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I don’t want to terrify anyone (myself included) but did you notice that the holidays will be here in eight weeks? Last I looked it was Halloween but a quick stop into Starbucks confirmed we are closing in on Christmas.

I aspire to be one of those people who is ready a week or three before the event. That hasn’t happened for several years but I keep hoping.

Good intentions aside, the spirit has to hit me to light that fire under my credit card so, to jump-start my mood, I’ve done some online surveillance. OK…truth, I ordered some of these for me then realized I know the perfect person who would love them.

Shearling is huge this year, real and faux. Here’s what I found.


You can also favorite an item to get notified when things get marked down!

I have friends who begin their shopping on December 26 for the following year. I can’t possibly be that organized plus I hate fighting the crowds. There’s also something to be said for giving a gift you know people really need or want. How can you know what someone needs in a year from now?

Plaid is huge for fall and always a popular gift, especially but not only for the men on your list.

Cashmere is a joy to give and receive. Most of these would go onto my wardrobe but you get the idea…I’m trying to get in the spirit.

I love to give and get beauty items. The beauty insider sale is already on at Sephora for members with the highest status. Access is based on your Beauty Insider Status which is free to sign up for and gains you points based on how much you spend in a calendar year. Rouge members get 20% off from now until Nov 5th. On Nov 9th, the VIP level gets access to the 20% discount until Nov 12. On Nov 16-19, the public has access to 15% discount which is still nothing to sneeze at and worth waiting for.

Have you started your holiday shopping?

What are you gifting this year? Please share your ideas in the comments. All suggestions welcome.

Thanks for reading ladies and have a great day!


  1. We give each other the gift of time. A weekend away to a nice bed and breakfast or nearby inn and spa. I got this idea from a friend who said that although she and her husband could not afford a yearly trip south they could afford a little get away in January or February. They wanted to be close enough that they could return home quickly in case of emergency ( teenagers;). I got thinking about that and thought instead if a lot of stuff we didn’t need put the money towards a night or two away. Sure we still enjoy making little stockings for each other with lotters tickets, toiletries, chocolate,socks etc. We buy for our sons, daughter in law and grandson as well but those a practical gifts. ( also my two sons are Christmas babies 21st & 24th)

    1. I agree! An experience is a great gift for those of us who have no needs. It becomes about wants. Has he ever wanted to race a car, skydive, take a cooking class, watch waves crashing onshore, a getaway weekend in a luxury resort, golf lessons, a fishing trip, etc. You get the idea.

  2. Last night, I got home from an annual 3 day Christmas shopping trip with a group of girlfriends! You would think that with all that shopping, I’d be finished already, but no. I’ve made a good start and I have ideas for most, but I’m stumped when it comes to what to buy my husband this year! We simply don’t need more stuff.

  3. Barb Shapas says:

    For the past several years our family has decided that we’d rather experience something together than get “things” for the holidays; the memories will last much longer than items! We buy fun little stocking stuffers for each other and gifts for our little granddaughter, but all of the adults agree we don’t need any more stuff. Our home is full, and our kids small homes don’t have the room. This year we’re all going to the Ice Cream Museum in San Francisco, then a peek into the adorably decorated Christmas windows at Macy’s Union Square, followed by lunch or dinner in the city. Great times spent with our family!

    1. Experiences are the best Barb! You’ve just given me a great idea for my husband. Thanks. Miss you

  4. Today is 7 (seven) weeks until Christmas Eve! 8 weeks and you better be preparing to enjoy New Year’s Eve 🙂

  5. I’ve bought a few things. I don’t have a lot of shopping and I always have it done by December 1. There are some lovely items here. I must take a peek!

  6. Christine says:

    Joanna, thank you for the sunglasses idea, I can use that for my son-in-law. I shop for Christmas stockings all year long, and have a small plastic container in the back of my closet to keep it all in. With two daughters, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters (one in college, one in high school), it’s easy to shift items around to balance the “stuffers.” My husband and I have fun sorting it all into respective stockings. A couple years ago, I was very late shopping and I stumbled upon a good time for markdowns and deals – the week before Christmas! I found items at Banana Republic marked down 2/3 to 3/4 in price; they have lovely costume jewelry. There were great “chop-downs” almost everywhere I went. If you’re not looking for an absolute specific item, the week before is a good time to spend a day or two shopping.

    1. I agree about the sales right before Christmas. If your nerves can stand waiting you can save a lot. Stockings are the most fun for me.

  7. Kathleen O'Brien says:

    WoW! Thanks for the wakeup call – I can’t believe the holidays are so close. This is giving me the push to get started on my list. Thanks!

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    Haven’t started yet, but thinking in that direction…especially for my daughter and daughter in law, and new twins:Ben and Baylee who will be 5 months old at Christmas time.
    I have plenty of ideas, except for the men.(husband, son and son in law)…..they buy their own tech toys with no need for me to go there….ideas?

    1. Hi Paulette! Can I chime in? My husband always asks for a good scotch, leather belt, watch or sunglasses. Pick a belt or belt buckle, watch, or Maui Jims that you know the individual will love and it’ll be a winner. Clothes can be hard to fit and returns are never fun.

      1. Great suggestions. Thanks Joanna. My husband would love those too.

      2. Thank you for these great ideas! I think I’ll plan a day of shopping on Wednesday!

    2. I find the men in my life hardest to buy got too. Lucky you, Christmas is so fun with little ones.

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