Would You Wear It- Texture with Pattern

Happy Saturday, ladies. It’s time for would you wear it. Each week my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve found and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling. I also like you to share how you might style it and why.


What are your thoughts on mixing paisley with tweed and a zig-zag trim? How might you wear it?

Bestsellers on AWSL this week-


It certainly seems to be a week for tops of all kinds.

Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is modeling on Over 50 Feeling 40.



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  1. Love the jacket, that’s so crazy about the shirt. Especially with the jacket little too much going on for me. But the jacket does look cute with the jeans. And I do like the trim on the jacket looks cute too but the shirt and the jacket is a little overwhelming for me. Would also wear the jacket with a pair of black dress slacks and a white blouse. Or the summer and vice versa but either way jacket looks very stylish and very versatile.

  2. Lovely outfit. I would wear as it is stylish and looks comfortable. I have several tweed jackets. I have been looking for a red tweed jacket. I tried this one but passed because the trim is blue and will date very quickly. I wish Talbots would stop with the trendy touches.

  3. I love this look and would absolutely wear it. I love the classic jacket and the paisley!
    On a side note. I just wanted to say that although I do not comment on every post, I love reading your posts and your adventures here and on instagram.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Posted a number of times with out it showing up. I’m on an iPad & ads are very interruptive. Not going to waste my time responding just wondering if others are having a problem?

  5. Looked at this, went to my closet and pulled out a channel style pink jacket, a pink and black print shirt and dark wash jeans. Love it. I also love the red jacket as shown. Thanks for your good examples that helps me use my closet inventory in new ways.

  6. Love a Chanel style jacket, it is a classic for a reason…all three pieces could be so versatile in a wardrobe, can be dressed up or down. I would wear as shown, but then break apart for any number of outfits. I see these three pieces as a base for the capsule wardrobes you see so much about. Add dress pants and/or skirt, silk blouse, colored tees, heels and boots and you would be set.
    Love how Talbots combines classic style with new.

  7. I would wear all of that together, although would wear full length jeans. Someone else would have bought the paisley blouse for me since it would never occur to me to buy a pattern. I like the length of the red jacket. I am short waisted and things are pretty long on me.

  8. Gotta reduce the tum-tum to wear this! I haven’t worn a tucked-in top in 20 years bc I’m so self-conscious about my mid-section.

    I think this is a clearly ‘preppy’ look: the trim of the jacket and the paisley go well together, in my mind, but its traditional, a tiny bit prim, very Talbot’s!

    I’m a Talbot’s girl bc I prefer un-trendy styles AND even more, bc the jackets and pants often fit me (5’1″ 129#) with many petite options. I’m busty, have a tummy, large waist, but balanced shoulders & hips, flat in the derriere.

  9. I would never have chose this pairing as I haven’t worn paisley since high school .. but this, I really like. Most of us, me included, would have chosen a more conservative look (e.g., solid top), but this look is fun and polished. It’s perfect for a business meeting where you wear business trousers to the meeting in the morning and switch to jeans for the trip home, All pieces would work well with others in my closet.

  10. I’d try it if it was a sleeveless tank with a lower scoop neckline. I think the high neck and sleeves compete with the jacket. I’d prefer only a peek of the pattern to show.
    I think I would add a little “nothing” necklace like a fine short chain. This is one outfit that needs to expose more skin and less fabric. I LOVE reading the comments.

      1. I love doing this it’s so much fun to tune into your website. Takes my mind off things looking at beautiful pieces you choose and sharing thoughts about getting older.

  11. I love that jacket! The paisley top is gorgeous! But, I love them separately. I need that jacket and will look for it in my store. I have to check the red. I can’t do an orange red. If it works, will be looking for it to come on sale🤗🤗. Such a versatile, timeless piece.

  12. I really like the red jacket with the paisley top. The straight lines on the trim contrast nicely with all the curvy lines of the paisley for a modern look. Plus, i love paisley.

  13. I adore the yin & yang of the Chanel-style jacket with jeans. As others have said, I, personally, would prefer a solid tee, but the shirt that is shown is a winner on its own. I’d buy all three pieces.

  14. I like all three pieces. The jeans and blouse are great, but the jacket throws the outfit off to me.
    I would wear the jacket with a white blouse or T and the jeans.
    But with the paisley top, a little to much for me.

  15. I really like this look. I would have never thought to mix those patterns together but I think it looks great. I also like the dark jeans

  16. I think the pairing is OK but it’s not my style -a too dressy/busy, even with the denim.
    I’m hung up on whether the jacket is trimmed in blue/white or black/white. The pattern in the blouse is defintely blue.

  17. To me the jacket, paisley blouse and jeans are investment pieces. I love all of them: color & texture. It a modern look, but the neat thing is that all pieces can be worn with others, beautifully expanding your wardrobe.

  18. I thought I did’t like this look until I clicked on the order page . They show the blouse with sleeves in the jacket and views of other tops with it. I would wear all of the tops with it. I think the blazer would look good with a white top and the dark jeans as well. Very versatile jacket. I need it ti be on sale!

  19. I would not wear because it is too busy for me, change the shirt to a plain white tee shirt and the jacket would look much better and shine.

  20. From the colour point of view I really like this . The mix of texture and pattern is particularly good with the restricted colour palette . I guess I would wear trousers which were not denim but still in that dark blue . Or perhaps a straight midi skirt ?

  21. We would expect to see the tweed jacket paired with a white silk blouse and black dress pants. But, I love this more modern style! The gorgeous, paisley shirt and jeans just come to life with the additional of this red jacket. I could see many variations of this style in different patterns and colors. The texture of the jacket makes a pair of simple jeans look so nice. Very fun look!! I will say it’s an approachable style that so many could wear beautifully!

  22. At a first glance I’d say this pairing with dark wash jeans looks quite nice together. I suppose I could nit-pick and call foul on the trim paired with paisley but I’m not a nit picker person. I think this is overall a modern and appealing look. I’m not a red tan, unless its a dark red- almost burgundy, but on the right woman- very nice!

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