A Few Beauty Items I Swear By

Happy Wednesday ladies. I did my own shopping for Amazon Prime day yesterday, and in the process, spotted a few beauty items I swear by that you may like the look and value of.

For example, this Braun Epilator which I LOVE!braun silk epilator

I have an older Braun version of this epilator and love it! I got so tired of missing huge swaths of hair while shaving in the shower (without my glasses on) that I gave this a shot and I’m hooked. I only have to use it every few weeks and the regrowth is so soft, that I never notice that it’s back until I look really closely. Today’s the last day at 40% off.

I have this Beauty Blend Marine Collagen on auto-renew, but if you haven’t tried it, I can highly recommend it plus it’s 20% off for Prime.

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This Ring Video System has been one of the best things we’ve added to our home. I can literally answer the bell and speak to the delivery person through my phone from anywhere in the world! I can see them and they have no idea I’m not home. My husband gets such a kick out of keeping an eye on the house with our system!

I swear by my Waterpik. My dentist tells me I have the gums of a teenager… too bad my teeth aren’t the same:) They say it doesn’t replace flossing for gum health, but it’s a close second in my mind. I add a capful of Hydrogen peroxide to the water which helps to kill mouth bacteria.

We added one of these eero wifi boosters to the kitchen which has helped boost our wifi on the other side of the house. We could probably benefit from one more, but this one has made a huge improvement.

The Nuface I have is part of the sale and marked way down so I bought one for a Christmas gift 🙂

As always happens when shopping online, I can across this beautiful travel makeup bag and had to order it. My makeup bags have taken a beating this year and one looked particularly tacky after my latest eyeshadow cracked inside it, so I’m excited to refresh mine.

How do you keep your eyeshadow from cracking when you travel? I’m the one carrying my bags because I only use a carry-on, so there is no excuse for the number of perfectly good eye shadows I have shattered.

Have a great day and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.








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  1. Re: eyeshadow. (1) Since I hate to lose product, when my eye shadow starts to break up I put what I can salvage in a little jar and use it as loose eye shadow powder. I save the little jars that are the packaging for some cosmetic samples for this purpose. Very small storage containers are also available from the Container Store. (2) Bare Minerals makes a loose eye shadow powder that comes in little plastic jars. These are what I usually use for travel. You do have to be careful when opening the jar, however, to make sure they don’t spill after they’ve been jostled around in transit.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi…I use a cream eye shadow by Lancôme..have never had a problem with shattered….You must use a powder…

    1. I must give cream eyeshadow a try.

  3. Paulette Levy says:

    I’ve been packing cracking prone “stuff” in my little square jewelry boxes I save from places like JJill- there is some spongy something in there to insulate jewelry you buy so my thinking was it would protect other items. It does work.
    So far !

    1. Great idea, Paulette

  4. I’ve had success with cream eyeshadow while traveling so I don’t have to worry about cracked eyeshadow.

    1. What brand do you like?

  5. I too was ordering off Amazon yesterday. Got our tween all her Birthday wishes. It was so much fun.
    Now the cracked eyeshadow:
    My eyeshadow comes with a protective shield in the case. (Bear Minerals is what I use. )Also, I pack it in my LL Bean travel case which fits into my carry on. I have the small size which is perfect. Has a hanger and un-breakable mirror. All kinds of pockets that keep things from moving all over the place.

    1. Is the unbreakable mirror a magnifying one?

      1. Had to go look. Have not used the mirror in about 2 yrs. (No traveling) “No” it is not. Only a little bigger than a credit card. But has Velcro on the back so it sticks to the inside on the
        hanger part. Just the right height when you hang it from a bathroom hotel hook.

  6. Thank you for reminding us about the shaver. I have trouble shaving in shower as well, and soft skin underarm gets nicked often. Braun makes several. I bought one without the brush attachment, as I have a battery complexion brush. The prices are good now.

  7. I also use zip lock bags for toiletries during travel, sometimes two together. I also plastic wrap certain items also, it does help. I have a travel waterpic, it’s not very forceful, but it helps, any recommendations would be welcomed.

  8. I use Ziploc snack size bags in my makeup bag. Shadows in one, liquid foundations (which sometimes overflow a bit in the pressurized cabin) in another, etc. It is not an elegant look, but it totally saves a mess & they’re easy to toss & replace if (when) something leaks. I also keep a new eye shadow just for travel. The older, more used cakes seem to be the ones that crumble. I rotate them; when they start to get worn down, they become my stay-at-home shadow.

    1. Great tips and observation about the age of the eyeshadow. I do the opposite and travel with my older ones! That’s my problem. Thanks Jo

  9. Katelyn K says:

    Oh forgot, I use the portable cordless WaterPik when I travel and have a corded larger watertank on my vanity. I have several implants that require the trust of a WaterPik and they work wonders to dislodge all that excess food between teeth. I use with dental floss to make sure everything around the gums remains free of debris. I like your idea of hydrogen peroxide. How much do you use in the tank?

    1. I have two implants too. Just about one teaspoon full. My oral surgeon recommended it to me.

  10. Katelyn K says:

    Been waiting for that epilator to go on sale and thank you Jennifer for posting this sale. Great deal. I’ve had the ring doorbell and camera for a few years now and just love how I can answer the doorbell when I’m out and screen out solicitors. I keep my eyeshadows in tight packing when I travel and haven’t had an issue with breaking. They are always in my cosmetic bag wrapped in plastic for cushioning. I have had my extra colors of lipstick melt though in the cosmetic bag and I doubt anything will prevent this unless you have some good ideas. Have a happy Wednesday everyone.

    1. It’s hard to imagine not having our ring system now. It’s so great. Wrapped in plastic makes perfect sense! I need to find a little piece of bubble wrap.

  11. Carol Leeson says:

    I keep a paper towel, cut to fit in my eyeshadows. So far, it has helped absorb the bumps,

    1. I do the same and then use a hair band to keep the eyeshadow case closed in transit.

      As for cracked eye shadows, I learned this trick from a magazine article somewhere years ago: retrieve as many pieces of the eye shadow as possible and place in their original reservoir, then put a drop of rubbing alcohol on them and mix together with a small spatula or your finger (consistency will be pasty). Once dry, voila — the eyeshadow is solid again and like new!

      1. That’s brilliant, Kelly!

      2. ETF ref
        Yes, Kelly H. I’ve done this and it works!