Would you wear it- Crop Top Over A Tank

Happy Saturday ladies. It’s time for would you wear it so grab a second cup of your favorite coffee or tea and let’s have some fun with fashion. Each week my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we have photographed and ask for your opinions. Would you wear it and why or why not.


Crop tops are gaining in popularity. Would you style one over a tank top? What are your thoughts? Would you wear all or part of this outfit and how would you style it?

Popular on AWSL this week-

woman wearing black linen campshirt
over 50 fashion blogger jennifer of a well styled life standing on sidewalk under tree wearing white linen blazer and blue jeans

Please share your thoughts on this outfit the mannequin is modeling so we can all be inspired to think outside the styling box.

Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is modeling on Over 50 Feeling 40.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. I wear this look, being petite it is a good style helping to elongate the legs. The jeans are too baggy for me but otherwise, good choice.

  2. This is in my wheelhouse, right down to the color.

  3. I would rather wear a longer shirt over a tank, however if I wore this outfit I would roll up the sleeves and wear some cute sandals. Like many have already said, the large tie on the shirt and the baggy jeans are a no for me.

  4. I would absolutely wear this outfit. I’m 5’6” and I am long-waisted. Love this total outfit!

  5. Yes, I would most certainly wear this look. In fact, I have worn this concept with a skirt and regular pants many times, mostly in the warmer months.

  6. The only thing I would change is the length of the jeans! The jeans in my wardrobe must be at least ankles anything shorter just gives the look of short leg. I love the print top over a tank!

  7. I like the blouse. I like how it drapes. I would pair it with slim white jeans and strappy sandals for a more evening look. I think it would look quite elegant.
    The jeans are a big No! Those huge pockets, the faded out wash, the bagginess…

  8. I would wear a shirt tied with or without the tank. I wore one yesterday with no tank, and the tie was short. The blouse on the mannequin is off, because the tie is too long. I would wear this blouse with white crops , or slim crop jeans, and tie the blouse one more time. I rarely wear a tank underneath, because of the bulk, and too warm here in Texas in summer.

  9. I think the crop top looks okay. Thought the jeans were real baggie. Could be a slimmer fit and I would have liked a different print. Maybe an over all print or brighter flowered or even plain white.
    Happy weekend. 😎

  10. Hi, Jennifer, love your looks! The mannequin’s – meh. I do like crop tops although I don’t wear them much. This top has too much tie as others said. The colors are all wrong to me: I think it would be much prettier with a vibrant tank that picks up one of the top’s colors. The jeans are okay but I’m not sure I’d try them on. I’d walk right by this mannequin.

  11. I like the subdued colors on the top and it’s nice to have long-sleeved options for spring and summer. The tank would be a necessity for me. I would wear high-waisted straight leg or wide leg pants in the same color as the tank, either white or khaki. The cut of those jeans does not appeal to me.

  12. No to this outfit across the board. As many of the other ladies have expressed the top is pretty but way too much fabric in the front, the jeans to me look like two big denim paper bags. Just not my style. You always so chic, and classic. Classic is more my style. Very disappointing lately to go in any store and find something that I can actually wear than doesn’t make me look like a 70 something woman trying to look like she is twenty. Thanks as always for your help in styling us. We all do so appreciate your expertise.

  13. I am definitely in the ‘no’ camp of the jeans because of their large pockets plus will also add do not care for their length or cut. Whereas, I do like the concept of the cropped blouse, its pattern and colours plus it has long sleeves however am not necessarily keen about the design of its tails so I would definitely have to try it on. That being said; I personally would pair it with either ankle or full length pants more in the style of a trouser. (i.e.: Flat waistband, high to mid waist, either pull-on or front zippered, side/slash pockets, straight legged.) Fabric would be a bottom-weight (not a linen) and in one of the colours of the blouse which in turn might require colour change of the tank top. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Do like the gauze dress on you and appreciate seeing it modeled.

  14. I’ve worn tank tops with shirts many times. With this particular outfit I would want the jeans to fit tighter and have such a long bow, but I think it’s pretty.

  15. Yes, I would wear this blouse over the tank top. The print is bright and cheery and I like the way it is longer on the sides. The ties are a lot of fabric! I would probably tie them in a knot so they are both hanging straight down. No for these jeans! They are too full and would not be flattering on me. I would wear high waisted, more fitted, white jeans.

  16. I like this outfit. I have a short waist it would work. Too hot for long sleeves , even linen, where I live and it’s a bit pricey for me , good to duplicate though , thanks

  17. I like tanks under blouses and frequently wear them this way. I do not care for the top you have featured today.

  18. I definitely would but NOT with those pants! I really like the top and it is a fabric that would not appeal to my 3 grand girls (ages 22, 19, 18) because cropped tops are all they seem to wear. This top is appropriate for my age and adds a splash of being current styling. I do think I would pair with jeggings or straight leg jeans.

  19. I like the idea, and do wear a shirt over a tank, but that shirt is a solid no. I don’t care for the pattern, plus the ties in the front are just too much. They’re too long, too wide, and honestly, a distraction.

  20. Jan Correll says:

    I like your post, Jennifer and may do something similar regarding the mannequin. Thank you. I would not wear this but would admire it others (if they have the body for it) especially with the tank underneath.

    I like the colorful print but I don’t wear a lot of prints myself. Thanks for sharing and always providing great information and style.


  21. The first thing my eye went to was the long tie fabric right in the mid section. Most agree that we would cut off drawstrings from pants because of the distraction. This front tie is distracting to me and would do my shrinking frame no favors at all. The crop jeans look comfy but maybe this is an example of how difficult it is to style “comfy”. For example, sweat pants are sweat pants no matter what top or shoes you wear with them.
    The added photos of your gorgeous style choices really look amazing!
    Happy weekend everyone!

    1. You always have insightful observations, Jan. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I am long waisted so that top would probably hit me in the wrong place (and I am not fan of that floral print), but I would like the look of it on someone else. The “tie” part of this particular top looks oversized to me and it draws all of my attention to the belly area. I prefer the look of when you (as you have done recently!) tie a regular sized shirt or oversized linen shirt at the waist.

  23. Good morning from FL. I have never been a fan of this look; unless it is a crisp white shirt over a silky tank. May I ask an “off topic” question….do you know the brand of jeans on that first mannequin. I love them and those pockets. Thank you.

    1. I do not, I’m sorry. I tried to find them but had no luck.

      1. Thank you; I did too. Tried a google image search…can you share where the photo was taken? I checked Nordstrom but the jeans are not on their site. Thank you for taking the time to let me know; I really do appreciate it!

      2. They are at Nordstrom. I’ll check on the mannequin for you when I go back this week.

  24. Good morning! Nope, I would not consider wearing a cropped top over a tank or anything else. I wore that style as a teen back in the early 1970s; let the memory stay there. I love the photos that you posted afterwards; you look elegant and lovely!

    1. I had to chuckle, Barbara, when you said “let the memory stay there.” I too wore cropped tops, but for me it was in the ‘60’s, and I even made them myself!

  25. I do like the look and I will quite often tie a longer shirt at the waist for some definition. I don’t know that I would buy a cropped shirt though as it wouldn’t be as versatile.
    Have a great weekend Jennifer.

  26. Elizabeth S says:

    I would definitely wear the crop top over a white cami or tank top and with white capris.

  27. I like the top and it would fit my body shape but I would wear with different pants: full length, different color and minus those big patch pockets.

  28. Paulette Levy says:

    I think I’d like it better if the tie shirt was in solid white with a cute little silk (printed) neckerchief similar to that you show as a belt.
    The jeans are okay, but would need to try on to see if flattering.
    All told, not my favorite summer look.

  29. I love the style of that linen crop and would absolutely wear it if it was in a solid. I am only 5’1” and my waist is my best feature so would love this top over a sleeveless dress or any tank top and bottom.

  30. I am short waisted so crop tops work for me. I would wear a solid color cropped blouse w 3/4 sleeves tied over a tank. I like cropped jeans, but I don’t like the big distracting pockets shown here. Happy Saturday!