Casual Goes Just so Far: Then it’s Gambling

I’ve embraced casual everything this season. There’s only one holiday decoration in my house, and Christmas is a week away. Ordinarily that would panic me. Usually my freezer would be packed with home-baked goodies and the house would be dripping in decorations. This year, I’ve let it all go. I’ve decided I’ll enjoy myself and just roll with what comes.

I did my first holiday shopping today. Twenty minutes in Costco cured me of any desire to return. I’m not usually so “casual” about Christmas, but it’s been a weird year.


Casual Goes Just so Far: Then it's Gambling

This week, Pam and I are hitting our Casual Style Sweet spot, which suits me perfectly. This little Fox is more ready for Christmas than I am.

Casual Goes Just so Far: Then it's Gambling

This outfit will take me any and everywhere. Soft colors and textures are the perfect recipe for relaxing in style. I love neutral colors, a touch of pattern and texture in my shoes.

Casual Goes Just so Far: Then it's Gambling

Cashmere is just right for California winters. Layering means I can adjust, based on my internal thermostat!


A touch of fur on my favorite flat shoes, is a nice contrast to the shine of my silk tunic. I’ll wear this outfit many times this season. And always feel comfortably chic.


As we navigate this season, it’s all about ease and being comfortable.

Now lets pop over to see what Pam is wearing for her casual style this week.

I imagine all of you will be cutting back on your online presence during the next few weeks. I plan to do the same!

Enjoy your family and loved ones. Wishing you a fabulous Holiday Season!


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  1. Every year I decorate with less and less stuff. In fact last year as I was putting my Christmas stuff away, I edited both what I used and didn’t use and got rid of about 75% of it. This year I am donating another 15%. to a charity. This year I decided to be as natural as possible with my Christmas decorations, I placed the most fragrant and beautiful greenery on my mantle, too include a spray in the kitchen and poinsettia’s throughout the living area. With the addition of some candles, fruits and nuts, and a few special sentimental pieces my decorating was complete. Must say its the best any of my homes have looked during the Christmas season. Great way to end 2015! Love….love the shoes!!!

  2. Hi. What a lovely outfit. I am sure you are really busy at the moment but I would love to know where the pieces are from as it is just my look. Have a Happy and relaxing Christmas. Margo

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    You look lovely in your casual outfit, although I would say it’s “classy casual”!

    I had a Costo card many years ago but learned stay away from there between Thanksgiving & Christmas. And stores I avoid like the plague any time of year? Walmart & Ross. I went into a Hobby Lobby for the first time & don’t think I’ll go back there either. A lot of mass produced cheap stuff made in China. Even the Macy’s close to my house is on a downward spiral!


  4. Those are my two favorite go-to colors. The pieces are just perfectly put together. You look so classically chic. An absolutely go-anywhere, do-anything in it outfit. BTW, I love the pose. It says, “I look great; I know it; you gotta a problem with that??”

    Actually, I’m not as far behind this year as I usually am at this time. The house is decorated, although not like I used to do it, the presents are all sitting in my closet just waiting to be wrapped, and neighbors have been popping in for wine and good cheer. If I’m totally honest, however, there was a Christmas casualty — the cards. I just never got around to writing them. I do feel a bit guilty, but not all that much.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, my Friend.

    Talk next year.

    xoxo, M-T

  5. This is such a pretty look on you, Jen. I love the fur touches on your shoes-so stylish!
    Though our house is decorated to the nines, thanks to my husband and the two parties that we hosted here last week, I decided to skip doing holiday cards this year. That’s the first time in about 20 years I’ve passed on one of my favorite holiday traditions. I had to let something go and I’m simply not looking back this season. I agree, a trip to Costco puts me off for a year or so. Thankfully Scott enjoys the crowds! 😉
    Merry, merry dear friend!

  6. Oh my goodness…those flats are so luxurious! I feel all warm and snuggly just looking at and thinking about those flats and the cashmere sweater! 😉 You look lovely, as always. Do you find that taking the year’s prep more casually has allowed you more time and opportunity to actually be present in and enjoy the season? Merry Christmas!

  7. Love the outfit! I am with you on this xmas season….what is it? I just don’t feel it this year. Ah-ha, I know the world is a crumbling mess. Hate to be a downer but “them’s the facts mam”….as only Jack Webb would say…wow, I AM aging myself!

  8. I love this outfit! I’ve all but given up on Costco – it gives me the heebie-heebie so now! I’ve been offline a lot as we’ve lost power twice in last week and was off to get son. All home and the relaxing will begin!

  9. A very happy Christmas to you from Summer in New Zealand.
    May all your dreams come true and all your hearts desires be granted in the New Year.