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Happy Saturday, ladies. It appears to be the season for Fair Isle because I’m seeing tons of it in the stores. Let’s chat about this outfit I found yesterday.

If you’re new here, welcome. Each week, my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve found and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling. I like us to also discuss why and share styling ideas in the comments.


I am positive this jacket is on the website, but I can’t find it, so please let me know if you see it.

What are your thoughts on this look? Fairisle with a faux fur collar? What would you wear on your feet?

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Now let’s see what Pam’s mannequin is modeling at Over 50 Feeling 40

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. I love the traditional “lopapeysa” in earth tones, made with Icelandic wool, but this type of sweater does not love me back. My body shape doesn’t suit the style.

  2. I think Fair Isle (and this whole outfit) looks very dated and for me is a “wear once-r”, which means It is not versatile. Also I never buy acrylic as I have found it does not hold up and looks worn out in a short time. I also think that you look absolutely great in jeans and they look more modern than the trousers.

  3. Of the three pieces, I really like the jacket as it looks warm and easy to wear with lots of colors. The sweater and pants colors are quite autumn-toned to wear once we’re in the dead of winter, but they would look nice with brown boots now. I have a Fair Isle sweater from JJill last winter that I love… it has a smaller pattern in neutral shades with touches of aqua. The pattern of this one has me reminiscing about the zig zags on Charlie Brown’s sweater.

  4. I’ve had Fair Isle sweaters in the past and I do love them for their “baby, it’s cold outside” vibe. I would wear this one with winter-white pants & sherpa lined slip-ons or an ankle boot. As other reviewers have said, my problem with Fair Isle sweaters is they are so one-dimensional … hard to introduce in fall or transition into spring & difficult to dress up or down. I’d love to have the clothes budget to justify having a couple, but I don’t. I like (need) to get versatility for my money. I’m not a fan of corduroy, so I’ll pass on the pants. I would buy the puffer jacket if it is washable. And speaking of versatility – yes, yes, yes to wearing white jeans whenever/wherever. Spread the word! Love Saturday mornings!

  5. I like the look of Fair Isle sweaters but the mix of colors can make it look too tween or juvenile at times. This one looks fine, but seems a bit bulky to me. A few years ago, I found one in black with grays and cream at J.Jill after Christmas. It is the only one I have and I don’t need multiples. I have a few of these “one and done” items. The jacket would overwhelm me, so I would pass.

  6. Not a fan of fair Isle and never have been. Maybe too seasonal?, Too chitzy? Too limiting?Just too traditional for me? If it’s a pullover sweater just give me a plain base color so I can add a turtleneck, blouse, or scarf to give it the next dimension.

  7. Happy Saturday! I think Fair Isle sweaters are beautiful, but for someone with a large chest they are challenging. Every time I try one on, my eyes go right to a chest that I want to look smaller and not larger. I would wear the jacket and pants with a beautiful red-rust colored sweater and maybe a nice scarf.

  8. I like the look for very cold weather for sure. The sweater needs to be in a breathable fabric, as acrylic is just very warm. I prefer a cardigan so I can take it off if it gets warm indoors. I think ankle boots , tall boots in brown or cream sneakers would go with this.

    Where I live , just the sweater or jacket would be enough, unless you are outside for lot’s of walking. Everyone drives to stores here, so we are in and out of the car mostly . This is perfect for Breckenridge or UK where my daughters live.

    Our really cold weather here in Texas is too short. I mostly wear a light weight jacket and long sleeve top to run errands and such. We may be 70 one day and 32 by afternoon and in 2 days back up to 60’s or 70’s. We have fickle weather, so layering is very important here. I have every kind of coat, sweater, but most don’t get worn long. I love winter clothes, just can’t invest in really warm things that are hardly worn. I wear my trench coat a lot in the winter, with light sweater underneath. Shawls, ponchos, long cardigans would be nice to see and how to wear them.

    1. Shawls, ponchos, vests, and long cardigans are best for my climate too. I’ll be doing some posts on them soon.

  9. I just purchased the Talbot’s stretch corduroy jeggings in the same color, and their Classic Shetland Blazer in Morning Plaid. I have a fair isle cardigan from Talbot’s that I have had for years, but haven’t worn because I thought it was dated. Guess it is time to bring it out again! On my feet I would wear the Ecco black leather sneakers that I recently wore every day on a trip where we walked 5-7 miles a day while sightseeing. The shoes are very comfortable and versatile!

  10. I do like the Fair Isle pattern, but neither color (at least, as seen on my monitor) appeals to me.

    The jacket appears to be P224031205 – Faux Fur Collar Puffer. I hope that helps. I am not a fan of the back view. It could not look less streamlined!

    1. I don’t think so. The channel quilting is different and this jacket is much shorter. I’m heading back this week to see if the gals can show me which jacket this is.

  11. Wow! I love that outfit (Fair isle sweater)! I don’t usually go for heavier sweaters but that outfit combination is lovely!

  12. I’m in the same camp as Karen (below) as would prefer the sweater in a natural fiber. That being said and as is; I might switch out the cord pants to the ‘ivory’ colour and for footwear add a tweed caramel ‘n ivory cuffed woolen sock extended above a suede or leather (flat or lugged sole) bootie in either colour as in the sweater. My handbag would be unstructured (i.e.: Hobo) and co-ordinate with the footwear in colour.
    Footnote: IF choosing the darker pants, for footwear and a handbag I would avoid the ‘ivory’ colour altogether and opt for something in a cognac family. (i.e.: Their wedge ‘tall boot’.)

    1. I do too, but as a “retired” knitter, I recall, fair isle is knit in the round so V necks don’t work when making this pattern.

  13. The jacket and sweater are beautiful.
    I would prefer black pants with black boots with laces or plain above the ankle style.
    Do love the jacket.

    1. The jacket is great, however, Am not fond of stretchy pants and the fair isle sweater would be way too hot for me and itchy!

  14. I like Fair Isle sweaters and own a zip-front FI cardigan that I got at the Gap years back. It’s wool, warm, and has held up well. This combo s not my colors, but if I wore it, I’d add a mid-calf shaft boot in beige. I’m going to add an Aran Island sweater this year instead. I found several Irish sites that seem to have gorgeous sweaters for less money than U.S. Fair Isles.

  15. I would not buy Fair Isle. It’s pretty but I’m trying to have a wardrobe that is more all seasons. I prefer lighter sweaters that work 3 seasons. Also I get too hot so I prefer cardigans.

  16. I absolutely love this look, these are my colors. I can’t wear wool so the sweater is not something I would buy, but I do like it. I would wear loafers.

  17. Love fair isle sweaters, and I wear them a lot. Would not wear the one shown because it’s mostly nylon & acrylic, I prefer wool. But Sub out a different fair isle sweater and yup, i’d wear this.

  18. The sweater comes in red/fuchia — I like that one! I would have to try it on. I usually prefer solid color sweaters.
    I saw the jacket and a sherpa scarf in those colors. I think that’s what you are seeing.

  19. Fair Isle sweaters are a classic but toffee isn’t one of my more flattering colors.so if I were adding another to my sweater collection, I’d choose another color. Stretch corduroy pants? I’d be willing to try them on but doesn’t sound like something I’d purchase. Enjoy this last weekend of October!

  20. Overall I do like the Fair isle sweater in small doses. In this particular picture I think I would like the look better with a lighter pant color. Off white or lighter tan, maybe? The jacket or vest is fine in off white I feel. On my feet I’d wear a bootie in the brown family or if not too cold, my light tan sneakers. A person could also go with a tall brown boot too! Happy Weekend Jennifer!

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