Affordable Fall Outfits From Walmart

I often say that great style is available at all price points, and today’s post illustrates the point with some affordable fall outfits from Walmart. Today, I’m sharing a few outfits I bought for an Instagram campaign that I loved so much I decided to share them here with you.

It all started with this green vest, which I wasn’t sure I’d like on me. They call it electric green, which should have scared me away, but I decided to try it, and I love it!

The green is strong and saturated but not too intense for me, and while cool in tone, it doesn’t have a Christmas vibe. It’s lightweight and perfect for mild fall days, so I hope it cools off here so I can wear it. It comes in four colors, sizes xs-2x, and is a steal at $14.98. I’m wearing a medium.

I’m wearing it over a lightweight sweater with lots of cables and fun stitches. This color just screams fall to me, but I worried about how it would coordinate with the cool-toned vest. It turns out to go well together, and the cool vest helps offset the warm sweater because the vest collar is closest to my face. It’s selling out fast at $16.98. I’m wearing a medium.

I’m wearing them with these high-waist flare jeans I mentioned on Sunday. I had to turn the hem up on them because they’re made for women taller than me with a 30 1/2″ inseam. They have a great high rise and lots of stretch with trouser-style front pockets. I love the deep wash for fall, and the flare helps elongate the look of your legs. They’re a great buy at $27.50. I’m wearing a size 10.

I never met a stripe I didn’t love, and that includes this navy and white classic pullover. I’m always happy to find navy because it goes so well with denim. This is labeled a turtleneck, but I’d call it a mock neck because it doesn’t fold over. It’s a midweight but doesn’t feel hot, so it would work for several seasons. I am wearing a small, so it’s slightly oversized, coming in at just $24.

I topped this outfit with a lightweight anorak jacket that’s perfect for fall…spring, too, for that matter, because it’s water resistant. It’s got a snap placket over the front zipper, an interior toggle drawstring at the waist, and a hood. It comes in three colors, I opted for this camel-type color called brown acorn. You get a lot of jacket for just $24.95, and the quality is terrific. I am wearing a size medium.

Last but not least are these western-style booties. You can get a glancing view of them under the flare jeans, but they’re really cute. They have a memory foam footbed with an almond toe and medium/low stacked heel. They come in this cognac or light beige at $24.98. I really like both of these outfits, but of course, it was 93 degrees the day we grabbed these pictures, so I’m still personally wearing my linen and anxious for cooler temperatures.


Thanks for reading and being the best community of women I’ve seen in Blogland. You inspire and help other women with your honest sharing and heartfelt comments. If I haven’t said it enough, thank you for being here: you are the heart of this site.


  1. Love these items. I purchased the vest with your link. It is a good color of green for me (I hope). The boots also look darling, but I would have to try them on. Love to see the more affordable and stylish items. Thanks!

    1. I love the green! I hope you do too and thank you for shopping through my links. I really appreciate it.

      1. Wal-Mart does impress me. Great looking styles for good prices and good quility.

  2. Please take care of yourself first! Enjoy your vacation to Portugal and share with us when you get back. I would still be delighted to read your blog once a week if that is better for you. I got the anorak and some cotton camisoles. I love those jeans but I’m 2 inches shorter than you and they don’t come in petite.

    1. Thanks Sydney. I am needing petites almost all the time now so am on the hunt for the best resources for us.

  3. Great posting, Jennifer! Thanks for including Kohls and Walmart in your reviews. They are great for some of our budgets and lifestyle. Love seeing Nordstrom and other stores too for inspiration. Appreciate it all!

  4. I used to think Walmart was only for household and groceries, but seeing your post has changed my mind. I will give them a try with the jeans.

  5. Francesca B says:

    I bought a faux leather soft blue Moto jacket from Walmart in the Scoop line a couple of years ago now and l wear it every year and always get compliments on it! It looks amazing and the price was terrific. So now l am always looking at their Fall collection especially!

  6. Particularly like the striped sweater and noticing the pattern match. As to the links you provided Jennifer, just thought I’d let you know they may not work for your Canadian readers unless they directly search the online USA website then they can cross-reference. -Brenda-

    1. Darn…I don’t think I can fix that. Sorry.

  7. Jennifer… That “green” vest is simply gorgeous on you!! I love seeing you dipping your toes into more colorful pieces! 🙂

    And……while I have your attention…. Do you remember “waaaay back when” that you told all of us that you were going to cut back to posting every other day?? I felt such relief for you! We all know how long THAT lasted. Maybe one week??

    You, my dear, are WAY past overload, and I’m sure your family would agree. I would like to suggest that you either take a break until you’ve completely dealt with your hip issue or, at very least, cut back to postings three days/week. You actually wear me out with your daily postings (and they’re ALL wonderful!), as I can’t help but think about the pressure you’re under. A body can’t go on like that indefinitely. We know you love us all, but please know that we love you. too, and we want you to take care of yourself!

    I hope that you will take my words to heart. Read them to your family, and see how they react.

    Your caring friend, Kathryn

    1. You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for you kindness. I am going to take some time off while in Portugal to enjoy the trip and decompress. You’re right!

  8. Thanks for showing items at lower price points. I’ve purchase the Time and Tru items from Walmart and they hold up well.M

  9. This review makes me want to try many of these items. The Walmart stores here do not have fitting rooms, so I buy several sizes, go home to try them on, then take them back and try to find different sizes/colors. Maybe I should try having multiple items shipped, then return the ones that don’t fit — it would be fewer trips to a less-than-convenient location. The flare jeans especially look nice, as does the striped mock-neck. The booties sound like they could be quite comfortable with the memory foam insole but they are already sold out.

    1. I have things shipped because it’s so easy, saves me time and I get a better selection!

  10. I have bought jeans from Walmart in the past, and they are quite nice. Walmart’s quality has definitely improved.

  11. Mary Cline says:

    I am so glad you have included clothes from Walmart! I can’t always afford the clothes you suggest but really like your fashion. Thank you much.

    1. My pleasure! The quality is fabulous.

  12. Love the new color green . I think that is a good color on you. Starting to be cooler for us in Texas, so I am getting excited for fall. I have an anorak just like this. Perfect for light rainy, cool days.

    You look good in the slightly flared jeans. I need to try on all my jeans, and see what I need .

  13. I love the vest and sweater on you! I think Walmart is stepping up their game. These clothes look like good quality. Thanks for showing all price points on this blog.

  14. That anorak jacket is the star of the show, and the striped sweater is very similar to one I got at J Crew! Def some gems at Walmart including my favorite cool (temperature wise) pjs from Joyspun. I also find the basic ts and tanks to hold up well.

    1. Their quality is excellent, for sure.

  15. I enjoy your sense of style and fashion. In addition, you lend quality and common sense. Thank you for your insight

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