Casual Long White Shorts

Since many of you have expressed an interest in wearing shorts, I’m continuing to style options for you. I wasn’t thrilled how the pleated linen shorts looked on me here, and here, but these casual long white shorts are a different story, and it has nothing to do with the length.


woman sitting on beck wearing long white shorts, denim shirt and sunglasses

Last month, my friends at Chico’s sent me this outfit for a collaboration on Instagram. Since shorts haven’t been on my style radar for 30+ years, I was surprised to find myself liking them.


woman walking at shopping center weagn white shorts and denim shirt

These are the Bridgette slim shorts with a 10″ inseam. Since they’re not made in petite, I expected them to be too long for my 5’4″ frame, but they’re not. They come in 5 colors sized 0/XS – 22/24. They have usable front pockets and faux back pockets. I don’t know about you, but I’d never put things in the back pockets of white stretch shorts anyway. In navy ones maybe, but not the white which would show every lump.


woman leaning against wall wearing denim top and stretch shorts
MY DENIM SLIDES are sold out, similar here, and here, and here

I like the look of these long white shorts on me because they’re slim and have very few details. There’s no front zipper, snap, belt loops, or obvious pockets so they have a clean line which makes them very versatile. The length says Bermuda short but the design and feel are like a bike short… in non-workout fabric. They’re also super comfy because they have spandex in the fabric.


woman wearign white tee, white shorts and denim shirt

Because of the potential bulge factor, I chose a long tank top that covers my tummy and much of my backside. This top (on sale) comes in 6 colors sized XS-XL. I’m wearing small and think it runs generously. I topped it with this denim tunic which has limited sizes left, similar herehere, and here.

Yesterday, I wore these shorts in a totally different way, which I’ll have for you later this week.

What length of shorts do you prefer?


  1. arlene jolly says:

    you look great in your out fits maybe you can help me when i go shopping i get so depressed the cancer drug i was on they told me it would be bad for my bones i took other medicine to keep me from getting osteoporosis but still getting it my back is starting to get a little curvature and i am so self conscience could you suggest what type of clothing i could wear thank you i have enjoyed your web site

    1. I would suggest looser tops and blouses that don’t cling to your back. I’m so sorry you’re struggling with this.

  2. I am 70 and don’t think it’s a great idea for me to be in shorts in public. To solve the warm weather problem I bought skorts. denim, white, black, and cream. A found great ones at LL Bean, Kohl’s, and on line. I;m only 5″1′ so they look like skirts on me. I’m cool but I don’t scare anyone.

    1. I love your sense of humor. I’ve been trying some skorts on but so far they’re all too short for me. Those few extra inches make all the difference.

      1. I own two skorts that are 18” long, which are knee length on my 5’ 3” frame. One is a few years old from the Tails golf brand. I recently bought a white one from Athleta.

  3. No one over 60 looks good in shorts in my opinion.

  4. I think if you pay attention to where your leg narrows above the knee, you will find the perfect length for a flattering short. Judging from the full length picture above, Jennifer, I would suggest that about an inch shorter might be your “sweet spot”. This is also a handy guide for hemming a dress, at least for someone with young legs! Although, didn’t somebody famous say that “the legs are the last to go”?

    1. You’re right! I’ve written several posts on the most flattering length for skirts and pants which would of course include shorts:)

    2. Debbie Pennick says:

      While I think this is good “rule” to know and certainly is true for me, in this case–I think these shorts are working for Jennifer!

  5. I rarely wear shorts. I prefer dresses in summer. However if I do wear them I always go Bermuda length. ^5 year old legs don’t look good in shorts, I don’t think anyway.

  6. I have three pairs of Bridgette shorts and way too many Bridgette pants, both cropped (my favorite) and long. In fact I have a pairs of the cropped pants on now. They fit me great and are very comfortable. Love them💕

    1. I love the Bridgette pant too

  7. Debbie Monroe says:

    I think the linen shorts look great on you. The length on all of these shorts are good for you. I like the longer shorts too since my legs are older.

  8. You have nailed it!!!!

  9. Those shorts are a classic staple for the wardrobe and they look smashing on you, you have great legs for them.
    I dont show my knees, which are swollen from inflammation and prefer the capri’s for summer, but we all know what is best for us based on our body type and look. I really pays to try things on; I hope dressing rooms will not be a
    thing of the past, as trying on clothes, swimwear and shoes is a must due to vast sizing differences and changing body needs as we age…I have a right toe bunion, and must try on shoes, they cannot be too narrow. Trying to buy
    shoes online is just ridiculous without a try on.

  10. The shorts look great on you. Like you, I am not a particular fan of shorts but do like to have a pair or two around for hot weather. I bought this pair in beige as I really like the Bridgette fit, too. I also bought the Chico Jean short in the longer length in coral and surprisingly I like it, too.

    1. I’ll have to check that out

  11. Love the Brigette shorts and crops … but not a fan of the front pockets! Longing for the no-pocket style!!

  12. 10”,or even longer, is my go to length because I’m tall. And yes, I do wear shorts. For everyday I prefer this same length denims because they truly do cover and conceal as well as hold in.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I will have to give those a try! I used to wear mid thigh length, but have seem to developed a few extra sags one my thighs over the years, so knee length for me!

  14. I prefer shorts just BELOW the knee.

    1. I like that length too

  15. I bought those shorts in navy, and at 5’1” they seem to work! I style them with a red and white tank top from Talbots and a white shirt or jacket, if needed. Since I have not worn shorts in years, I am pleased! Have a great day.

  16. Love this look on you! You have a million dollar smile so it wouldn’t matter what you were wearing! Love to see/read your blog!

    1. Thanks Leslie. I’ve spent way too much time in the dentists chair lately. Aging teeth are a challenge

  17. Honestly; I think you look fabulous in either style of shorts and being blessed with great legs, feel you should flaunt them even more. i.e.: Leave a few lower buttons undone on your shirt dress. I mean that sincerely! As for myself I only have one pair, being flat front Bermuda length but as have long legs not pleased where they hit so am toying/experimenting with styles. (Shorter, longer, pleated, flat, no waistband, tapered, relaxed? Am using different style of pants that were slated to donate to get an idea prior to purchasing online and hopefully avoid a return as all our stores are still closed OR …… have to end up making them.)

  18. Yes! I’ve been wearing these shorts for years in white and black. So classy, smooth lines, and comfortable with the flat waistline.

    I’m 5’2” and I thought they used to offer them in petite (mine are last year’s version) but they hit me right above the knee).

    You look great in these!

  19. The shorts are a perfect length on you.
    I too, prefer a longer short.
    Happy Tuesday 😊

  20. wow. those shorts look great on you! for some reason, a long inseam does not look good on me. I usually wear a 7 inch inseam or shorter. I don’t mind showing some skin because I live in sweltering muggy Florida and need to stay cool 9 months of the year! By the way, I loved your over 50 style chat! I just watched it!

  21. Love the look of these shorts on you. I have similar ones in white and grey. My problem about wearing shorts is my skin. I have a skin condition but sometimes I use body makeup.

  22. I prefer shorts that are mid thigh to just above my knees.

  23. These are great shorts. I own some very similar. The length is good and they are very comfortable. I’m not sure why women shy away from shorts when this style is similar to wearing a skirt. Perfect summer outfit! I think white and navy shorts are so versatile. Any color top goes with them.

  24. You look adorable in the shorts. I watched the video on makeup yesterday…what was the name of the supplement you mentioned?

    1. It’s called Nutrafol

  25. Linda Gaertner says:

    I think these shorts best too. I just do not like pleats as they puff out and just make my short frame look stout. With the straight shorts you wore in this photo shoot they fit your frame nicely and make you look slimmer. Good choice.

  26. I just purchased these yesterday and I am almost 5’2” they are comfortable and look great. The length is perfect for me.

  27. I recently purchased those same Chico shorts in 3 colors. Then worried that at barely 5’ 1” I would look stumpy in a longer short. But they are so comfy and smooth in outline, I love them! So glad to see you style them!

    1. I may need a darker color too. They’re so comfy.

  28. Those shorts look great on you and I much prefer them to the pleated ones. My look of choice is just below the knee and that same slimness in a pull on syle with no zipper bulge. White and blue is a perfect summer combination.

    1. I’m with you on blue and white! My wardrobe is increasingly full of them.

  29. You look great in those shorts. The longer, slimmer shorts elogate your legs and just look nice. That is the length I wear too.

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