Black Friday at Nordstrom

I can now say I lived to survive the mall on Black Friday. The stores were pretty packed but the worst part was finding a parking spot. My daughter and I spent the majority of our time in Nordstrom and Sephora because unlike most shoppers, we were shopping for ourselves :). Have you read about my new page on Nordstrom?

Rothy's classic loafer in Leopard print
Leopard Loafers

We were twinning in our favorite Rothy Loafers. They’re super comfy and perfect for long days at the mall. I wore cushy inserts in mine, her feet are in better shape.

chenille sweater
Chenille Mock Neck Sweater

We both tried on this super-soft chenille pullover which comes in eight colors and is 35% off! I’m wearing a medium so it fits true to size. It is a bit cropped so I would wear a white shirt under it and let the bottom peek under the sweater.

Halogen faux fur jacket
Halogen Faux Fur jacket

Not everything we tried on was a winner for us but they are for someone. We both loved this faux fur jacket. It’s not on sale but it is so affordable we both bought one.

Chelsea faux fur jacket
Chelsea Faux Fur Jacket

In the store, Vanessa wasn’t sure if this jacket was for her. She thought she looked like a Muppet. What do you think?

KUT from the Kloth Faux Shearling Moto

I love love, love, this little jacket. I’m wearing a medium which is too small so go up one size. It also comes in grey.

Moonchild glow kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills
Moonchild Glow Kit

Sephora was so jammed we only stayed a short time and tried on some gleam from Anastasia. I wouldn’t wear this on my eyes but it’s pretty on the top of my cheekbones and brows.

Have you hit the sales yet?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. Love the Halogen Jacket on Vanessa! I did do a little shopping (on Friday) but avoided the larger malls as have pretty well completed most of my shopping before the rush, both in person and online. The latter which proved beneficial in order to acquire the number I needed in one instance and others that were personalized. As for major gifts, they are under control as well. (Made the list, checked it twice … ☺.) -Brenda-

    i.e.: As its a tradition for everyone who graces our table for Xmas Dinner to receive ‘a gift from the Elves’; this year the theme is ‘alphabet mugs’ that I ordered from Pottery Barn that will be filled (assorted beverages) and completed with shrink wrap. (I have twenty-three to do but am waiting for the delivery on some Xmas motif SS-spoons to also include.) Plus as Santa also leaves stockings at our house for our children/their spouses and our grand children with the youngest recently turning eight; I first purchased lounging/pj bottoms then designed novelty t-shirts (color coordinated) for each and had them professionally screen printed back in late October which fortunately fill a good portion of the socks and has turned out to be less of an exercise for ‘the gray matter’ to figure out what to put in them …. whoo-hoo!

  2. I just had catarac surgery last week so had to skip the sales. I did find some good deals online. I love free shipping. I really like that jacket in that color. It looks great on you.
    My husband found a Sherpa pullover at SAMs with a 3/4 zip for $17 which is more than I would spend but husbands do that. It is in a three shades of gray camo pattern which goes with everything. Sometimes he’s right. : ) I’ll wear it a lot.

  3. Gail Schwartz says:

    My personal rule: never go near a shopping mall on Black Friday! I spent the day after Thanksgiving washing and folding sheets and towels from our Thanksgiving sleepover family. Saturday was our granddaughter’s 9th birthday so you helped me get dressed for brunch with them. What would Jennifer wear? I had no trouble putting together an outfit I felt good in. Thanks for your months of good advice. I don’t always comment, but I read, learn, and shop

  4. I mostly avoid the crowds on Black Friday. The parking & the hoards of people make it hard to enjoy your shopping experience. I did pop into one store early in the morning and found what I was looking for, then went directly home.

    I like the Halogen faux fur jacket on Vanessa. It’ll add some fun to simple outfits like jeans or some glam to an evening outfit. Hope she bought it!

  5. I luv the red plaid scarf, it brightens the black.

  6. I liked the first faux fur jacket on your daughter. did not like the shaggy one on her.

  7. Phyllis Hughes says:

    Crowds of people put me into a panic attack; thus I don’t do the Mall or Walmart. I started catalog shopping when we lived in a small town on the Oregon coast 40 years ago. I transitioned to online shopping when I discovered the internet. My Black Friday shopping is done on the internet while I sit in my recliner; however, my grandchildren are mainly teen-angers and will probably get gift cards this year.

  8. I don’t freak out on Black Friday. Too many people . Like to relax at home and enjoy the beginning
    of the Advent

  9. My daughter and I, also, ventured out on Black Friday. While we did get a few gift items, we, too, shopped for ourselves stocking up at Soma (Cool Nights sleep sets for $15.00!!!) and Endbliss bras). Yes, our mall parking lot was packed, too. As my daughter steered her car into a close-to-entrance handicapped parking space, she said, “I am so glad you had your hip replacement surgery !” There were a lot of family groups shopping; it was wonderful to see happy faces and to hear laughter.

  10. Since I have some mobility issues, I stayed in front of the computer to do my shopping.No hassle, no hunting for a parking space! Mo better! Works for me!
    Love the things you and your daughter picked out! We had already done the Mother-daughter,daughter-in-law thing on a spa day before the rush. Used Mother’s Day gift cards at my favorite place. It was great.Lots of female bonding,gossip ,etc. We had such a good time, I want to do it again next year-but plan a little better
    WE are about done with this holiday, on to the next. Wishing you and yours the best
    . Kepp up the good posts. Don’t know how you manage to do this daily.But I do enjoy them You have given me lots of good inspiration(shoes,fun clothes,etc)

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