Would You Wear This Look?

Happy Thursday, ladies. My trek through Macy’s last week unearthed lots of treasures, including today’s mannequin. I would love us to examine this outfit and discuss which elements would work for us, the ones that don’t, and why.


We know that these shoes are chosen because that’s all the mannequins can wear successfully. But what about the detailing on the pants? The colored stripe in the band of the sweater?

In case you missed it-

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Let’s chat about this outfit…

Do you see a disconnect in the styling?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. I do like the hoody sweater with the shirt but I would wear jeans with them.
    Pants are not for me.
    Navy straight pants would look 👀 nice also for a dressier occasion.

  2. Julie Traxler says:

    I see this outfit like this: pants as is, white tee, yellow nautical jacket and slip on vans.

  3. beth byrd says:

    I like this look quite a bit and wouldn’t change a thing.

    Would I wear it? Yes.
    Could I wear it? Not sure, but I’d definitely try it.

  4. I really like this outfit and can see myself wearing a version of it. I love the hoodie with the 1970s vibe. Oddly I don’t remember wearing hoodies much in the 70s, but have recently found they are my preferred jacket of choice running errands etc. The chambray button down under a hoodie is a great idea—a little more polished than a tee, but still casual and not fussy. I like the sailor pants, however, I can also see cropped wide leg jeans and a cute flat summer sandal with the hoodie & shirt. All the pieces are versatile, so I can see myself wearing each of them with other items I already own. Thanks so much for posting this outfit!

  5. As the outfit is shown, it looks okay. I personally would only keep the pants and instead add a striped top a la French chic and white sneakers.

  6. The hoodie and shirt would look better with jeans, not the wide sailor pants. Too many buttons and a zipper on top. The pants are nice and would look good with a narrow-fitting tee to offset the wide bottoms. I would have to wear a heel with the pants to avoid pooling at the bottom I seem to get at 5’5. The shirt would go with so many outfits and the hoodie has an interesting color band. A Talbot tee is always a good choice because they last and are not sheer.
    That blazer is so you!
    Thanks for the post and have a Great Mother’s Day!

    1. Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Cathlyn

  7. All of it but the heels, don’t do heels anymore.

  8. Frances Chigazola says:

    I think it is a fun and comfortable looking outfit. I always like tan and black paired together and you cannot go wrong with a chambray shirt. I would absolutely wear it.

    1. Tan and black are lovely together, thanks

  9. I like this look and I think I could wear. The only problem may be the band in the hip area.

  10. Good morning. Wouldn’t wear this outfit combination at all. Sweater/hoodie’s color not one of my favorites (makes me look sallow and drawn out) and the horizontal stripes not too smart if one is on the hippy side. Shirt is fine on another outfit, but not with the pants in this one. The black sailor pants are O.K., but I would wear them with a white shirt and perhaps a different black-patterned sweater. Would wear black shoes to give a long, slim yet coordinated look.

    1. I love the dark shoe idea, Nan

  11. For starters; the sailor pants are ‘not’ something I’d personally would choose as do not care for their accent buttons since the lower midriff section is an area I don’t want to draw attention to, so most likely would remove them (if I could … lol!) plus it would also give me more option in tops without the concern of looking nautical (horizontal stripes). Whereas the chambray shirt I feel would be a work-horse in my wardrobe and similar to the zippered hoodie (optional T-shirt underneath) would be paired with casual bottoms. i.e: Slimmer fit Jeans, chinos etc. Do like the neutral footwear. To conclude, I do the like pieces but would tweak them and style differently. -Brenda-

    1. Thanks, Brenda…I know you could remove those buttons

  12. I like the overall vibe of the outfit, even though I would change the color of the hoodie for myself (warm colors near my face make me look sallow). The wide leg black jeans aren’t as versatile, so I would probably op for a dark to medium wash denim pair.

  13. Would definitely wear this outfit!

  14. I would wear this but with loafers

  15. I like the pants. But I’d wear them with a white top. I don’t like the hoodie because the striped detail is in a place that’s unflattering for me. Hoodies only look good on me if I have a jacket over them to add structure to my shoulders. Thank you so much for everything you do!

    1. Thanks for sharing with us, Barbara

  16. Still not a fan of wide legged pants and I don’t really wear hooded sweatshirts anymore. I like the look though, just not for me.

  17. Mannequin looks great but more of a cooler weather look, surprised they’re showing that for spring and summer. This classic casual is my style! The pop of color on the cardigan is a nice touch but I’m not sure I want a bold horizontal stripe across my derriere and I’m not a fan of hoodies on adults. Sailor pants are cute but I wore them once; should I wear again? My eye is just adjusting to the wide leg pants. This is an outfit I wear a version of often and I’d be tempted to try the pieces

    1. Thanks for mentioning that Cyndi, we often forget how something looks from behind!

  18. I like all the pieces, but as others have said, the hoodie is too casual for the trousers. Also, I agree with MP3 about the buttons. I like functional buttons, so decorative sailor pants with a front zipper seem redundant — although everyone is doing it this year. (I guess for easier on/off.) I’d replace the center button with a black one that blends into the color of the pants. I’m not a fan of the shoes but they do pick up the color of the hoodie.

    1. A black center button would be smart!

  19. I love the sailor wide legged trousers. Not with the rest of this look, though. I would like to see them paired with a crisp white shirt, tied at the waist and sleeves rolled up.
    Not loving the beige sweater.

  20. Julie Brown says:

    Meh. I don’t dislike the slacks and the top is fine but I hate the sweater! And the styling with the cuffs reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore in the 1970s. Not again!!

  21. Love this classic look, especially the black slacks with the side buttons. Think this would look good on me.

  22. I really like all these pieces individually. The pants would look cute with striped t-shirt. I would have to try them on to see if truly look like sailor pants once they are on a real body. Love the hoodie details. A rainbow surely lightens the day. I would even wear the shirt –stiff shirts usually do not appeal to me, but this one looks soft and the pockets are muted enough to not distract.

  23. The chambray shirt would be a staple in my wardrobe! I love accessorizing a basic garment like this and probably wearing it as that wonderful third piece. It really becomes so versatile when you layer a variety of smooth fitting tanks with this neutral color. I prefer a sleeveless garment as that first layer to avoid any bunching on the sleeves. I guess you could say that this is most often my summer uniform. So easy to wear!
    I will pass on the hoodie and sailor pants! They would not be a smart investment for me.
    Maybe, spring will sneak in for a few days this week. I am so ready! 😊

  24. I really like the pants. I like the shirt but would not wear with the pants. I would choose a simple, soft fabric/knit shirt to wear with the pants. The sweater is just too casual for me and I do not like the striping/banding falling at the line.

  25. I like everything about this outfit, including the shoes. The clothes are casual and relaxed, and each piece could be worn with lots of other options. You can’t go wrong with a Ralph Lauren chambray shirt, and the hoodie’s stripes are cute. The buttons on the pants look different on the website than in the photo, so I don’t know if I’d actually order those specific ones, but I’ve always liked sailor pants.

  26. I really like the style of the trousers but would prefer in a linen or lighter weight cotton fabric. I find the hoodie too casual for this look, plus I’m not a hoodie wearer, so I would pass on that. I would try a striped Bretton tee instead of the chambray shirt for a true Chanel inspired look.

    1. That’s a great idea to tie the look together

  27. I see buttons everywhere. I would not wear the shirt with dress pants that have big side buttons. The pants need a slim v-neck Tshirt tucked in. Chambray is too casual for black dress pants. The hoodie would be cute with jeans in a better color like bright green or blue. Happy Cinco!

    1. Great observations…I see a lot of varying style buttons too

  28. I like how the wider pant legs balance the top half (I’m an inverted triangle shape). I am not a fan of the buttons, however. I love the chambray shirt and cardigan: both are classic and versatile.

  29. Jennifer, there does seem to be a disconnect between this hoodie and the sailor pants. I would not wear these two pieces together. Instead I would wear the hoodie in pale blue (camel looks terrible on me) with a navy blue v-neck tee shirt and a pair of dark wash navy, straight leg jeans. I love the colored banding on this hoodie.

    1. I did see a disconnect too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  30. Judy Anderson says:

    LOVE everything about this outfit!! (Except the shoes!)