Casually Chic In Hot Weather

Happy Sunday ladies. Our temps topped 108 yesterday which is just rotten. I don’t think I will ever get used to weather that hot. I long to be near the coast but with things as they are, I am here for the foreseeable future. In terms of attire, anything heavy or tight is out of the question in this heat… so I am resorting to loose and very simple.

Please note– my content is being stolen and republished on another site. If you are not reading this on A Well Styled Life, please click through and read it here.

Jennifer Connolly of A well Styled Life wearing white tee and cropped linen pants

Today I am sharing a beautiful new pair of Madewell petite over 50 blogger wearing stripe crop pants and white tee

I wore them with my favorite white v-neck tee, some very simple jewelry, and comfy white sandals. I’m really glad I ordered two of these tee’s because I wear them a lot!  A great white t-shirt is an invaluable staple in my summer wardrobe. The sandals are from last year but this year’s version is even cuter…I love the woven leather.

jennifer connolly wearign v-neck white tee fromTalbots

If drawstring ties aren’t your thing, you could easily just pull them out or snip them off. These earrings and necklace are very lightweight to the point of not feeling them which is just what I want in blistering heat. Madewell’s gold jewelry is the color of old gold so seems a bit softer to me than other costume “gold”. I just love this combination of white, light brown, and gold jewelry for summer.petite over 50 blogger Jennifer Connolly wearign Madewell crop pants and white tee

I don’t have long hair, but any hair on the back of my neck is too much in these temps. Rather than my standard banana clip, I tried

I had a lovely day with my daughter today, albeit most of the day was spent indoors and enjoying the air conditioning.

How do you stay cool in the heat?


Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident (and cool!)




  1. Disnne🇨🇦 says:

    I would love you to share some of your heat!
    I live in Vancouver & we’ve had a cool rainy July so far.
    I love the linen pants, the t shirt looks great on you.
    I haven’t been tucking for awhile but maybe could try.
    You look cool & very “together “
    I enjoy your blog, thanks

    1. Sending vibes for nicer weather your way. My family up there, tells me it is the worst summer weather in a long time

  2. Am I the only one who hates linen?! It always feels so wrinkly and scratchy. I’ve bought nice pieces and never wear them more than a time or two before they’re in the goodwill bag. What does the world know that I don’t!😳
    Stay cool and be well! Thanks for keeping us stylin!!

    1. It seems we either love it or hate it. Nothing in between. I use to let the wrinkles bother her me but I find the tissue weight wrinkles less and are more comfy.

  3. Hi Jennifer.I keep wondering which area you are in, as you talk about the heat. For some reason, I got the idea it’s Northern CA, where I live. Is that right? We aren’t seeing extreme temps in our town, but much higher than normal. Seems there’s a heat wave across the country.
    Thanks for sharing your cute outfit!
    I so enjoy your blog.

    1. I have moved inland near Sacramento which is so much hotter than the Bay Area where we used to live

  4. I need to investigate those hairpins. My hair is scary right now. How do the pins work? Maybe I’ll go look for a YouTube video.

    1. They actually work like a corkscrew. I was shocked how easy they were to use. And how effective

  5. I love linen in the heat. But here on Vancouver Island we’re having an unseasonably cold summer so far. I keep hoping for warmth.

    I’m sorry your content is being stolen. Such low lifes!

    1. I did hear what a cool, rainy summer you’re having. That’s no fun.

  6. Very cute Jennifer. I just bought some linen pants almost like yours. It’s hot here too..it’s 112 here today…

  7. Nancy Fraze says:

    I work in the legal field and am a writer and poet. Plagarism stinks and the kaw doesn’t support it. You should send that lowlife thief a cease and desist letter on a law firm letterhead. You can search on your own writing using phrases and see what hits you get. I’d screenprint their site and include it in the letter.

  8. Hi Jennifer. I have a question that’s unrelated to today’s lovely post. Would you be willing to comment on your experience with Karigran Skincare? Not sure how long ago you tried it but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Thank you for reminding me. I loved it!! Very nice quality and a very elegant product. I need to try a few more of their products.

      1. Thanks, Jennifer!

  9. I live on the Coast so we get blessed with tropical breezes where we live but it is still hot. I live in elastic or drawstring waist around the house. Gauze tops can be cool and tee shirts with a peplum help if one has a tummy. Ill admit to flip flops at home but switch to sandals when I go out. You look great and especially in the clothes of Summer.

    1. I’m often in flip flops at home too. They’re just so easy and I like that mine have an arch support.

  10. patricia a gale says:

    I like the longer pant…on a short person gives your leg more length making u look taller.
    Dont think crop is a flattering look…hits the leg at an awkward place looks like wearing younger/shorter sister s pants..:))

  11. Linda Henderson says:

    You have us beat. We topped 106. Whew, so hot! It makes me sluggish. You, however, look cool and cute. I have a question. Why is someone stealing your content? For what purpose? Curious.

    1. They steal for their site so they have content which they don’t produce. Then they cover it with Google Ads to earn them income.

      1. Linda Henderson says:

        Thieves! I am sorry.

  12. Love the pants! It was 122 here in Lake Havasu today and more tomorrow. Only options are the pool or AC … anything else and you’re fried. But better than shoveling snow in New England in the winter (been there, done that for far too long).

  13. Frances J Johnson says:

    I’m only 5 feet tall and have a “MIDDLE” so these pants and a tucked in shirt don’t work for me.

  14. Many women read a collection of style/fashion bloggers so how anyone can be stupid enough to steal content is beyond me…..way too easy for the reader to know exactly who wrote it first. Readers will be loyal to the “owner” of the content and the thief is unlikely to keep a loyal following with that kind of behaviour. Oh…..and if the thief wants to steal all the health challenges you and your husband have had….let them have at it LOL
    You have many loyal readers who will support you through whatever life throws at you!

  15. I love wide linen pants and own two pairs, but my tummy is too big to tuck in a shirt. Have you seen any cute cropped or fitted shirts that would work other than a tee!

    1. Macys has cute linen tops.

    2. Madewell has quite a few cropped cotton button ups that would work. Eileen Fisher always make some too. Check out Macy’s and Bloomingdales for them because everything is on sale now.

    3. JC Penney’s has a few in their Liz Claiborne area. I bought one that has a cute, slightly fringed bottom.

  16. Lezlie Gravens says:

    What kind of person steals another’s content?! Pretty low. And I love the linen pants!

  17. Joyce Reardon says:

    I love linen!! Just ordered the pants! Staying cool is challenging here with the humidity. Thankfully we are near the ocean, so it’s usually breezy.
    Anything we can do to assist you in the theft of your content?? I make custom decorated sugar cookies, we have many people stealing other people’s work and claiming it as their own. Stay cool this week!

    1. The humidity makes hot weather that much more miserable!! You’ll love these pants. I’m crazy about them.
      Thank you for asking if you can help. I’ve contacted Google and the host of the website that is swiping my content and will keep at it.
      My friend Susan (who is also having her content stolen) suggested the note in each post so hopefully that will help. Custom decorated cookies? They sound wonderful:)

  18. Despite the temps crushing that 100 degree mark, you found a fabulous outfit that coveys a cool and comfy vibe! Minimal accessories, breezy pants, soft white T-shirt and cute sandals all create a look that I love. Also, the soft color palette and the updo hair style are my summer favorites. Your outfit compliments you!
    Those pants have an additional discount right now. I’m taking another look at them!
    Thankyou for a fun blog Jennifer!

    1. The price in them is amazing!! I hope they make other colors now. I almost skipped them because of the length, but so glad I tried them on. Happy Sunday Jan.

      1. I just want to add that despite the high temps and humidity, you have shown us that we don’t have to compromise our personal style to look cool and confident!

  19. You need to post ” I do not give perission for this article to be published anywhere” on your site. It works. Your outfit is cute. I like the linen pants. I’m off to check them out now.

    1. I do have that disclaimer at the very bottom but I need to see if I can move it up. Thank you!

  20. Your outfit is almost identical to what I’ve been wearing at home this summer. We’ve been in an extreme heat advisory for many weeks now in southern Ontario, and linen is my wardrobe staple now. I love a cropped linen pant and simple tee, but found that most of the tee’s I bought earlier this year are a heavier cotton, so I’ve been searching for linen tops.
    It’s become too hot to golf some days, so I’ve been staying indoors and reading. I hate that I can’t be outside enjoying summer – we lost most of spring this year and now summer? Ok – my rant is over LOL.

    1. Lol! It’s ok to rant. You are not alone. I’ll hunt out some linen tops because many of us need them. Than goodness for good books!! Happy Sunday Yvonne

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