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Best Special Occasion Pant Suits for Weddings and Events

If you’re anything like me, the minute I RSVP yes to a wedding, my mind begins thinking about what I’ll wear. Of course, there are a myriad of dresses and skirts available, but if you aren’t a fan of showing your legs, you may be wondering if it’s acceptable to wear pants or a pant suit to a wedding. I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can! With the right pant suit, you can feel confident that you look just as chic and stylish as you would wearing a dress. To help make selecting an outfit easier, I’ve scoured the internet and put together a list of the best special occasion pant suits for weddings and events.

Pantsuits are great for attending a wedding, no matter the season. They’re easy to wear, allow you to skip the pantyhose, and often have pockets! The other beauty of wearing pants to a wedding, is they help camouflage your shoes. This is especially helpful if you need to wear shoes with additional support or flatter, less dressy footwear.
I always recommend looking at the formality and location of the special event when making a decision on your attire. You obviously won’t want to choose a pastel, linen option for an evening black tie wedding, and likewise, you won’t want to wear a sequined, fussy option for a midday casual wedding. I’ve included lots in the shopping widget below for all occasions.

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1. 3-Piece Scallop Glitter Duster Pant Set

This pant set from R & M Richards is such a timeless look, and the scallop detailing on the jacket really takes it to the next level. This elegant three-piece set comes in ten colors, so you can be sure to find a shade that looks great with your skin tone and coloring. It’s pictured above in coal, but I also love the plum and slate colors. It comes in sizes 6-18.

2. Roundneck Chiffon 3/4 Sleeve

Chiffon instantly elevates any outfit. This set is a blank canvas to let your accessories shine, so dress it up with statement earrings, a necklace, and a fabulous shoe. It comes in eight colors, sizes 8-18.

3. Satin Trim Beaded Crewneck Pant Set

The beaded neckline and asymmetrical tiers on this top are just the right amounts of detail. Diagonal lines are also very slimming so if you’re self-conscience about your mid-section, the tiers are wonderful for camouflaging that area. It’s also offered in a beautiful rose color.

4. Ribbed Metallic Pantsuit with Necklace

The ribbed material of this top and jacket makes it effortless and easy to wear, while the glitter gives it that touch of fun! This set looks comfortable, and that’s important to me when I’m going to be spending hours in an outfit.

5. Swirl Sequin Scoop Neck with Detachable Necklace

If you’re heading to a black-tie wedding, this is the pantsuit for the job! It checks all of the boxes…flattering, sophisticated, and just enough sparkle. Take note that the reviews do say that the top and jacket are attached so you cannot separate them. It comes in three colors size 6-18.

6. 3-Piece Lace Duster Pantsuit (Available in plus sizes!)

I am a big fan of duster-length jackets and sweaters, and this one is no exception! The lace is so pretty but not too over the top. It also comes in fawn (a brown color) and marine (a navy), but I thought this pink was so pretty for spring and summer weddings. it comes in sizes 2-14.

Dressy Separates for Weddings and Events

You can also simply add a new top or jacket with a pair of trousers or dress pants that you already own and love.

7. Taffeta Tie Waist Top

I love the lines and silhouette of this tie-waist top. The portrait collar is so flattering, and the bracelet sleeves help you look taller while allowing you to showcase your bracelets. It comes in seven colors and has a back zip, so you won’t have to worry about the front gaping open because it is tacked closed. I would pair it with a trouser or a beautiful skirt.

8. Sheer Botanical Eyelet Jacket

Okay, this particular jacket might be controversial for a wedding post! I usually try to steer clear of too much white, but I thought this would be stunning for a beach wedding. What are your thoughts?

9. Textured Knit Jacket with Contrasting Trim

I love items in your wardrobe that you can wear more than once and I think you’ll find yourself reaching for this classic-looking jacket for more than just your upcoming weddings! This fabric would also be great to pack for dressy evenings on a cruise because the fabric won’t wrinkle.

Shop More of the Best Special Occasion Pant Suits:

Do you have any weddings or special events to attend this year?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. I like shopping Dillard’s and Soft Surroundings for special occasions or just a feminine outfit.

  2. I am looking for a MOG outfit and have seen or tried on some of these in person. The Alex Evenings shawl collar blouse looked lovely in person; the dresses with the jackets and attached necklace, not so much. The big problem is that if you are petite, you cannot find anything in stores. My nearest Nordstrom (rep) actually bragged that they don’t have a Petite in the store as if short people cannot be fashionable — really distasteful. (They have a few online.) I didn’t like the dark polyester outfits – they do not say wedding to me. I’ve seen lots of black at weddings, just not on the wedding party (women). My future DIL chose 2 shades of green and 2 of rose-cabernet for her colors, so I’m looking for those or for navy.

    1. I’m saddened that petites are so hard to find. I see lots of black worn to weddings and do it myself, most times.

  3. Love these dressy pant suits. Wish they were popular when our son got married.
    Guess I can get one when one of the Grandkids get married. 🫢

  4. I find all of these dowdy and depressing. I struggled to find a nice dress that was flattering for my three children’s weddings. I don’t know why American designers don’t make nice dresses with sleeves? Princess Kate seems to have no trouble finding lovely dresses with sleeves.
    If I heard one more time that I could “just add a bolero or jacket “ I was going to scream.
    For my last child’s wedding I had some success finding several acceptable dresses at Macys in Walnut Creek, Ca. Lovely store with good selection. Not so the Macys in the North bay though. Dirty, and poor selection.
    Jennifer, I appreciate all your work on this. My comments are surely not a reflection of your efforts, rather the reality of clothes shopping for older women and what is offered to us. Such a shame. Thank you for your efforts.

    1. We can’t ignore people’s budgets in this instance. If you have less than $150 to spend on a complete dressy outfit for a formal wedding, your choices will be very limited. Princess Kate has no problem “finding” lovely dresses with sleeves because most of her wardrobe is sewn specifically for her. I hear your frustration and wish brands offered us more options.

  5. Love these dressing pants suits. Wish they were around when my son got married.
    Guess I will have to wait get one when one of the Grandkids get married. 🤭

  6. Audrey Murray says:

    I too love the eyelet jacket but would probably wear with the Seaspray skirt and top. By the way Marlene Oprah was not a guest at William and Catherine’s wedding you are thinking of Harry and Meghan

  7. Okay, I don’t want to insult anyone, but (in my opinion only) these are ghastly. Every one of them looks like a “one-time-wear” that was purchased for an occasion and then went to die in the back of the closet. What’s wrong with wearing nice black pants and a pretty blouse to a wedding? You know, what you might wear to church on a regular basis. As for the shoes, why would you want to hide a nice pair of flats? That sounds like one those “mom voice rules” I try to ignore: only heels with dresses. Now, my own personal style tends to boho, so I wouldn’t be tempted to wear the classic wedding guest uniform in the first place. However, that said, I realize my opinion is not everyone’s and if the pantsuit makes you feel confident, go for it.

    1. No mom rules here, only a solution that may help boost a woman’s confidence. If your feet are painful enough to require highly supportive, orthotic-friendly, bulky, flat shoes, they may be something you’d prefer to hide with a pant leg.

  8. Jeanne Bayley says:

    Love the shawl collar wrap top!

  9. It was fun looking at all of your selections Jennifer! I don’t have any wedding events to go to but I would wear the tiered pantsuit. Am a great grandmother of 13 and grandmother of 17 and proud of all of them. I wouldn’t feel frumpy at all in that pantsuit. I never have liked lace. Simple is better for my petite size. At 78, I feel I can wear anything I want that I feel is comfortable. As a retired nurse that lived in scrubs and tennis shoes for 30 years, these look glamorous to me. It is important to pick comfortable clothes that feel and look good to each person and don’t worry about the naysayers. Have a good time at all of your upcoming events.

    1. You’re blessed to have so many grandchildren!! I love your attitude about fashion. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I like the color options.
    Unfortunately, polyester isn’t my favorite fabric, I would probably buy a fitted suit in a different fabric. I run cold.

  11. marlene alves says:

    I have two wedding to attend (grandchildren) this summer…June (S.F.) and July (Geyserville, CA.
    S.F.’s weather is always so changeable from cold to very warm…the other site is likely to be very warm. However, that said, my understanding is that guests are not to wear white (or black) to a wedding. (Recalling Oprah having to have a new dress created the night before William & Kate’s wedding due to her original white outfit).
    Anyhow, huge dilemma to locate the right outfit, comfortable shoes, etc. for the two weddings above, Jennifer, so I hope you’ll revisit this issue and allow for a whole realm of other ideas for seniors, especially grandmothers.

    1. What specifically are you looking for? I can have a look around for you.

  12. What pants would you suggest for a wedding when wearing separates?

    1. You could go with flowy and wide or tailored in a beautiful woven fabric.

  13. Although, I totally agree about the comfort of a pantsuit and that they can rise to a dressy occasion, I too feel these choices are a bit dowdy. They seem to be mostly polyester. In the fashion pages, I see a revived interest in pantsuits but they are sharply tailored in vivid colors. Although the bright colors might not work for everyone, I would feel more chic in such an ensemble in a quality material, maybe with a sequined tee underneath.

    1. I always prefer a natural fiber, but they’re not always easy to find.

  14. These are all so gorgeous and chic! I think we’re so much more used to seeing pants on women, that for dressy occasions it looks normal now, and we’re seeing more and more of it because it’s so much more comfortable; IMO!
    I’ll be attending an outdoor (ceremony & cocktails) /indoor(reception & dancing) wedding in July, and I’m starting to look for my outfit and shoes now, so I very much appreciate this timely post.

  15. I love the taffeta top; makes me wish I had a summer wedding coming up.

    But I want to comment on last Sunday’s posting when you confessed that you bought a pair of pants with a thick elastic waistband a few days after writing that you didn’t like them. This made me laugh and gives me even more respect for you! We are allowed to change our minds and now you can let us know how they work out for you.

  16. The eyelet jacket would be perfect for a graduation ceremony this summer.

    1. Agreed, or a dressy dinner out.

  17. Wonderful ideas. I wish I had a place to wear one of the beautiful suits.

  18. I love the eyelet jacket and have saved it to my Pinterest page since my son & his fiancee are thinking of a summer wedding in Costa Rica next year and their favorite color is green. I like the pink knit jacket too, seems like it would be so easy to wear again. The tie waist top is very pretty but too low cut for me (mastectomy). The others are not my style but thank you for a variety of looks!

  19. Only the botanical eyelet and Ming Wang jackets call. But to me, it’s more the colors of the other outfits, not pretty, not spring/summery, too grayed out for me.

  20. I, too, find these pantsuit styles aging. A dressy, longer jacket with slim black pants and statement jewelry is (for me) much more chic and eye-catching.

  21. Love looking at all the different pantsuits. Being short I can’t really wear a long jacket but I like the dressy separates look.

  22. Those pantsuits all say grandma to me. While I am a “Mimi” and proud of it, I’d probably wear a dress, or Palazzo pants with a sparkly top or sweater.

  23. I like pantsuit #1, but in the peacock color shown online. The botanical eyelet jacket is gorgeous and I’d definitely wear it to a beach wedding (or anywhere) but I wouldn’t wear a white dress underneath. I’d choose a shade of green for a dress underneath.

    1. Fresh green would be great underneath that lace jacket.

  24. I actually like all the styles with the longer jacket or duster style. The longer duster style elongates the body as they say. To me, the lace screams frumpy. I’ve seen some beautiful jumpsuits with sleeves in dressy and colorful fabrics, with loose legs so it mimics a dress (on the TV shopping channels). I don’t have any weddings coming up but I thought I’d wear something like that if I did. I know jumpsuits are a pain in the restroom. These looked like dresses with separated legs and sleeves. Win, win!

  25. The thing about these pants “suits” is that no matter your body type, you can look elegant. Furthermore, the jackets frequently can be worn with dresses. Sleeveless dresses are a challenge for an over 60 given arm wrinkling (and it’s a thing ladies) and being able to find a simple yet elegant lightweight jacket, and have a total outfit, it works for me!

    1. I’m right there with you and arms! I just feel more confident with some coverage.

      1. Same. I’m always looking for an elbow length dress or t-shirt for that matter which isn’t easy but if found always buy and t-shirts in multiples and colors. Although I’ve had great success for dresses at Nordstrom. You can choose your sleeve length & style and come up with some great options, including a MOG dress way after the fact when we gave a cocktail wedding reception (military parent – it is what it is).

  26. Love the taffeta blouse. I would wear it with wide leg silky pants or nice skirt.

    Thanks for doing research. It’s a challenge finding something that is pretty. I would not choose a pantsuit, but wear a dress as it is fun to “dress up” with a dress on the rare occasions.

  27. Pantsuits for a wedding says ‘granny’ to me. Although I do have a very chic friend who has worn palazzo pants to a wedding. And she always looks stylish. Just not for me. But I do think the taffeta top is pretty elegant and I do love the eyelet jacket. I would totally wear that to a beach wedding.

    1. Suits and sets are pretty popular because they’re easy. I love the palazzo pant idea with a structured jacket.

  28. So many great options! Love the satin trim Le Bos 3 piece and of course the taffeta top in lavender. Such good values too!

    1. Taffeta really ups the game for weddings.

  29. Shout out to Ming Wang! When I was working and a frequent traveler, this brand was a lifesaver!
    I have a high-low trip to Dubai coming up this spring. This Ming Wang jacket might come with me!

    1. Her fabrics are great for travel.

  30. #1 would probably be the only pantsuit I would wear – the others give off a frumpy vibe for me . I love the tie waist top – would definitely wear that with a wide leg crepe pant. The eyelet jacket is just my style – it would look great over a green or turquoise shift or even a tank dress !

    1. My favorite would be the tie waist jacket too. These pant suits seem to sell a lot.

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