Would You Wear It- Warm Spring

Happy Saturday, ladies and welcome to your weekend! It’s time for would you wear it so grab another cup of your favorite coffee or tea and let’s have some fun with fashion.

blond woman drinking tea

Each week my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve photographed and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling. Beyond if, I like to have you share why and how you might style the items. I find inspiration in your comments and so do many other ladies here.


Spring is showing up in my local department stores and I spotted this display of lightweight fabrics in warm-toned shades.

So tell me, would you wear this? How and why or why not?

Popular on AWSL this week:

woman wearing sweater and striped cardigan
woman wearing gray and cream outfit

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Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is  modeling on Over 50 Feeling 40

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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  1. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

    The lantern pants et al looks good on the manniquen, and with shoes yet. Much better footwear choice than on the Nordstrom site, but outside of the color I wouldn’t consider it. Too much fabric, too rectangular in shape and all pieces are ‘imported’ from off shore where you don’t know what kind of conditions the workers have, or if they are paid a decent wage.

  2. I like Miss Mannequin on the right. Love the color of the top.
    Do not care for the lantern pants except for the color.
    Miss right Mannequin looks very traditional with the cardigan tied around her shoulders.
    This is so me.
    Happy weekend and stay warm 🤗

  3. I would like to see the tee and pants without the cardigan and shoes. The colors of the cardigan and shoes seem especially jarring paired with the salmon color. Maybe the tee and pants could make a cute summer outfit paired with sandals and an organic necklace? However, in my opinion, none of the pieces have a flattering shape. The cardigan widens at the bottom with a horizontal pattern and would hit most women at the widest part of the hip. The pants end at the widest part of the calf which would shorten the leg. The rounded toe shoes with the high strap do not look modern. Phew! I guess I wouldn’t wear this lol!

  4. At 5’2” I would look like I was playing “dress up” with a tall red head’s clothes! What works for me is tailored and a completely different color pallet. Back to a tall redhead 😁. I think she would look awesome in this with a beautiful scarf or chunky jewelry around her neck!

  5. Pink Azalea says:

    I have rarely been able to wear Eileen Fisher clothes. They are pretty on the models, but usually too baggy and shapeless for me. I do like the color of the tee shirt and pants, but the sweater doesn’t add anything. If this were the right color and silhouette for me, I would add deep brown accessories – a wide wood cuff bracelet, sandals, and the right shade of orange red lipstick. The beauty of much of Eileen Fisher’s clothes is the simplicity so I think the accessories should support that idea.

    1. I love your styling ideas

  6. I like the colors and think they would look good on me as I’m an autumn. However, I don’t like the baggy look. The linen pants on the right are a beautiful color, but I avoid elastic waists and side pockets that gap and add inches. The baggy tshirt on the right just looks like the wrong size for her. The cardi is a nice color that would work with many outfits, but again, the horizontal stripes around the hips are not flattering to me. Honestly, when I look at these simple lines the first thing I think is “I could make that!” even though I don’t actually sew clothes anymore.

  7. Too baggy and shapeless for me. It would make me look heavier than I am.

  8. You ask would I wear it? Why not?

    No, too baggy, too much material, the colors too choppy together, unstructured. Too much material and too long for the color of this sweater. I am petite and would look dowdy in this. No scarf or jewelry would help this outfit in my opinion.

    I just have no clue how to make it look great. I would love to see some great fashionable clothes on the mannequins for spring, so I can get ideas on what looks good, instead of me trying to put together something.

  9. About 14 degrees here today, so I’m going to read a book and drink lots of tea near the fireplace. Some days I like Eileen Fisher, but this is not one of those days. First, I’d never let this color come anywhere near my face, but more important, I don’t need an outfit like this. If I were to wear the sweater, I’d pair it with a slightly longer skirt or over a dress (again above knee length). Nothing against the lantern pants: I’d try them on, but my clothes need to be more utilitarian or (someday, I hope!) more dressy. I could wear this going to a museum, but the cost-per-wear is definitely not worth it. Others mentioned scarves or necklaces: I’d second those suggestions.

  10. So often with Eileen Fisher I feel like I’m drowning in fabric, but these pieces are much more wearable. Not a good color for me, although the T comes in a shade of almost navy that I really like. But I think the terra cotta is just calling for your pearls, Jennifer.

  11. Susan Brennan says:

    Love the outfits! I am a fair skinned redhead and those colors are fantastic. All of it.

  12. Pamela Over 50 Feeling 40 says:

    Though I own many Eileen Fisher pieces, I do not think I would wear these looks…and I do like the warmer colors. Here are the reasons why:
    1. A slimmer leg pant is more flattering on me, so at this time I would not wear the lantern pant.
    2. The cardigan begins a horizontal stripe right on the hip and would not flatter my curvy figure.
    3. I have recently added the word polished to my causal style. These pieces are wrinkled and not polished enough for me. I have not ever purchased one of her tee shirts because of the wrinkles and sloppy looks.
    Happy Saturday!!

  13. DebbieBuckeye says:

    I love a monochromatic look. The color is understated so perfect for mature women. I will be looking for an outfit like this and also agree a beautiful matching scarf would add style.

  14. The idea of the lantern pants and lightweight is my favorite, and because the color is not my best, I would wear a scarf or light weight sweater in blue, a light floral scarf with matching colors. Neutral shoes.

  15. Love Eileen Fisher for timeless, sustainable clothing. I still wear some of her pieces from a decade ago and they look like new. When you wear all of this brand at once, it can look oversized but a piece here and there can really make an outfit. Worth the price and I like that you can return them to be reused! Trying to be more conscious of my buying decisions these days. Not sure how lantern pants would look on me, however I like the linen pants on the right. I really like the cardigan on the left–I think it just needs a size smaller on the mannequin.

  16. Joann Czarny says:

    I would not wear this outfit in the colors on the mannequin as they are not flattering to me. The sweater is pretty and I might try in a different color or in the ivory with navy or burgundy layers and a scarf to bring color towards my face.
    I hear a lot of good things about the EF Lantern pants, but being tall these would be too short on me. The tee is nice, but again a more jewel tone would work best for me.

  17. I know many women just love Eileen Fisher, but I find her clothes too boxy on me, especially when styled all together. I do like the color of the lantern pants, if not the style. Definitely feels like spring! We’ve only been wearing heavier winter clothes for the last three or four weeks where I am though, so I hope to continue to enjoy my sweaters, boots and coats for a while longer before shifting my focus to my spring wardrobe!

  18. Mixed feelings regarding the three pieces. I would wear the pants if I spent that much on linen pants but not with the long sweater. I like the tee with the pants but not the sleeve length. These days 3/4 sleeve is what I buy. The three pieces styled together look frumpy to me. At 74 that is a look I work to avoid.

  19. Nancy McNamara says:

    I like this outfit but it needs a little “pizzazz”. It’s a little boring. I would put a nice scarf with it, or a long necklace. Love the shoes.

  20. Susan Gowan says:

    I like the style of the left mannequin best. I have a pair of cotton pedal pushers but would pair it with a sleeveless top of blue and green. And put a sweater of light blue on. The cream would wash me away. Happy Saturday, Jen!

  21. I would wear the top and the pants but not the shoes or the sweater..I’m leaning more to muted tones and an over all softer look so these pieces appeal to me…

  22. Nothing about this outfit appeals to me. It looks sloppy and rushed. The cardigan might be doable with a more streamlined pair of pants or a midi skirt. Tshirt does look comfy for working in the yard. Together, I don’t think it works.

    1. I have always loved the look of Eileen Fisher, but the price, even on sale, is just more than I typically spend. I agree with many who have said how great the EF look is on tall, thin models, but not so much on those of us 5’4” and under. I like the color of the tees and the lantern pants. I see it as close to a pastel, which is usually flattering with my coloring. I recall having had a version of lantern pants sometime in my past wardrobe, and I remember liking and wearing them often; getting the right fit, not too long, not too bulky, is the key. If these were less expensive, I would give them a try. I like the color and style of the sweater on the seated mannequin better than the white sweater. By the way, how is the “going gray” coming along, Jennifer? I’m contemplating it, but haven’t gone any further than “thinking” about it.

  23. as someone else stated, too shapeless for me…but I do like that color, I know Chicos calls it canyon red, and I have tried it, still like it, but find it hard to match. for a top, its easy, with jeans….with a pair of pants I bought in that color, I eventually let them go because nothing but white tops worked for me.

  24. I like the pants which just seem to be crop pants but prefer them in another color. I also like the top on the other mannequin to go with it. The fabric looks to be linen which I love on a hot day. But I would have to try them on to be sure the pants hit the right place on my calf.

  25. Yes, I like the soft colors and fabrics. I think she needs something at the neck, as in necklace or scarf. I have some lantern pants that I haven’t worn yet! As Paulette says, maybe when the weather warms up a few months from now. I also like the shoes ! The different directional weave of the sweater adds texture.

    1. I have those shoes in black and love them. So comfy!

  26. Too baggy and unstructured for me. I look better in tailored clothing with clean lines. Eileen Fisher is too baggy for me. I do like the boxy tshirt in magenta. I might wear that with jeans.

    1. Magenta is a fun color!

  27. My first thoughts when I saw Miss Mannequin were that spring is just around the corner. If there were ever a time of the year that I find myself daydreaming, it’s NOW! I tend to make tons and tons of glorious plans for everything that I plan to do once spring hatches. I love the beautiful promises that spring offers.
    As much as I may love this ootd, I have to be real. This long cardigan and loose pants would shorten my already shrinking profile. If the pants were slimmer fitting it may be a keeper. I am not sure about the muted color either. I would need to try it, for sure.
    In comparison, I have noticed how much better, fresher I look when using a clearer, brighter blush. Muted shades just don’t work for me anymore.
    Nothing stays the same for very long! Lol

    1. I agree, Jan. Nothing does stay the same for me either. Spring always feels so hopeful.

      1. I do like this spring color, but I am doubtful the outfit would be flattering on me. I would try it on to see, though. It’s still too cold to be wearing short sleeves and short pants in cotton fabric. But it’s uplifting to see spring colors in the middle of winter. I’m already tired of seeing gray skies and gray clothing!

  28. Sue from NH says:

    Good Morning! I agree with Paulette – its hard to envision wearing lightweight clothes when the thermometer reads 1 degree. That said, even in May, I don’t think I would wear this combination. They are the wrong colors for me, I am a winter, and I have never been a fan of the crop length in jeans and trousers. I’m afraid they remind of flood pants! The sweater looks shapeless, at least on the mannequin. I would pass on this combination.

    1. They are shorter ankle pants 🙂

  29. Julie Work says:

    The outfit seems rather color blah to me, and would do nothing for my fair complexion. On a darker complexion, it just might be flattering. I also do not like the proportions……maybe a shorter sweater with these pants, or longer pants with this sweater?

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    Happy Saturday! I rather like the color combinations here-leaning toward neutrals. It’s hard to look at this as something to wear since it’s 9 degrees here with cold winds blowing in from Canada but come May this might be considered. I like the open cardi just fine but I’m not sure about lantern pants. They’re cute on the mannequin but on me? I’ll need to try them on, certainly!
    I do like the soft grey pants on the other mannequin!

    1. Happy Saturday Paulette! Brrr, that’s cold weather. It’s always interesting to try new shapes and colors on and see how they work for your shape.