Would Your Wear It- Holiday Cheer

Happy Saturday, ladies. It’s time for would you wear it so grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s have some fun with fashion. Each Saturday, my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve come across and ask if you would wear what it’s modeling.

I share my styling thoughts and ideas all week, so on Saturday, I want to hear yours! Let’s exchange styling ideas and inspire each other to think outside our styling box.

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What’s in my cart this week-

Funny enough, I ordered three of these Peeps Eyeglass cleaners. One for my car and sunglasses, one for my dressing table for when I put on my glasses in the morning, and one for next to my chair where I sit and read. Dirty lenses drive me crazy.


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What are your thoughts about the mannequin?

Would you wear this outfit? As is or how would you style it?

Now let’s go see what Pam’s mannequin is modeling at Over 50 Feeling 40

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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  1. Pamela Over 50 Feeling 40 says:

    Happy Saturday, Jennifer! I would wear the jacket and scarf, but with either dark blue jeans or black. I would not wear it over purple but maybe something green, black, navy or gold. I might wear the purple sweater with something else. These denim crops? No for me!

  2. I would wear the plaid jacket with a white light weight knit mock turtleneck, dark longer, straight jeans, booties, maybe a thin black belt.

  3. Link didn’t work for jacket for me. I love this whole outfit. I would wear it exactly this way. I really like red plaid in the Winter. It’s just so cheerful but it’s just the whole combo here, What color boots? Would black work? I only need the jacket. I have almost the same thing in other pieces.

  4. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

    Yes and as is mostly. I’d have to add tights and shoes, probably booties in black with same color tights. The jacket would look good with at least three of my black jackets and is roomy enough to wear over the one that is long sleeved and cashmere. I’m curious about the dark teal sweater or shaw at the left of the picture.

    1. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

      Jackets on mind but meant dresses.

  5. Well, each piece is beautiful on it’s own.
    Together, not so much.
    Well maybe the scarf and jacket are good. Pared with longer jeans and black or winter white top; cute boots your good to go.
    The purple sweater is a great color with off white pants and that snowflake ❄️ pin. Ballet shoes or boots.
    The jeans – bring them out in warmer (much warmer) weather.
    Hope all had a beautiful Thanksgiving.

      1. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

        I love this correction. After my own English / literature / writing heart.

  6. I love the jacket but feel like I wouldn’t be able to bend my arms if I wore that sweater underneath. I like the color but would wear it with one of their tees in the same color for less bulk. And as others have said, would prefer longer, dark wash jeans. Also with Talbots I check the fabric content because some of their sweaters at least tend to pill easily and look old after just a few wearings.

  7. Love the plaid jacket and sweater, but i would style with dark wash straight leg jeans, lose the scarf, love the brooch. Why they put those capri length jeans with the other items is beyond me! It is a wonderful look for the holidays. Any who, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and look forward to Christmas now.

  8. Leslie Adams says:

    I love this look, and I love the suggestions made about alternative ways to style the look. I disagree that this look is only for the holidays. I would wear this outside the holiday season. The colour is cheery for long drab winters.

  9. I’m relatively new to your blog and am enjoying it tremendously; keep up the nice work. While I don’t have a comment on the outfit, I do have a question about the Glow Maker Vitamin C Serum. How and when do you use it? Do you layer it with other products? Is it greasy?
    Hope you and your family enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving. ……Sunny

    1. I apply it before anything else in the am. It helps with sun damage and also protects from more sun damage. It’s watery, not oily at all.

  10. Sharon E Burkhardt says:

    Yes I would wear it. I think the look isi colorful, fun, and festive. Those pieces (blazer, pin, sweater, etc) could also be used many other different ways.

  11. Brenda Lusk says:

    YES YES and. YES!!! That is if South Louisiana would have cold enough weather for more than a minute! I absolutely love the jacket and sweater separately but combined they are a step above!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree! What a versatile jacket for the entire fall through winter season. It looks great with denim, as well as navy or black pants. A variety of sweater and tee colors, including a crisp white blouse would be fabulous with it. Through it over a simple dress or skirt. Sneakers or dressier shoes work. It is a winner, for sure!

    2. Share your pain. I’m on the MS Coast. 🌞but love the sunshine so there is that.

  12. Love love, love this outfit! Wouldn’t change a thing!! Add a pair of boots and your ready to walk out of the door.

  13. This outfit is great! The plaid jacket reminds me of my Catholic school uniform, I love it. I probably wouldn’t wear the scarf with it although it’s lovely. Love the jeans but would want them regular length. On me they probably would be at 5’1. Ha!

  14. Joann Czarny says:

    The contrasting sweater under the plaid jacket has grown on me. It does make it more casual though. The ankle jeans are too spring/summer with this outfit. I would swap out for a very dark wash boot cut jean with boots and trade the bright sweater for black to make this outfit dressier. The pin is lost on the patterned jacket. I would save it for a black dress/top. The scarf is nice if you want to keep your neck warm.

  15. I really like this look, although I agree with those who want full length pants. I’m cheating a little because I saw someone style the jacket with one of Talbot’s black dresses, and it looked fabulous — so to me, that would be a great way to style it. The jacket does kind of shout ‘holiday,’ though, which limits its usefulness. My mom told me years ago that if you wear a piece that everybody will remember seeing, then you can’t wear it often. I think that’s true in this case. Still, I like the outfit a lot.

  16. love the blazer, but don’t like the “stuffed” look of it over a cabled sweater and I agree with someone else who thought the scarf looked like knee socks around the neck. I would love to see the blazer with black or deep blue or deep green velvet for the holidays and dressy look. For the everyday I’d do dark pants and turtleneck (flat knit) or shirt………white shirt with ruffled front would be pretty. I think it could also team with a dark maxi skirt.

    If I did the velvet (skirt or pants) a ruffle front and maybe ruffle cuff would be nice under the blazer and lots of your favorite pearls. The pin is cute, but sort of lost on it.

  17. I like jacket, the cut and the pattern. I don’t think I would wear a sweater underneath because of the added bulk, or the scarf..but then im in South Florida, so I haven’t had a scarf like that in several years…but with the jacket I would pair some nice dark wash jeans, some shoe boots, and maybe a blouse or tank of a coordinating color under the jacket.

  18. The red plaid jacket with jeans I love this outfit. So cute, casual and can wear with heels and look so dressed.

  19. Ann Martin says:

    I like the purple-blue tone of the sweater and would definitely wear it, but think it would look better paired with black jeans or pants. The jacket is cute, but a little too festive to wear after December. To be perfectly honest, my first thought upon seeing the photo was “Why is there a pair of knee socks around her neck?’ No lie! Happy weekend, Jennifer!

  20. I like the casualness of this outfit with a few adjustments. The plaid blazer is cute but I would definitely change out the buttons. I would add a black vneck tshirt or cashmere sweater and a simple necklace. The jeans are fine and black suede booties are needed. The scarf would be cute with my pea coat. A cable scarf and cable sweater is too much cable. Happy Saturday

    1. Adorable! I wouldn’t need to cuff the sleeves of the jacket, and it’s probably pretty tight for the poor mannequin, not to mention for a human being! You could do so many things with the jacket as others have said.
      This is a busy outfit, but fun in the spirit of the holidays.

  21. Would absolutely wear this, though I prefer my jeans a little longer. The jacket is outstanding and really pops. Love the sweater color and both pieces could be styled with many other combinations for a number of stylish outfits.

  22. I own a red plaid jacket much like this one, so yes, I would wear it. However the short jeans are a no. When the weather turns cold, like now, there is no way I would wear this length unless tucked into very warm boots with socks. Our temps have dropped to the level that this weight of jacket has a short span for wearing here, but it gets out on milder days and is a bright spot of fun. Yes to a scarf always.

  23. The jacket is a winner, the star of the outfit, and I love it. I don’t care for it paired with the faded jeans. Personally I would style the jacket with darker rinse jeans and a cream sweater underneath. Or better yet, dress it up with black pants and the cream sweater and jacket. I would highlight the beautiful jacket however I wore it. Full length pants are all I wear in the winter…too cold here for bare ankles. So I would add booties to complete the outfit. I would not wear a scarf or brooch, but add a delicate necklace and earrings.

  24. Susan McClelland says:

    I like this outfit. The shawl collar on the jacket gives it a modern look. I love red and with the tweed pattern, it would go with lots of other pieces in my closet. It would look great over a black shirt/sweater and slim pants. I would also wear the sweater but in a different colour (black or pink). I would pass on the jeans. The ankle length style isn’t practical for Eastern Canadian winters – it snowed here yesterday so time to break out the fuzzy socks.

    Happy Saturday.

  25. I would wear this over all look. The colors are not good on me. And I’m also would change the jeans to a straight leg, full length in a dark wash. The pair pictured look too casual.

  26. Almost all of these items would work for me! The scarf would have to be left behind. Since I’m vertically challenged, scarfs just overwhelm me! Otherwise, I really like the outfit!

  27. I try to avoid “one and done” pieces- items I can wear only once a year. This shouts “Christmas,” so it would go to the back of the closet on January 2. I might go with a holiday color like solid red or green that could be repurposed.

    The blue sweater under the blazer looks bulky and uncomfortable. I’d sub with a shell- hopefully a pretty silky one- in white.

  28. Love the whole look…just jump into it and go!

  29. I am so over ankle pants! Please just a longer length that does not break up the long lean line of my legs.
    The sleeves look a bit tacky with the lining showing.

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    Well there are things to love here and just one disrupters as I see it. That blue sweater doesn’t work for me here. I actually love blues, all blues— but paired with this particular plaid I feel something is off? A different sweater might be better? . Maybe a pale green? Or ivory sweater? Even palest yellow? Love the rest of the outfit and would wear it! The blue sweater, however, doesn’t work in my opinion.

    1. Suzanne W Duchesne says:

      I agree with you – the jacket is so cute though with the cut and color.