Combining Animal Prints

Hello September and welcome to fall! Even if the temps aren’t cooperating where you live, it’s full steam ahead into fall and a great time to look at what’s new. Leopard is nothing new in most women’s wardrobe, but the sheer volume of them in the stores this season means new and more opportunities to wear and combine them with other animal prints.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing cheetah print shirt with snakeskin shoes
Sunglasses similar / Cheetah Print Shirt / Brigitte Button-Hem Pants / Snakeskin Loafers / Shoulder Bag  budget-friendly option

I’m starting the week off with a taste of neutral cheetah, combined with snakeskin in a soft combo that’s subtle and doesn’t overpower.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing casual look combining cheetah print and snakeskin print

If you’re a leopard lover you know you can always count on Chico’s to have a great selection. This season is no different plus they’ve added cheetah which is fast becoming a new favorite.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing cheetah shirt and sand pants in a casual look from Chico's


Leopard print comes in many shades and usually a combination of three colors, to achieve the spot. This cheetah is two colors and feels simpler, easier to toss on. This shirt feels classic but far from stuffy. There’s just something about animal print that adds a dose of edginess to your outfit.

If a cheetah print isn’t your thing, you could substitute a leopard blouse here, or zebra blouse here.

snakeskin loafers with button hem pants on A Well Styled Life

Loafer’s are everywhere this fall. With or without the penny 🙂 or horse bit. They’re not usually on my radar but my daughter kept sending me links to the loafers she was considering, which put them on my short list.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life in beige outfit from Chico's with snakeskin shoes

I tied the shoes and shirt together with these soft sand-colored stretchy, pull-on pants. The fun button detail at the hem draws the eye down so you see the shoes. They’re the same color as the base of the cheetah which makes for an easy combo. You could also wear these black pants with a similar effect when the temps cool off.


Jennifer Connolly of A Well Style Life combining snakeskin shoes with leopard print blouse
Sunglasses similar / Cheetah Print Shirt / Brigitte Button-Hem Pants / Snakeskin Loafers / Shoulder Bag  budget-friendly option / Jacket similar

This jacket is several years old but very similar to this one in Chico’s newest fall collection. Things always seem to come back around so I seldom get rid of basics.


Do you combine animal prints and treat them like a neutral in your wardrobe?

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


  1. Do like the combo you have chosen; however as I prefer to keep animal/reptile prints to a minimum I am more apt to mix them with other patterns and textures in a variation of fabric types.

  2. Lesley Tuckett says:

    I’ve great respect for the snake as an animal but snakeskin whether it’s as a handbag, shoes, boots, belts etc look ” cheap” to me. Reminds me of cowboy boots (as in the old western movies). Give me the leopard, zebra or the cheetah look any time. ( “Tiger” doesn’t come up too often.)

    1. You’re right, Tiger does not show up often in the animal prints. I do see Giraffe on occasion.

  3. I do treat them like a neutral and plan to have more fun with animal prints like you are doing here!! Love the shoes and details on the pants.

    1. I love that pant detailing too. Chico’s has a great collection this fall.

  4. This post brought some dressing issues to the surface for me.
    First, I don’t relate to animal prints. They feel wrong on me. Too exotic.
    Second, the issue of my attire being flattering. Which it sometimes isn’t, and this has frustrated me.
    Studying your many posts has been very helpful in solving some of my concerns and questions because we are similar in size and coloring, though not in body shape. It’s been helpful in determining what I think looks flattering and why, as applied to myself and my more hourglass type shape. ( I envy your trim hips!)
    What I learned from this post: I like the combo of light pants with the predominately light shirt. But not the shirt with dark pants. If the shirt had a dark background I would find it more flattering with the dark pants. I like the basically light show with the all light outfit.
    In analyzing my preferences I realize that I find the all light outfit giving a person an unbroken flow from top to bottom
    appeals to me and my figure best. When the values ( light to dark) of top and bottom are stark differences I feel chopped in half, wider, shorter, without the all over flow I like. You seem to get away with the contrasts better than I because your allover body line is more streamlined than mine.
    My solution to top/bottom value or color contrasts, with my body type, is to carry the bottom value or color up to the top in some way… a cardigan, scarf, necklace etc. to keep the flow happening.
    This just “ feels” good to me.
    I know this isn’t exactly the topic today but I thought I’d share what it inspired in me.

    1. I love that you shared your thought process, Penelope. It’s so fun to put these insights together so we can dress in a way that makes us happy.

  5. I just found a nice pull on Leopard pants inWalmart with a slightly flared bottom that covers my shoes for $3.00!!! They actually look good on me! So I bought them!

  6. I think you look great. I like the leopard print with the touch of brown rather than just two color so I probably wouldn’t combine two prints because of that but it works perfectly with just the two colors. I have always had a pair of black flats with leopard print just on the toe. I have a narrow snakeskin belt but I’m thinking about getting a bag or shoes. It does give an edge so we don’t look too basic sometimes.

  7. Bonna Jean Nichols says:

    This is a great look together! I almost bought those pants yesterday on Chico’s on line only sale now I wish I had!!!!!

  8. Cathy Cunningham says:

    Love this look. Love the prints together. Very stylish. ?

  9. Freda Witt says:

    No, I wouldn’t wear 2 animal prints. Sorry, it just looks over done to me. That said, I am in the “wear whatever the heck you like and feel comfortable in” group.

    1. Haven’t, but I’m gonna , thanks to you, Madame Jennifer, Stylist Extraordinaire.

  10. I wouldn’t but you wear it well.

  11. This outfit is really cute!

  12. Rose Brock says:

    I do wear and combine animal print. Your outfit looked great. You always inspire!

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