The Fall Edit From Quarantine

Fall has arrived in most parts of the country including here in Vancouver and just like that, I need my warmer clothes. Luckily my husband brought a few when he came up but I will need to go shopping as soon as our quarantine is up. Two weeks feels like forever a long time but we’re keeping busy with stacks of books, a deck of cards, and the view.

fashion blogger jennifer connolly wearing blazer over turtleneck sweater
PLAID BLAZER similarTURTLENECKPULL-ON JEGGINGSEARRINGSNECKLACE both the earrings and necklace are still on sale 25% off with the code JENNIFER25!

It’s already rained a couple of times which always makes me reach for a sweater, whether I’m going out onto the balcony or not. Turtlenecks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but their’s nothing quite as cozy on a fall day. I look for ones that don’t give that strangled feeling and accentuate my chins…yes there is more than one now. Posture is my new best friend for that:)

jennifer of a well styled life wearing turtleneck under plaid blazer

This day I’m wearing a pair of comfy pull-on jeans and a super soft, deepest navy Everlane sweater topped with a longer plaid jacket. The navy is so dark it looks almost like black. I got this jacket last year and reach for it often so I plan to try adding a tweed one to my wardrobe this fall. Back in California, I don’t have much need for a warm coat so a wool blazer is perfect.

jennifer conolly wearing plaid blazer over turleneck

I love the look of a borrowed from the boys’ blazer in soft colors and textures like the outfit below.

blazer sweaterstretch corduroy pantsblush suede mules – shoulderbagearringsnecklacelipstick in Fan Fare

Are you a fan of plaid blazers?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. Jennifer, I love your blog and your fashion style. However, I do not have your budget to spend. Suggest you showing high and low end fashion and cosmetics so we ladies can look good, but live on a budget.

  2. Ive been operating with my summer closet most of the year but now is time to open the chest and pull out the winter things. Every year I realize I own too many clothes. I think I’ll really get serious this year.
    We were in the high seventies, low eighties but the little birds and squirrels are busy storing food and building bedding. I think it’s going to be a really cold winter. Turtlenecks and warm wooly jackets will feel good.

  3. I live in Australia and have been following you for a few weeks I love your ideas and have been dressing up a bit more since following you. The problem for me is we have just come out of winter and heading into summer so I’ll have to wait another 6 months to try your ideas .

  4. You look super in that outfit and I love your hair up like that. Very flattering and youthful. Enjoy the beauty of the view and this time with your husband.

  5. I miss wearing turtlenecks, but cancer surgery on my neck a few years ago left me with some nerve damage and I find them uncomfortable now. I’ve had to switch to long sleeve tees with lower necklines.

  6. Being a retiree On Maui, most of your fashions do not apply, esp. blazers and boots. However, you have reminded me that I have gotten a little too casual.
    So, I have started bringing out the accessories, and the makeup. Makeup must be simple, as too much generally roles off your face as you sweat! 😳
    My natural makeup is my tan, so I dress to accent that. I use Stitch Fix a lot to upgrade my wardrobe. They are pricey but they have good quality, and are very helpful.

  7. Stunning outfit! Love love turtlenecks! Unfortunately living in Central Florida I cannot wear them, from New England I do miss the fall, the sweaters, boots etc.

  8. I have Talbot’s burgundy tweed jacket from last year and I love it! I wear it all fall and winter with jeans, navy and black pants, turtlenecks. When I retired, I kept all my jackets but sent the skirts and matching slacks down the road. Did keep one black pants suit, but rarely wear the pieces together. The jackets work great with jeans. Not that I am going out and about much this year! Just started reading your blog and I am enjoying it immensely.

  9. You look super cute in that outfit. I don’t own any blazers. I find them too office-y. Maybe just haven’t found the perfect fit/style for me. Would like a “in search of the perfect turtle neck ” post.

  10. Mmmmm, Fall (and rain) sounds delightful to this Ariz desert rat! You always inspire me to elevate my “look” with jewelry, scarves and shoes that do more than protect my feet.
    Even if life isn’t “normal” we can cherish and enjoy beauty. (And studies have shown, students who dress well actually have higher achievement in school!)
    Happy Fall to all of you!

  11. Love the plaid blazer outfit on you. Also think your hair looks great like that! We are finally getting rain here in WA. It was needed so badly and finally got rid of all the smoke.

  12. I don’t own any plaid/check blazers. I have one black one that I roll the cuff to show the contrasting lining but even that rarely comes out of my closet. I guess I left blazers behind when I retired. I now prefer a sweater or jean jacket.

    Woah! That was some wind we had last night on the island. It’s all calm now, the rain has stopped so I’m going to get out for my morning walk.

  13. Perfect quarantine weather in Vancouver this week, wet and wild winds. I love the tweed jacket turtleneck combo. Can the longer tweed jacket be worn with wider cropped pants? Or would cropped be more appropriate?

  14. Love your blog Jennifer and feel we are almost next door with me living in Vernon. B.C.
    Well this winter I will be in a smaller town with little shopping so will rely on the internet. I hope you have some success shopping in Vancouver and look forward to reading your posts. With the difference in our dollar I will stick to Canadian products. So find those looks and spread the news please.
    Keep up the good work! Sorry for the rain this week but better days are coming!

  15. I love a soft turtle neck sweater for layering under flannel or denim and my new honey brown corduroy jacket. The plaid jacket you featured is beautiful but a quick reality check tells me that I have no good reason to give them a second thought. Sadly, this pandemic has virtually put the brakes on any social gatherings where I might wear one. I would not wear anything that structured around the house and my trips to the super market or drug store are more casual too. When I was working, I would reach for a similar jacket to complete my outfit of the day.
    Have a great day!

  16. For the climate I live in; blazers are my go to staple for outerwear so do have a selection in solids, tweed, herringbone and plaid either in a wool or mixed blend and in netural colours. (Favourite being camel coloured.) For casual wear pair them with jeans/jeggings/leggings in denim, suede or plain/patterned knits. Also look great with dress pants/slacks. Choice of tops range from turtle to v-necks (nylon/vicose thin knit), heavier weight cotton shirts or even chiffon or satin blouses depending upon temperature and occasion. (I like mixing texture as well.) Long story short; as our winters are sooooo long I try to avoid wearing jackets or coats until its an absolute necessity …. ☺.

    Footnote: Jennifer, you mentioned in an earlier post that the moths had got at one of your cashmere sweaters. For what it is worth; during the summer months I ‘store’ my woolen ones in bedding ~ cotton ~ zippered ~ pillow protectors (that I actually picked up a the $-Store) and it seems to have kept them at bay over the many years plus it allows the wool fibers to breath as they should.

  17. I wore a glen plaid corduroy blazer in my early 20s that is probably my most-favorite clothing item ever, to the point that I kept it for decades just for sentimental reasons. I’ve never felt the need to replace it though… can’t say why for sure except that my look now is less structured. I like the way your dark sweater cuffs show against the plaid of your jacket.

  18. I have a similar jacket ( not quite as long… a genuine hacking jacket.) I love it with my gentle-on-my-neck turtlenecks that don’t squish my neck but keep my toasty. I also like the longer column effect on my short frame when I wear them with the same color on the bottom. So navy with dark jeans and dark green, brown or deep wine T-necks with same color cords that have a classic, not narrow leg. ( I had to hunt for them on ebay and poshmark.) With a pair of narrow-toed boots under them, I stay warm and feel very put together.

  19. I have some soft turtlenecks that are so comfortable but I feel the same way about them. They somehow push up the skin of my neck and it’s very unflattering. I’m searching for long sleeve tees that I like but so far haven’t found anything. I will save the turtlenecks for hiking in cold weather. I love the look of navy with dark denim by the way.

  20. Yes I bought a vintage plaid blazer that has black as the base color with purple, red & yellow! I found it at our local vintage store and fell in love with the colors. It is quite warm so here in New Hampshire I am already wearing it! I have black, red and yellow turtle neck sweaters I wear it with to change up the look and black pants and jeans to change up the bottom look. Still practicing I must be able to wear it three ways before I purchase it!

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