Would I Wear These Print Pants?

Happy Sunday ladies. Yesterday’s conversation on would you wear it was a lively one. The mannequin’s outfit was loved by some and as expected, disliked by others. That’s the wonderful thing about fashion….we have many options and can choose what works for us.

I found this mannequin at my local Anthropologie. I love that store for unique looks and fun accessories. The whole store has a bohemian vibe I find stimulating, even if I can’t wear most of their things.


Here’s my take-


A classic white button-down shirt in 100% linen. The boxy fit could be worn open or buttoned and tucked to add some shape to your figure. They tied it my favorite way, which many of you observed, showed more tummy than you’d like to do. To keep the same look I simply added this white tank underneath.


High waisted, full pants that are slim through the hips with an all-over green and white print. Their exterior flap pockets not only draw attention to the tummy, but their vertical line would also widen the look of your hips. The pattern helps to camouflage that effect very nicely. The contrast of the brown buttons brings the level of formality way down as does the button fly. The wide leg is a stove-pipe shape, meaning they’re full all the way down, without much flare.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing white linen shirt and wide leg green print pants from Anthropologie
button-down linen shirt / white tank / green print wide-pants

Would I wear this?

I’d wear the shirt all the time. I have several very similar shirts hanging in my closet. Because it’s linen, it would wrinkle easily. I recognize that’s part of the charm of linen and have made my peace with that characteristic. For you ladies who won’t wear linen because of the wrinkles, Chico’s has an entire collection of no-iron linen shirts here.

The pants are a favorite shape for me because they help balance my wide shoulders. The green and white pattern also enlarges the look of my bottom half. I seldom wear prints but this abstract design feels fun for spring/summer so I would wear it. I tried on the large, medium and small and found the medium fit best. I would wear them with these platforms (if they were in my budget) or hem one inch and wear these.

My sartorial choices are changing this year, which I see as a good thing. At 63, I’m ready to challenge myself to experiment with colors and shapes in an effort to add more “fun” to my look.

The thing about Anthropologie is that items sell out fast and once they’re gone, they’re gone. They seldom restock so I buy things when I see them. My local Anthropologie doesn’t carry shoes but their online selection is extensive and has lots of fun options.

Are you ready for spring?

Thanks for reading and remember to always wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. As soon as I saw the outfit on Saturday, I knew it would be perfect for you. And it is.

    Tied shirts look great on you. They look awful on me. I’m told wide legged pants look good on me but I have very long legs and I feel like I look very large and rectangular. Whether that’s real or just my perception I can’t say but I don’t like that lack of confidence so I have stayed away from them.

    Love seeing you in the Saturday outfits!!!

  2. Wow that outfit looks great on you. I would have never thought it could look cute. And you are so smart to add the white shirt underneath! The shoes from Anthropolgie are GORGEOUS but my oh my – expensive. Maybe in my next life. So glad you showed the outfit on you – how clever.

  3. Clothes that I snub on Saturdays have a whole different look on Sundays when you are wearing them. And the fact that you have been so open with your body shape (wide shoulders/narrow hips) helps those of us with different body features to understand why certain outfits look much better on you than they would on me (narrow shoulders/wide hips). The addition of showing the shoes that you would select is another important component of this weekend feature. As for the discussion of linen, I do like the look and feel of linen UNTIL it gets wrinkled. LOL I guess that’s why I occasionally wear the Chico’s no-iron linen but avoid all other linens completely. Interesting how some of us are comfortable with wrinkled linen and others feel messy or unkempt with that.

  4. I really like that you are now trying on the outfits from the Saturday “Would You Wear This” post. I love this outfit on you! So fun!

  5. I love linen. My feeling with linen is that I can have crisp wrinkles or soft wrinkles, my choice. If I want crisp wrinkles, I iron it before I wear it. If I am happy with soft wrinkles, then I take it out of the dryer warm and hang it up. The nature of linen is that it wrinkles, so you have to accept that. If I buy linen to sew with, I first wash it in hot water and then dry it in a hot dryer. After I make it up into a garment, I will wash it only in cool water and either dry it on low and hang it up immediately, or I will hang it to dry. This minimizes wrinkles, but you will still have the soft wrinkles.

    I would definitely wear the linen top. The pants are questionable for me. I prefer solids, so the wood grain print would be out of my comfort zone. I could easily take the buttons off if they are only decorative and I could take the flaps off the pockets. I did make a pair of wide legged pants in a small checked print last summer. I do wear them if I want to look Like I am wearing a long dress and still be very comfortable. They are made of a very soft knit so they have a lot of drape which I like.

    You make everything look good, Jennifer. You pulled off the gingham raw edge blazer with the yellow ruffled blouse last week. I thought that one was impossible.

  6. I think they’re fun and have a laid back look. I would buy them if they were longer but at 29.3/4 they are too short (32” inseam). A tee shirt would complete my outfit. Love this new addition to Would You Wear It. Seeing the outfits on someone other than a mannequin or super slim, young model helps us visualize better.

  7. Love the outfit on you! I adore linen…there is nothing cooler on a hot day. The pants are perfect for you and have a 70’s vibe. I say go for wedge or platform sandals! ?

  8. Never say “never”. I really like this outfit on you. I probably would have passed on the pants due to the pockets and buttons, but it looks fine on you.
    Thanks Jennifer for showing us looks that may be out of our comfort zone – you never know till you try it on.

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