Dressing Room Diaries- Chalet Chic

There’s no doubt about it, this is sweater season. The last of my sandals have been stored and I’ve switched out my straw hats for wool fedoras. The Talbots I was shopping in had one dressing room on the petite side and one on the other side of the store for the regular garment section. The poor saleslady was more than happy to run back and forth to get the sizes I needed but I could have saved her the trouble if the dressing rooms had been combined. Few women fit into just one size category.cool toned sweaters from talbots on A Well Styled Life

If you’re new here, DRD is when I go into local stores and try on what’s new so you can see how things look on a woman over 25 who wears a size larger than zero. For reference, I’m 5’4″ tall and weight around 145 lbs. I have an inverted triangle silhouette with wide shoulders and straight hips. I have a long torso and long arms. My legs are short, but proportional from knee to foot.

Regular Department

plaid puffer vest
plaid down puffer vest // long sleeve cotton turtleneck // sculpt pull-on jegging

I started with their puffer vests which come in tons of colors. They’re available with or without a faux collar, which is also removable. I love this red and black plaid with the black collar. I’m wearing a medium in regular which is a bit long on me. I’m wearing it over their sculpt pull-on jeggings in 10 regular which are too loose and I have the hem folded under. These are one of my favorite brands of pull-on jeans. The rise is nice and high and the fabric has great stretch. The turtleneck is simple cotton/spandex which comes in tons of colors and is a great basic to add a layer of warmth this winter. I’m wearing a medium regular. The neck is loose so you can slouch it down or fold over to stand up.

Jennifer Connolly wearing blue puffer vest, plaid shirt and blue jeans from Talbots
down puffer vest // plaid shirt // pull-on jeggings Empire Wash

This is the vest in Enchanted Blue which I love! The plaid shirt is also in Enchanted blue with a classic yoke-style in the back and is cotton, but not flannel. There’s a tiny metallic thread running through it which is very pretty. I’m wearing the shirt in medium, regular and it fits well. Because my arms are long, I struggle with petite shirts. The jeggings are a 6 regular which fit well so they run true to size. They’re a 1/2 inch too long which I expect will shrink up in the dryer.

Jennifer Connolly showing the difference between petite and regular puffer vestHere is the vest in a medium in petite on the left and a medium in regular on the right. You can see the collar is slightly smaller in proportion, the length is shorter and I can tell you the chest is a bit snugger. The petite makes my legs look longer.


black and white plaid jacket from Talbots on Jennifer Connolly
buffalo plaid sweater jacket // embellished neckline sweater / high-rise denim ankle jegging

This plaid jacket is a medium regular and is a bit long for me so it runs true to size. It’s a great piece to toss over everything this winter. This embellished neck sweater is a medium regular and would be so cute dressing up jeans! Just add earrings and you’re done. These are the high-rise, skinny jegging-ankle pants with a zip and snap closure. I’m wearing an 8 regular which is too long and large for me so they run true to size.

Over in the petite section

velour set from Talbots on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life
velour button-back top // velour straight pants

Velour has arrived at Talbots with a whole crop of beauties. I don’t know about you, but I love velour. It looks similar to velvet but has lots of stretch and is super cozy. This velour top has non-operational buttons up the back and a comfy split neck. It’s available in this plum stripe or a deep green stripe. I’m wearing a petite medium and the sleeves are too short for me (long arms are a challenge when you’re petite). The pants are pull-on style. I’m wearing a petite medium. These run true to size.

orchid chenille sweater from Talbots on A Well Styled Life
chenille sweater in orchid // pull-on jegging Empire wash

This time of year I reach for soft and cozy as often as possible and chenille is a favorite. This chenille crew neck comes ivory, blue and this gorgeous Orchid. I’m wearing a petite large which fits well. Because it’s petite, I can easily go up to a large to add a bit extra length and extra slouch without overpowering me. This is the pull-on jegging in 10 petite which is a bit large. I’d be better with the 8 petite or 6 regular.

Moving on to Chalet Chic

Nordic patterned sweaters are everywhere this fall and Talbots has some of the best. This whole look brings back great memories of skiing and long days on the slopes. Their selection is extensive but I only had time to try on a few.

pink and gray fair isle sweater with ivory pants on Jennifer Connolly
icicle fair isle sweater // Hampshire lined ivory pants

Most fair isle sweaters are in dark colors with strong contrasts so I was thrilled to find this one. The colors are soft and the yarn is slightly fuzzy which gives it a feminine vibe. I’m wearing a large in petite which is too large for me. The only other size the had was petite extra-large or it would have come home with me. It’s ivory with pink, soft gray and a row of silver pallets for subtle sparkle. These pants are amazing. I love ivory pants but I need them to be opaque. These Hampshire pants are lined which solves the show-through issue. They have lots of spandex which makes them very comfy. I’m wearing a 10 petite which is too large and too short. I have the 6 regular on order.

reindeer sweater
reindeer sweater // stretch twill pants

How cute is this reindeer sweater? I seldom go for whimsey but couldn’t resist trying this one on. I love that the reindeer is knit with a fuzzy yarn to give it more dimension. I’m wearing a regular in petite which fits perfectly, sleeves and all. The pants are heavyweight stretch twill and are totally opaque. They remind me of ski pants which is a perfect tie in to the sweater.

Are you starting to think ahead to the holidays?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. Anna McFarland says:

    I have a question: Are you concerned about the acrylic content in sweaters. Specifically, do you notice more pilling with acrylic? That is my only concern. I would love to hear what others have experienced with sweaters containing acrylic.

    1. @Anna: Hopefully you don’t mind me jumping in Jennifer but what I find helps as a prevention against pillage is; turn garment inside out and enclose in a mesh laundry bag / wash on a delicate cycle using a gentle product like Woolite (or similar) / air dry. Also; you might want to check out two little handy gadgets by Comfy Clothiers which are sold as a kit. One is shaver (no battery) and the other is a comb that ‘removes pills, fuzz and lint’ and sold on Amazon.
      P.S.: Mesh laundry bags are also sold Amazon. My favourite is a brand by Bagail x5 in a set (7 colors).

      1. Great tips Brenda. I use a shaver on all my sweaters too!

    2. I have not noticed more pilling with acrylic. I’d love to hear from others too.

  2. So enjoy your ‘dressing room diaries’, Jennifer. We only have one Talbot store in our area, but I am definitely going to check it out within the next few weeks. That said; particularly like the petite version vest on you, speaking of which our Fall weather unfortunately has been too chilly and wet for such; calling for ‘outerwear’ long sleeve coverage with lightweight layering at least. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Last week I even added a ‘base layer fitted top’ under my (lighter weight) sweaters, to acclimatize myself for the arrival of old man winter ….. lol! …. so I do envy you in California.

    1. I’m heading to Canada this week and trying to find all my warm things to bring:)

  3. You really hit the jackpot at Talbots. I liked many of your choices, but I particularly enjoyed your comments. You are helping me develop a more discerning eye for my shopping. I tend to look at colors and fabrics and forget to closly examine sizes, do I have the best one for my shape.

  4. Marcia Buczek says:

    I just ordered the Sculpt JEGGINGS in blue!

  5. I am just getting into petite clothes for the first time since I found out I have gone from 5’4″ to 5’2 1/2 since I measured last. That explains why my regular size clothes no longer look right. As we get older we shrink. I had no idea how much! I love the reindeer sweater. My neice got me a sweater in bright red with a fuzzy white cat on the front, I absolutely will wear it again this year. Buy that reindeer and strut. It looks amazing on you.

  6. Love everything you tried on but my favorites were the black and red puffer vest with the black pants and sweater and the fair isle sweater.

  7. Linda Todd says:

    What shoes or boots would you wear with the white trousers ? I think black would be too heavy. I look forward to your wisdom !

    1. I would wear a soft metallic, bronze, pewter etc. I have them on order and plan to wear them with my snakeprint booties.
      Brown or beige shoes are also lovely with off white pants. Nude too!

  8. I always love your “dressing room diaries”, and since we have a Talbots in town this one really inspired me. It’s great that they offer a good selection of petites. Is there any way that we can give you credit in the store when we purchase items that you have shown? You work so hard and look great! Thanks!

    1. I don’t think so unless you order through my links and pick up in store. I’m just glad you’re inspired!

  9. Love the reindeer sweater on you! Do the jegging jeans bag at the knees after wearing a few hours? No, I’m not thinking about Christmas yet, even though all the marketing is up in the stores.

    1. Mine do not bag out! I was at the mall today and Christmas was everywhere! Wow

  10. So many great choices! I love the sweater with embellished neckline with that b/w sweater jacket. And the fair isle sweater is so beautiful on you!

  11. Love everything you tried on. Hope you got the fair isle sweater and cream pants. My favorite one.

  12. The puffer vests are cute! Perfect for a California winter. The plaid sweater jacket is smart. I would buy that. It would dress up black jeans to the perfect level for lunch out or shopping. Add to dress pants, change your shoes & earrings and you’re set for the evening. If you still work, it would be perfection with a black pencil skirt or dress. I’d call it Smart Casual.

  13. I shop Talbots on a regular basis and I was just in the store this week drooling over all the beautiful sweaters. Alas, I have very little need for sweaters in the California desert. You look beautiful in everything! I was shopping for several outfits to pull together for the many upcoming holiday events (retirement is wonderful!) I’ll be attending and I did pick up a couple of their sparkly blouses.

  14. You look so good in Talbot’s clothing, Jennifer! I hope you bought the puffer vest! These are perfect holiday options.

  15. I love vests, they’re so comfortable & I like that they allow my arms to be unencumbered when running errands. I love that long sweater and fair isle number too. Looks like I have some shopping to do!

  16. I agree with everyone else, this all looks good and your hair looks wonderful.

  17. Love those white twill pants! And the side-by-side picture of petite and regular were very informative… I sometimes forget I’ve shrunk more than normal.
    You look fabulous! Happy Sunday!

  18. I love winter clothes. Love fair isle sweaters, theme sweaters,
    Velour, quilted vests, flannel, fleece, velvet, and all things cozy and soft. I liked all your selections except the longish checked jacket. It is a bit overwhelming…. one of those “ it’s wearing you” items. But oh how darling the reindeer sweater and white slacks, and the vests, the pretty fair isle…. !
    Love your hair longer too. Looks so flattering and young.

  19. You look fabulous in everything you tried on! The reindeer sweater is so cute and fun, I may just have to order it for myself!

  20. The vest in enchanted blue looked so pretty with your complexion. I really like it. I agree that you should order the fair isle sweater. Love Talbot’s clothing!

    1. Lois Williams says:

      My favorite store, I think I know every piece you tried on and have a few of them myself. Love the fair isle sweater but the tie in the back just isn’t me; It looks great on you, really everything did. So good to see the clothes on a real person, I look forward to your dressing room post each week.

  21. Jennifer, I hope you ordered that ivory fair isle sweater because you look gorgeous in it! It makes your skin just glow.

    1. Agree! That one looks amazing on you, Jennifer!

      1. I agree. The fair isle sweater is very flattering on you! Hope you bought it!

  22. Really enjoyed this Talbot’s dressing room post. I love to shop at Talbot’s and have been for 30+ years. By the way, it was a really good hair day for you !!!!

  23. I love every single thing you tried on and now have the urge to head to a Talbot’s and do some trying on for myself. Unfortunately, the only Talbot’s is over an hour away from me. May just have to find the time for a road trip. ?

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