Would You Wear It- Budget Not Included

Happy Saturday, ladies and welcome to would you wear it. I saw a lot of mannequins this week, but this one intrigued me and I wanted your take on it so grab a second cup of coffee or tea, and let’s have some fun with fashion.

Our tree is up but it has no decorations on it. Bloggers do these sorts of things:) It’s making me so excited for Christmas because Vanessa is coming home this year!!

Each Saturday, my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve photographed and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling. I like us to exchange styling ideas in the comment section because it helps everyone think outside their style comfort zone.


So what do you think?

Would you wear these pieces either separately or together? How would you style them to work for your silhouette and lifestyle?

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woman walking in blue coat and jeans
woman taking selfie wearing al;l things cozy velvet tunic at J. Jill

Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is wearing at Over 50 Feeling 40

Thanks for reading ladies and have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. My friends would have a good laugh if I showed up in this outfit. I’m a petite 73 year old, and although I like to follow trends with some of my clothing choices, the slouchy, unkempt look is not one of them. I just don’t get the frayed un-hemmed jeans look, as well as the holes in the knees look, even though I know some women my age who embrace it. Good for them, not for me!

  2. Yes to the sweater for me! Pop it on over a denim shirt with my favorite slim jeans. I may add a longer necklace and my fun, leather band watch. It would be a casual style that would suit my personality and desire for comfort these days! I don’t want to work that hard to try to make something work for me when just the simple basics are so easy to style and wear. No constant tugging or rearranging my clothing with every move.

    1. Great idea. Simple basics are such good investments.

  3. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

    Winter white, cream and light beige are difficult here, at least for me. Snow, at least in the city, rarely is the pristine ‘movie’ snow as it becomes grey, more grey and black as time passes and slush that color is difficult to remove. While tops, my Geiger 3/4 length gets lots of wear indoors. White jeans ditto, and only when I won’t be trudging around. That said, the trousers look as though they are long for all those tall people out there and could be hemmed for us lesser mortals. The coat has many possibilities but would be impractical for MN winters, but then it might be a ‘dress/ date/ dinner coat, or for those who don’t have to brave the elements because of skyway Nd underground parking. I bet you’ll see this at the Rack after January 1st.

    1. Leslie Adams says:

      I was just saying to my husband today that you can tell when outfits are styled for warm weather. I live in Canada and light coloured clothing takes a beating in our winters. Mud, slush, dirty vehicles, road salt, all creates a mess and stains fabric, suede, leathers. Dark colors are really the only option unless you want a high maintenance winter wardrobe.

  4. Love the outfit… everything but the jeans, do not like that frayed hem on them. Sweater looks pretty, for me, in a brighter color and a nice scarf. As for the jeans a finished pant with a slight flare and a pair of ankle boots.

  5. I absolutely love the outfit. I look good in these medium toned warm beiges as a Spring. As a 5’, 154 lb, 84 year old, who is overweight. I would have to have everything scaled down to fit my proportions. And I would want the hem of the pants not so edgy. I prefer a collar on a coat. I can dream, though. In the real world I probably could not be fitted. The long lean lies created by the coat would be slimming for me, but with a collar which would create a better neckline.

  6. Good morning, Jennifer,
    I find the jeans quite odd with the unravelled hems which reminded me of my childhood when money was tight, I outgrew my pants, and Mom would take out the hem to extend the length. At first, I thought it might be a mistake made at the shop; however, when I followed the URL link to Nordstrom, there the jeans were with unravelled hems, captioned “rag and bones” and priced at $225! I suppose one person’s opinion of fashionable is another person’s opinion of unfashionable.

  7. I agree with everything Nancy said.

  8. Jonelle B says:

    Ironically I dressed similarly this morning so I obviously like the look. My cream canvas pants are hemmed and I styled with a similiar colored satin blouse and a black tunic sweater (petite) with the collar and hem peeking out. I’m only 5’3″ but like how the wide leg helps to balance my proportions. Being wider on the bottom than the top, I am ready to be done with skinny jeans as they were never flattering on my body type.

  9. As for the mannequin…..
    Love the look but hate the new hem styling on the pants. To me, it looks like you are wearing an old pair of pants when you were much shorter and just let out the hem.

  10. The other day I was thinking about how fashion “rules” have changed so much when my husband asked me if a shirt and sweater would go ok together. In the past they wouldn’t, but nowadays they do. Then I started thinking about the taboo of wearing white in the winter – and that seems to have changed too. First it was “winter white” and now you can wear just plain old white pants.

    The outfit just looks too messy for me, and the pants look too unfinished for me.

  11. Mary Divine says:

    I do not like the long coats. Not good for shorter women

  12. Julie Traxler says:

    I love the whole outfit, but the items are out of my price range, The only thing I would change if I could find it at a lesser amount would be the color of the sweater. I have long legs, and this would work for me!

  13. I might like the sweater in another color but none of the other pieces would work for me. I really don’t wear wide leg pants and they seem too light weight for winter where I live. The coat is beautiful but I would need it to be shorter.

  14. Joann Czarny says:

    I love the belt the best and would wear it with everything! The pants seem warm weather to me and the sweater is not my color at all. I do like the outfit without the coat, but it is not for me. The proportion of the longer coat with the wide leg pant is off.

  15. Yes to the sweater, jeans, and belt. This would be a very good winter look for southwest Florida. Rag and Bone jeans are expensive but I love them. This gives me an idea for an outfit from my closet, ecru jeans, olive rag and bone sweater I own, and camouflage shoes! Thanks Jennifer.

    1. Yay! Happy Saturday

  16. I love the look for someone much taller and more slender than I am. I’m 5’2” and struggling to get rid of covid weight. This look would overwhelm me with the wide leg pants and oversized coat. Whether in my corporate days or now, I look much better in more tailored clothing. To make this work for me I would look for a more fitted coat or at least a shorter one with less fabric and skinny or straight leg pants. I would wear the sweater in black or a jewel tone and the top that’s under it in a print/pattern that complements the sweater, and a belt to coordinate.

  17. No I would not wear it, just looks very messy. Being short and older I could not pull any piece of that off.

  18. Shushy Smith says:

    This is a mostly useless outfit for Minnesota winters. The coat isn’t warm enough to be a real outdoor coat and the jeans are too wide/short to keep my legs warm. Maybe the jeans for the summer though?

  19. I really like the coat and wide legged cropped jeans. It’s an interesting silhouette and slightly edgy and I think it works in a single color. However, I would never wear that brown mustard color sweater or a big logo belt. Wondering what kind of shoes or boots would go with it.

  20. I like the coat,the jeans also if only they didn’t look like I personally let out the hem. Love the color of the sweater. A big possible I would wear.

    1. Love your comment! I was thinking about why I would not wear these jeans, and you hit the nail on the head.

    2. Thanks, Norma. Many people love the look which continues to be shown.

  21. Paulette Levy says:

    Yes I really like this neutral outfit. The sweater is versatile and can be worn with many other of my pants/jeans. Toss on my new JJill neutral scarf! Yes!
    The pants are great and I have just the boots to wear with them! The coat works for me too- on my feeling neutral days!

    1. Boots would be great under them:)

  22. Maribeth Conklin says:

    Good morning! No I don’t think I would wear any of the pieces. Not my style. Maybe the pants if
    They were dark denim. Happy Saturday.

  23. LaurieB from Bartlett Il says:

    The sweater is gorgeous, and the suede boots look great with the pants. This could be worn anywhere. Love the entire look, but pricey!

  24. I love everything about it except the wide leg and hem of jeans. The sweater is a great color for me, and I love the texture. The coat is classic, and the warm cream is also a good color. Except for the lower leg of the jeans, I would feel great in this this entire outfit.

  25. I like the neutral colors. I like the sweater and would love it in cream or navy with straight jeans. I don’t like those jeans. I don’t mind frayed hems on straight jeans but on wide cropped they are too much. The coat is minimal. I need a lapel and a collar and a better fit. I don’t wear belts with big logos. Happy Saturday!

  26. Cindy Scheuer says:

    I like the monochromatic look. The sweater and the coat are definitely something I would wear. I do not like the bottom of the pant. It looks too messy and unfinished for my taste. I would wear the tops with either a more tailored pant or jeans. I would probably wear a leopard print kitten heel or flats.

    1. I always love a touch of leopard print:)

  27. I’d wear the coat & sweater but not the pants. I’m not a fan of the unfinished hem & the wide leg.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Cindy! Same to you, if you’re in the US:)

    2. Thank you, Cindy. You too

  28. Barbara G says:

    I like the overall look of this outfit: I love the coat, the sweater. It looks tidy with the belt. Neutrals are big in my wardrobe, so I would wear it all except the jeans. What I don’t like about the jeans is the length and the unfinished hem. Both the length and the hem draw the eye down to ankles (not my best feature). This strange, nowhere-exactly length harkens back to my teenage self trying to find pants that were long enough.

    I have seen women wear this length of pant and look good. The jeans could look like palazzo pants or long culottes, if worn with boots and a leaner top.

  29. Becky Sharp says:

    I am too short for the wide legs of those pants, and the sweater isn’t my color. So I’d have to modify the outfit with slimmer legged pants and the change the color of the sweater. I do like the coat, but again, I am sure it would have to go to the tailor to be shortened.

  30. I would absolutely wear this coat if someone gifted it to me. The sweater is not my colour but I like the different textures to it. In a cool colour like blue or grey, I would wear it with a half-tuck and slim, straight jeans or pants.

    1. I like the overall look at first glance. I would definitely wear the coat and sweater, but would change out the pants in favor of navy or black. just add booties in brown to match the belt. I like the puffer coat, too.

    2. I can tell you it’s amazingly soft!