Would You Wear It- Pattern Mixing

Happy Saturday ladies. If you’re new here, welcome! Each Saturday My friend Pam and I share a random mannequin we’ve photographed and ask our readers if they would wear what it’s modeling so grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s have some fun with fashion.

I’m having this Sugar Maple from Murchie’s in one of my favorite cups that came in this set I got for Christmas the year before last

I love to have you share the why or why not, not just yes or no. Please be diplomatic because other women may hate what you love, and love what you hate. The idea is to inspire other women with styling ideas and help us think outside the normal ways we wear garments.

As always, you can click the red text under the photos for more info and to shop the items.


I’m mostly focused on the pattern mixing here and wonder if this look inspires you.

Do you like pattern mixing? Would you wear these together?

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Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is modeling at Over 50 Feeling 40

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  1. wow, that’s a big pink posy right where the stomach is! So for me, I would not wear this sweatshirt. The scale of the print is pretty big for me, and I’m tall and slim-I would not feel comfortable in it. I like the scarf, but maybe with a smaller check it would look better. Something about the scale of the prints- both big-is just not quite right for me. I do like the scarf, it would look pretty with a gray jacket or coat, folded into a more manageable size.
    No ankle jeans here either-it was 11 degrees when I got up this morning.

  2. Love the dark jeans. Gingham is a favorite of mine. The sweatshirt is too much print for me.

  3. You could tuck the shirt in and pull the scarf through as a belt. Or like Susan B you could tie the scarf through your hair. I don’t like short jeans but you could tuck the jeans into a tall boot.

    1. That would keep ankles warm 🙂

  4. Pink Azalea says:

    I don’t wear big scarves like this one because I don’t like material bunched up around my neck. I’ve seen the sweatshirt and it’s so cheery. The pattern scale is too big for me, but for the right woman it would be really cute. Talbots makes a pink utility jacket that I think would look better with it than the scarf. I almost always favor simplicity in my outfits and have learned that while I might like to look at something like this (top + scarf), I wouldn’t wear it. But for someone else, it might be perfect.

  5. I would definitely wear it!! Love pattern mixing

  6. Mary Wilson says:

    Good morning, Jennifer! I love this outfit but as I am the only woman on the planet who doesn’t like scarves I would wear the jeans and the sweater with a pair of pink loafers or pink tennis shoes and a chunky necklace in a coordinated color. I actually have similar outfits in my closet as this is my style uniform. Hmmm…going on the Talbots website and check this outfit out!

    1. Cute idea. I’m in the market for pink sneakers too

  7. Frankly, if I saw any of my friends wearing something like this combination, I’d be concerned! It looks like a “hot mess” to me, and generally I’m fine with pattern mixing.

    1. I agree!

      I used to work at Talbots but have been so very disappointed with the quality and s design of their stuff for the last few years. Quality has gone downhill and the old lady vibe is not what women today are looking for.
      That outfit is dreadful.

  8. This doesnt work for me. It took me a while to figure it out why. It‘s because one is over the other. If the sweater were a skirt and the scarf a t shirt I would have like it better, I guess.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thinking on this look Uli

  9. Susan McClelland says:

    I love this sweatshirt! We’re in the middle of a January deep freeze and won’t be seeing any real flowers for several months. I don’t mind pattern mixing but agree with others that the texture of the scarf is too light/thin compared to the sweatshirt. However, I think it would work by wrapping it around one more time and hiding the ends – your eye would be drawn to the colours, rather than the fabric.

    The pants are cute but obviously designers are not familiar with winter weather in Canada. We got 20 in of snow this week and it’s -11 F this morning. I need jeans that go down to my ankles! Happy Saturday.

    1. That is cold! Do your best to stay warm and cozy.

  10. Hi Jennifer, I think it’s fun to mix patterns sometimes, but this match is a no for me. The sweatshirt and scarf should have closer color matches. To me these two look random rather than put together. Also,I’m not fond of the sweatshirt pattern. The pattern is too big for my more petite frame. Plus the scarf looks very summery, while the sweatshirt looks more Fall and winter. The jeans I’d wear though. 😁

  11. I think the pattern mixing works here. It is not jarring to my eye. I don’t personally like pink, so I might try to find a similar scarf in navy to go with the jeans. I don’t usually like bold floral prints but this one is a bit abstract and I actually like the sweatshirt, although it looks better in your photo than on the website. Maybe I am just ready for some bright bold colors to counter our snow and cloudy, cold days here!

  12. Wow! Don’t quite know about this outfit. I would definitely wear the scarf and jeans. The sweatshirt is just too much for my small frame and just don’t care for the pattern. I like the bold option though.

  13. I love this look and would wear it if I could pull off that large of a print. In my opinion the scarf has too much of a presence, making it even more overwhelming. To make the scarf work, I would twist it until it started to fold back on itself and then completely twist together. (It might need a little adjusting to for the ends to come out even.) Then I’d wrap it around my neck and pull the fringed ends through the loop formed at the scarf’s halfway point. Voila! It looks more like a large necklace than a big piece of fabric and the colors and print are still there.

  14. This totally works, because the stripes and floral don’t compete, and the colors are great! I don’t wear scarves, but have worn two patterns. Clinton Kelly had said this a lot “wear a bold pattern and a subtle pattern”.

  15. Good morning! I rather like the pairing here for a cold winter day. The scarf picks up good colors from the top. I probably would not wear the top, as I am small and the print is so large, but for a casual look, this is nice for someone who might like that print.

  16. I could lean into pattern mixing, but this outfit is too over the cliff for me. However, I’d see the woman who wears this outfit as bold and confident. If that’s you, go for it!
    Pattern mixing isn’t really my style thing, so am at a loss as to suggest improvements.

    1. I can picture that woman too. I love how her describe her.

    2. That’s exactly what I thought too. I don’t really pattern mixing much. Like it on others, and it shows confidence but this was pretty darn bold!

  17. I love it. Both pieces are pretty on their own but together they are visually uplifting. I like the pattern mixing, it gives an outfit some depth. This would have been a perfect outfit for you to wear in Palm Springs.

  18. Pattern mixing? I could go for pattern mixing but not as shown here. I see the pink in the scarf and the top, but the print in the top is so big it doesn’t need another pattern. The scarf looks like an afterthought and not a planned addition.
    The top could work on the right lady with black jeans and no scarf.

  19. Your gorgeous tea cup brought back memories of my mother and her two best friends. On their birthdays, they would gift each other an unique tea cup and saucer set. My mother gathered a beautiful collection in her china closet!
    Now, I could see myself wearing the scarf with a favorite denim jacket or shirt. Mixing it with the flowered sweatshirt seems to diminish the potential of either piece. Apparently, I am much more conservative in my clothing choices/styles than I may realize. I continue to tell myself that just because something fits, it doesn’t mean it’s right for me. Has it taken me 70 years to figure out who I am? Lol

    1. Thank you for sharing Jan. I remember my granny’s china closet filled with tea sets. I was lucky enough to inherit a few cups.
      I’m still figuring my style and myself out :). Happy Saturday!

  20. Pattern mixing isn’t a bad idea, but this top and this scarf don’t work for me because the tones are too disparate. The rose colors in particular are too far apart. If the top were softer, or the scarf bolder, it might work for me.

    The first time in my life when I mixed patterns and found out it was a “no-no” was when I was a little girl. I still remember going to school in a red tartan skirt, very fall-ish,, and a pastel flowered top. My two favorite articles of clothing in second grade! I was informed when I got home from school, and my mother got a look at my fashion statement, that I was never going to be allowed to dress myself again!

    1. Moms have pretty strong opinions!Thanks for sharing your memory. I’m sure it will spark many for others. Happy Saturday.

  21. I find the older I get the less busy I get on patterns. So I love the pink scarf and would wear it but not the sweatshirt and definitely not together.

  22. I wouldn’t wear this outfit, but I would be interested in meeting the woman who was! I respect this look, and although I wouldn’t own these items, I probably have similar fun items in my wardrobe.
    Also, I too purchased tea towels over the holidays. It’s become my ritual to go to our local April Cornell store around Christmas when everything is on major sale. Their linens are so beautiful!

    1. I love your comment and how you think! Thank you Karen.

  23. I do like mixing patterns, and feel these two work together well. For me, I’d prefer the patterns be reversed – the gingham on a shirt or blazer, and that fun floral on the scarf!

    1. Great idea! I can picture that easily.

  24. I would not mix so much pattern. The idea of pattern mixing is new to me and I am not confident enough to really go all out. I like pattern accent pieces and that is all I can handle.

    1. Thanks Elaine. I’m a bit of a newbie at it too because I wear so few patterns.

  25. Love it. The sweatshirt is going into my Talbots shopping cart. The pattern mixing is OK, but the scarf is so light it doesn’t stand up as well to the sweatshirt as it might if it were a bit brighter.

  26. For me this one does not work well. I agree with the other comment that it is the scale of the prints. It is sometimes hard to tell true color in a picture but it looks to me like the contrast of the pinks is more stark than complimentary.

  27. First, love the lemon tea towels! They’ll make a great gift for my daughter-in-law. Now, on to the mannequin. No, don’t love it. I’ve been looking at some of the Talbot’s color patterns and I feel like this resembles the large flower patterns and colors of the sixties, and I am not a fan. I left that behind as a pre-teen! I have no problem mixing the patterns, but for some reason many of their bold prints are not appealing to me.

  28. The pattern mix on the mannequin does not work for me. It took me a while to figure out what I disliked though. I do like each piece individually, so it comes down to scale. Both the scarf and sweater have a large scale pattern. I think it is important to balance pattern size as well as color and value to get the most pleasing results. If the scarf had a smaller plaid it might work. I do like you in the small check blazer with the large floral scarf. The pattern, color and value coordination definitively works!

    1. Thanks for sharing about scale. It’s important for pattern mixing.

  29. Mary Jane Ballou says:

    I loved the pattern mixing of the scarf and sweater. I’d probably wear it with black leggings. Thanks for showing this one because it reminds me to be more adventuresome with my own wardrobe.

    1. It reminds me to be too 🙂

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    Good morning Jennifer. I studied thus mannequin for awhile and though I usually dislike large flowery patterns or prints I do like this sweatshirt – it pairs nicely with dark wash slim leg jeans and fir a gloomy winter the look is fun! I also think it works well with the scarf. So I think I’m a fan of mixing patterns- yes.

    1. Thanks Paulette. Happy Saturday