Would You Wear It-Gathered and Pleated

Happy Saturday, ladies. It’s time for would you wear it. Each Saturday, my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve run across and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling. I like you to go beyond yes or no and explain ways you might style the pieces to work for your shape and lifestyle. I am constantly inspired by your ideas, and I know other readers are too.


What are your thoughts on an elastic waist pleated skirt? Could you make this work for you? How would you style it?

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Let’s see what Pam’s mannequin is modeling at Over 40 Feeling 50

Thanks for being here, and be sure you wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. Well, if I was a size 0 or 2, I might wear the skirt in a different color. But being size 16, and very wide hips, I would not wear it!

  2. Getting some ideas! I have a black skirt like this that I got on a steep sale for a cruise that kept needing to be rescheduled. I didn’t take it when we finally went on it, but have one coming up in 60 days. Now I have ideas! Thanks to all!!

    1. That’s why I love us to share here. You ladies are full of amazing ideas.

  3. I have a similar skirt from Uniqlo that I style with an oversized mohair sweater in the same color. So the elastic–and my tummy–disappear, and the monochrome scheme keeps the look long. I wear it with casual flats. I am short waisted so I never tuck anything in!

    1. A column of color is always brilliant in my book.

  4. I would wear it with a denim jacket, t shirt, sneakers, or some kind of boot. The skirt would need to come in petite.

  5. Quince has a similar skirt with a wider, flat waistband which I considered for a wedding. Not sure I could have pulled it off but love the look, classic and timeless!

    1. I love everything I’ve ordered from Quince.

  6. No I would not wear that skirt. Being 5’1.5” it would make me look shorter and dumpy looking. I weigh about 114 short waisted so I need styles to give me a long look.

    1. I too am short waisted. When I had a waist, I would match a belt to my top and that would help the balance tremendously. If you match the belt to the skirt or pants, it makes a short waist look shorter… try it sometime, even if just in the store. It is a great trick.

  7. I love elastic waistband pleated skirts they’re a classic. I have quite a few in different colours and they are very forgiving on the waist. I dress mine up or down depending on the occasion

  8. For me it is no I am too short to pull that off and it would accentuate my hips. I prefer Aline style skirts and not that long. But thank you for the packable ideas we have a cruise in September and packing light has never been easy for me.

  9. Love this skirt. There’s one on chicwish that I’m seriously considering but I’d love to try on a similar one first. I’d wear it with a fitted tank and short cardi or denim jacket. I love the combo of pink and black! And accessorize with kitten heels and a little ladylike top handle bag, perhaps in pink.

  10. Cute silhouette but not for me. I am am 8 hourglass/apple, shirt waisted and this type of skirt has never looked good on me. A straight skirt in this length yes. I don’t care for the belt. Ot looks cheap and you don’t need it, but an obi style would be nice. Finally, I don’t care for the color of the skirt and/or combing it with black. Too harsh. Have a great day everyone!

    1. Happy Saturday Shari!

  11. I love the skirt! I think I’d prefer a lighter color for the sweater tee – maybe an off white, white, a barely there blush or taupe. The belt works if the shoes are metallic and the top light, but I’m not a fan of it either the black top.
    I recently bought a similar skirt in black, a taupe/champagne v neck top that I’ll belt with a black & gold belt, gold jewelry & shoes for an upcoming cruise formal night.

    1. Your outfit sounds gorgeous. Enjoy your cruise! I wish we had one on the agenda. They’re so fun.

  12. I agree that it’s a must try-on skirt.
    One issue I have is the belt. When I belt an elastic waist I do not like for the elastic waistband to show. So I would go with a wider belt that completely covered the elastic waist. With a slippery fabric like that I would be doing something with a fabric sash so it could be secured. It wouldn’t matter to me if the sash added a little bulk to my waist, which is hardly there anyway, I would be going for the visual illusion.

    1. I like the idea of a wider belt to cover all of the elastic.

  13. I wish I could wear this look. I have a large bust and narrow-ish hips, with no well-defined waist. Not the look for me. ☹️

  14. Pat Patterson says:

    Good morning Jennifer, very cute outfit however wouldn’t work for my body shape but, for just right figure adorable.
    Not sure if you live in California near San Francisco (I assumed by the background of some your photos). If so, hope you and family are safe from the terrible weather out there.
    Take care, safe and well

    1. Thank you Pat. It’s been really intense and stormy with hail of all things.

  15. I would wear this. I have several of these skirts and wear them all the time – seems like I wear my black and denim toned one much more than the white. Usually wear with a tank and Charming Cardi from Talbots – love those. Going to try the look you like with tank or tee and button front shirt open and knotted at waist. I don’t have belts any longer but this is inspiring me to stock up.

    1. Those charming cardi’s are perfect for so many outfits. I do love the idea of a shirt tied at the waist 😀

  16. This is a gorgeous, simple style that is timeless! My personal issue with a full pleated skirt is the pleats will either hang easily over hips and tummy or spread open over these areas.
    If I could pull off this look, I would probably add a jacket and a statement necklace. A high heel shoe adds that touch of glamour and seems to create a more slender profile.
    I may have a picture of my mother wearing something very similar to this style.

  17. I do love this skirt, although I suspect it would not work for me. I am shorter with an apple shape. But if I were taller, I would pair it with a white shirt and gold belt and sandals and maybe a small scarf at the neck for contrast. In the winter, I could see the skirt with a black hip length sweater and black boots.

  18. I don’t really wear skirts anymore but I would have worn this when much younger . I like the colour and permanent pleats and used to wear belts a lot – which I found easier over an elastic waist !

  19. Kim Vardas says:

    I just wore a similar outfit to dinner 2 days ago but my skirt was black, my tee was white, my belt was a beaded Native American style and my shoes were black platform sandals.

    1. That sounds fabulous!

  20. I like this outfit. I had a black shirt like this but it was shorter for my petite frame. I didn’t think to wear it with a t shirt or a belt, wish I would have because it’s cute. I always wore it more as a suit with a cute jacket.

  21. Joann Czarny says:

    This is totally a “have to try on” situation. Some pleated skirts are very flattering on me and some, not so much. The ones I do have and that look great are the Tory Burch Sport Tech skirts and I think the heavier knit fabric is flattering. I wear with a shorter sweater or top, not tucked in.
    This lighter fabric I would need to try as sometimes you can look larger when the pleats start right from the waistband.

    1. Great point about where the pleats start. I’ve not seen those Tory Burch skirts. I’ll have to check them out.

  22. My straight up and down figure does not look good with tucked in elastic waistband skirts and such. Even though I am tall and thin, it just has never worked for me and I feel self conscious and uncomfortable, therefore would never gravitate to that look. However, I love some of the ladies ideas on how they would style this for casual or evening and the skirt is cute as it can be.

  23. Yes, I love the pleated skirt. Like to wear with a tank top and not tucked in. Keep up the good work. very much enjoy your blogs. Hi from Canada

  24. Melinda Beckett says:

    Yes, I love the look and the colors, too. (I had an off pleated skirt similar to this one years ago. ) I would wear a really supportive belt and a short jean jacket with some simple jewelry. I would finish the look with some sandals. Another look would be to try some cute boots!

  25. I absolutely love and would wear this outfit. I would add cute black slides for a casual look and black heeled sandals for a dressier look. A black cardigan tied around the shoulders for cooler outings. A small black crossbody purse and simple gold hoop earrings and a gold bangle. Very classic

    1. I love the color combo too!

  26. I like it. I’d wear it with a light weight sweater tank, not tucked in, and matching sandals. Great for North Florida spring. The color of the skirt looks nice with black, but I can see it with other colors too, if accessorized right. Fun!

  27. I might be able to pull this off but not sure as I’m not tall. I live the skirt but I do better with a regular waistband not elastic. The skirt then is doubtful for me no matter what I might wear it with. The cute black sweater tee is a piece I can get a lot of use with. I could toss on a longer cardi or a blazer over it on our cooler spring days. . But do love that skirt!

  28. Lovely skirt if one is tall with slim hips and a flat tummy. If I was so lucky I would swap out the black tee crew neck shirt for a pale sleeveless top with a scoop or v-neck. I’d keep the belt. I have one that is similar and its one of the most practical accessories I own. I’d add strappy sandals in a metallic to complement it.

    1. I spotted the usefulness of that belt too. A great neutral color.

  29. These Fortuny style pleats never look good on anyone who isn’t tall and tiny-hipped. Larger hips stretch out the pleats and ruin the effect. Prefer your Eileen Fisher looks from yesterday. They work for everyone.

  30. The pleats are near the waist don’t flatter my apple shape, so the skirt wouldn’t work for me. I hope it works for someone because it’s a beautiful skirt.
    For a spring/summer casual look, I’d pair with a white tee, jean jacket, and sandals with a little bit of height.

    1. I love the idea of styling it with a jean jacket.

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