Would You Wear It- Tweed

Happy Saturday, ladies and welcome to the last weekend in October. The days are speeding past and before we know it, we’ll be wrapping holiday gifts:) Grab another cup of your favorite coffee or tea and let’s have some fun with fashion.

It’s time for would you wear it. Each Saturday, my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve seen and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling.

I love to have you also share why. Why or why not and how. How could you improve the outfit to work for your personal shape and style?

This ‘gal’ was spotted in Massimo Dutti last week and snapped for your opinion. She’s wearing a traditional wool coat with a cabled turtleneck and classic pants.

What are your thoughts?

Best sellers on AWSL this week:


Some of you are holiday shopping and these are the favorites:





What hit my cart this week,


I borrowed this from my daughter while I was Pug sitting over the last two weeks and was blown away! I actually painted my nails red, which I haven’t bothered to do for years and it stayed on with no chips for 5 days! That’s an epic amount of time for me. My local store didn’t have it but trusty Amazon did.

While there I also restocked my Rogaine which I buy in the 3 bottle package because you get a better price that way.


I bought this in the cool beige while in Canada at full price but several colors are marked way down so I ordered this Purple Rose color and the Blue Heather.

I’ve been wearing my beige one a ton so I know this classic shape will get a lot of use in my wardrobe. I adore the Forest Green but will wait for it to go on sale and cross my fingers they still have it in my size.

Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is wearing at Over 50 Feeling 40.

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  1. Love, love this beautiful coat. I fear the tweed might not be my best color, but I’m so confused about color ever since I grew out my salt and pepper and silver and tan hair color that I’d have to try it on to see. I love the turtleneck sweater with it, but I’d add long pants and closed shoes or boots…..the top of the outfit doesn’t match the bottom, weather wise!

    1. I just took a second,look and realize she DOES have pants on…..but why does she have a gauzy skirt on over the pants? That’s what we girls used to have to do when we were required to wear skirts and not pants to school, what an embarrassing look for us ….we’d take the pants off when we got to school

      1. P.P.S…..and, it’s a dress on a mannequin behind it……oof!🤣

      2. The skirt you see is on a mannequin behind this one.

    2. Things do change when we grow out our gray. It can be warm or cool toned gray so don’t assume it’s all icy.

  2. I ditto everyone’s positive comments about this outfit and negative comments about the open toed shoes! The coat is beautiful and will never go out of style. I wonder how bulky the sweater is but it certainly looks good under the tweed coat. Two thumbs up!

    1. This outfit really speaks to me. It feels structural, classic but also a tad relaxed. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

      1. I do too:)

  3. Great outfit…the coat is both classic and classy! I would wear boots or closed toes shoes, though! Love the sweater, especially in green! Just ordered the Seche Vive…thank you for the recommendation!

    1. I can’t wait for mine to arrive! It works so well.

  4. Yes I would wear this outfit. I love the classic shape and style. I would add a long necklace and wear a different shoe. Maybe a loafer.

    1. A loafer would be fabulous

  5. I love this look, but why are they styling a winter coat and turtleneck with sandals on her feet? Seriously? They couldn’t find a pair of ankle boots? Ruins the whole look.

  6. Except for the sandals, I love everything about this outfit and would feel perfectly comfortable wearing it. The lines are simple and tailored, and the colors are the neutrals I prefer. It looks like the coat is a cool brown with black buttons? It adds interest to the outfit without skewing too warm for my coloring. I’m only 5’4″, so I’d probably wear at least a 2″ heeled boot with this, depending on where the coat hem hit my leg.

    1. It’s a gorgeous cool brown

  7. Susan McClelland says:

    I like the coat but it’s not a useful piece for my retired person/student wardrobe. I don’t find turtlenecks comfortable so would pass on the sweater. However, I really like the cut of the black pants. It’s a key wardrobe staple and I wear them with everything in my wardrobe.

  8. Jessie Reid says:

    I absolutely love the tweed coat, pants and sweater. I’d buy that whole outfit in a minute! However, I don’t think the shoes complement and compliment the ensemble. I would choose a clunky black pump or boots.

  9. Pamela Over 50 Feeling 40 says:

    I have to agree with those wondering about the sandals…really? The coat and sweater are lovely…I would wear them….however, this whole look for me would require booties, a slim fit pant, and a colorful autumn-colored scarf. Happy Saturday, Jennifer!

    1. Dominique says:

      Love this—it’s my preferred look. If I wanted to wear heels, I’d swap out the sandals for a stiletto bootie, and for a chunky workboot look, I’d swap the bootcut pants for a jegging. I love the texture of ribbed or cabled t-necks (and they keep my neck warm 😉). Kudos for finding this—I’m heading out to look for the coat and sweater…

  10. I absolutely love everything on the mannequin except the sandals. They look incongruous paired with a winter outfit. Kate

  11. Beautiful, classic outfit, but I can’t imagine wearing sandals with a winter coat. (Was also perplexed by the organdy fabric between her legs until I realized it’s the dress behind it showing through – silly me.) I’ve had my eye on the BR silk sweater that you mentioned buying in three colors, so I’m happy to hear you give it a thumbs up. The jeans and pants several of the models are wearing with it are really big around their waists to the point of needing to overlap the fabric under belts. New trend? (look at Hague Blue especially)

  12. Beautiful, classic outfit. I’d wear it and feel great in it.

  13. Love the tweed coat and would definitely wear it!

  14. Love love tweed. It is so classy and is always looks so pretty.

  15. I really like the coat, very classic. You could wear it for years. I like the sweater but I’m just not a fan of turtlenecks anymore. But a cowl neck would certainly work. Like the pants too but wouldn’t wear the shoes here in winter.

  16. Joyce Reardon says:

    Yes I’d wear that coat in a heartbeat. Classic!

  17. When the north wind doth blow, I want that coat! Recently, I purchased two sweaters in that same soft white color. This is a style that I wore many times in the past and would love to wear again. Love it!

  18. Haha looking at the mannequin…it’s a “what’s wrong with this picture “ love the coat but with closed toe shoes/boots…

  19. I LOVE this coat! Not sure how it would look on me as I am 5’5″ but I would definitely try it out. The one thing though is that I typically only buy a coat if it has a hood. My hair is thin like yours and anything I can do to keep it from getting wind-blown I do, which I believe hoods help. Not a scarf wearer!

  20. Love this… would wear it just as it is only exchanging the footwear to a bootie !
    Very classy.

  21. I’d wear it. Gorgeous coat. Although, if it was cool enough for the coat, I’d be swapping the sandals out for booties.

      1. I absolutely love this coat! It is so classic with the black and white. I would like to see in person to try with other pant colors.

  22. Teresa Landers says:

    Classic outfit and appears to be quality. However, a heavy coat, turtleneck and sandals (?!?) is just weird. Even without the coat, the sandals would be incongruous. The coat lapels are a bit wide for my significant shoulders. Narrower lapels and loafers or boots would be perfect.

    1. Those lapels are pretty significant. My shoulders would prefer narrower ones too. Great observation.

      1. The wide peak lapels is something I would have to consider as well as not necessarily my preference in cut. Otherwise, I like it as am a big fan of tweeds. Do agree with others it something you’d wear with a boots or a shoe rather than a sandal. -Brenda-

    2. Peggy A Foster says:

      I love everything about this outfit. It chic and classic. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  23. this is a classy look, I would love to try it on and see if it worked for me…like everyone else, the sandals gotta go, if its that cold, they are not going to work…the neck on the sweater I wonder about…I love to hide my neck, but that might aggravate me, I love tweed on other people, I did buy a jacket on close out last year, so im looking forward to wearing it this year and seeing how it makes me feel.

    1. I agree, the neck would have to be soft. Itchy sweaters have no place in my wardrobe.

  24. Everything shown today is fantastic. I would be happy to own them all. It surprises me that I like the bright yellow coat as much as I do.

  25. Linda Gaertner says:

    Actually it’s a very classic look and one that appeals to me very much. I’d buy it like it is.

  26. Carol Bloom says:

    I think this coat would be beautiful on a tall woman. I love tweed, think it’s timeless and classy in blazers and coats. The entire outfit I rate a 10.

    1. I am a tall woman and wear this sort of thing frequently. Except for the sandals. What were they thinking?

      1. I’m guessing they had no boots to put on her:)

  27. Susan McC says:

    Yes, I’d wear this outfit. It’s a classic that can be dressed up or down as well.

  28. Great Day! It’s me in the ’60’s!! I love it and have been thinking about those days and wardrobe lately!
    I’m wondering how an old lady would look in this?? But sure would try it! Beautiful lines, classic.
    The sandals ??? It needs boots!!
    Ahhh, college days!

    1. Shari, my mother dressed like this until she died at 90. People always commented how well dressed she was. You can never go wrong with the classics at any age.

      1. I agree! Classic is always in style.

  29. Paulette Levy says:

    Everything here works for me! We have entered cool, partly cloudy (misty) autumn here in NewEngland. Yes we do have some bright sunny days too. But, this outfit (except the open toe shoes) is ideal fir going out to lunch or to appointments – someplace where jeans don’t really work. I love the mix of classic textures!

    1. The sandals are funny here