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The Best Comfortable Loafers and Flats for Women Over 50

If I had to choose a style of shoe that I reach for more than any others, it would definitely be a flat. If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, this is probably obvious because I wear them in a lot of my outfit posts! There are many options for flat shoes and, with that, a lot of varying degrees of comfort. The older I get, the more I’m all about happy feet, and I know many of you are as well. Today, I’m sharing a round-up of some of the best and most comfortable flat shoes, including ballet flats, loafers, smoking slippers, and more! Whether you have bunions, wide feet, in need of arch support, or have other feet issues, you will find a pair here for you.

MARGAUX BALLET FLATS- these ballet flats come in 14 colors, in narrow, medium, and wide widths, sizes 3-14

You’ll notice that a lot of the products I’m talking about are ones that I personally own and are a bit of an investment. That’s because I tend to purchase timeless, high-quality shoes that I keep and wear for many years. I made sure also to link plenty of budget-friendly alternatives that won’t break the bank but will keep you stylish and comfortable.

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Most Comfortable Loafers and Flats for Women Over 50 and 60

1. Birdies

I tend to gravitate to a smoking slipper rather than a true loafer. Since the fabric is generally softer and the sole is more flexible, they’re as comfy as wearing a pair of slippers for me. My favorite pair of smoking slippers are my Starling flats from Birdies.


You’ve seen me wear these Birdies over and over because they’re amazingly comfy and don’t pinch my bunions. They come in several materials like suede, velvet, and leather in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

2. Driving Moccasins

Driving moccasins are even comfier than smoking slippers because the soles are very flexible. They frequently have rubber pebbles on the bottom of the shoe to grip the pedals, which makes them extra cushiony to walk in.

The ones pictured above are currently 25% off!

3. Vivaia Washable Flats

Several AWSL readers recommended this brand. Mary says they are “very comfy for around the house and out.” Deborah said, “I love them better than my Birdies and Rothys for squishy comfort while being supportive.” Marcia said, “The claim of no break in time is true. Very comfy! Lots of styles and colors. And machine washable, which is great for a travel shoe.” This style is so cute with the bow detailing.

4. Munro Geena Loafer

These are the one pair I own that I would consider true loafers. I wasn’t sure they would fit my style because I don’t gravitate to preppy, but I’ve found myself reaching for them often this winter. I like the bulk they add to the bottom of my silhouette when wearing chunky sweaters or wider-leg jeans.


5. Sam Edelman Loraine Loafer

These loafers look very similar to the ultra-popular Gucci loafer, but this pair is much easier on the wallet! They come in lots of colors and prints in buttery soft leather and come in wide sizes. I’ve heard lots of people rave about this style and how it has become their favorite shoe.

6. Vionic Ballet Flats

This pair by Vionic is ideal moving into the warmer months of spring and summer. They offer “three-zone comfort to deliver enhanced stability with a deep heel cup, superior forefoot cushioning, and ultimate arch support midsole.” They’re available in wide sizes as well, a factor I know many of you all consider. Plus, AWSL reader Rhoda says Vionic is her go-to!

7. AGL Cap Toe Flat

I’ve had my black AGL ballet flats for so long that I’ve had to resole them to extend their life. They were a huge investment at the time (18+ years ago?) that has paid off because they’re classic and very comfy. I’ve worn them so often that my cost of wear is pennies. I love their Chanel vibe and the silver strap with buckle. AWSL reader Adele said, “I love my AGL ballet flats — I have three pairs (black, navy, nude).”

8. Naturalizer Flexy Flat

Here’s another ballet flat that won’t have you crying by the end of the day! The Flexy Flat by Naturalizer has N5 comfort technology, featuring a flexible sole, lightweight materials, extra cushioning, heel-to-toe balance, and a breathable lining. While maybe not the prettiest, it gets the job done, is typically under $50, and comes in wide sizes as well.

Shop More Comfortable Flats and Loafers for Walking, Work, and Beyond:

I’ve linked quite a few more options below at different price points and from different brands. I thoroughly checked through the reviews if it wasn’t one I had personally tried or one you all recommended!

I’ve got a few of your recommendations on order and will report back. Thanks for sharing your favorites!


  1. I liked the style of some of the loafers, but particularly the ballet flats, however, I need to try shoes on due to my wretched, arthritic big toe. The most comfortable loafers for me were the Gucci suede, or Tod loafers, both of which I wore every day (when working on my feet as a nurse) and never had a problem. Now, I am 66, I need more arch support and a wide toe box which restricts my shoe of choice these days. I tend to stick to an Australian brand called Rollie, which has the option for orthotics, probably because where I live has a limited choice of decent shoes.

  2. Jennifer,
    I have so appreciated your multiple blog posts about footwear. I also have problem feet which require good arch support, so it seems if you live long enough, you are bound to require special attention in order to have foot comfort.
    I would like to suggest that Bass makes great loafers that are well-made here in America. I know they may be more preppy than is your preference, but remain a classic that never really goes out of style.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Kathryn. You’re so right about the classic Bass loafer. They are timeless!

  3. Narrow shoes: yes! Thank you.

    1. Yes!! It’s getting harder and harder to find narrow width shoes!! Hope you will repeat this post for spring/ summer shoes too? Thanks!

  4. Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for all the valuable information on comfortable sneakers,dress shoes and flats! It is much appreciated!

  5. Thank You for so many beautiful choices. I live in flats , loafers and sneakers. Have you tried UGG loafers? I have a pair in suede and they are extremely comfortable. Another brand I love is M. Gemi, this is an Italian brand, so you do order online. I find I sometimes have to go up half a size. These are beautifully made and well worth the price. I prefer a more pointed toe, but round toes are so comfy. It’s always fun to read your blogs and know there are choices available, love being stylish, but comfy…Happy Valentines Day

    1. I did order a pair of M. Gemi but chose the wrong size so they pinched my bunion. I will have to reorder and yes they are lovely!

  6. Angela P. says:

    My favorite flat shoes – Dansko Mary Janes. Yes, they have a strap – but it’s a necessity for me due to decades of ankle and foot injuries. Slip on shoes that require a lot of small muscle control (think of the way your foot shifts and toes curl to grip a ballet slipper style shoe and hold it in place as your foot rolls through a step) are fatiguing for all day wear!

    1. That Mary Jane strap is hugely popular for spring/summer this year. You’re right on trend.

  7. This is great research as I am in the market to purchase some type of loafers. I’ll have to go to Nordstrom or Macy’s because I just have to try them on. Thank you for all your work and. Happy Valentine’s day ❤️

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day Jennifer and to all your readers. As to foot issues; fortunately I don’t have a problem as it is a ‘back’ one so as of late must be selective in my footwear. That being said, I do appreciate your suggestions as personally am not a big fan of sneakers unless for very casual or athletic purpose. -Brenda-

    1. Happy Valentines Day!!

  9. I’m loving all the shoe posts! I haven’t bought any yet, but I’m definitely gathering research data. 😉 Is there a brick and mortar store where I could try several of these brands on? I have “hammer toes” and now wear orthotics to prevent them from getting worse, so I need a deep toe bed (new vocabulary learned in the process) and flexible fabric on top. I’m thinking some of the shoes you’ve shown here might be worn without the orthotics and for a limited amount of time. Was it Opra who talked about 20-minute shoes? I can relate! Thanks for all the homework you do, chasing down links, etc for us! Happy Valentine’s Day to this lovely, new-found community! ❤️

  10. What a great review and love that you have testimonies on the brands you mention. I have got to try the Birdies!! Happy Valentine’s Day : )

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

    2. Recently bought the Paul Green white tennis shoe after being fitted for a special orthotic. Went one size up 7 1/2 to an 8 to accomodate the orthotic. Got them at Von Maur which gives you a 90 day return. Have been wearing them for the last couple of weeks in my home and they are perfect! Worth the money! Recently read articles that said white tennis shoes are the shoe to wear! 😊
      Good luck.

      1. I love my Paul Greens! Worth every penny.

  11. You got me hooked on Birdies Starling flats awhile back. I love them!
    Thanks for your honest reviews.

  12. I am 66 and thankfully don’t have any foot issues, because none of these styles appeal to me. I am very comfortable and feel more stylish in a block heel or kitten heel.

  13. Interesting that you don’t see your style as preppy…from my side of the screen I see your style as 100% classic, ie preppy. But how we see ourselves and how others see us is often at odds.

    1. Classic and preppy are quite different in my mind. Preppy is filled with prints, argyle sweaters, chinos and loafers. It really is all in the mind of the beholder 😁

      1. Interesting! I’m very much a classic dresser (tailored, solid colors, very few prints–maybe stripes or small checks if I’m feeling wild), but I wear a lot loafers! I prefer them for the structure as well as for the bit of lift I get from the heel. I have a high instep, so the longer vamp at the top of my foot keeps the shoe on. I walk out of ballet flats, and some lower vamps cut into the base of my big toe. I have several pairs of Sperry Seaport loafers that are comfortable and fit well on my more narrow heel yet have ample width in the toe box. I recently bought a pair of the Birdie Starlings, and they are well padded and comfortable, but they lack the structure I prefer. Thanks for this roundup. I’m definitely taking a close look at some of your options!

      2. ‘Preppy’ springs to mind, the character from Clueless, but do young American girls really wear those sort of clothes anymore?

      3. I don’t see as many young people wearing it.

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