Would You Wear It: Pale In The Winter

Happy Saturday ladies and welcome to the weekend! It’s just three weeks until Christmas and I need to get myself in gear! I’ve been so busy doing other things we haven’t even gotten our decorations out. We hope to do it this weekend. It’s time for would you wear it. Each week my friend Pam and I find a mannequin to share with ask if our readers would wear it. We do this to better understand your fashion ideas and style goals.

2 mannequins in casual outfits from Loft
white sweater / corduroy skinnies  –   floral bell cuff blouse / velvet jeans

I love to hear your styling ideas, how you would style these to make them work for you.

Are they the right shape for your body? Do you wear these colors? Does the style fit your lifestyle?

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Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is wearing here.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. Susan Gowan says:

    I have previously stated my views of white in general. For me, very hard to keep clean but I now do have a white lightweight cotton sweater I pair with a lot of my jeans and pants in winter. Don’t think white on top and bottom would be flattering for me. As for the outfit on the right I might wear the floral in spring and summer but would prefer darker colours in florals for the winter.

  2. Cathy wright says:

    I would definitely wear the all white outfit and the velvet leggings. The colorful top is pretty but those sleeves just don’t work for me.

    Jennifer, I know you are extremely busy, but I would love to know the brand and color of your favorite lipstick.

  3. I think winter whites are lovely (alone or paired with a bright color) but they’re not practical in my area where pant hems tend to be stained by winter ‘slush’, so I’d pass on these. The floral top looks spring-like to my eyes when paired with the lighter pants. And the white sweater looks ‘boxy’ ; I wouldn’t tempted to try it on. And those pants? What is going on with those gathered lines at the mid-seam in the crotch area? Is it a fit issue? Not flattering!

  4. Marceline Miller says:

    I love the icy colors all year round! But those tops are too short for me – a longer hemline is more flattering and comfortable. I sure hope this doesn’t mean the designers are moving back to shorter, cropped, and boxy tops!! I ‘m hoping the “tunic trend” goes on and on! 🙂

  5. I love the ivory sweater but prefer a v neck. I would love the pants in those colors but probably skip because I usually wear high rise. Straight leg pants. The bell sleeves don’t appeal to me because you can’t put a jacket over them and florals I only wear in scarves. I would walk past.

  6. I like the pants, I wouldn’t wear the tops.

  7. Yes to both! I like the idea of brightening up your look during the winter months, particularly in the Midwest. Although there are definitely days here where white clothing would be a non-starter, there are a number of days where it’s dry and maybe even sunny (like both yesterday and today)!

    What color of boots/ shoes? Light ones I would assume?

    1. Pale neutrals like taupe, beige or light metallic would be nice with these outfits.

      1. Great—thank you!

      2. Great—thanks for confirming!

  8. Hi, I would wear the white top with black pants or jeans, not with white pants. I live in the Chicago area where black seems “in” for every season.
    I enjoyed your post about skin care products. I would like to see a post about what skincare and makeup a mature woman should wear to look good on camera. How do very mature women like Nancy Pelosi and Dolly Parton have skin that looks youthful and vibrant on TV and on the computer screen? Is it plastic surgery or are there skin care and makeup products that are best for on-camera work? Even though I use quality skin care and makeup, the camera seems to accentuate every line, sag, and wrinkle. Thanks for considering this suggestion.

  9. I am drawn to the all white outfit but would need a V-neck for my bust size. I definitely wear white jeans in winter paired with a chunky sweater and I would have avoided this a few years ago.
    Love all of your posts Jennifer.

  10. Lee Wilkinson says:

    I’d wear the textured sweater and trousers if they weren’t so stark white. Love that sweater, though for me it would be better with a v neck. I like the idea of the velvet trousers, but the colour is a bit beige. The top is quite a pretty print, but the flowers are too large for me. The sleeves gathering into a flounce would widen the widest part of me – my stomach, so no to them.

  11. Marie-Thérèse says:

    I love the idea of light colors in winter, even though I think you would need to travel w/a spot remover at the ready when you wear them, especially in Manhattan. Pretty print on the mannequin to the right, but both too boxy. I still have curves (i.e., a waist) for now, even at my age (and you know I am older than you), and I like to accentuate them for as long as I have them.

  12. Lisa Bieri says:

    I would wear both outfits, although the floral top would be too cold here in Wisconsin in the winter months. Even with cuddle duds underneath, so I would wait until spring to wear that piece.
    I just ordered a pair of boot-cut ivory corduroy jeans. Can’t wait to wear them for the holidays with a red or light blue cashmere turtleneck sweater! I think they will pair well with almost anything.

  13. It seems many women pass on pale colors in winter because our skin tends to go more pale during those cold months.
    Also light pants show dirt more from walking thru wet or muddy areas and getting those dreaded “ heel flick” splatters on the back of the legs.
    I like cream and some pastels in winter. Careful where I wear them. But I think they are elegant.
    The outfits shown do not appeal to me at all. Skinny pants are very unflattering on me unless worn with substantial boots, and neither of the tops would do anything for my petite size. I especially do not like florals. I feel very much every minute of my 68 years and very frumpy in most florals. I prefer more classic design, neutrals .

  14. I would not wear the floral too. But would wear all the rest

  15. I love white jeans all year long.

  16. Both tops are nice and I would wear either one with straight leg pants. The pants on the models look too wrinkly to me and are not for Pennsylvania’s winters.