Jennifer Connolly shares her favorite beauty tips, product reviews and how to’s, including cruelty-free skincare, makeup and more for women over 50.

A Refresh For Your Skin

The older our skin gets, the slower it sloughs off dead skin. That means it holds onto old cells which makes skin look dull. There’s nothing attractive about dull skin so

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Why I’m Not Going Gray

I’m not neurotic about it or anything, but I do think about my hair often. Not because I love it but because

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Six Things to Wear Over 60

Fashion rules seem to multiply the older we get. Don’t wear this or you risk looking like mutton dressed as lamb. Always wear this or you’ll look older than you are. Rules are someone else’s idea of what we should wear…

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My Experience with Performance Peel AP25

I’m a firm believer in self-care when it comes to my complexion. I’m really strict with my skin care regime and wear more sunscreen than anyone I know – #obsessive. I know that at my age, 

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A Refresh for My Complexion

Happy Tuesday ladies. I know I’m not alone with this but the older I get, the more lines and spots I get on my face. It’s one of the privileges of getting older. These may seem inevitable, but what bothers…

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