Would You Wear It- Duster Style

Happy Saturday ladies. It’s time for would you wear it so grab a second cup of your favorite coffee, tea, or wine, depending on your time zone, and let’s have some fun with fashion. Each week my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve come across and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling. I love to also have you share why and how you might style it to work for your shape and lifestyle.


I’m a big fan of dusters, what do you think of them over shorts? Can you think of a way to make this work for you?

Popular on AWSL this week-

It was a bit of a landslide with the “coast grandmother style 🙂 this week. I find the pieces super wearable so I understand why.

coastal; grandmother style example
woman wearing short tied at wasit over wide leg pants


Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is modeling on Over 50 Feeling 40

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. I bought the duster in the picture. I wouldn’t wear it with shorts, though. So far I’ve worn it with white skinny jeans and a white tee. I also plan to wear it over my white maxi dress.

  2. Judy Maynard says:

    I love wearing dusters and would try with a longer pair of shorts for fun! I would not be comfortable with shorts the length on the mannequin as I’m tall ( 5’8”) with long slim legs and would feel the look would be unbalanced on my frame.

  3. I am not a big fan of the duster with shorts.
    It kind of looks like pjs and Miss Mannequin should have a cup of tea or coffee in her hand.
    I think dusters look good with skinny pants or ankle pants with a plain top.
    I guess I would not wear it with shorts.

  4. marlene alves says:

    Jennifer, off subject, but I believe your hair is looking much thicker; could you share if that is true and is so, what might be the reasons? So many of us suffering from hair loss & seeking any help we can get..!

    1. Mostly it’s products, I use a lot of them. I do swear by my rogaine twice a day.

  5. Pamela Over 50 Feeling 40 says:

    Hi Jennifer…happy Saturday! While I love dusters and kimonos, this one is the wrong color palette for me…so I would not even consider it. The shorts are too short and I personally prefer dark shorts when I wear them. I also know longer wear white so the white tee top would not work for me as well. I would not even stop at this display.
    Recently, Chico’s featured a look with a long duster and shorts and I liked it…but it was much different from this one!

  6. I love these colors, and I would purchase and wear this kimono in a heartbeat–with a different pant though, preferably a pedal pusher length. Or over a bathing suit, or a slim jumpsuit. However, in my opinion, the overall look on this particular mannequin is sloppy. Perhaps a smaller size for such a skinny mannequin would elevate the look from “bathrobe” to “cool!”

    1. Mary Ruddell says:

      I am just not a fan of dusters. I am 5’4″ and they always look like bathrobes on me.

    2. They are very, very skinny so clothes have to be clipped and pinned to fit them

  7. Pretty colors — would make a lovely bathrobe. I wear cardigans and even blazers with shorts, but a duster is not something I’d wear with them. I’m not sure why, although I think it’s simply too ‘flowy’ for me as I prefer a more tailored look. I’m not a fan of the lilac color, but I’d wear the shorts in a different color, or maybe a different top would work with this color. White is not a good color for me near my face, although a V-neck white tee with another neutral might make it work — but probably not as it has a men’s undershirt kind of vibe and it’s quite white.

  8. I’ve never tried on a duster/kimono with shorts, and will do so next time I’m in a store. I’m not frequenting ‘stick & mortar’ stores much lately though. I love the print but feel it might not be one I would wear as sometimes my body looks better with a larger print motif as I’m 5’9″ 130 lbs. However my preferred style typically includes more tailored pieces; very few floaty, loose styles — that being said I’m open to try it and will let you know — but with longer length shorts.

    1. Do let us know after you try one over some tailored pieces.

  9. I concur with many others. I put a check in the bathrobe box on this one.
    Like the duster on others but not for me. For what it’s worth, thought the colors/patterns were pretty, it just seems wrong with shorts.

  10. Do like the way this is styed as well as the print and colors, however where I reside dusters (or kimonos) are just something you do not see worn as street wear as reserved basically for special occasions, if at all. With that said; as to the garments shown would prefer longer shorts, crew necklines are not my first choice in tops and I would be more opt to invest in a shirt dress since would get more mileage out of it than a duster, so my answer is ‘I would not wear it’. -Brenda-

  11. I think dusters look like housecoats/robes that would look nice over pjs or a nightgown.

  12. I love the colors in this duster, especially with the lilac shorts but I’m 5’1” and I’d wear it if it was a knee length kimono. The duster length would overwhelm me.

  13. I like the look of dusters but I’ve never tried one because I’m so short. If I could find one in a petite I would definitely wear one but not with shorts at my age. I think that would look cute on a young person. I really like Pam’s outfits.

  14. The only shorts I wear at 60 are Bermuda shorts, and I agree with what so many are saying. The duster looks like a bathrobe. Someone recently gave me a long pale pink duster in a more substantial fabric, and I’m wondering how to wear it.

  15. I would only wear a duster that is the length of the pants or shorts. I like the color of the shorts but the legs appear too wide for me.
    I love your posts and ideas! Please share with us what you do to keep your weight around 138!!

    1. I don’t eat red meat, or dairy other than a few drops in my morning tea and eat tons of veggies. I need to eat more fruit but I do avoid simple white carbs other than potato chips which are my weakness. I also cut way down on alcohol, and seldom drink. Boy, that sure sounds boring but it doesn’t feel that way.

  16. Gayle Hebert says:

    The duster is really cute but with shorts? I don’t think so. A cute white sundress maybe. The material looks light and nice colour combo. Would I wear it? Absolutely not.

  17. I don’t like dusters. Too much material to wear in HOT FLORIDA. If I want to hide my hips, I just wear a long top over shorts.

  18. No to these items. This duster looks like a robe. I would wear a duster if it hit a little above the knee and looked more like a classy kimono . I saw a black one in Chico’s with an exotic floral pattern and worn with slim black leggings, black sandals. The duster was finished nicely around the edges with a lovely border. I think Chico’s has a pretty turquoise reversible one that looks good with slim pants or leggings.

    I don’t like dusters with shorts, looks like someone is not caring how they look or dress. I noticed some of the trends lately look like there is not much thought in the style .

  19. I like dusters, but this floral one with the shorts would be a no for me. I don’t care for the proportion. I probably would wear both, but not together.

    1. The proportion seems “off” to me too.

  20. No. No. And no. The shorts, oh dear, hit right at the fattest part of me. Combined with the wide-ish waistband these would not be flattering. I don’t wear tops that require “special” bras. And now, the star of the show, the duster. While I like the print (sleeveless top/blouse?), I find dusters hang in my closest until they are donated to Goodwill.

    1. I find dusters get in the way of your purse, when getting in & out of your vehicle, require constant adjusting, etc, etc…To me it’s a piece if fluff.
      I don’t wear shorts anymore so it’s a no there too. I might wear the tank with a proper bra. Shoulders stay pretty. 😉

    2. Thanks, Lily. Happy Saturday 🙂

  21. I have a couple dusters and at 5’2” length and proportion are critical. On me, this duster would be too long (ankle length) and voluminous. I agree with others, it looks like a bathrobe (or, my first impression was a shower curtain!) The colors are pretty but the pattern seems unfinished on a stark white background. Underneath a column of color would also look better. It’s a no for me without redesigning the entire garment. Lol

  22. That duster would be a great travel piece: over shorts, pants or a dress, as a swimsuit cover-up, as a robe. I’m not usually a big fan of florals but this duster might be a wardrobe workhorse!

    1. I agree! My duster got worn repeatedly in Mexico in several ways.

  23. I love dusters, but the print on this one does not appeal to me. If I were to wear it with shorts, I’d choose a longer length than these. I generally wear dusters over a knee-length or midi dress, jeans, or leggings.

  24. This long duster looks like a bath robe. The print is pretty, but The only way I would wear it might be over a bathing suit at the pool. To me the proportions don’t work at all with the shorts.

    1. Over a bathing suit, is a great idea!

  25. Elizabeth Setum says:

    I’m afraid I would not wear the kimono, with shorts or anything else. It has too strong of a bathrobe vibe for me. Looks cute, though!

    1. Happy Saturday! I prefer to wear my robes at home 🙂

  26. Susan McClelland says:

    I love the shorts but would skip the duster. Too long and impractical for me – I would trip over it. The pattern is cute and if it was shorter, even hip length, I’d wear it.

  27. Paulette Levy says:

    No. Not for me- sorry. I’d never wear these particular shorts (never) although I do wear Bermuda length khaki, navy, or white shorts to above the knee. I’m tempted to try sone deeper colors but not this.
    The duster might look nice on a taller woman wearing skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings but I don’t care for it paired with these shorts.

    1. Thanks Paulette. Happy Saturday

  28. It’s a no for me because I don’t wear shorts! My lower legs are thick and my knees lumpy., so I never ever purposely show them. I like dusters, though I have to be careful about volume and length because I’m under 5’ and have a small frame ( other than the aforementioned legs🙄). The one in the picure is pretty, but I’d go with a more overall pattern, still small, but not so dot-to-dot.
    Happy weekend!

    1. Maribeth Conklin says:

      I hardly ever wear shorts. If I do they would be Bermuda length. I like dusters, I would wear with jeans , leggings or a casual beach type maxi dress.. With leggings I would wear a longer top. Not sure about coastal granny yet.!!!!

      1. Not for me. I am not a fan of dusters at all. To me , they are messy and I would feel like I was wearing a dressing gown.

  29. I keep looking at the wonderful dusters and kimonos you have posted over the last several months. I think I want one. But would I wear it with shorts?….No. The proportions look off to me. To my eye, the duster should be longer than what is under it. I would switch out the shorts for a pair of blue jeans, add some summery accessories. Then I could go out for a casual dinner!

    1. That’s a fun outfit idea! I would wear yours.

  30. No. The duster is a cute idea with jeans but not shorts. The duster pictured looks too much like a bathrobe to wear outdoors.

    The one here looks too much like a robe to wear outdoors.