts? I don’t think so. I didn’t click into the other items.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Marion, the shirt was another $138. Not counting the tee or cami underneath. So, a $300 outfit? I think I could do better for under $50 at Walmart. I think it’s great if a person can spend this much on a shorts outfit, but I don’t want my clothes to be such an investment that I feel I have to hang onto them forever. I would rather buy new things and spend less on them.

  14. Would I wear it? Yes, but only to bed!

  15. I am more drawn to the matching shirt and skirt shown when you click on the shirt. The shorts just remind me too much of pajamas that I have owned. I like to buy Eileen Fisher because it is sustainable, but sustainable means I need to be comfortable wearing the outfit for years, not months. Matching shorts and tops seems like a fast fashion, rather than one that is sustainable.

    1. Great points Melissa. The good part is these pieces will mix and match with so many other things they needn’t be worn together.

  16. I kind of echo the ‘jammies’ vibe. My legs have seen better days and I prefer more leg coverage now, so perhaps I’m biased. Good on you if you can pull them off.

    1. I would wear this outfit for very casual days at home,, or for picnics, boating, etc. It looks comfortable, plus, the shirt could be worn with other bottoms easily. I wouldn’t wear it for errands or visiting as it would be too casual. When it is very, very hot, the outfit would look more appropriate and fit in with what most people around me would be wearing…

      1. You bring up a great point, Cheryl. I also like to keep in mind what is appropriate for the area.

  17. I’d swap the black cami for a white one (recently found a white tank with built in bra at Uniqlo that actually fits and that would be my 1st choice) but other than that, i do really like this…i might need to shorten the shorts, as an 8.5 inch in seam on my 5’4 height would probably hit in a weird place.

    1. I like the idea of this with a white tank too.

  18. I like this as a 3 piece outfit but probably wouldn’t go with a black cami; I would wear it with white (or maybe navy). Slightly elevated casual comfort. But, I would look for a similar outfit in a more affordable price point.

    1. Thanks Cyndi. You’ll have no trouble duplicating this look at other price points because it’s trending everywhere.

  19. Pamela Over 50 Feeling 40 says:

    Hi Jennifer! I actually tried this on and it looked so bad on me that I did not post it! The shorts are not flattering. I prefer more structure in a short. I like the idea of a shirt for a topper over a tank and might just do that with my new Chico’s shorts. Have a great Saturday!

    1. Sets are so popular now. I’m going to try some too. Happy Saturday!

  20. As much as I like the easy elegance of most Eileen Fisher items, I can no longer justify a $150 pair of shorts. If I could, yes, I’d wear the top and shorts, but not with a black tank – I would prefer navy, or white here.

    1. I like to remind myself that things almost always go on sale 🙂 Black is an unusual choice here.

  21. I can see where this might be a nice set to wear in a warmer climate then mine but around here it wouldn’t be worn much. Maybe as separates as I do like seersucker. I really only wear shorts on the golf course. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Rose. I wish there was more seersucker around! Happy Saturday

  22. Paulette Levy says:

    This shorts set is nothing I’d wear myself as it would not flatter my body. I need a crisper look. The camisole might be the exception.
    The fabric is cool looking but just not something I’d care to add to my wardrobe.

  23. My personal style is more classic and structured, so this gauzy set would be a nonstarter for me. The shorts are a little too short for my personal taste. However, I could see myself wearing the top with a shell and different bottoms.

    1. Thanks for sharing your reasoning, Ann. Happy Saturday

  24. Whether you call it 100% organic linen or all cotton seersucker, it’s surely a very cool fabric for those hot and humid days. For me, the elephant in the room is the total cost of these 3 casual pieces. All that said, I totally agree with Fran.
    No matter how cute the shorts may be, my “old” knees would take away too many points to make it a smart choice. I would not be confident to wear this style.
    Have a great weekend! 😊

    1. Confidence is where it’s! Happy weekend Jan.

  25. I’ve been on a crash knee moisturazation kick and my knees are ready to roll.
    I think the shorts set would be great for a carry-on weekend outfit. You could take a couple of t-shirts, sandals and sneakers to mix and match. THe outfit could be buttoned-up buy itself, worn unbuttons as a topper, without the topper, with a statement necklace for a casual dinner.

    It’s a nicer looking than my usual denim shorts.

    1. I have too Rose!! I’m using up all my unfinished face creams in my knees at night 🙂
      These could be mixed and matched for lots of variety.

  26. These do look like pajamas. Maybe in another fabric?

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Lavender and black? Not to me. I think a white tee would look better, or also a lavender tee. And I although I’m not a fan of matching print tops and shorts, this set looks okay because it’s broken up by the tee shirt.

    1. The tee shirt definitely changes it for my eye too.

  28. Just not my style. Too much linen. It always wrinkles.

  29. Like yesterday’s post, the set looks too pajama like for me. I might wear the shorts with a t-shirt and the blouse with jeans. Cute separately but not together. Happy Saturday!!

  30. I like the idea of a “suit” of matching shorts and top but as we develop “old” knees I like to keep mine covered so the shorts would need to be a little longer. I love your other outfits, can’t go wrong with white shirt and jeans and wearing all one colour under a long shirt/cardigan is another winner in my wardrobe.