Budget Friendly Casual Outfit for Spring

Happy Friday ladies. I have a surprise for you today…that pleasantly surprised me too! Some of you are retired or on a fixed income so your clothing budget is limited. Many have asked me to style more budget-friendly casual outfits so when Walmart asked me to try their new collections and share it with you, I decided to go for it so this post is sponsored by Walmart and ShopStyle

casual outfit of striped shirt and blue jeans from Walmart on A Well Styled Life
striped shirtskinny blue jeans sandalsearringsround tote bag

I haven’t purchased clothes at over 50 blogger Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing casual striped shirt and blue jeans from Walmart

Because I’m a fan of high rise jeans for muffin top control, I started with this classic five-pocket skinny jean by Ev1 from Ellen Degeneres. They’re made from a 63% cotton, 33% polyester, 4% spandex blend, have lots of stretch. I ordered a 10 thinking they might be snug but these fit more like a straight jean on me and I could have worn my regular size 8. Ev1 from Ellen DeGeneres makes an entire line for Walmart.

casual spring shirt and jeans on Jennifer Connolly from A Well Styled Life
striped shirtskinny blue jeans sandalsearringsround tote bag

I topped it with this Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing striped shirt and blue jeans from WalmartThe Walmart website shows this shirt tied in front. You can also wear it straight down or tucked in. I like it tied this way and wear shirts this way often because it shows some leg which helps me look taller while covering my backside in skinnier pants.Jennifer of A Well Styled Life wearing casual shirt and blue jeans from Walmart

These Circus by Sam Edelman sandals have a soft woven top that avoids my bunion problem area so will be comfy all summer as my feet swell in the heat. These slides have a soft woven top and will work perfectly with shorts or a sundress as the weather heats up.

over 50 style blogger wearing casual spring look from Walmart
notice how they miss my bunion area above ^

These are available in four colors, sized 5-11. They’re super comfy so I ordered two colors. Walmart has a large selection of aqua boho tassel earrings on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life

I don’t usually wear boho clothes but I do love the fun look in earrings. I’ve always been careful to avoid heavy earrings which do no one’s earlobes any favor. These striped shirt and straw tote styled with blue jeans on Jennifer Connolly of A

I love round bags and totes. They add a fun shape and actually hold a lot. I finished my look with this Time and Tru straw circle tote. It comes in Aqua or Coral stripe plus you can flip it around if you want a more neutral look. The straw is soft, sturdy and has long handle inside so you can wear over your shoulder.

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Have you shopped for clothing and accessories at Walmart lately? If not, you’re in for a  surprise. Their new We Dress America campaign includes quality lines to fit the entire family in style. Check out the women’s page here and be prepared to find things you love.


Thanks for reading and have a great day.


Thanks also to Walmart for partnering on this post.




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  1. Walmart’s summer clothes are better than their winter clothes. They have a lot of 100% cotton which is great getting hard to find. This shirt is all cotton!

    This outfit is great! I LOVE those earrings and that bag! Thanks for helping us discover or rediscover Walmart!

  2. We have a farm house as a second home in a rural area. I love Walmart for my casual clothes. I’m sure they private label Crocs and Sam Edelman shoes — I found a great pair of $13 leopard print flats that felt better than a Tory Burch pair I later returned. Check out the Time and Tru leggings and knit jersey tees. Comfy and flattering.

    1. I’m also going to look for your leopard flats. Thanks Chris, I will.

  3. Jen Biggs says:

    @Rose Brock-I can no longer find Danskin at Walmart. They used to have such a good selection and Danskin clothes held up so well.

  4. Bravo, this was a great article. Thank you for remembering that some of us are retired and live on limited incomes yet we want to look as good as possible.

    1. My pleasure Jill. You don’t have to spend a fortune for great style.

  5. Cathy justice says:

    Wal-Mart has stepped up their game. But there are differences from store to store. I have bought some super cute things for spring. I like to buy tanks and tees. Online shopping has been much easier too and fast.

  6. I stopped at Walmart after reading today’s blog. Found a gauzy summer blouse I been looking for! And a white eyelet blouse that came with a cami! At $16 a piece, figured I couldn’t go wrong, since one of the blouses I been checking on at Macy’s was twice+ the price. Thank you for today’s inspiration!

  7. Jody Mercier says:

    I’ve not been a Wal-Mart clothing shopper, but after discovering their Time and Tru line, I’m impressed! I’m going to check them out online. Thanks for the tip. ?

  8. Love this outfit. I am also in a rural area with not many options except Walmart. I love this top and purse and they are my favorite colors, too. Shopping at Walmart is like any other low end place, you just have to be careful and know which is good quality. Thanks for featuring this. Can’t wait until your next Walmart feature!

    1. You need to be careful in high-end places too, Janice. I’ve spent good much money on things that lose their shape after one wash…which I then march right back to the store and return. Price is no guarantee of quality.

  9. After searching unsuccessfully at Nordstrom and Macy’s for a non-see-through white tee and trim navy capris with pockets, I stopped by Walmart for toiletries. There, just waiting for me, were the perfect tee and capris! I’ve bought several Breton stripe 3/4 sleeve tees there, too, and they’ve held up after 10 washes better than my Banana Republic one did. The dressing rooms were nice, and the staff was friendly. I’m sold. It’s so important to empower women at all budget levels to express their creativity and confidence with fashion. Thanks for the post, Jennifer!

  10. I’ve never shopped at Walmart for clothes, as I figured they were cheaply made. I suppose some are, some aren’t. Your outfit today is cute, especially that fun tote.

  11. Being a high/low shopper, I have one or two favorite department stores. However, I recently stopped at Wal-Mart and their store looked better. The entrance wasn’t cluttered with miscellaneous stuff. Their clothing sections looked different. I tried on and purchased the shirt you have on, except mine is white. BTW, Wal-Mart’s dressing room was renovated and clean. I tie the shirt and wear it with a longline vest. I got that idea from YOU. Thanks again! My longline vest is the high and the shirt is the low. Cute tote! I really like your shirt and tote combo. Those colors just shout “Hello spring & summer”. Hurray!!

    1. I purchased mine online and picked up in my local store. The store was well lit, clean and smartly organized. It didn’t have nearly the selection available online but what they did have, look very easy to shop. I’m really pleased with the quality of everything I got at Walmart. I too love high/low outfits and Walmart fits well into that equation.

  12. Rose Brock says:

    I will have to check out Walmart for sure. Your outfit was so cute on you! I have bought some Danskin golf half zip shirts for golf. They have really held up. Wondering if they still have that brand? I usually have to shop in juniors.

  13. Susan Adams says:

    For stylish, budget-friendly options, you might try Uniqlo. I just bought a stack of quality, colorful tees and a maxi tee dress for next to nothing.

  14. Cathy Blackwell says:

    Thank you so much for including a budget friendly post. I really appreciate it. Now if a tall option could be included especially for pants it would be perfection!!!!

  15. Walmart has really upped their game in clothing and home decor!! We love them in Texas! Super cute outfit!

  16. Walmart is focusing on online marketing. Will be interesting to watch. I have found reasonably priced, good fitting and good quality Bandolino jeans and Raefella tops and bottoms. Also versatile tops for layering through Dick’s (more choices online). My favorite blouses (especially if on sale) are Talbots Perfect Shirt 3/4 sleeve blouses (wash, hang to dry, NO IRONING!) Always look forward your posts!

    1. I always find more choices online and think the wave of the future will be online shopping. It’s my favorite way to shop;)

  17. Hi Jennifer….I shop Walmart clothes ALL the time and have for many, many years. I find all their clothing to be of good quality. They have all trendy clothes at a much lower cost!! You can’t beat it to stay on the up and up in fashion. I can’t say enough about their clothing and always happy with all my purchases.

    1. I’m delighted with my purchases too! I have another look to share in a few weeks.

  18. Love that you’re featuring Wal Mart clothing as it is just about the only place I have to shop in my rural community. You inspire me with all your posts! Thank you!

  19. This is our go to store, love there clothes, shoes and accessories. In Canada smaller centres, ladies stores have gone, so glad we have somewhere decent to shop.

  20. Yes, I do include Walmart in my selections and find their clothing to be of good value. There is another source you should connect with and it’s DuluthTrading Company out of Minnesota. They too, make high quality relaxed and work clothing. We got a new store near us and both my husband and I have bought numerous things there. They also have a great catalog. Well made clothing I bet you would like!

  21. This is a great outfit! I don’t usually purchase clothes from Walmart, but I love having a budget-friendly option.
    I’m going to check out my local store!

    1. Do check them out online too because the selection is much larger.

  22. Super cute from head to toe. I love me a good bargain and yet rarely hit Walmart on my rounds. I have noticed (on line) that Walmart is showing up more when I search for a specific item. Also read that they’re partnering with Lord + Taylor down as well. This could be big trouble for me, haha!

    1. Their online shopping is super easy and has a much larger selection. They ship to your local store free and you can pick it up there.