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10 Ways To Wear A White Shirt

When we talk about wardrobe essentials, one of my favorites is the classic white shirt. Whether fitted, loose and flowy, crisp cotton or silk, classic white shirts are a tried and true way to create a casually chic outfit. They dress up and down to go with everything from bathing suits to taffeta maxi skirts, and everything in between. It’s the ultimate chameleon in your wardrobe so let’s look at 10 ways to wear a white shirt.

fashion blogger Jennifer Connolly wears white tunic shirt and narrow black pants

  • Wear an oversized, long, and loose white tunic shirt over your favorite skinny jeans or leggings. This is the perfect way to look crisp and polished in those super comfy leggings.
  • Tie your white button-down at your waist, over a sleeveless slip dress.  This also helps to give you some waist definition in a straight dress.
  • Wear your white shirt tucked into jeans, pants, or skirts for a smooth look. Go for a full of half-tuck depending on how full the shirt is.
  • Try it as a bathing suit coverup to the beach or pool. The longer the shirt, the better for this:)

fashion blogger jennifer connolly wearing white shirt tied at the waist

  • Try tying your white shirt at your waist, open or buttoned over a tee.


  • White shirts look great worn under a pullover sweater, either tucked or untucked.

fashion blogger jennifer connolly wearing a white shirt under pullover

  • Try a long white shirt or shirtdress buttoned and belted over slim pants.
  • White shirts do double duty worn open as an outer layer over other tops.white shirt worn open as jacket


  • Try your white shirt under a long or short vest or a sleeveless dress.

3/4 sleeve white shirt under sweater vest


  • And of course, if your lifestyle permits, try tucking your crisp white shirt into a ballgown skirt ala Sharon Stone or Carolina Herrera.

Best White Shirts For Travel

Knits are the best way to go for wrinkle-free travel, but I’ve also discovered some no-iron crisp white shirts travel beautifully.  They come out of your bag, looking almost as smooth as they went in. It’s easy to steam out any residual wrinkles with a quick steam in the batheroom. I’ve also given mine a little swish with handsoap in the hotel sink and hung to dry.jennifer connolly wearing white button down shirt tacked into blue jeans

Removing Stains From White Shirt

No-stain technology is terrific these days, but invariably they’ll get stains. The Spruce recommends a vinegar and baking soda paste. Cleanipedia suggests a vinegar and salt combo. I swear by my trusty Tide Pen and never travel without one.

*When wearing a white shirt, remmeber The One Bra You’ll Never Need!

How To Prevent Gaping Shirts

Gaping between buttons is a common problem with even the finest white shirts. First, look for shirts with a button that is directly level with the broadest part of your bustline. If that isn’t enough, gaping is easily prevented with this fashion tape. I love this stuff. Every woman should have this in her arsenal. Carry one in your bag, keep one in your glove box, and give one to your best friend. It solves a multitude of problems, invisibly. Fashion tape also secures plunging neckline, sliding bra straps, scarves, and will temporarily keep your hem up without ever leaving a mark on anything.

Of course, a crisp white shirt could be one of the 5 Wardrobe Essentials You May Not Need!

What’s your favorite way to wear a white shirt?

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