WYWI – Is This Your Style?

With the official start of fall just one day away, retailers are bringing out all their plaids and tweeds. Is this your style? Do you like tweed, plaid, houndstooth, etc? Let’s discuss fall textures.

Today’s mannequin is wearing blue with vicuna, which is a combo I’m seeing styled together a lot this season. Do you pair warm with cool?


When I poll my readers, less than 60% like Would You Wear It (WYWI), but enough of you do, that I will continue with it because, frankly, I often learn great styling ideas from reading your comments!

Some women are insulted by the blunt and sweeping judgments other readers make. For that, I apologize. Several blogger friends have comment moderation turned on for every single comment on all posts because they can’t trust their audiences to be polite. I’ve never felt that it is necessary.

Please know that when I post an outfit for a brand collaboration, I’m simply sharing some new fashion I hope you may like. You needn’t feel it’s an invitation to critique them. I like to reserve those conversations for WYWI where they’re the most constructive.

Let’s just try to be cognizant that while this is an open forum, and everyone in our community has feelings.

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Back to the mannequin…

I never comment on WYWI, but I can’t help myself with this one. When you click through to the jeans here, you see the entire outfit on a real woman. Mannequins often make clothes look better than they really are, but in this case, the opposite is true. On the mannequin, the jacket looks shapeless, and the jeans look too short. It’s also pretty obvious that the J. Jill website image has been altered to desaturate the colors, which is most notable in the shirt and it appears warmer than it is.

I feel a misfire between the neckline of the shirt and the blazer lapels. I would choose a shorter necklace that didn’t lay right on top of the shirt placket.

What about you? What stands out with this look?

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.






  1. I look forward to WYWI and am glad you’re continuing with it. The entire outfit looks great on the model and I would wear it myself, although with a button-front denim shirt instead of the one shown. As for blunt and sweeping judgments, Jennifer is showing us photos of clothes on models and mannequins , so any judgment is for the CLOTHES, not anyone personally.

  2. This is a very interesting post. I personally prefer to evaluate the clothes based on the presentation on the mannequin than on the live model. I do not tuck my shirts in as I have a rectangular build. The presentation on the mannequin is not very attractive, and I can tell that is what it would look like on me with the denim shirt hanging out from underneath the jacket. That is just my perspective based on my shape. The comments have been terrific on this post. I will say that I don’t remember ever seeing a comment that I felt was rude or unkind.

  3. I appreciate your work on this Blog. I look forward to it everyday. You cover a wide variety of options which is awesome. Love your personal style.

  4. I enjoy plaids and tweeds once it’s cool enough in the Southeast!
    Back in the 90s, I had a soft tweed blazer that I absolutely loved…it was blues and tan, had just a touch of wool and the material was so soft.
    I’ve been looking for something similar the last few years but have yet to find it.
    Please let me know if you happen across one.

  5. I understand what you mean about the difference between a mannequin and a live model. I really like the blazer and jeans but I think I would pair it with something more fitting. I agree that the necklace would look better shorter.

  6. I have blazers in my closet I never wear, but I used to. I still like them but I find them to be uncomfortable. Coincidentally, I plan to stop into J. Jill today. One of the items that I intend to check out is the denim blouse with the ruffle, but now that you pointed out that the denim is not faded, I am not as interested in it.

  7. I also like this segment. I do like the outfit — the denim works but the neckline of the blouse not so much. I have always liked plaids and often wear them, but too frequently the items are sloppily made; the designs should match up at the seams and that is rarely the case.

  8. I absolutely prefer a live model . I noticed in our stores there are very few mannequins. The outfit on this mannequin today looks sloppy to me, but the live model looks good. The mannequin will never sell me the outfit. A lot of the mannequins that are presented here I just don’t look further to check out the item.

    I like plaid blazers, but color and structure are important to me. This one doesn’t look well made. I would wear a denim button up shirt, not a ruffle one. The shirt needs to be tucked in for sure. I might like darker pants , longer, with ankle boots.

    My favorite presentation is live model with the whole outfit coordinated head to toe, and different ways to wear it. I need ideas ,so this helps me put things together. I noticed Talbots and other online stores show “how to wear it “. I think this sells it .

    When you model what looks good on you , all coordinated, it looks better than a tall skinny model or mannequin. I am 5’2” so when you model clothes it helps a lot. Thanks for all you do.

  9. I like the jacket and trousers — the denim shirt not so much. I think retailers are going overboard on denim shirts this year: Talbots is pairing a denim shirt or tunic with just about everything. It would be dressier, but I’d style the jacket with an ivory or blue seater to pick up colors in the jacket. I think a v-neck or crewneck would be nice — maybe a cowlneck if it would fit properly under the jacket? Different necklines would make the longer necklace more acceptable.

  10. Hi!
    I love this segment! I actually look forward to it.!❤️
    I like the. Colours but I would have to actually see the items in person. I’m old school. I like to feel the fabrics.

  11. I don’t wear many patterns in general, I like tweed and boucle, but don’t wear it much. I have summer coloring, so when fall/ winter clothes come in, I admire, but buy less, I look for a cooler color palette if possible.
    I would mix warm and cool if it looked good with my coloring.
    I would like say that I turned to online advice on dressing because retailers/ magazines are mostly unwilling to show older models. So I believe there is a “ underlying “ frustration showing up in some comments, probably due to this .
    Very few models in advertising have short hair, grey hair, are short in stature, or are curvy, etc.
    So I thank you for your blog.

  12. I don’t usually wear plaid but I would wear this jacket and outfit combo. I like the contrast of the denim with the warmer colors. I learned something from your comments about the long necklace and the collar of the shirt. I enjoy WYWI and hope that you continue to share these with us.

  13. This outfit definitely looks better on the live model! I like the blouse and blazer together. I love to wear fall colors. They have always looked nice on my but as my Auburn hair has grown darker and grey, we will see how long that lasts.

  14. I enjoy the real look on real women so much more than pictures of models with editing. The blazer looks interesting, but I won’t really know how it feels or fits until I get a real perspective from a real person. I also would try the blue top underneath, not with the blazer though. Have a great day.

  15. I like the idea of this outfit a lot. It seems every fall they show this color combination. Sometimes I’m tempted and purchase an outfit like this. But I quickly revert from colored jeans to blue denim. So that means I don’t wear the denim shirt. I may try the longer open suit-style jacket. But the odds are that’ll end up in my closet replace by a sweater. I love the ruffled neckline but not the elastic gathered sleeves on the shirt. I would ditch the necklace but I’m wearing the outfit, not in the business of selling clothes. Thanks for asking for our opinions.

  16. I believe this is a try-on outfit for me.
    Miss Mannequin does not do it justice. I like the denim shirt and the plaid in the jacket. Would like to try it on this body and see what happens.
    Thank you for telling us to “Be Kind”. It makes a difference in your personality.

  17. I never wear plaid, but that is just me. I’m not much into patterns of any sort. So difficult to get excited about “fall” clothing since I live in Florida where it is still in the high 80s. Our “fall” here is in January! lol I so look forward to wearing pants again and some sweaters. Wearing shorts all the time gets really old. When I buy anything now I have to gauge how hot I will be when wearing here in Tampa. I do agree that the blouse with this jacket is not the best choice. And a short necklace would be better also.

  18. Sorry to ask the obvious and I am sure I have seen this before, but what is WIWY? Would I wear it and why?

    Thanks to anyone who can let me in on the acronym.


  19. The willowy model on the website shows a hair color very similar to the color in the jeans. It creates a gorgeous style that frankly, she may be the only one to pull it off. If I were to order this entire look for myself, it would be a huge miss. The mannequin is probably a more honest view of how the details matter. The neckline is distracting not flattering and the length of the jeans is a distraction also.
    Like another reader mentioned, the color of our hair today makes a huge difference in what colors we can wear today.
    I love chambray shirts and have a nice little collection to choose from, including one that has some ruffle detail. But, I always wear them as a third piece with a tshirt or tank in a flattering color. I love to dress them up by adding a longer statement necklace and/or some fun bracelets.
    I enjoy WYWI and enjoy reading the other comments too.

  20. I like the jacket and the jeans but not this shirt with the outfit. I think it would look a lot better with a soft camel sweater or even a neutral tee. I enjoy these posts – they do make me examine why I like/don’t like a particular style which helps me better define my own personal style.

  21. Jennifer, thank you for reminding us to “mind our manners.” In that spirit, all I’ll write is that this does not match my style, but happy for readers who found a new look.

    1. Well said! I agree! Variety makes our wardrobes all different and interesting. I might check out the blouse? Maybe with black jeans or a black knit type traveler pant? Thanks Jennifer for helping us keep an open mind!

  22. Neither appeals to me to wear as is. It looks somewhat sloppy in the picture, but a lot less so if you see the person wearing the whole outfit. I think the model, with her coloring, looks nice in it even with the odd neckline matchup but minus the necklace!
    It feels like this a point in time where “anything goes” and mixing up odd combinations can be interesting. This mix-up on a younger person is ok with me.
    I love plaids and tweeds in a cool palette and especially a black and white houndstooth!

  23. I actually bought this jacket last week. I have camel and rust color jeans to wear with it. I don’t care fore the denim shirt. I plan to wear a collar shirt, tee or turtleneck.

  24. I love the color combination of this fall fashion, I have just purchased a pair of pants in this nutmeg color, and plan to wear them with a blue shirt. However, like you, the neck treatment on the house is not working, the blazer looks Kind of cheap, and very boxy.
    I believe the only way to pull off a menswear look is to at least make the cut feminine, and more fitted.

  25. I honestly love nothing about this outfit. I feel each piece fits with the other to get along. Its a hard pass for me.

  26. Clothes on this mannequin look similar to what I have in my closet now. I have lots of denim from my teaching days and I even have several denim handbags. I like all textures you listed and they make up my winter wardrobe. The jacket shown looks like a unlined wool blend. Mine are lined so they are heavier. I like this lighter look on the mannequin. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The outfit on the mannequin looks shapeless. The model styles the outfit much better. I like the jacket & jeans . The denim top is cute but I would not wear it with the jacket. Although I like the pieces I’m not sure It’s a look I would wear.

  27. Sorry to say, there isn’t one thing on the mannequin I would wear or certainly put together as it appears.
    Usually there is something positive I can see, but not today!!

  28. Good morning! I like both the denim shirt and the blazer; I dislike them together. I think it would work better if the shirt were collared.
    I love tweeds and plaids; however, many of the warmer colors of autumn no longer work for me and my white hair and cool-toned skin. They looked great when I was dying my hair red for all those years!

    1. I agree with everything you said. Even though I’m a cool winter when my hair was strawberry blonde I could wear the warmer fall colors near my face. No longer with the white hair around my face. I do like a small black and white hounds tooth pattern, just can’t go wrong with it. Have gotten rid of most of the “fall” colors in my wardrobe except for a few bottoms.

      1. Jennifer, I love Would You Wear It. Please continue. In my opinion knowing what I wouldn’t wear is just as important as knowing what I would wear. It really helps me hone my style. In today’s WYWI, I would not wear it because of where I live-/99 degrees here in Texas. I love blazers and if I lived in the Northeast I would consider it.

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