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The Best Athleisure and Activewear for Women Over 60

This time of year always has me rethinking my fitness goals. You’re either thrilled with yours and seeing fabulous results, or you’ve fallen off the wagon like me and need to revisit your commitment. As I shared in July, I’ve embarked on a program to get fitter, which has me running for the Tylenol bottle on a regular basis. Now that I’m in my late 60s, I feel like it’s time to up my game, including my athleisure and activewear.

woman tying shoe lace on sneakers
Outfit sold out

For many women, there’s not a big difference between what they wear on a daily basis and what they wear to exercise. I’m not one of those gals so today I’m sharing what activewear I reach for to wear on my walks, followed by stretching then some classes. For me, looking the part, helps me feel motivated.

woman leaning on wall wearing athleisure wear

I’d also love to hear in the comments what you do to stay active! Are you a class person, prefer to work with a trainer, or simply go on a walk? Let me know below.

Where to Shop for Athleisure and Workout Clothes for Women Over 60

Athleisure is all about balance, combining comfort and style in a way that suits your personal preferences and lifestyle. There are lots of brands out there these days for women over 60 to shop for workout clothes. I’ve narrowed down the list below to some of my favorites and the most popular ones.

  • Athleta: I’ve talked about my love of this brand multiple times! I highly recommend the Brooklyn Ankle pants I’m wearing in one of the pictures below.
  • T by Talbots: A very popular collection within the Talbots wedsite that carries perfomance clothes that move with you and look polished enough to wear out to lunch.
  • Zenergy at Chico’s
  • J. Jill– I have qute a few of their “fit” pieces and love how well the work into my everyday attire.
  • Zella at Nordstrom
  • Vuori, is my new favorite for super soft, stretchy fabrics that feel amazing against the skin.
  • Amazon: If you’re looking for more budget friendly options, I know a lot of people have really good luck on Amazon! There are many styles and fabrics similar to ones offered by brands like Lululemon, for example.

Athleisure Wear and Workout Outfit Inspiration

I love the fit and feel of these Zella ankle pants. They have pockets which I love in ALL garments; they’re a stretchy woven fabric (from recycled fibers) and have slim legs. Form-fitting leggings are great for yoga, but for walking or going to the gym, this is my preferred shape.

Many of you readers suggested I give joggers a try, so I ordered these Vuori Performance Joggers, and I love them. A benefit I hadn’t considered with the jogger style is the length. The Vuori fabric is so amazingly soft and lightweight that I could live in it all day!

woman walking in j jill top and pants
WEARING – (Outfit no longer available) ALL BIRDS SNEAKERS

My Athleisure Essentials for Women Over 50

My Apple AirPods are constantly falling out of my ears no matter what size of the silicone tips I use. It drives me crazy so I was thrilled to find these ingenious little ear hooks that keep them in my ears. If mine fall out while I’m fast-walking, how do people keep them in while jogging? For under $20, they’re worth their weight in gold. Just make sure to order the correct hooks for your version of the AirPods. They aren’t one size fits all.

woman on swing in playground

I don’t jog, so my shoes don’t need to be super special. I love my All Birds for casual days when I am not tearing up the sidewalk. They’re made from a lightweight, breathable eucalyptus fiber that’s super flexible. The tops are knit so they stretch over my bunion, plus they’re machine washable. White or light-colored sneakers are always a challenge for me unless I can wash them. They come in tons of colors and styles. They even make no-slip water-repellent sneakers.

When I’m going on a fast walk my shoes of choice are these New Balance Runners. They also have a knit top and are really cushiony. When the sun is out, I wear a hat. Lately, it’s been this one because it has a chin strap and we’ve been having a lot of wind. I always wear sunglasses, even when it’s not bright because they seem to help with watery eyes.

I recently tried out the Romy Walking Shoe from Easy Spirit. It has been a bestseller for over 15 years with good reason…it’s super comfy and supportive. This shoe is so popular they now make it in 31 colors! It has a padded tongue and collar around the ankle for extra comfort and a lace-up closure for a secure fit.

The Romy is also available in sizes 5-12, in N, M, W, and WW widths, so you can always get a perfect fit. I think of myself as having a semi-wide foot, yet the medium fits me perfectly. As a true size 9 1/2, I love that Easy Spirit makes their footwear in half sizes because having footwear that fits properly is essential for our comfort and foot health. Those of us who find ourselves in-between standard sizes often struggle with whole sizes being too large or too small.

My Favorite Athleisure for Women Over 60 Right Now

Looking to become more active? Here’s a few posts that will help:

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Liz Flores says:

    Can you post the brand/style of the long sleeve cream colored hooded cardigan you are wearing in several photos? It looks fabulous and so versatile. Thanks.

    1. It was from J. Jill a few years ago, as part of their fit collection.

  2. Love reading about everyone being so active. My Mom is 93 and has always said you have to keep moving! She still walks a lot and rakes leaves and gardens. Hope that means good news for me. I have always been active but had a bout of cancer that about did me in – at least that is what everyone has told me. I knew I would be fine. I kept a picture of my horse on the wall in the hospital. It took me over a year to learn to walk again and then i was still weak and my husband would get my horse ready for me (he is NOT a horse person) and then boast me on and walk me around. That was in the spring of 2021. I have a new horse now and I am riding a lot. I just did a fast 8 miles with about 5 at an extended trot. Really working at building my core as I now have a colostomy and nephrostomy tubes. But getting that saddle on a big horse does make you work! I hate that I can no longer swim because of the tubes – but at least I can ride and walk. Also, agree with getting the best fitting shoes you can! And having two pairs are best if you wear them everyday as they actually have to recover – decompress from the pressure. I used to have two pairs and alternated when i was running and racing in my late 40s and 50s. No longer run as i can feel the hips and i knew it was time to stop. Anyway, shoes last about 500 miles so you just keep track of the miles you put on them. I am 67 now – but my primary care doctor is 77 and she rides about every day and does at least 5 miles walking! I want to be her when I grow up!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Jody! You are an amazing woman. Your story gives all of us hope and inspiration!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Try Feetures for socks. I was plagued with plantar fasciitis. Feetures has socks for certain types of feet ailments. I find the plantar fasciitis socs great for when my flat feet arches are bothering me. You can get socks in various thicknesses. I highly recommend. Every family receives one or two new pairs of these socks each year.

  4. Hi Jennifer, I’m wondering why my comments haven’t been appearing on your blog. I’ve responded to two posts recently including a fairly lengthy comment on this one. The comments appear saying that they’re awaiting moderation, but then they disappear which leads me to think that perhaps you’ve been filtering them out for some reason. I hope I haven’t inadvertently said something that offended you. My comments have been on topic and definitely not controversial. I realize that you might not want to respond to this on the blog, so please feel free to email me. Thanks!

    1. Hi Elaine!! As you know, I do have moderation on but have always published your lovely comments…to the best of my knowledge. Let me dig into my spam folder and see if some of yours are there. I do see several ones latety but will check for more. Please de assured, I only don’t publish porn, mean spirited comments that attack other readers and ones that are off color.

      1. Thank you, Jennifer! I’m so glad to know that I didn’t offend you! As you know, I’ve been enjoying your blog for a very long time.

      2. I’m so glad you join us here, Elaine!

  5. I’m 70. Monday to Friday, I start my day with a 20 minute exercise program that includes some stretches, some exercises for core muscles and knees that were suggested by a physiotherapist, and a few balance exercises. This summer, I challenged myself to walk and/or hike 350 km between May 1 and Oct 31. I passed the 200 km mark by the end of July. I have two pairs of Asics sneakers for walking, one for outdoors and the other for the treadmill in the basement which I use only in the winter. For years, also I lifted weights during the winter months, but the heavy lifting eventually got to be too much for me. In the fall, when I’m no longer golfing, hiking, and kayaking, I’ll start working out with hand weights. I don’t go to a gym because I live in a very small community where there isn’t one. Since I exercise at home where no one but my husband sees me, I’ve never worried much about having nice exercise wear.

    1. It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job staying in shape! It’s so hard to stay motivated when we do it at home!

  6. Athleta lets you fill your cart from Banana Republic, Gap or Old Navy in any combination in order to reach the free shipping threshold. It arrives in one package as one order, usually.

    1. Oh My!! I has no idea!! Thank you so much for sharing that MJ.

  7. Hi Jennifer, thank you for all the research and helpful posts. I enjoy reading them very much. You and I are a very similar size. I’m keen to try the Athleta Brooklyn ankle pants, but have to order them online. Could you please tell me what size you wear?
    Thank you,

    1. I currently wear the regular 8 because the petite is too short. I used to wear a 6 but they’re just a smidge small (vacation pounds) so I moved up. I just bought myself a black pair today 🙂

  8. THANKS for this post! Between today’s post and yesterday’s, I’ve been able to chip away at much of my fall wardrobe purchase list. (If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’d had a peek at said list! ;D ) And you’ve shared some PETITE athleisure pieces! Do you know how hard they are to find? I’m going to order some to try in just a few minutes. My days start with a power walk in workout gear – six days per week, 2 – 4 miles + resistance training a couple of times a week. I work around the home, do a bit of gardening, and then shower and change into ‘real’ clothes. So, this type of athletic wear comprises the majority of my wardrobe basics. I found On sneakers back in January. They are super comfortable, and they have lasted much longer than other brands which, with the amount of walking that I do, tend to wear out on the inside before the outside shows signs of wear. I live in Texas. Today, our high is predicted to be 109 degrees, and it’s been like that for weeks now. It’s above 90 by, like, 7 am, and it doesn’t cool off until long after sunset. I do my power walking in the house using an app. If it’s appropriate to say here, the app I use is “Walk at Home”. I never was an athlete, and their workouts are so user-friendly and doable. It helps me stay on track because whether or not I work out has nothing to do with our weather. After seasons when consistency was not the case and I kept getting injured while doing workouts that were too intense for me, I’ve been consistent with these walking workouts for years now. I’ve found my ‘jam’. And that is KEY.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that Pam! I think many ladies could benefit from using that app. I hate to admit I have been overdoing lately, but I have. I think moderation is so important and more so when our bones, joints and ligamnets are older.

  9. Christine Arquilla says:

    My favorite exercise clothing is my bathing suit and swim goggles. I’m lucky enough to live 4 blocks from my local YMCA and their pool. But for walking and bicycling, my go-to outfit is a pair of Spaulding bootcut yoga pants with a t-shirt. I first found them at Meijer 12+ years ago and after loving the first pair I bought, I went back and bought 7 more pairs. I still have 5 pairs of them and they are still going strong. I will check out your recommendations but whether I buy will be dependent on their size range. Many athleisure brands don’t accomodate my hip measement (French-German peasant ancestry here). I will definitely look into the All Birds sneakers as well.

    1. You are lucky! My husband is a big swimmer and my personal trainer just suggested I try it.

  10. I own a lot of work out wear – mostly yoga pants and moisture wicking tops. I change out of them after my workout. I do enjoy nicer athleisure wear for the day. I wear a FitBit to keep track of my steps, and I do both upper and lower strength training twice a week. I use hand weights for upper body, and I do a lot of squats, lunges and deadlifts for lower body. I’m 71, and I live by the motto that “the only way to keep moving is to keep moving!” Also if you’re looking for good “moderate” workout videos online, I suggest checking out PahlaBFitness on YouTube.

    1. Thank you for mentioning that YouTube channel. I know many ladies workout at home and really enjoy being able to switch things up.

  11. I walk forty minutes daily plus I weight train 3 or 4 times per week and do HIIT or low impact aerobics 3 times per week. Since I have foot issues, I am very careful about my foot wear and give my feet lots of attention. Getting fit takes time, so gradual progress is the goal to allow the body to adjust and reduce injury. I have recently added professional, assisted stretching to my routine.

    1. You’re amazing Pam! I’d love to add assisted professional stretching to my routine. Flexibility is SO important!!

  12. I workout at home (I am not a gym person.) I do yoga daily (YouTube), 30 minutes of HIIT daily (YouTube), two days a week of standing abs (YouTube), 1 day a week of upper back/upper body, 2 days a week of arms/upper body. I do the vibration plate daily (and do my weight work on the vibration plate.) I keep saying I want to find a trainer for some tips (to do at home), but I find lots of workout videos on Pinterest and YouTube.
    I love to walk, but this time of year it is too hot here in North Carolina. We will get back to that when the weather cools. We have a pool, so we like to go in at the end of the day.
    I tend to stay in my workout clothes all day when I have nowhere to go since I end up in the garden and doing yard work (or baking/cooking). So, I am always looking for workout clothes (I do all my shopping online since I hate to shop!)

    1. Please share which vibration plate you have. I am seriously considering one. Everything I read sounds so positive about them.

  13. Great Post!
    I’ve found that Dragon Fit Joggers for Women at Amazon my personal (affordable) favorites. Highly recommend. Enjoy Vancouver. We lived near Seattle for 9 years and spent some wonderful time there. Have you every tried Floyd’s? It’s a wonderful restaurant. Happy Summer.

    1. We have not tried Floyd’s but will now. It feels like I am eating my way through this city!!

  14. Having workout gear that is comfortable and good-looking sure helps me get out there! I like that gray hoodie you’re wearing with the Zella Getaway ankle pants. Is it still available?

    1. I find the right clohtes always motivate me too.

  15. I wanted to put in a word on Bombas socks. They are quite spendy, but I walk daily, golf and play hours of pickleball several times a week. I’ve had my Bombas for about 5 years and they are only now showing a little wear in the toes.. Expensive, but comfortable and long wearing! I also love my Brooklyn joggers .

    1. I LOVE my Boombas too.

  16. I want to urge everyone to buy good shoes, that are for supporting and cushioning your feet. Doesn’t matter what they look like! I’m wearing Saucony’s now, with a neutral pronation. I’m on my second pair. Before that, it was Hoka’s. I’ve tried on many shoes at my local running store, though I don’t run! A very knowledgeable sales staff is important when you’re buying shoes for exercise.
    A few years ago, I was working with a physical therapist. Along with other things, she urged me to start walking for just 15 minutes a day. I pulled on some cute little tennies, and walked around, and around my neighborhood. With a lot of work, my original problem resolved, but I began to have terrible foot pain. Plantar fasciitis, and it lasted for over a year!
    My physical therapist was a college, and professional runner, and said that when she had plantar fasciitis, it was the most painful injury she’d ever had.
    She helped me with my feet, and sent me to the best running store in the area (Boulder, CO).
    Now, when I walk, it’s always with excellent shoes, and I try to avoid walking on cement for any length of time. I’m lucky that I’m in an area that has great access to well maintained trails.

    1. Thank you for sharing that Lisa. Comfy, supportive hoes are so very critical. I only wore my Hokas once before they were stolen out of the car so I need to reorder them.

  17. I’ve been exercising formally since I was 30, eventually becoming a personal trainer in my 40’s, i average 1-2 hours a day, I just like moving. My favorite are classes, but I enjoy dance and weights.
    I wear Zella leggings, they really last. I wear Nike shoes, and capezio dance shoes. The cost has risen on a great shoe with support and longevity, I pay $100-200, and they last 4-5 months.
    My tops are erratic, I need a petite length, so I get various tee shirts. I have a small chest, so I don’t need a support bra.
    Most bras roll up , and the comfort shoes are too soft for my activity level.
    I pay more to get my favorites. I’m happier.

    1. Paying more, for what works best, is well worth it.

  18. Like you, Jennifer, I only wear exercise clothing when I am exercising. I do occasionally stop at the market on my way home from the gym to grab something quickly but that doesn’t happen often. For me, personally, wearing exercise clothing in my daily life makes me feel like I’ve given up. I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful new YMCA across the street from my office so it’s easy to stop in after work. I prefer the group classes. If I sign up ahead of time then I have to go, right? And I think is safer to do your exercise workouts when there are other people around. I recently lost a close friend (she was 57) to cardiac arrest. She was at home working out with a virtual trainer when she went down. Her husband was home but had no idea what was happening. By the time she was discovered it was too late.

    1. I am so very sorry to hear about your friend, Donna. That’s so shocking and sad. I tend to agree about the cardio workouts. I know I’m concerned since learning about my heart.

  19. My suggestion to someone not experiencing health issues requiring doctor orders: consider an hour with a physical therapist. Get Qs answered, learn a few at-home exercises that most benefit you…then do them. Best investment ever. You will complete a medical questionnaire, so reserve time. After months of my PT (femur fracture after falling from favorite wedge shoes!), I have highest respect for therapists’ rigorous training and non-judgmental help. I asked, if I were to do only one exercise, what would that be. Also focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t.

    1. Excellent advice. I find the physical therapists here in Canada quite different than in the US. It’s important to find a knowledgeable one not just someone who puts electrodes on you and walks away. So sorry to hear about your femur. That’s brutally painful. I cracked mine in two places several years ago and remember the agony well!!

  20. Teresa Landers says:

    My old plant (late 60s) needs a lot of maintenance (arthritic lower spine, missing one ACL, etc.). I walk 2 miles in my hilly neighborhood every day unless it is wet (wet asphalt is surprisingly slippery). Followed by 30 minutes of stretch and core strength including push ups. 4 times a week I do 60lb lat pull downs and 5 miles on a recumbent elliptical bike. Recently added arising hands free from my vanity stool 25 times before I leave the master suite. Works out to about 12 hours a week. This is what will keep me out of assisted living for as long as possible. The benefits to my vanity are just icing on the cake of being strong and independent.

    1. That’s amazing Teresa! I love the sound of your routine. Those 12 hours are invaluable. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me. Have a great day!

  21. Virginia Flynn says:

    Hi Jennifer! Thank you for the post on Atheleisure wear. In my recent search to find comfortable pants for gardening, I stumbled upon ScrubStar Ultimate Yoga Drawstring Jogger scrub pants from Walmart. They are incredibly comfortable and affordable (~$22). My store didn’t have the color in the size I wanted, so I ordered them online. To be truthful, they rarely make it out to the garden as I find them great for household and relaxation wear.
    Thank you for your posts and insight to all things over 50!

    1. Thanks for sharing them Virginia. They sound wonderful.

  22. Love the options you’ve shared. I just returned from a weeklong bike trip, and my new favorite item is a black skirt from ripskirthawaii.com. I’d been seeing the ads on FB for their colorful wrap around skirts, and realized one would be great when I’m cycling. I can run errands or drop into a bistro by adding the wrap skirt over my bike shorts. They have Velcro so the size is adjustable, and even pockets! The skirt has a cute little flare in the back, and it comes in an adorable ziplock bag. It’s now a mainstay in my bike bag. First I ordered one using Amazon Prime so I could determine the size. Limited selection is there, but the company’s site has even more patterns and lengths. I got length 2.

    1. That sounds like an amazing skirt!! I love the sound of it. I don’t bike but it sounds to useful for travel too. I’ll check it out.

      1. Yes! They don’t really mention its usefulness when biking, but a reviewer did. It can be worn over swimsuits or workout clothes or anytime over skimmies! The various lengths are nice, and many reviewers loved it while traveling for day or as evening wear! Much like your vacations!

  23. I’m like you as I don’t wear my workout clothes all day. I like to shower and put on my regular outfit for the day. I wear a lot of Zella active wear. It fits me well and I can usually find them at The Rack which makes it less expensive. I walk everyday and golf a few days a week. At home I try to do light weights and stretching. It’s really taken a toll on my feet. I’m wondering how often you should replace your walking shoes?

    1. Walking is hard in my feet too. I think we should switch between different shoes every few days so own a couple of pairs. I’m going to try a stationary bike too to take the pressure off my feet.

  24. Yea for you! I’m 75 and started having minor back issues. PT revealed that I have close to zero core muscles. I am seeing a trainer once a week and trying to get myself to the gym an additional two times a week. I love walking and always thought that was enough…not so!

    1. I’m having lots of back and hip issues which is core related too. I’ll need to find a personal trainer at home. I love the gal I’m seeing here in Vancouver.

  25. I work out in the gym on the elliptical, bike, or treadmill these days because is has been over 101 here in Texas. I would love to do classes , but I have other activities that conflict.
    I usually buy my workout clothes from Target, Kohl’s, and Amazon. I wear joggers and yoga pants in winter, and athletic capris or leggings in summer. I go to the gym almost everyday , and every other day I do hand weights for arms.
    I would like to try some of these pants you are showing to compare with how they fit around the waist. My pants are either too tight around the waist, or always slipping down.

    1. I hate to say it, but those waist draw strings we all hate the look of might be very helpful.

  26. My most important work out item is a good fitting pair of shoes – best advice I got long ago: shop a store specializing in workout shoes-my fav has a “machine” that evaluates pronation, supination, arch, etc. I found I was wearing the completely wrong size and style. Alas, after hip and just recently knee replacement running is kinda out but oh boy can I walk – but Ok heat/cold makes me head to gym lots! I LOVE Pilates (mat is my fav) and a good leader who knows how to accommodate pesky joint stuff. Also, I have new hearing aids besides hearing better blue tooth streams in my music and podcasts! No more EarPods falling out🤠Win win!

    1. I need to find a shop the does that test bouts closed during Covid. That is a win win! My husband needs new hearing aides. If I can just get him to go in and get refitted!!

      1. Jennifer – you should go to a Running Room store location while you are in Vancouver. They have a few locations there and can do an in-store test.

      2. Thank you. I think there’s one several blocks over from me. Googling now.

  27. Thanks for sharing about athleisurewear. I have just in the past month have gotten turned on to Athleta. Love my Brooklyn pants, skorts, and the With Ease Tee. I am going to check out your suggestions!

    1. Athleta makes wonderful clothes!

  28. Good on you for revamping your routine. I love Athleta too and they have petites! Other favs are the Zella live in joggers. I also love Adidas, especially the tricot track jacket. take my dog on a good walk every morning and I’m working on getting back to regular weight lifting (so important over 50!) We accumulated a lot of equipment during Covid so I only need to go to my basement and there is no excuse. I do wear my athleisure out and about and I like mixing it in with regular clothes.

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