How to Treat Crepey Skin

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got or are getting some crepey skin. It’s that thin papery looking skin that resembles crepe paper. We needn’t feel singled out because everyone gets it, even the fittest among us. If you doubt…

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How Much Sunscreen Do You Need?

Even with this cloudy weather we’re having, I take my sun protection seriously. A case of melanoma tends to do that to a person. One could call me neurotic about sunscreen but I prefer to think of myself as enthusiastic. I…

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Summer Essential: Self Tanner

This weeks posts brought up several comments which reminded me of another important summer essential for me. Each woman has unique needs but some may be ones you haven’t thought of. Today I’m sharing another summer essential that isn’t in my…

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Foundation Over 50: Application Matters

Many women wear less makeup as they age. They may fear it makes them look older or they want to simplify their routines. I think its fun to play with makeup the way a child plays with crayons. I’m experimenting…

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Healthy Body Care Products from Target

I switched to cruelty-free products several years ago and have never felt I am settling for less luxurious ingredients. I choose organic whenever possible and find a growing selection of high-quality brands at affordable prices. Today I’m sharing some current beauty favorites

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