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Happy Wednesday, ladies. It’s not an overstatement to say that many of us are rethinking our fitness goals this time of year. You’re either thrilled with yours and seeing fabulous results or you fall off the wagon like I do and need to revisit your commitment. For this month’s Over 50 Fashion Edit, Cindy and I are being joined by Rhoda from Southern Hospitality and we’re sharing our thoughts on exercise and athleisure wear over 50.

woman wearing blue athleiisure top and pants at park

For many of us, there’s not a big difference between what we wear on a daily basis and what we wear to exercise. I’m not one of those gals so today I’m sharing what I wear for my walks, followed by stretching then some online classes. For me, looking the part, helps me feel motivated.

woman wearing long zip hoodie

I have long arms and usually need the regular size in tops, but this hoodie is so long, I had to order the petite which fits perfectly. It’s really cozy and warm. It comes in misses, petite, women’s and tall, sizes XS-XL. The top is a dolman sleeve from the Wearever Collection which is becoming a fav. It comes in a gray snake print pattern or this clear blue which is on sale.

over 50 athleisure outfit on fashion blogger jennifer connolly

My pants are the Fit On The Go Slim Leg and so comfy. I have several pairs of these lightweight, woven athleisure pants and love that they can take you shopping with a change of shoes and by adding some accessories.

woman walking in j jill top and pants

My Apple EarPods are constantly falling out of my ears no matter what size of the silicone tips I use. It drives me crazy so I was thrilled to find these ingenious little ear hooks that keep them in my ears. If mine fall out while I’m fast-walking, how do people keep them in while jogging? For under $13, they’re worth their weight in gold.

woman on swing in playground

I don’t jog, so my shoes don’t need to be super special. I love my All Birds for casual days when I am not tearing up the sidewalk. They’re made from a lightweight, breathable eucalyptus fiber that’s super flexible. The tops are knit so they stretch over my bunion, plus they’re machine washable. White or light-colored sneakers are always a challenge for me unless I can wash them. They come in tons of colors and styles. They even make no-slip water-repellent sneakers.

woman leaning on wall wearing athleisure wear

When I’m going on a fast walk my shoes of choice are these New Balance Runners. They also have a knit top and are really cushiony. When the sun is out, I wear a hat. Lately, it’s been this one because it has a chin strap and we’ve been having a lot of wind. I always wear sunglasses, even when it’s not bright because they seem to help with watery eyes.

Now let’s go see what Cindy at Cindy Hattersley Design and Rhoda at Southern Hospitality are wearing.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. Jane Smith says:

    I had the same problem with the air pods falling out so I ordered the ear hooks you
    recommended Have you found a case which holds both so airpods will charge? My air pod charging case does not close with the ear hooks on.
    I always enjoy your columns. Jane

    1. No I haven’t found a case that will hold them both. I have to remove mine to charge them.

  2. Great tip on the AirPods. My version of them is the very first ones they released. The very first day I used them one fell in my dishwater. I dried it with a hair dryer on cold setting and now 5 yrs later it still works. I did stop wearing them for outside use and bought a pair of Air Shoxx that don’t go in the ear but just above allowing one to actually hear other sound. I got tired of yelling at my husband that I couldn’t hear him with the apple ones. I was able to find some silicon sleeves that work fairly well. When we are in the motorhome conversation is nearly impossible due to engine and road noise so I leave them in my little box by my seat and listen to Dateline podcasts with Lester Holt.

    I’m loving my Birdys. I saw them initially on Pinterest! They are my go to everyday sneakers. I bought a second pair so I could wash them. They was very well. I put them in a lingerie type bag that came with a pair of Vince Camuto slip on sneakers. They look like the ones we wore in P.E. in the 60s. Got them at Nordy, naturally!

  3. I wore out a pair of Allbirds. They are that comfortable. I’m going to try the ballet flats next.

  4. You look great. I like everything you’re wearing today and your hair looks very pretty.
    I’m wondering how others feel about the tie waistband that’s on most athletic/athleisure styles now. I ask because my older joggers don’t have a tie and they are more flattering in the tummy area without that knot or bow in the front. Plus I don’t have to fuss with it when going to the ladies’ room. Most are tucking their shirts in because of it I think but when I’m actually exercising I prefer leaving my shirt untucked. Is there a benefit that I’m missing?

    1. There is no benefit and I usually just pull mine right out 🙂

      1. Great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?😄

  5. Mary Ann Pickett says:

    You look great, Jennifer! REALLY motivating me to up my walking attire!

    1. Thank you so much, Mary Ann.

  6. Francesca B. says:

    So much fun thank you Jennifer, lovely outfit, now l am going to get out walking and enjoy the day 🙂 You have inspired me. Happy week!

    1. Happy Wednesday, Francesca

  7. It is amazing how wonderful Jennifer looks in blue. I love your hair this way. I think I’m going for a more bang look next time. I just fell I. Love with this long zip jacket. I don’t know why I never thought to look for a long one before. I live in my short hoodies in the winter. Having a longer one would be great with or without hoodie. Perfect for coastal winters.

    1. I agree! Longer ones keep your backside warm too 🙂

  8. Love all the athleisure wear you both modeled. My husband and I walk every morning and since we live in a colder climate I’ve been wearing fleece lined workout pants. They are so comfy I’m tempted to wear them all day but I don’t. I guess I’m like you Jennifer in that I like to be a little dressier for the day but maybe I’ll rethink that. You both look great!

  9. Very nice athletic wear especially the long hoodie. For those of us in cold climates, Lands End and others sell fleece lined leggings. They are a game changer for outdoor winter activities.

    1. They do sound cozy and very appealing with our furnace on the fritz.

  10. Not to be a downer, but I strongly recommend that women should not wear ear pods or buds when walking or running outside. It’s so important to be aware of your surroundings for your personal safety. I’m speaking from my own sad experience.

    1. Reading between the lines here, I’m so sorry! Of course you’re right. I would not hear someone coming up behind me when listening to a book on tape.

      1. For this reason, I wear Aeroplex, which sits in front of my ears, and sends the sound by resonating through the skull, instead of going through my ears. I’m sure I’m not explaining it well, but I love how they allow my to listen to my book on tape, without diminishing my ability to hear what’s going on around me.

      2. They sound very smart! Thanks for sharing, Natalie

      3. I agree, awareness of your surroundings is important!
        I live in an area with a lot of trails, and a lot of mountain bikers and runners (as well as wild animals!). As a hiker, I want to be smart, safe, and courteous. I know who has right of way, but there are times that I choose to step aside, and take a water break when I know someone is coming, and I’m at a wide spot on the trail. I also make eye contact, and give a friendly nod or greeting when it seems welcome.
        I walk on the right side of the trail, and keep my left ear uncovered.

      4. Very wise suggestions! I don’t need to use two earbuds while walking. I could just use my right one and that’s what I will do from now on. Thank you

  11. I do like going from exercise wear to shopping mood with an accessory change or two.
    I think exercise wear has made such a jump in style.

    1. It sure has improved. Many if it easily crosses over to street wear.

      1. Absolutely! Jennifer😊

  12. Hi Jennifer
    I am one of those people!! I love that tunic from J Jill. I did not see that in the store! I wish they would carry that in more colors. It would be great for Spring. I need to get with it and do some classes. Rhoda is so inspiring! Always fund doing this!

    1. Rhoda is amazing! I’m hauling my free weights out for my arms this AM.

  13. Mary Divine says:

    Just of comment on the ear buds. My hearing has not been what it should for a long time. I got it checked and found I need hearing aides. I cannot have the inner ear aides because my ear canal is very small. I have never been able to use ear buds because the buds fall out. Your ear canal is probably small.

    1. Ah! That makes sense. They probably won’t go in far enough.

  14. Good morning! It’s interesting that you have problems with your apple airpods staying in. I am a runner and don’t have any problem with them. My only issue comes if I forget to take them out before pulling a sweater off over my head! I heard something on TV last night about otomorphology, which is the study of the physiognomy of the outer ear. Our various and unique ear shapes can be as much of an identifier as a fingerprint! Since we can’t easily see our own ears, it’s not something I’d considered. Food for thought!

    1. That is wild! I must have some pretty funny shaped ears. They never stay in. Even waking around the house.

  15. I have different workout clothes for each activity. And if I’m in a workout slump, I will buy something new and colourful to motivate me.

    1. I guess that’s what I’m doing lately too to get myself moving more 🙂

  16. Those pants look more dressed than the regular athleisure style, and I like that the ankles are not elastic, as I do not like that look. I cannot jog either due to knee issues so good to hear that you stay so fit with the walking. You look wonderful in those colours, and I was just wondering if you will be sharing your latest consultation with us. I am curious as to which one you went to.

    1. I’m writing it now and hope to have it ready next week.

      1. I have a high energy dog I walk at least once a day. We often pop in the car to go to different dog parks, so I do my errands on the way. I’ve also made a commitment to incorporating more healthy movement into my day so I end up wearing my “athleisure” clothes a lot.
        I have found good fleece or sherpa lined pants through Walmart. Old Navy has good compression leggings, tunics and sweatshirts.
        I am 5’4″ and have found if I buy tall size tops the length will cover my crotch. I also buy Old Navy men’s tops because I find the fit isn’t that different in leisure or athletic clothes.

      2. I love that you buy the tall tops for that bit of extra length!! It’s so smart and easy to do. Many women don’t remember that option.

  17. Valentine says:

    Your hair looks beautiful ! ” Going natural ” was a great choice .

    1. Thank you. I’ll take all the good hair days I can get.

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