Sequin Jackets for the Holidays

A little sparkle and shine is a great way to add some fun to your wardrobe during the holidays, whether you have a fancy event to attend or not. I discovered this bomber jacket during a dressing room diary a few weeks ago and have since run across some other great ones. They’re a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe and something you can bring out year after year. Here are some of the best sequin jackets I’ve found for the holidays.


Bomber Sequin Jackets for the Holidays

Bombers have a full silhouette, so they look best with a slimmer leg or skirt. They also go well over a sweater dress because they define the waist for some figure-shaping.


I styled this sequin bomber jacket over ivory straight-leg cords and an ivory ribbed turtleneck. I kept my shoes pale with my platform sneakers, which also have a subtle gleam. You could easily toss this jacket over jeans or a silky skirt if you wanted to dress it up. It’s selling very fast in regular and petite.


This sequin bomber jacket is marked way down at the Nordstrom rack in the prettiest shade of rose taupe. The reviews call it cute and versatile. I think this would be fun over these chocolate faux suede pants and some comfy loafers.


This sequin bomber from Anthropologie really screams holiday in this pretty green. You could wear this over a pair of black velvet pants or a sweater dress with some kitten heels to a party or the theater. This fun sequin bomber jacket comes in twelve colors in size S-3XL.

Sequin Lady Jacket for the Holidays


Lady jackets are hugely popular this season, so of course, J.Crew has made their own version of a sequin lady jacket. They show it styled with jeans, and because of its short, closer-to-the-body shape, it could easily be worn with wide-leg pants. This sequin cardigan from Ann Taylor has the same shape as a lady jacket, in a sweater knit. The Chico’s sequin kimono is also short and would go over many things.

Sequin Blazer

A sequin blazer pops over things as easily as any fabric blazer for a day of shopping and lunch with friends or a casual party at a friend’s home.

This sequin blazer comes in seven colors at an amazing price. You’ll see in many of these stores that they are styled with jeans, so don’t treat them as so dressy that you don’t get the fun out of wearing them.

This sequin open-front jacket would go over many things to glam up an outfit. If you like something longer, this sequin duster is amazing in three colors.

Today, my daughter Vanessa scooped up this sparkly double-breasted metallic blazer from Nordstrom. She plans to wear this to an upcoming Christmas party over black slacks and a black camisole. We are surprised by the reviews because it is a terrific blazer! Stay tuned for a review from her!


If the blazers and jackets aren’t your style, you could add a bit of fun with an accessory, like this sparkle dumpling clutch from Loft or this feather bag I’ve had my eye on at J.Crew, which is finally on sale! These work for a fancy night out or with a pair of jeans for a fun holiday look.

Do you plan to get dressed up this holiday season?


  1. I’ve decided not to wear sequins because they’re not biodegradable and will eventually end up in the landfill where they’ll stay for hundreds of years.

  2. You look lovely in your off white look. Sequins and sparkle are just not my style but if it was the rose taupe would be the one for my coloring. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Chicos off the rack had several sequin items and a cute jacket Good prices now

  4. I got the bomber jacket from The Loft I didn’t like the with the elastic was around the wrist and the waist kept riding up in the sleeves kept riding up so I returned it..I was disappointed.. .my search will continue for sequin jacket bomber style I prefer the silver with black

  5. Dianne🇨🇦 says:

    I love the all white/ivory outfit!
    A bit of sparkle is such a bright spot this time of year!
    I would love that….good post

  6. I am planning on dressing up for a December wedding. I tried on two sequin skirts last night. Unless I can lose 10 pounds fast, I’m not wearing a sequin skirt, though.

  7. Jennifer what size is the Loft bomber jacket you purchased. Regular or petite?

    1. Mine is a small, regular.

  8. I really like how you styled the bomber jacket. I like how you can dress them up or down. I have a beautiful sequin jacket from years ago but still remains in style. I’ll have to get it out!

    1. Now’s the time to wear it so bring it front and center in your closet so you see it.

  9. I just cannot wear that many sequins at one time! lol. at holidays, I usually wear a nice blouse or sweater with a little bit of glitz. Chicos has a lot of nice holiday sweaters! Oh, I tried lthat J Crew sweater coat you showed. I did not like it. It does not have any shape and just looks like a regular sweater. I would be happier with a structured jacket.

  10. Good morning…..the Rose Taupe jacket…..when I click on it, goes to the shoes. I was curious about that one because that shade would look better on me (I think).

      1. Love the all white outfit on you.

  11. Cute jackets!
    Rose taupe link goes to Paul green shoes??

  12. Good morning Jennifer! The off white outfit looks absolutely gorgeous on you. I’m not one for a lot of sequins because it says ‘dressy’ to me and my life is pretty casual. But I do love that look on you.

    1. My life is pretty casual too but it’s fun to add some sparkle.

  13. love bomber jackets

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