Bridging The Seasons

Sweater weather has finally hit for us and I’m more than ready. Don’t get me wrong, the woolies aren’t coming out anytime soon, but I can wear a sweater all day and not roast. Fall in California is different than other places because we really only need two-season clothes. Hot and cool.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing casual outfit with snakeskin booties
cotton sweater –  cotton bi-stretch pantscurvy fit here –  booties

It won’t be cashmere or wool weather for a while so I’m loving cotton sweaters. They are the perfect wear now, wear later option for mild climates. This one is quickly becoming my go-to sweater and I expect it to be in heavy rotation this winter. Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing ivory cotton sweater from EverlaneThey call this color bone, but I’m calling it off white. It’s strange how things can creep you out. Some women would never wear a snake print, I have no problem with that. But bone as a color bother’s me and doesn’t sound all that flattering.

casual outfit on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life
cotton sweater –  cotton bi-stretch pantscurvy fit here –  booties

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life in front of vintage movie theater


I decided I was going to wear more color this winter so what did I fall for? An off white sweater. Jennifer of A Well Styled Life wearing ivory tunicI’m having a love affair with everything off white these days. It looks richer than stark white and has an elegance that pure white will never have. There’s something about wearing off-white head to toe that has me needing off-white boots and pants.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing ivory cotton sweater

These snake print booties go with everything I own so they’re getting a lot of wear. Have you noticed how there always seems to be a shoe, sandal or boot you reach for over and over in a season? These are it for me this fall. I may look for a different shape bootie so I don’t get totally sick of these. Their stacked heel has a slight cowboy vibe which makes them very casual, so maybe one that’s more refined.

casual fall outfit on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life
cotton sweater –  cotton bi-stretch pantscurvy fit here –  booties

These pants accidentally hit the dryer last week and fit better now than they did before. I don’t recommend the dryer for these Essex pants but sometimes accidents work out. I love how the plaid of the pants plays nicely with the texture on the sweater and the print of the booties. This is my kind of pattern play.

What are you embracing this fall, that you haven’t tried before?


Have a great day and wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. Love the sweater — would you share what size you’re wearing in these photos? We are about the same size and build, and I have found Everlane’s sizing to be challenging. Almost everything I have ordered from them has missed the mark in terms of sizing. As I can no longer wear wool, I’m always on the lookout for great cotton and alternative fiber sweaters.


    1. I’m wearing a medium. I have had trouble with getting the size right on their pants and shoes, but I am pretty consistently a medium in their sweaters.

  2. Christine says:

    Jennifer, great outfit! Every a item is a hit in its proportions for you. I especially like your boots. I prefer ankle or slightly higher boots. I’m tall, 5’9″ with athletic legs, and find taller boots either too short or too snug.

  3. Dear Jennifer, Your ootd looks perfect.I really love off white it s so chic.I live in Athens,Greece and we still have summer.So I am still wearing summer clothes.

  4. Love this whole outfit! Looks so good on you, Jennifer. The dryer did you a favor because the pants fit great!

  5. Cute outfit! THANK YOU for featuring a cotton sweater. I am very allergic to wool and finding cotton is getting difficult.

  6. I love this look so much. Animal prints are just so much fun to add but so far I haven’t tried much beyond leopard and a snakeskin belt I already owned. I’m just wearing them a lot more. I’m going to try to add more scarves this year to add color. Love to find scarves in animal prints but in different colors like one of your shirts you wore. I loved that idea, A blue or burgundy animal print? Wouldn’t that be great?

  7. Nice outfit and casually chic! I am so longing for Fall weather right now! We moved to the South imagining that fall would arrive much sooner here than the outrageously warm San Joaquin Valley we left behind in California. As luck would have it a stagnant high pressure system has settled over the South and it has been unseasonably hot for days. I’m unpacking my stuff clad in shorts and a tank top. Ugh! It’s October!

  8. I too love sweaters…….turtleneck, cowl neck, cardigan, you name it and am so anxious for the autumn weather to be here! You look very young and modern. Your hair looks great too! I am letting my super fine hair grow and can’t wait for it to get to your hair length. Do you use any special product on yours to keep it full?

  9. I often think that a lot of closet and drawer space could be saved by only having two seasons. No thick parkas, felt boots and thermals for extreme cold. No ski pants just for walking to the mailbox. Only ski pants if youwant to ski! Life would be simpler. Even a minimalist still needs these things in the deep winter months.

  10. I love off white. It always looks fresh and is great for spring and fall.

    1. Susan Gowan says:

      Love your outfit. As someone who has newly embraced skinny jeans and huggy tightsI am drawn to the pants. White of any kind is not a fave but I have a few in my closet just in case.The snake boots are cute but not for me. Some day I would appreciate you doing a feature on shoe ware for we gals who have foot challenges. My one foot is missshapen so doesn’t fit into any shoe but Sketchers. For fall I am wearing a black shawl with red lacy accents as it puts a bit of girly in my wardrobe. Just might try more skinny pants too. What the hey, almost 69.

  11. Cathy Cunningham says:

    Love your whole outfit. Just my style. The half boots are awesome. ❤️

  12. Kathleen lucas says:

    Jennifer, how do you store your sweaters? I have most of mine hanging up, but see that they are getting bump outs on the shoulder from the hanger, even the padded hangers. Afraid if i stack them in a drawer I’ll forget about them and they’ll come out wrinkled. Most are too delicate to stand on their edge in the drawer.
    What do you and others do?

    1. Christine says:

      I keep mine in see-through plastic boxes with snap on lids on my closet shelf. I have four boxes, each with one or two colors inside, stacked one on top of the other, bulkier ones on the bottom, lighter ones on top. They’re at eye level and easy to differentiate. I’ve also tossed a linen packet with cedar shavings (from BedBath&Beyond) in each. Even though almost all are cotton, there are a couple with a little wool or alpaca in them.

    2. @Kathleen: You might be interested in the following. Google — ‘Bumps Be Gone Hangers’ . Their arms are foam and bendable, to conform to your shoulders. Can be used when air drying sweaters or for regular use.

  13. I agree! An off white outfit has an elegance about it and just looks expensive. I have been looking for a great fitting pair of pants in off white for a couple of years. Preferably, a cigarette leg. I have the booties and sweater but the hunt continues for the finishing touch – the pant.
    I love the pattern play between the snakeskin booties and subtle plaid pant. You’re certainly getting your cost per wear out of those booties.
    Enjoy the cooler weather, Jennifer! The heat you’ve been experiencing must be exhausting. You don’t even have the cooling ocean air that you would experience on the coast. Anyhow, enjoy sweater temps!

  14. Very casual chic Jennifer! Do like off-white as well. Re heavy weight cotton knit sweaters; I’ve been wearing them for weeks now as our temps have ranged in the low to mid 50’s where I am. As for boots of any style; not wearing them ‘yet’ (as get enough of them with our long winter) so currently opting for leather loafers for now in various styles/colors/textures/patterns (worn without hosiery until it gets cooler), with the embossed python in brown tones that are proving to be a favorite and new to me. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Envy you with having only the two seasons to contend with … ☺.

  15. Sue Cates says:

    Your hair looks great!! Love your outfit!

  16. Great outfit! Pure white doesn’t do anything for me so winter white or off white are my go tos. And you’re wearing your new necklace! It fills the neckline perfectly.

  17. Lori Stewart says:

    I love the look. I too like winter white – it is less stark than bright white for some things. It is too darned hot out here in the DC area to contemplate wearing a sweater right no! 90’s and high 80’s this week!

  18. Karen Gaston says:

    Love, love your whole outfit!! Laughed out loud at you and the other girl waiting for the bus!!
    As far as clothing, I am embracing the skinny pants my first time ever (with high waist). I am now into
    becoming a beginner minimalist!!

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