A Casual Double Denim Outfit and a Winner

Happy Tuesday, ladies. Our quarantine is over just in time for gray skies and intermittent showers. I don’t mind the change in the weather because it’s too hot for comfort at home. The California fires are also ravaging the state, destroying homes and causing horrible air quality, even in my area. My husband has packed up our trailer and headed for the hills, literally.Dean Davidson Earrings on fashion blog A Well Styled Life

I didn’t plan very well for this trip or pack many clothes for cooler weather. Yes, we drove, but the car was jammed with her bike, dog, etc and I knew I would be flying home so I packed light. The upshot is I’m wearing my denim jacket and this cashmere cardigan to death! I only brought three pairs of jeans, which boggles my mind because I practically live in a great pair of jeans. I see shopping in our future:)

Fashion blogger A Well Styled Life wearing Canadian tuxedo from Talbots and Nordstrom

Have you heard of a Canadian tuxedo? According to Levi Strauss & Co, the expression can be traced back to a famous incident with Bing Crosby. He and his hunting buddy were denied a room at a Vancouver, British Columbia hotel because they were wearing denim. Apparently the desk clerk didn’t think he looked high-class enough to stay there… until a bellhop finally recognized Bing. When LS&CO  heard about this, they created a special denim tuxedo for Bing, and the expression was born.

over 50 fashion blogger A Well Styled Life wearing casual double denim outfit

I’ve always been a fan of double denim and often wear three pieces. This shirt is technically chambray but let’s not split hairs when it comes to denim:) I’ve got a nice collection of denim jackets but reach for this one more than the others because it has just enough stretch to be comfy and subtle shaping to keep it from looking boxy.

Here are Five Ways to Style a Sweater and Jeans

fashion blogger Jennifer Connolly wearing blue denim jacket and chambray shirt

Your response to Dean Davidson’s designs has confirmed my thoughts…he is an amazing designer! Thanks to all who entered the giveaway, the winner is Jane, who will receive an email.

This is how I rock double denim…how do you wear it?





  1. Penny L. Luckenbaugh says:

    Love the darker jacket, lighter jeans. I would probably wear a blue and white stripe shirt or maybe a printed blue and white tee.
    I am so, so ready for sweater weather. I can’t wait to start making soup, chili, and baking bread . To say nothing of the fall color. The best time of year.I really enjoy fall seasonal decorating.
    I also look forward to Halloween, but sadly, this year there will probably be no trick or treaters. Too bad- it’s the biggest day of the year for little kids. The lockdown won’t stop me from decorating the heck out of my house, though, with all the Halloween stuff I have collected for years.
    Laughed about the Canadian tuxedo. My late husband called flannel shirts Montana dress shirts. Now ,all you gals in Montana, don’t be offended. He meant that they were appropriate for all events excepting weddings and funerals. ( And possibly even those,) When he died, my daughter had Christmas stockings made for me and her sisters and herself from his favorite flannel shirts. We treasure them.
    Best wishes and enjoy your Vancouver getaway.

  2. I love your Bing Crosby story. I’ve only heard double denim referred to as a Texas Tuxedo – but what do we know (I’m in NJ, very close to NY)? No one around here wants to relate to a Texas outfit – not cool enough for NYers. You, however, make it look non-Texas good. I have a jean jacket that’s lined with flannel so it’s not good for warm weather but I just ordered a lighter one and am waiting for it’s delivery. I so want the 90+ temperatures to go away and for it to be fall; the pandemic robbed us of our favorite summer activities so I’m done with it.

  3. Looking grrrreat Jennifer! Do like and wear ‘blue’ denim but extent of doubling it up is limited on my part. Have a midi dress (sleeveless) and wear it with a coordinating, short-sleeved open cropped jacket that has an accent metal closure (which has proven to be a great traveler). Also have a favourite denim wristlet/cross body clutch (actually a thrift store find) that I pair up with my jeans plus a ‘blue’ denim jacket (lined with contrast blue ‘n white stripes) that I wear with ‘white’ denim ones but that’s about it. To conclude; I much prefer the stone-washed/lighter versions of denim to that of the darker shades that I pretty well only wear when our Canadian temperatures begin to drop. (i.e.: Fall and Winter seasons.)

  4. I love denim anyway you can spin it! Glad you are having a good time and getting a breather from the Sacto heat!!

  5. Rosemarie says:

    Hi there

    Like your denim look.

    3 pairs of pants should do you well. I’m only been wearing 2 pairs of pants this past month – 1 linen and 1 cotton and a pair of leggings!

    Check out HOB – thrift boutique – good variety on West 41st Ave (Kerrisdale) – can goggle them for more info on their stock etc.

  6. I saved that to my must copy file. I love the look and since they are so essential. I have all the pieces. Love it. Thank you for so many ways to dress without having to buy new pieces.

  7. Love these glasses on you, Jennifer! Could you please share the brand/style?

    1. My glasses are the brand Aspire. You can find them at many opticians in your area if you google around.

  8. Enjoy your weather, it’s still warm and smokey here in California, yuk. I live in cotton dresses all summer, it’s too hot for anything else, at least for me. Then I seem to jump to packable down when the weather cools down. Fall here seems to be a blink of the eye, since it’s warm until November, so I don’t wear my denim jacket very much, oh well…..

    1. I am really enjoying fall-like temps. That’s one of the things I miss about our area.

  9. I forgot to tell you how much I love your main laughing picture. Makes me smile every time I see it!

  10. Love your denim look! Plus those glasses are very flattering on you.
    I know you are enjoying your visit with your daughter.

  11. Julie Anne says:

    Being Canadian, my first thought is that this isn’t unique. LOL. You wear it perfectly.

    Different shades of denim required, yes. Different tones, no. It rarely works.

    Hope your husband has found a safe & non-smokey place to escape.

  12. You look fabulous in this outfit. Personally I would have put a brighter color top underneath the jacket. Living in Florida we have a limited time in which we can wear denim jackets and long jeans. Just too hot!
    Have a great tri!

  13. Julie Traxler says:

    I usually don’t wear several pieces of denim together, but you are rocklin’ it!

  14. I like your denim outfit! Right now in Texas, it’s just too hot for me to wear that much clothing. I am so eager for winter to get here as I have had enough of this heat. I have lived this summer in dresses trying to escape the heat!

    I hope you have a safe trip home!

  15. I loved your Bing Crosby story. He had a home & ranch in Northern California where I grew up & I was good friends with his nephew (his parents were the caretakers of the ranch). Anyway… I love the denim look and like you practically live in it. Enjoy your time in BC😀

  16. Cheryl Cossey says:

    Always enjoy your shares. Thank you!
    I wear denim a lot.

  17. My daughter would shoot me if I wore double denim! But I don’t think it looks bad if the two pieces are different shades.

  18. Layered dressing is the best way to go on a day like this. I never would have worn three denim pieces but you rock this look! Enjoy your day! I see some shopping in the forecast.

  19. It’s been a long time since I’ve worn all denim but I love it. Have to get my jean jacket out! I bought a new blush colored jean jacket, hope I can figure out to style that. It hasn’t been cool enough here yet to wear it. The fires are awful in CA. Praying it will end soon. Take care.

    1. Blush colored denim sounds so pretty! It would be gorgeous with gray, black or all shades of blue denim.

  20. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for my morning smile; as soon as I read Double Denim, I thought, “Canadian tuxedo!” I, too, love denim and this looks fantastic.

  21. Francesca B. says:

    Double denim! I am going to try it again it has been a while. I like the way you have the shirt sleeves folded up like that to show the contrast of blues, so pretty! Enjoy the weather. I am English and I love the rain and changeable weather and watching the clouds with a cup of tea inside, though I feel for your man in California, such an awful time with the fires. That wa us last year, fingers crossed we don’t have to evacuate again this fire season.

  22. I ‘d like to know what brand the booties are as well. The link takes you to the earrings.

  23. What is your thoughts on pull on jeans? They seems to fit me better. Also jean jackets seem so heavy. Can you recommend a lighter one?

    1. I love love, love pull-on jeans. For me, the trick is to wear a top that covers the waist and the jeans look best when they are slim. Jean jackets do vary in heaviness. Talbots and the one’s Charter club from Macy’s seem a bit thinner to me.

  24. Cathy Blackwell says:

    The link for the water resistant booties isn’t working.

  25. You look fabulous! I love this look and can’t wait to “steal” it…I especially like seeing how you layered the tee under the shirt, then the jacket.

  26. Maureen M. says:

    Loved your entire Double Denm outfit!! You did rock it!!! Everyone should have these pieces in their closet, classic and timeless!!!

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