Cold Weather Beauty Essentials for Woman over 50

The older I get, the more sensitive and dry my complexion becomes. Add cold weather, heated indoor air and I end up parched! My aging, sensitive skin can take a real beating.

Here’s some things I find helpful.

  • I sleep with a humidifier running next to my bed. It helps keep my complexion moist and my sinuses from drying out. Mine is a cheap one from Target. A great deal at $39.99. Make sure you buy a quiet one.

Cold Weather Beauty Essentials for Women Over 50


  • Getting enough sleep. When I skimp on this, the circles under my eyes are darker and my complexion looks sallow. No amount of makeup can cover lack of sleep at my age. My cell phone and iPad get switched to silent. Then I play ambient nature sounds all night. The soft chirping of crickets that tells my brain to sleep. I also take 400 mg of Valerian and 3 mg of Melatonin, an hour before bed.


  • Drinking plenty of water. I’m a Tea lover, which acts as a gentle diuretic. So I also drink lots of pure water to help plump my skin and moisturizer it from the inside, out. You’ve heard it said, by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. It helps to motivate me if I use a pretty glass and squeeze a little lemon in it.


  • I also spritz my face and neck with hydrating Rose Water. I always do it when I get into bed at night. My new favorite is Smell The Roses by Jane Iredale. 100% of profits for this spray is donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. 

Cold Weather Beauty Essentials for Women Over 50

  • A strong sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB. Winter is no time to slack off on protecting your skin. In fact,  if you ski or are out in the snow, the sun is more damaging as it reflects off the snow. I prefer a physical block, which doesn’t have the endocrine disruptors the chemical ones have.


  • If your skin can tolerate it, I recommend Retin A. It helps to speed up the sloughing of older skin layers. As we age this slows down and Retinols counteract this. It also helps slough rough patches and keeps my pores clear. My dermatologist has me using it to help remove pre cancerous actinic keratosis.


  • I’m a big fan of facial oils. They’re dry oils, not greasy, and help trap moisture into your skin. I massage them into my damp face before my moisturizer. They’re also great for dry cuticles. I love this 1,000 Roses Moroccan Beauty Oil by Andalou Naturals. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps trap moisture into your skin. I rub it into my cuticles at night before the hand cream. It’s made a big difference in how dry they are.
Cold Weather Beauty Essentials for Women Over 50
1,000 Roses Moroccan Beauty Oil


  • A great moisturizer for your face and your body. Look for Shea butter and avocado oils. There’s many new wonderful ones available. Try to avoid petroleum-based products. While they do trap moisture, there are also made from crude oil and toxic. There are much healthier alternatives available at every price point. My favorite for my body is this 1,000 Roses by Andalou Naturals. Their entire line for sensitive skin is amazingly gentle and effective.
Cold Weather Beauty Essentials for Woman Over 50
1,000 Roses Body Lotion


This is the beginning of my list.

What are your essentials during the cold weather?

Stay warm and hydrated!


Style Your Day Beautifully,




  1. You keep reminding me to go to a dermatologist to deal with my sun spots. Thank you!

  2. Nancy Crowley says:

    Hi Jen,
    omg, thank you for the tip on facial oils for use on cuticles. I have the worst nails at any time of the year, but especially now, and I cannot find anything that will prevent hangnails.
    Also, the nights that I take melatonin provide relief but I haven’t taken every night. I know you are not a doc, but what’s your take on this? I would love to take it every night. I have night sweats, and anxiety and dry mouth, so i need help, but I worry if I take it every night, it will not be as effective after a while. What do you think?
    xx Nancy

    1. No I’m not a Dr, but I take it every night. Have for several years since menopause hit. My ears haven’t fallen off yet and I’m sleeping well!

  3. I’m subbing. This is great. I haven’t tried Retin-A just yet. But, it may be time (I’m in my mid-40s).

    I also like the idea of tea, but if it is a diuretic, does that mean I need to drink more water? Not a big water fan.

    Glad I found your blog and this list. I need to check out the facial oils. I assumed oils would break me out, but it’s worth a try. Learning I have to do so many things differently in my 40s – including moisturizing.

    1. Now is the time to add Retun A. Yes if you drink tea like I do, you have to add more water. Welcome!

  4. I can’t wait to try some of these products! That rosewater looks fab. You have some awesome tips there. Thanks much for sharing.

  5. We’re on a similar wavelength this week. Tomorrow I’m writing about water and hydrating. When I was researching, I found that spritzing your face hasn’t been proven to help at all. Don’t know where that’s true or not. xoxo, Brenda

    1. Me neither but I love the soothing scent and it feel wonderful!

  6. Jen-thanks for these great tips, the humidifier is a great idea! I’m definitely using that one.

  7. How long is your prep time before hitting the PILLOW!!!
    We sleep with a humidifier too in the winter!!
    All sounds so lovely!
    Except the part of chirping crickets ALL night??I adore crickets but don’t think I could fall asleep to them!I better try it before I say NO!
    My son gave me 100 live Crickets for my birthday one year for my garden!!!!!Best Gift EVER!!?

    1. Trust me the crickets are fab. I keep the volume low but it works like a charm!!

  8. Rena McDaniel says:

    Looks like a lot of great products! I’m trying to find a piece you did several months ago about how to shop for glasses. I need new ones and I remembered that I wanted to remember haha!

    1. I emailed it to you.

  9. Allergic to rose products:(. Isn’t that annoying!?!?! But sounds like you’ve got your approach really well figured out.

  10. You have provided a good list of wintertime necessities. I love the Andalou products.

  11. I love the scent of the Andalou 1,000 Roses! You didn’t mention a good lip balm. I’ve tried so many, but none really help my chapped lips. Would love an organic one. Any ideas are welcomed.

    1. I like a few. Lately it’s the simple lip balm in a tube by Weleda. I also rub Argan oil into my lips first.

  12. Jennifer you have convinced me to get a humidifier!! I am already so dried out from the heat no matter how much moisturizer is use and water I drink!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Sandra Goroff

    1. You will love it. It’s a simple addition that makes the biggest difference.

  13. Good morning, Jen! I’m with you on creating a few lovely self-care rituals for bedtime. My bedside table looks quite a bit like yours. Always water, lip balm, a scented candle and a spray–currently Caldrea ‘sea salt neroli’. I also slather on my diy beauty elixir made from coconut oil. It’s super hydrating and perfect for hair, nails and skin.
    Your list of products looks wonderful. I’m intrigued by the 1000 roses beauty oil. I bet it smells heavenly.
    Wonderful list girlfriend!
    Happy Friday!
    xx, Heather
    PS-I have a super fun Gift Card + DVF giveaway going on at Stylemindchic Life this weekend. 🙂

    1. Coconut oil is so good for every part of us. I’m sure you made yours chic and fabulous!! Give away? Heading over now.

  14. Thanks for all the tips. I am curious if the Melatonin Valerian combination works well for you. I am not a good sleeper either.

    1. It works very well. I also take a calcium magnesium a few hours before bed.

  15. You’re completely correct. Winter is getting harder and harder on our bodies. I notice it most in my hair that becomes like hay and in my nails and cuticles. Still haven’t found the best product for my hair but I have a new cuticle oil by Butter which I am loving. BTW, stealing the humidifier by the bed idea. Thanks!

    1. My pleasure. The humidifier is awesome.

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