Would You Wear It- Colorful

Happy Saturday ladies. It’s time for would you wear it. Each Saturday, My friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve come across and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling so grab a second cup of coffee or tea and let’s have some fun with fashion.

Some outfits appeal to lots of you and some appeal to very few, so I’d love you to share how you would style it for your shape and lifestyle. Let’s inspire each other with stying ideas.

As always, you can click the red text to learn more and shop the item.


What are your thoughts?

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woman wearing unlined coat and cashmere sweater

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Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is modeling at Over 50 Feeling 40.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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  1. I like all of the pieces, but not in pinks and reds. If the print were in deep blues, olive greens, golds, rusts, browns, that would catch my attention. The dress is a great length with nice flow to the fabric. I favor dresses for work, makes getting ready quick and easy.

  2. I love this look, but I would wear dark pants with the top. There’s nothing like a shot of bright colors to cure the winter doldrums. The silhouettes work for me.

  3. I would wear the coat. I like the style & the bright color would add a cheerful note to a gray day. I wouldn’t wear the dress as it is just too much of everything for my taste. I would wear the top & pants. The pattern is offset by the simplicity of the style.

  4. I’m loving the classic cut of the coat and though the colour shown is pretty (and nice for a change) I personally feel I’d get more mileage out of it if were in the camel tone family. As for the other pieces a ‘yes’ to them however currently have no need for them. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Lesson learned last year when I ordered a ‘wool’ coat online; though the fit was superb I found it too heavy in weight so my daughter ended up inheriting it, so it might be something others might wish to consider particularly if they have back issues or are up in age like I am.

  5. I do love the pattern and would wear the top with black pants/jeans or very dark denim. The dress is pretty ( because I love the pattern,) but the tiered and ruffle design would not look good on me. I would wear the coat with the lighter pants, dressy boots/shoes, and a solid top in a complementary color.
    Overall, each piece is pretty, but not really styled the way they have it.

  6. Exchange the coat for the black one and the wear with the pants and top even tho I don’t like it, it might work with the coat toning it down. I don’t like the dress. It’s just too busy and I’m not particular fond of the red/black color for the dress even with the black coat. Since that’s the only color it comes in, I’d have to say no.

  7. I don’t normally wear brights, but that dress and coat are a WOW! Love it!

    I have to say that the blouse and coat with black pants would be stunning — I’m considering this as a purchase. I’m so surprised at how much I like this look!

    As an aside, the structure of the mannequin with the ivory pants makes the pants look like shorts to me.

  8. I might wear the top but not with ivory pants. Dark pants or maybe red pants. I am not fan of coats that are shorter than the dress. Looks sad to me…and not put together. Individually the dress and coat are ok although the dress is a bit frilly and busy for my more classic style. Put the coat with the blouse and pants and it works. I’m finding it interesting that many of the more pastel colors you wear seem to fade you. The outfit in blue with the slightly darker blue print scarf livens up your pretty face!

  9. The coat reminded so strongly of the first coat I purchased after I was married (over 50 years ago!) . My new husband and I went shopping and he picked it out (cream with tortoise buttons) and I loved it for years!! I’d love to have it in that fuschia, but don’t see it happening, unfortunately.
    Just a side comment……..saw the Drunk Elephant product mention on your e-mail message and I bought Drunk Elephant after you had talked about it a while ago and my Ulta started carrying it at the end of September. I love the product!!! However, I DON”T love that the Tango eye cream cost over $60 dollars and lasted just a month. I didn’t push out too much product as they nicely measure the correct amount for you with one touch of the pump. Just saying that for the price there should be more product. I replaced it with one that cost less than $20 dollars and so far am as pleased as I was with D E.

    1. Good to know. I don’t use the Tango eye cream either. In fact, I don’t use any eye-specific products at all anymore.

  10. The colors are too strong for me personally, but I like seeing vivid colors and color combinations during the winter months. The dress is pretty and the coat color is stunning, but I could never wear them together without feeling like I’m screaming ‘look at me’. I might consider the blouse, but would need to tone it down with dark colored pants and jacket – e.g. dark wash jeans and burgundy jacket.

  11. Miss Mannequins are very bright today.
    The coat has nice lines but I would prefer a quieter color.
    The dress has ruffles so I will pass.
    I do like the blouse but would like it out not tucked in. Just bought a pair off white jeans and this top would look great with them.
    Enjoy your weekend Jennifer.

  12. I love the colours, and the print of the dress and top, although I barely wear any prints. I wouldn’t wear the coat and dress together, though. They clash (to me). The coat, worn over the cream trousers and a cream or black top would be lovely.

  13. Love that pink coat! I would wear it and the top with black slim pants and black booties. I think the light colored pants are too much contrast and don’t make for a cohesive look. I like the dress in theory, but I know from past experience that it has too many ruffles for me. I am 5’4″ and am pear-shaped, so I am always conscious of adding height and not breaking up my “column of color” if possible.

  14. A bold choice, I think. Fuchsia with deep red. Hmmmm.
    What about the blk/wht check blazer on the right with the red print shirt and white jeans?

  15. I’d wear the coat but probably not the dress. It’s a little “loud” for me. However, I would wear the top and pants although I’d probably change the pants to black. I’d wear black booties or flats.

  16. I love the colours in the dress and top. It looks like black, red & fushia on my screen. I would definitely wear the top but I don’t like the ruffle on the neck of the dress. Too fou fou for my style. I think I would pass on the coat. I would wear it in a nice blue or even red but the pink seems too bright.

  17. Such a lovely and colorful outfit! There are places I might wear it, not ruling it out! It is lively colors that will make sure one does not disappear in a crowd!

    1. Lol, you’d never get lost in the crowd. Much like Queen Elizabeth…you can always spot her because of her bright, head to toe colors.

  18. I would wear the top with black straight-leg jeans or trousers with a black belt, no necklaces, large gold earrings, black booties, and the coat. I don’t wear dresses. Love your posts, Jennifer.

  19. I’d partner the round neck blouse with black dress pants, a small heel boot and the coat. What a smashing look. I’m wondering what other colors would look especially good with the coat?

  20. I like the design of the coat but would need it in warmer colors. The other pieces are also not in my best colors. I like the design of the dress. I would wear the pants. Nice to see all the color though in this display! Happy Saturday, Jennifer!

      1. The jeans link opened me up to white jeans. White is too stark and contrasting to wear with that red. Ivory works better. Duluth and Everlane sell ivory jeans and cords this year. I do not like high contrast outfits on me.

  21. I really like the design of the coat. I’m not sure about the color. It is so bright, I would probably regret the purchase. I would wear a cashmere sweater or scarf in that hot pink/raspberry color but not a coat. That’s too much commitment! I would wear the white jeans with a solid color top — the print of the dress and top are too much. Happy Saturday!

    1. Happy Saturday. This coat is a bit more of a commitment because the color would be memorable. Which isn’t to say that’s a bad thing.

  22. Undoubtedly, the bright plum is a gorgeous color! But, for me it’s not a color I would choose to wear in a full length coat. The style of this coat is one that I love and in a more neutral color, it would be a great buy. It’s a wool blend, lined and long enough to block the bitter cold wind. I pass on any skinny jeans and the bright printed dress and top. My favorite additions to my wardrobe this fall were cream colored sweaters.

  23. A yes to the pretty bright paisley blouse and ivory pants! Liked this the moment I saw it. The dress is not something I would wear as I don’t wear dresses much at all- and not this style if I do.
    I might toss this coat over the blouse and ivory pant if I felt chilly but would prefer it in navy. For fun- and to stay warm I would wear it in this bright magenta.

  24. I love these colors! Coincidentally, I ordered the lady coat from J crew yesterday. I have so many black and blue coats, so decided it was time for a bright coat! The one I ordered isn’t quite as bright, but in the same color family. I love the top! Don’t care for the pants with it, but would wear blue jeans or black jeans or pants.
    I had actually looked at this coat before ordering the other one. Since “looking” means online and not touching, I worried the fabric wouldn’t feel as good as JC’s. But the price is much better! I wonder what others think about the quality?

  25. I love the colours and would wear the dress, coat and top. Not sure about the coat with the dress. Maybe it would look better in person but the pink seems to clash with the black/red pattern.

    I would wear the dress with black patent leather shoes or boots. Given the pattern in the material, the dress doesn’t need much more than a simple necklace and earrings – I would likely opt for silver. Since light coloured pants are not practical for me (I always spill something on them), I would wear the shirt with jeans or black pants. It would also look great with black jersey culottes. The coat – I would wear it with everything. Not sure I can order from J. Crew factory in Canada – otherwise, I’d buy these today.