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Sotto Mare and Crab Overdose

My diet officially starts today. I have eaten my body weight in crab and other fabulous food for the entire week that my daughter has been visiting. We did squeeze in some shopping between meals…

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Lobster Salad Recipe

Every now and then we treat ourselves to lobster tails from Costco. They always come in too large of a package for one meal so I make a lobster salad with the left overs. It’s a decadent treat and we usually…

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Welcome to the Weekend: Raisins and Gin at Breakfast?

Several months ago, the arthritis in my thumb began inching toward excruciating. My doctor prescribed a hand brace and copious amounts of Advil to bring down the swelling and the results have not been terrific. Some days my entire hand burns…

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The Magic and Joy of Dear Friendships

Sunday, our dinner group, met for our holiday party. We’ve been getting together with these couples for 30+ years and love them like family. Everyone brings an appetizer, salad or dessert so the hosts can concentrate on the main course.…

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Smoked Salmon Chowder and Cyber Monday

Yesterday was a quiet day for me. I did a little online shopping, walked my dog, did a little reading and made Smoked Salmon Chowder…recipe to follow.

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